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Two days later, Charlotte manages to return the handkerchief to Carcel. She slept less, and her painstaking handkerchief was pleasing to her eyes. 


“How is it? You worked really hard this time.” 


Charlotte handed the handkerchief to Carcel and waited for his reaction like a child hoping for praise. 


Carcel looked at the handkerchief and at Charlotte and opened his mouth. 


“Beautiful .” 


He sure said the handkerchief is nice, but why is my cheek so hot? 


Charlotte involuntarily clasped her hands around her cheek. 


Carcel looked at her as she looked at him and laughed softly. The sound of laughter was small, but this was the first time he had laughed out loud. 


When Charlotte looked up in astonishment, Carcel smiled again and put the handkerchief in his arms. 


“I will cherish it.” 


His face was serious as if he was taking an oath. Charlotte shook her head lightly. 


“You don’t have to keep it as a valuable thing. Don’t just put it in a drawer, use it as much as you like.” 


Charlotte looked straight into Carcel’s eyes and whispered. 


“I will make it for you any time.” 




“Theo, what do you want as a birthday present?” 


Charlotte asked Theo, who was lying on the bed under the blanket. There is only a week left until Theo’s birthday. 


At first, she thought of a surprise gift, but now she wants to give the child the thing he wants most. 


If you give him a surprise gift, he will be upset if he doesn’t like it. 


Theo, who lifted the blanket up to the tip of his nose, smiled radiantly. 


“Sister and Brother!” 


“Do you want your older sister and older brother as gifts?” 




Does that mean he wants to spend time with us? Charlotte interpreted the child’s words in her own way. 


But that’s what happens even if Theo hadn’t asked for it. 


Already, Carcel and Charlotte were, in their own way, preparing for Theo’s birthday party in a week. From the capital, Theo’s friend Danny and his mother, Irina, will also come. 


“Of course Sister and Brother will be with Theo, but what else do you want?” 




Perhaps it was hard this time, Theo kept filling his cheeks with air. Theo, who had been seriously thinking about it for a while, came up with a very similar answer for himself. 




“Do you want chocolate? Like the one you ate today?” 


“Yes !” 


It was a really bright smile. 


Charlotte dug into her mind that she should order a three-tiered chocolate cake for Theo’s birthday cake. At the same time, I decided to think about taking care of the child’s birthday present. 


“Theo wishes he had lots of chocolates for his birthday, right?” 


“Yes !” 


As if he was already excited about it, Theo pounded his blanket. 


“Now, shall I read you a fairy tale?” 




Charlotte reads Theo’s favorite fairy tale little Toto the Rabbit. Theo pulls the blanket over him with a frightened face as Charlotte reads him the story. 


“Theo, why?” 


Charlotte asked as she read the scene in which Toto leaves his grandmother’s house and leaves the dark forest. 


I thought at first it was because he sympathized with Toto’s fear, but Theo had a more serious face than usual. 


As if he was afraid of something. 




A worried Theo looked out from under the blanket at the curtained window. 


Perhaps because of the warm weather today, it was raining heavily instead of snow from the evening outside the window. It was raining so hard they couldn’t see outside, and Theo was scared. 


“Theo, are you afraid of the heavy rain?” 


“…..boom Boom !” 


“What ?” 




Charlotte thought for a moment what the explosion was, then burst out laughing. 


Theo puffed his cheeks dissatisfied as he looked at Charlotte, who was laughing broadly. He looked serious, but when Charlotte treated him lightly, he looked sad. 


“No. Theo, it’s not like Sister was laughing.” 


Charlotte looked at Theo’s expression and tried to stop her laughter. But she couldn’t completely hide the laughter that emanated from her voice whenever she spoke. 


Theo’s cheeks got bigger and bigger the more Charlotte spoke. 


Charlotte, who had barely stopped laughing after coughing, sympathized with Theo with a serious face. 


“Are you afraid of Boom Boom?” 




After all, children are still afraid of thunder and lightning. 


Charlotte nodded her head. She had been with Theo for more than two months, and it had never rained much before, so now I knew the baby was afraid of thunder and lightning. 


But there was no thunderstorm today. It didn’t look like it would strike in the morning. 


Charlotte rubbed Theo’s belly against the blanket and comforted her baby. 


“It’s okay, boom boom won’t happen today.” 


“But, I’m scared, Sister, I’m scared.” 


Theo stuck his head under the blanket. 


“Sister, can’t you sleep with Theo?” 


Charlotte looked at Theo writhing under the blanket and thought for a moment. 


‘This rarely happens.’ 


Perhaps because he hasn’t had many people to spoil him since he was young. Theo was more confident than she thought. 


So he begged Charlotte to read him a children’s book and rarely slept with her. 


How scary must have been it for such a child to beg her to sleep with him? 


If Charlotte tells him no now, the child may not sleep through the night worrying about the lightning. 


Charlotte closed the book. 


“Yes, sleep with Sister.” 


Theo nodded again. The child’s eyes were shining. 




“Yes, before that, let sister put her pajamas on.” 

“Yes !” 


Charlotte took Theo to his private room and put on her pajamas. When she returned to Theo’s room, Theo ran to the bed with an excited face. 


Theo loves this! 


The kid had a really happy face. With Charlotte, his heart seemed happier. 


“Come on, good kids have to go to bed early. Now go to sleep, Theo.” 


Charlotte placed Theo in the middle and lay on the child’s right side. The moment I pulled the blanket and covered the baby with it and patted his chest to make him fall asleep. 


Click, the door opened and a familiar person entered. 


“Huh? Brother!” 


Theo jumped out of bed and ran to him, when Carcel was walking after Theo he suddenly stopped when he saw Charlotte. 


Charlotte pulled the blanket up to her neck. This wasn’t because she was embarrassed, but for Carcel’s sake. 


Charlotte, who has lived in Korea longer than here, wondered what the problem was when she wore white one-piece pajamas that covered all her arms and legs, but Carcel, the nobleman, would be different. 


In fact, he turned his face away in embarrassment. His ears, reflected by the candlelight, seemed to be even redder than usual. 


“I thought Theo was already asleep and I didn’t know you were here.” 


“It’s okay ….” 


“I’m sorry, I’m leaving right away.” 


He gave a chatter and tried to leave the room. At that moment, Theo jumped out of bed, ran, and grabbed Carcel’s hand. 


“Brother! Can you sleep with Theo?” 


“Ah, huh?” 


Carcel stammered, not immediately understanding the child’s words. Theo dared to say it again, one word. 


“Brother! Sleep with Theo!” 


“Brother has work…” 


Theo lowered his eyebrows in disappointment. 


“Theo is afraid.” 


Carcel sat on his knees and looked into the eyes of the child. 


“You have a Charlotte sister here.” 


“I’m still afraid.” 


Theo grabbed Carlisle’s neck and hugged him. Hugging him tightly and wrapping his hands around his waist, the child buried his body into Carcel’s body. 


Carcel looked puzzled. 


“Theo, I have to go.” 


“I’m scared.” 


Charlotte could not continue to watch this, so she got up and wrapped herself in a blanket. Carcel hastily took a step back. 


“Duke, wait a minute. Please give me your ear.” 


As Charlotte said, he bowed his head and quickly Charlotte whispered into his ear. 


“Please wait for Theo to sleep. Theo is afraid of thunder and lightning, so he wants to be pampered.” 


Carcel’s face lit up with concern. Looking at Charlotte and Theo’s faces, he took a deep breath. 




Theo shook his head. 


“Are you really going to spend the night with Theo?” 


“Yes .” 


Theo’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Charlotte and Carcel. 




“Yes, really .” 


“really really really ?” 


“Yeah, really really really.” 


Charlotte followed his tone and Theo opened his mouth. 


Theo slipped out of Carcel’s arms, ran quickly, and lay down on the bed, afraid they might change their minds. 


The boy hit his left. 


“Brother here!” 


This time on the right. 


“Sister is here!” 




Charlotte lay on Theo’s right side and got under the blanket next to the baby. 


Carcel only lay on the bed after the two of them were under the blanket. The only difference was that he was lying on the blanket. 


Theo grunted, unaware that his brother was planning to flee soon. 


“Theo! With Sister and Brother! I like it!” 


It was a song he hummed to them as he wanted without a special melody. Charlotte burst out laughing as she listened to Theo’s messy song. 


Then she met Carcel’s eyes, who were staring at her. 


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