Author: Lara

I had never seen him before, but his overwhelming size made me look at him.


And there was another surprise.


He had a very young face that didn’t match his size.


His white cheeks still had baby fat.


‘How old are you?’


Just looking at his face, he looked like he was three or four years older than me.


He was much bigger than most adults.


How big would you be when you become an adult if you’re already this big?


Or were you an adult and you look that young?


Anyway, the gap between his face and body was enormous.


Then the bright blonde caught my attention.


I had never seen such a brilliant color other than Luciano.


The man with green eyes was quite handsome.


If Luciano was a handsome man who caught my eye as soon as I saw him, this man has a charm that makes me look back.


A handsome man was always right.


However, the man’s atmosphere was strange.


I thought I felt a lot of depression from him.


‘I like handsome men who are full of excellence.’


It was very unfamiliar to see a large man with such an atmosphere looking carefully at accessories.


How on earth good was that to watch it so carefully?


Along with that thought, I turned to the accessories.


At the end of the man’s gaze was a knot bracelet.


[Wish Bracelet – Make a wish and wear it, and it will come true if the knot breaks.]


It was a bracelet with a simple description written on it.


‘Do I have a desperate wish?’


It occurred to me that the man looked at the bracelet so carefully.


That kind of thing was superstitious anyway.


As I looked around, the bracelet design caught my eye.


A knot bracelet with a reddish-brown gemstone was sewn on a sky blue thread, and a knot bracelet with a red gemstone on a gold thread.


How could the colors match so perfectly?


This was an item for Luciano and me.


I thought I should buy it.


But my inner instinct cried out.


It was useless spending.


I could hear the money going out of my pocket.


It was unwise spending because life didn’t become difficult just because I didn’t wear a bracelet.


I knew, but I lost to my desire.


“How much is this?”


“Five copper each. That’s a wish bracelet. If you make a wish and wear the bracelet, your wish comes true if it breaks.”


I thought about it one more time and decided to buy it.


“Please wrap this up. I’ll put this on now.”


Sometimes you could make impulse purchases. 


“You made a good purchase. I hope your wish comes true.”


So the sky blue bracelet was handed over to me, and the seller took the gold bracelet for packaging.




I heard a soft sound, so I looked to the side, then saw a big man come out with bewildered eyes and look at the gold bracelet alternately.


“Were you going to buy that?”


The man hesitated, unable to answer.


The seller watched and carefully added.


“What should I do? I only have this because it’s handmade.”


Then, even more regret spread across the man’s face.


I wanted to shout that the person who purchased it first was the owner, but it was hard to ignore the tearful green eyes.


“Do you want me to yield?”


The man’s eyes widened slightly as if my suggestion was unexpected.


If that bracelet were a gift with an apology, I wouldn’t have given up either.


I was just going to share them because the design was perfect for Luciano and me.


What he wanted was for Luciano.


It wasn’t something I wanted to have, so it wouldn’t be a bad thing to give up to someone who was desperate.


So I suggested it, and the man seemed to ponder for a while then shook his head slowly.


“I will be grateful only from my heart.”


There was hesitation left in the polite attitude.


I guess it would be hard to make concessions.


“Aren’t you going to prepare a gift of apology? If that’s the case, I’ll give it to you.”


I said it out of consideration.


As soon as I finished talking, the man’s expression broke down instantly.


He opened his mouth as if he was about to burst into tears.


What did I do!


I didn’t insist that I wanted it first, but I said I would give up!


“What’s wrong?”




“What’s not it?”


“I can’t give you anything, so you can use it.”


The man spoke with a mournful face.


‘What on earth is going on?’


His face was so wretched that anyone would think I stole the man’s belongings.


If someone who didn’t know and saw it, they would think I make you cry!


A person who seemed to be able to compete one-on-one with a bear was very soft-hearted.


“So, should I buy it?”


I checked again just in case.


“Yes. My lady buys it.”


The man replied yes.


The seller noticed and handed me a golden bracelet that was wrapped.


The man’s sad gaze followed while I accepted it quickly.


‘What, why he’s doing that….’


“Billy, did you buy everything?”


I felt uncomfortable and tried to ask Billy to go quickly.


Billy was giving a startled look.


“… What’s with that look in your eye?”


“My lady, in a moment’s of my absence…. Do you make people cry when they see you for the first time?”


Billy alternated between me and the man with the look of ‘what had you done’.


“I’m not!”


I jumped and denied it.


I didn’t make him cry!


“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry if my lady hurt your feelings.”


But Billy didn’t believe me and apologized to the man.


The man who suddenly received the apology seemed bewildered.




“I said I didn’t do anything!”


“How am I supposed to tell this to the lord….”


Usually, when it comes to Rofan, people around me would say, ‘Our lady is the best!’


Why were they distrustful of me?


Why do people around me think I must have had an accident?


“I’m innocent!”


“But is that person in tears?”


He just cried by himself!


“You were next to me. Didn’t you hear our conversation? I really didn’t do anything.”


“I’m concentrating on choosing what to buy.”


Billy’s bold words left me speechless.


At that time, a man who was just looking at the wrong situation stepped up.


“I didn’t cry. The lady did nothing wrong.”


At least the man told the truth.


“You mean you didn’t cry because of my lady?”


Billy’s suspicions never cooled down.


You’re so mean!


“Yes. It’s not.”


The man erased his troubled expression and answered calmly.


Billy asked a few times in disbelief.


“Really? You can tell me the truth.”


“There is nothing wrong with the lady. Rather, she offered to give me the goods.”


A man with a conscience told the truth.


“That’s right. The only thing she said was that she would yield.”


It wasn’t until the seller took my side that Billy’s face showed signs of relief.


I watched their conversation with my arms crossed.


Billy didn’t seem to see my twisted eyes.


“But why did you look like that….”


“It’s a personal matter.”


“Ah, yes. Anyway, I’m glad it’s not because of my lady.”


“I’m sorry for causing a misunderstanding. I’m sorry to trouble you. I’ll be going.”


The man apologized first and left as if he was uncomfortable with the prolonged conversation.


Contrary to his anger, his shoulders drooped and his back as he walked was pitiful.


‘What on earth is that guy….’


That’s it.


I turned to Billy and shot him.


“Billy, I’m disappointed.”


“I’m sorry, my lady. I made a mistake.”


He politely apologized, but it didn’t make me feel any better.


“How could you not believe me? I believe in Billy. I also entrusted my Tosuni!”


“Thank you for your trust. But my lady has records.”


Billy’s eyes glanced at me.


What do you mean with records?


“Did I?”


“Yes, you made Melody cry before, right?”




An incident related to me naturally came to mind.


“That’s because Melody bothered Evie!”


It wasn’t wrong to say that she shouldn’t bother others.


“Didn’t you also make Hox cry?”


Another name popped out of Billy’s mouth as if he had been waiting.




I also remembered the incident with him.


“That’s because Hox was gossiping!”


I didn’t like him insulting my people.


I couldn’t believe he was gossiping behind my back.


It was unforgivable.


“Recently, Belle also cried.”


This was really unfair.


“I only complimented Belle!”


Billy’s expression was calm.


“Anyways, what’s the conclusion?”


If you ask like that.


“… Everyone cried.”


Billy snorted with an expression, ‘Isn’t it?’




Something’s off about this.


But did I make people cry that much?


“Aren’t my lady make a child and an adult cry?”


Billie’s words make me feel like a violent person.


Seeing the seller’s tired gaze, I grabbed Billy’s hand and led him.


I was the only one in trouble because of that bear-like man.


‘See if I can let it go.’


I vowed to repay this humiliation when I met him later.


* * *


When I came back, May and Belle were sitting with a hazy look on their faces.


‘I’ve been busy with business for a while, but what are you doing?’


I was taken aback by the sight of them losing their mind.


Then I realized why they had no choice but to sit in such a daze.


There was not a single macaroon left on the stand.


The basket I prepared was also empty.


It hasn’t been long since the market opened, but it’s sold out!


“May, Belle! Are they all sold out?”


They nodded slowly when I ran to ask.


“Yes. It’s all sold out. Nothing left, everything.”


“I heard a lot of good things about it. The person who came bought it again.”


The two looked as if they were dreaming.


“Look! I told you it would be sold out!”


I never thought it would sell so fast.


“There were people who came because they heard that it was delicious.”


“I apologized that they were late, and they asked if we would participate again next time.”


“I knew it. I promised you that if you do business, it will go well!”


I shouted arrogantly because I had won the bet, but it seemed that both of them didn’t seem to be able to see it.


The two sat blankly, wiggling the corners of their mouths.


“I didn’t know it would sell so well….”


“It sold better than I thought.”


They seemed at a loss for joy and ecstasy.


I’d like to let you enjoy it more, but I have to make sure.


“Do you remember the bet?”


Their bodies trembled at my question.


The focus returned to their eyes, who were busy laughing as they looked into the air.


“You’ll keep your promise, right?”


When asked again, their faces contradicted each other.


Bell showed subtle expectations, while May showed hesitation.


And as if to show such a feeling, Belle looked at May instead of answering.


‘This is unexpected….’


It was the opposite of what it used to be.


I thought Belle’s trauma made it difficult to open the store, but did May also have a problem?


“Shall we talk when we get home?”


May opened her mouth with a serious expression.


We sold everything we had prepared anyway, so there was no problem in closing the business.


I cleaned up the stand and headed straight to May’s house.


“Please drink it.”


She made hot tea and served it in front of Belle.


“Thank you.”


I didn’t urge her, and I waited for her to speak first.


An uncomfortable silence ensued.


Belle was also wary of May.


It wasn’t until the warm tea became lukewarm that May opened her mouth.


“Are you really going to invest in us?”


The beginning of the conversation was easier than I thought.


“That’s what I’m saying.”


“What are you going to do if you fail?”


I couldn’t believe she was worried about this even if I showed the results.


“You saw it sold out today. Didn’t it sell out so fast?”


Belle nodded enthusiastically, and May only fiddled with the teacup she grabbed.


May, who had been dragging the time for long, had made up her mind and said. 


“I want to receive that investment.”


You were going to do this, but you dragged your time?


“Really? Are you finally receiving the investment?”


“Yes. But I have something to tell you before I get the investment.”


As soon as I was busy being thrilled, May brought up something meaningful.


“What is it?”


I was nervous for no reason because May’s atmosphere was grim.


“Actually, I have failed in business once.”



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  1. Oho? I wonder what happened. Also Billy is officially my favorite, he’s so wise lol