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Could that incident be the trigger?


They didn’t reject me like they used to.


Rather than that.


–You came? I made egg tarts today. You should try it.


Belle greeted me with pleasure and treated me like that.


As expected, the taste was good.


–Today is the best! It melts gently!


The more my praise accumulated, the more their vigilance was broken.


–Today we have Dacquoise.


–This is also delicious!


–Welcome! Why didn’t you come yesterday? It’s Mont Blanc today.


Now she seemed to be sad if I didn’t come.


I was happy to get a new dessert every time I visited.


It was so delicious that I felt sorry to get it for free every time.


So at some point, I paid a little bit amount of money.


Of course, they both said it was fine.


I also gave money firmly, saying it was a given.


It didn’t make sense to eat such a delicious dessert for free.


I didn’t miss the advice while praising it.


–It’s really delicious, how about making a dessert using braised chestnuts?


–The taste is too strong. It’s good, but I think it will taste better if the cream cheese flavor is slightly reduced.


I have expressed my opinion without bias.


–Braised chestnuts? That would be good.


–I’ll have to adjust the cream cheese ratio.


They both accepted my opinion positively.


Maybe that was why the desserts had become delicious day by day, and my desire to invest became stronger.


When I first ate the brownie, the reaction seemed to have hurt Belle’s feelings, so I didn’t even bring up the investment on purpose for a while.


I was busy flattering Belle with endless compliments.


That was why Belle seems to be full of confidence these days.


“Wow, isn’t this a masterpiece?”


“Is it okay?”


“Yes! It’s flawless. The pie has a crispy texture and the simmered apple on top is moderately crunchy, which is the best.”


It was a taste that made me happy.


Belle smiled contentedly at my mushy expression.


“I think so, too. It came out well as I expected.”


She looked more confident than before.


Then the hidden greed lifted its head again.


‘Is it okay if I try to persuade her again?’


I looked at it carefully and brought it up without much consideration.


“Do you still not have any thoughts about it yet?”




“The shop. I’m going to invest.”


Belle’s smiling face hardened.


And the satisfaction looks gradually fade away.


It was an expression of fear rather than rejection.


Belle’s pupils were moving busily and she slowly lowered her gaze to the floor.


“Well, it’s good to make new things, but I don’t really like to open a store…. Selling it is a different story.”


Belle’s attitude was the same, so I turned my gaze to May.


It was a glance to persuade her.


Because she seemed to want to help Belle.


Mei caught my gaze and smiled.


“I’m not confident in business either.”


And it was a flat refusal.


May, even you….


“Why don’t you have confidence? It’s this good. Isn’t it obvious it’s going to be popular?”


“Thank you for saying that.”


The two just laughed as if they had heard empty words.


No, you guys.


I mean it!


We should eat this delicious thing together!


I couldn’t be the only one who knew!


“What about the others? Doesn’t everyone say it’s delicious?”


Belle lowered her head and May looked at Belle’s expression.


‘No way ….’


“My lady is the only one who tasted our dessert.”


It was expected but surprising.


I thought it would be okay now because you gave me generously, wasn’t it?


“No, why? Isn’t it delicious?”


Wouldn’t you give it to someone at least once if you made this much?


What about everything that was left?


“It’s just, I don’t think it’s good enough for others to taste it.”


Belle’s voice trembled as she tried to smile.


I didn’t think so.


I tried to pretend not to know because there seemed to be a reason why she couldn’t say it, but I didn’t think it would work.


“Who is it?”




“Who said that Belle’s food was bad?”


I tried to break through head-on.


Belle’s face turned blue in an instant.


Her whole body trembled.


“H-how do you–”


Why wouldn’t I know?


“Belle is always afraid of others eating desserts you made. Then there’s only one reason, right?”




I’m sure you got the worst evaluation from somewhere.


However, I couldn’t understand how badly she had heard to make her lacked self-confidence.


“At first, I tried to understand. So I tried to pretend I didn’t know.”


Belle and May’s eyes were strange.


It was as if they didn’t expect such consideration.


“But I don’t think it should be like this. Not because of my investment, but because of Belle. Tell me.”


Belle clasped her arm instead of answering my stern attitude.


You couldn’t move on by just avoiding it.


“What kind of tasteless person said Belle’s dessert was bad?”


Belle was stunned at my angry cry.


Slowly blinking her eyes, she suddenly burst into laughter.


Pfft, a tasteless person?”


“Of course. If they eat this delicious food and don’t recognize it, they have no sense of taste!”


Belle’s expression became more comfortable, perhaps my sincerity had reached her,


She glanced at May, looked at me, and calmly told me her story as if she had made up her mind.


Belle said she worked as a trainee baker at a famous dessert shop.


It was now known to be a delicious place in the capital, and the chief baker there was a very strict person.


–Is this all you can do?


–I told you to develop a new product, who told you to copy it.


–There’s no originality. It’s an imitation.


–You have no talent!


–I’ve lost my appetite. Who’s going to pay for this?


“That person really said that?”


That wasn’t teaching.


Those were words that step on a person’s pride.


Belle laughed awkwardly as I huffed.


“The chief baker’s harsh words were fine. All of her desserts were delicious, even for me.”


“Then what’s the problem?”


“The man who was my fiancé.”




Belle smiled very bitterly.


Belle had a fiancé who had the same dream.


–I want to be the best baker. I hope many people will be happy after eating my dessert.


–You can do it. Let’s be the best together.


He was a friendly person who supported Belle’s work more than anyone else as he had the same dream.


–Why are you so weak?


–I got in trouble again. It’s a taste I’ve had before. I think she’s especially hard on me.


–It’s because the chief baker has high expectations for you. Belle can do it.


–I feel a little energized thanks to you. Thanks.


–I’m sorry that I can only say this.


–Thank you for your words.


He was a person who supported her whenever she was scolded by the chief baker and depressed.


–I’m sorry. I have to go to work because of this new product development. The chief baker told me to come and practice. I’m sorry I put off our date.


–It’s okay, it can’t be helped. Cheer up.


He was a kind person who accepted everything even if she canceled their appointment because she was busy with work.


She tried harder because she was sorry and grateful.


Belle worked hard, vowing to settle down quickly and be nicer to him.


Suddenly the catastrophe came quietly.


–I’m sorry, Belle. Let’s break up the engagement.


–W-what do you mean?


–You understand it.


A sudden request for breaking up awakened Belle.


–Is it because I’m busy these days? I’m sorry. I’ll do better. I won’t postpone our appointment under the pretext of work from now on.


She was caught up in her work and hung on apologizing for being indifferent to her fiancé.


But he was cruel.


–I have someone else.


He was adamant, and somehow she felt ominous.


Since they worked in the same company, he was always with her.


He wouldn’t have time to meet anyone else.


But to say he had someone else….


–Do I know her?




It was the worst.


She was hoping that wasn’t it.


–It’s someone I know. Who is it?




–Who is it? I have a right to know!


He hesitated for a while and then gave a stern look.


He certainly seemed to have concluded that it was better to end it.




And the name that came out of his mouth was unbelievable.


–… The chief baker?


How come.


It was her, not anyone else.


He was the one who comforted Belle whenever she was scolded by the chief baker and struggled.


He saw how harsh she was.


–How could you do that? It’s not someone else but her!


–You’ve also tried Pam’s new dessert. It’s a taste that you can’t help but fall in love with.


Her heart ached at the sight of his ecstatic expression.


That didn’t mean he loved Pam.


He admired her ability.


–Me too! I can also make it!




Belle’s sincere heart.


All of her efforts in the past.


–Compared to Pam’s, yours is trash.


He trampled on it cruelly.


She thought she would be with him forever.


That was why it hurts more.


My stomach was seething when Belle’s story was over.


Anger soared to the top of my head.


I hit the table with my palm.


May and Belle were startled.


“Are you going to give up on your dream because of someone like that guy?”


“It hurts so much. To the extent that I couldn’t make dessert for a while.”


I spoke emphatically to Belle’s bitter murmur.


“Open our store.”


“I’m not confident.”


Belle’s refusal made me more vocal.


“No, the more he does that, the harder you have to work and succeed! Why would Belle abandon your dream just because of someone like him? That’s a lucky break!”


“… A lucky break?”


“Because you knew before he was such an ugly person! What if you find out after you get married? How much would you regret it?”


The two looked surprised as if they had been struck by lightning.


“Such a person will be like that for the rest of his life anyway. Think that it’s something good and throw it away neatly. And then Belle would find another life.”


Belle’s expression gradually became strange.


She felt like she was glad, but she still seemed to hesitate.


“No way, do you still have feelings for him?”


“No. I’m done organizing my feeling for that person.”


Belle’s tone was firm.


That’s a relief.


It would have been troublesome if she said she had lingering feelings.


“Although it’s a hobby, if you make desserts like this every day, it means you still have regrets. You couldn’t give up on your dream.”


Belle’s eyes twinkled.


“Is that guy worth for Belle to give up on your life and dream?”


A deep conflict appeared on Belle’s face.


She seemed to be persuaded by my words.


But the wound he left seemed to prevent her from taking one last step.


I have to get rid of that hesitation….


‘Oh, I have a good idea.’

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