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“Aren’t you even checking the contents?”


Delia looked at my trembling hand and asked with a curious expression.


“It’s not that difficult, as you said earlier. Can you fool me with this simple information?”


Delia’s eyes calmed down.


‘I think you’re slowly getting a bite of forthcoming….’


I looked at Delia’s reaction and checked the papers while pretending to be calm.


There were the two people’s addresses that I wanted.


It didn’t seem far from here.


‘I can go right away.’


I glanced at Delia, but she didn’t seem to want to speak first.


Not yet?


Did you need more simulation?


I purposely got up with my documents.


“Thank you. I’ll be going.”


“Yes, have a safe trip.”


Delia stood up as if to see me off.


‘Huh? This isn’t it.’


Was it really not today?


The moment she was about to leave her office because she said she was leaving and couldn’t take more time.


“May I ask you a question, Lady Aesvin?”


Delia’s voice caught my step.


‘That’s right. This is it.’


It was what I had hoped for, and I forcibly pressed down the corner of my mouth, which was about to rise on its own.


I turned around with a nonchalant face.




Delia’s expression looked complicated.


“Why did you commission our Adventurer’s Guild?”


This was a question I expected and wanted her to ask it.


“Can’t I ask that?”


“The information guild would be better to get information, and This is the first time I have received a quest outside of a guild.”


Delia’s dizzy inner thoughts were thoroughly read.


The place I visited now was Adventurer’s Guild.


Not long ago, I asked them to find two people.


And I got the result today.


Billy often told me stories about his adventurous days.


How sweet the story was.


Billy’s words sometimes made me want to go on an adventure.


The genre could be changed to fantasy rather than romance if I did, so I had to put up with it.


‘The main character’s life is quite tiring.’


Anyway, while listening to Billy’s adventure story, I suddenly thought of that.


Adventurers travel from place to place and gain a lot of experience.


So, wouldn’t it be possible to create an information line using them?


It didn’t seem to have a separate system, but I thought I could get quite a variety of information with a bit of touch.


And wouldn’t I be able to use it?


No matter how much I read the original story, my information was limited.


I was saving money for investment, but I did not know where the investment target was.


Because『Your Majesty, Don’t Be Obsessed!』didn’t explain that in detail.


At what time was something fashionable?


Which store did well?


That was all I could remember.


In order to utilize this vile information, I needed a place to get the correct information.


Although it was possible to use the information guild that had been established in the first place.


‘That’s the villain Damian’s power.’


I needed to create my own information force.


What would I have thought when I got to know the adventurer’s guild through Billy when I was in such a dilemma?


‘If there is a possibility, I should pick it up and eat it!’


…. Wasn’t it natural to think that?


And devouring the adventurer’s guild was not something that would happen all at once.


The first step was this commission.


You have to recognize me.


‘It was necessary information.’


As expected, the adventurer’s guild responded.


It was inevitable that the adventurer guild had a lower status than other guilds.


And there must have been many difficulties in maintaining the guild.


Except for the occasional remote expedition quest, there would be almost no quest.


A new profit structure was found without suitable means of earning money.


What would you think?


Wouldn’t you use this?


You’ll be greedy like this.


Delia’s mind would be complicated by the unexpected, and I was after that.


“As I said before, can’t I just request it?”


“Do you have to–”


“Of course. If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t have been asked.”


Delia seemed to be spouting negative words, so I cut it short.


What I had learned in life was that a negative mind produces bad results.


If I wanted something good to happen, I had to think happily and act positively.


Delia looked displeased as if she was offended that I cut off her words.


Oh no, you shouldn’t.


“So, how do you feel about receiving the quest?”


I quickly turned Delia’s attention.


“… I think we will be able to do it in the future.”


“You can do that.”


And I simplified Delia’s complexity.


“Can we use this method?”


Were you asking permission because you got the idea from me?


The idea of gathering information through adventurers wasn’t unique.


It was a method anyone could think of, but they just didn’t think of it because they felt it was natural to find an information guild when they needed information.


So I couldn’t tell you not to use this method.


And they actively created information lines was what I wanted more.


‘That way, I can use it when I need it.’


“Sure. Shouldn’t it be possible to use whatever method is necessary?”


I pushed Delia’s back so she wouldn’t hesitate.


She seemed to ponder for a moment, and then her eyes lit up.


“It will be a new challenge.”


It was nice to see her motivated.


The seeds seemed to have been sown properly as I intended.


* * *


After finishing the conversation with the Adventurers Guild like that, I was left with a strange regret.


It was true that I got the part I intended, but I was hoping that luck would make it a little easier.


There was no such thing as Delia, moved by my advice, clinging to me while saying, ‘Please save our Adventurers’ Guild!’


If it was a romance fantasy story, shouldn’t that kind of thing happen easily?


I wanted the main character’s buff to explode.


Because it had been so quiet for two years.


‘Now is the time to explode.’


“My lady, we have arrived.”


I left the adventurer’s guild and moved right away.


“Is this the right place?”


“If it’s the right address, would it be correct?”


To answer Billy’s words, I had no choice but to respond.


It was also my first time here.


In front of an ordinary house in an unfamiliar neighborhood.


The address I got with five gold coins earlier was where the person who would become my future investment lived.


Knock, knock.


I knocked without hesitation.


“You’re here?”


The house’s owner opened the door with a bright voice as if waiting for someone, and she looked puzzled when she saw me.


“Uh, who are you?”


As soon as the door opened, the delicious smell that stimulated the appetite spread.


I think I came to the right place.


“Ms. May?”


I checked just in case.


“Yes? Did you come for me? Uh, yes, I am.”


May tried to answer comfortably, but she changed to honorifics when she saw Billy behind me.


“Can I talk to you for a moment?”


Eum, yes. Come on in.”


May showed signs of reluctance, but she let me in.


I didn’t think she needed to be very wary of my young self yet.


When I went inside, the delicious smell became stronger.


the smell of freshly baked bread


The bread smell that stimulates the appetite made my mouth salivate.


Would you mind giving me a bite to eat?


“You seem to have come to see me, but what brings you here?”


May brought up the topic right away.


As an uninvited guest, she didn’t seem to intend to treat us.


I should go home and make some bread.


“Will Ms. Belle come today?”


May’s eyes became round.


“Do you know Belle? She’ll be here soon, but… are you meeting Belle here by any chance?”


May must have been waiting for Belle.


That’s great.


“It’s not like that. Shall we talk when Ms. Belle comes?”


May had a more puzzled look.


“May? I’m here! Huh? Do you have any guests?”


Belle arrived just in time, looked at me and asked questions.


May ran quickly, and the two of them murmured.


“Do you know her?”


“Me? No, I don’t know. I don’t know a kid that–”


“Shh! She looks like a noble lady. But you don’t know her, do you?”


“Yeah. Isn’t she your guest?”


“I thought she was your guest?”


I could hear everything you were talking about.


Then they both looked at me at the same time and I smiled broadly.




May and Belle stared at each other and exchanged signals that they didn’t know who I was.


“Well, who are you?”


“Are you sure you came to see us?”


“Yes, it is true that I came to visit May and Belle. My name is Aesvin Samuel.”


The two looked more puzzled.


I have no choice but to do this.


Because I unilaterally searched for and came to invest in people called May and Belle.


To be precise, I invest in Maybelle, a dessert store owned by May and Belle.


In the original story, Maybelle was a store that would lead the dessert trend in the capital.


It was also a place frequently mentioned in the original story because the female protagonist stops by every time.


Since it was such an important place, of course I had to be preempted in advance.


My plan was simple.


Like most founders in a romance fantasy world, Maybelle would be underfunded in the early days, right?


Then I would come out and give a helping hand.


‘If I found the two of them early, it will be easy to invest!’


So I brought it up right away.


“You guys are thinking about whether to open a dessert shop or not, right? I’ll invest. Get my investment!”


May and Belle stared at each other at my confident declaration, then looked at me strangely.


Huh? This wasn’t the reaction I wanted.


Um, my lady. We have no intention of opening a dessert shop. Who said that?”


May asked, seemingly absurd.


She seemed to be genuinely dumbfounded, so I was taken aback.


When she quickly turned to Belle, she nodded as if May’s opinion was correct.


‘Well, that can’t be true.’


Maybelle definitely opened a dessert shop and became famous.


“Are you two really not thinking of opening a store?”


“Yes, we’re still lacking.”


“That’s right. Making desserts is just a hobby.”


The two were adamant.




I guess I came too early because of the greed to take the lead.


It was when they didn’t even think about opening a store.


I didn’t expect the plan was going awry so much.


I mean, I also wanted to make money!


I decided to convince both of them.


“You have to open a store. Your dessert is the best! It’ll be the best in the capital in the future!”


“Are you serious?”


“Of course!”


I answered May’s question sincerely.


“You’ve never tried anything we made before.”


“… I can tell just by looking at it.”


“You’ve never even seen it.”


May and Bell looked at me like I was a con artist.

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