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As soon as Charlotte got on the carriage, she hugged Theo and dozed off. Carcel put a blanket over Charlotte, and he remembered the words she had said. 


— You will be fine. 


Carcel could not take his eyes off Charlotte as she struggled to calm him down. 


It was so cold that her nose and cheeks were red, and she looked like she would collapse if he touched her, who should care about whom? 


For God’s sake, how can you say those words so easily, when He doesn’t even dare to say them? 


Everything will be alright. Those wonderful words that without a cost felt good. 


But the reason that word was so good was that Charlotte said it honestly. I loved that those little words were coming out of her mouth. 


Perhaps I simply wanted to believe it was true. 


I hope she means that. Even if everyone in the world tells lies, I want you to tell the truth. Then I think I can breathe comfortably. 


So Carcel felt that he could show his feelings in front of her. 


He hugged her without holding back the leaking tears. 


After I got rid of all my pent-up feelings. Charlotte looked different. She was always pretty, but now she was especially pretty smiling with her red nose. 


“Miss Lannia.” 


Carcel who unintentionally called out to her frowned. I didn’t like the name I always called her with. 


Yes, there must be something better than this. 


muttered impulsively. 




I loved the feeling of the name ringing in my mouth and throat. He got down on his knees and kissed her fingertips because he wanted to get closer to her. 


He was like a knight who wanted to follow a woman and protect her for the rest of his life. He did it to Charlotte, and he had never done it to anyone before. 


Indeed, if Charlotte called him anywhere in the future he could run to her, and without hesitation he would give her his life. 


And the moment he felt the urge to kiss Charlotte’s lips, which seemed as moist as his eyes, not her fingers, he had no choice but to admit it. 


maybe I …. 


[9. What Charlotte Likes] 


Carcel looked at Theo with a serious face. His look was hot as he stared at him. 


Theo, who was sitting in front of him and taking a bite of the cake, felt strange and raised his head. 


What happened to him? Oh, does he want to eat cake? It is so good that he will love to eat it. 


Theo, finding the reason he was staring at him in his own thoughts, gave him a half-eaten cake. And his mouth was covered in foam. 


“Brother, do you want this?” 






Doesn’t he want to eat this? When Carcel showed no signs of eating the cake, Theo retook a bite. 


Carcel, silent, opened his mouth when Theo finished one piece. 






Theo wiped his mouth with his sleeve. He was usually stropped from doing so, but Carcel did not say anything about it. 


Theo, who was looking at his brother, felt even more strange. 


“What is the matter?” 


Carcel swallowed dry saliva nervously. It was so pathetic that I was so nervous about this, but at the same time, I was so embarrassed to even ask this question. 


“About your sister Charlotte.” 


“What’s wrong with Charlotte Sister?” 


Theo smiled brightly and focused on the story of his second favorite person in the world, Charlotte. 


Of course, no matter how nice Charlotte was, his older brother Carcel was Theo’s favorite person. 


“What does Charlotte like?” 


“What does she like?” 


Theo pursed his lips and thought about it. However, the worries were not long in coming. Soon the child proudly replied. 


“Sister loves Theo more than anything else!” 


The way he was extending his chest seemed like he was showing off. Carcel, who was thinking about her love for sweets or jewelry, became speechless in front of the answer he had not thought of. 


After a while, he came to his senses and whispered softly in Theo’s ear. 


Theo, who held his breath and listened to his brother, quickly nodded firmly. 






Theo, who has attacked Charlotte’s room, quickly sinks into her arms. 


“What does Sister like the most?” 




Why is Theo suddenly asking this question? Charlotte, pondering the kid’s intention to take the question, gave Theo an answer he might want to hear. 


“Theo is my favorite.” 




As expected, I am her favorite. 


Theo bragged again when he heard the answer he wanted. If Carcel was in front of him, he might say, “You saw that? right? Theo is right!” He was about to brag. 


But Theo soon came to his senses. 


He asked me to know what Sister likes other than Theo. 


Theo, a good spy, has steadfastly done the assigned task. 


“Sister, what do you like other than Theo?” 


“What do I love other than Theo? hm…” 


Theo seemed curious about what Charlotte likes. 


This time she told him what she liked. 


“I like flowers. Many yellow flowers bloom in autumn in the land of Lannia where your sister lives. You have seen it before, Theo, haven’t you? I made this flower on the handkerchief.” 




“I did not get to see it properly this year because I came here with Theo. It is too bad.” 


“Yellow flowers! Handkerchief !” 


Theo, who had inserted the two words correctly into his head, escaped from Charlotte’s arms. He walked out of the room before Charlotte caught him. 


Charlotte, who was trying to ask the kid for a snack, looked at Theo’s back in bewilderment. 






Theo whispered as he entered Carcel’s room. 


The main virtue of a spy is secrecy. Of course, he had to lower his voice to avoid being detected by Charlotte. Even three-year-old Theo knows that. 


Carcel lightly hugged Theo, who extended his arms. 



Theo whispered in his ear. 


“She loves yellow flowers and handkerchiefs.” 


He obviously said the right words, but the answer seemed vague. 


‘Yellow flowers and handkerchiefs?’ 


It was an unexpected answer more than she loved Theo the most. 


Carcel wanted to ask more, but Theo, who had finished his task, was already chewing on the cookies his brother had prepared as a reward. 


instead of interfering with Theo. Carcel tried to interpret those words himself, and he almost got the answer. 


The handkerchief he always carries. 


The flower embroidered on the handkerchief that Charlotte meant is certainly one that blooms profusely in the fields of Lannia in autumn. 


Theo’s words refer to the flower and the handkerchief being the flower embroidered on the handkerchief. 


It has already been a month since Charlotte left her hometown. He didn’t even realize Charlotte was so homesick. 


Theo did an excellent job. 


Carcel patted Theo’s head as he ate the third cookie and called out to Chase. 


“A yellow autumnal flower is blooming on the land of Lannia. Bring the seedlings and plant them in the greenhouse.” 


“…. Flowers ?” 


Chase, who was confused at first smiled. 


“As expected, my master is also a gentleman.” 




As Carcel’s eyes became sharp, Chase hurried out of the room. 


“We will get it ready as soon as possible.” 


In the office from which Chase left, only Theo is heard eating cookies. Theo, who had cookie crumbs around his mouth, smiled. 


“Did Theo do a good job?” 


Carcel affectionately stroked his younger brother’s hair. 


“Yeah, good job.” 


It is said that Theo, the young spy who was praised by his brother, was excited all day after that. 




Charlotte closed her eyes and focused on her fingertips. She passed the mana that flowed through her stomach and remained in her fingertips. It was the same every time. 


But that is it. The mana could not stay within reach and quickly scattered. 


There was a slight shock when the mana returned to her body, but she was unharmed. 


Charlotte opened her eyes and sighed softly. 


“As expected” 


I knew it would happen again this time. This is because the same failure has already been repeated for several days. 


However, just because I expected it, does not mean I wasn’t disappointed. Every time Charlotte failed, she was devastated and disappointed in herself. 


Am I an incompetent person? Sir Ahin made the stone easily. 


I repeated what Ahin said about the magic stone. 


‘He said that in order to craft the magic stone, I had to put my mana within my reach first.’ 


Since the martial arts competition, Charlotte could handle her mana more freely than before. 


Naturally, I was able to do something similar to nullification magic, as I wanted to. 


In fact, she easily put out Ahin’s magic fire as an experiment. 


We haven’t yet tested if I can negate stronger magic as we wish, but it can be said that this is a great development. 


Ahin, who saw Charlotte’s development, said it would be good if she slowly made a magic stone. 


So, Charlotte began to learn how to craft magic stones from Ahin. 


In the past few days, I have heard the theories many times, so I know them well. I imagine concentrating mana on my fingertips and making jewelry. 


He said that a magic stone of distinct colors and shapes would be created for each person. 


Along with the explanation, Ahin showed the scene of making a purple magic stone in front of Charlotte’s eyes in real-time. 


Theo gave Ahin a respectful look, and Charlotte gained confidence. 


Because it seemed easier than I thought. I thought I could do it quickly because I could handle mana. 


but this… 



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