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I wondered what the reason for hesitating in business was, but I couldn’t believe May had such a situation.


I glanced at Belle and it seemed to be something she knew.


“I guess you used to do business? May I ask what kind of business you’ve done?”


“My family used to run a small cloth shop.”


“It’s not a small thing….”


Belle murmured next to her, then she met May’s gaze and shut her mouth.


“I took over the family business, the textile shop, and it went bankrupt.”


May’s explanation was clear.


I thought it was related to cooking because she liked making desserts, but it wasn’t.


“Can I ask you how you failed?”


“My father died suddenly in an accident, and I didn’t learn enough to take over the store.”


“Your father died in an accident?”


“The accident came unexpectedly. It can’t be helped.”


May smiled bitterly as if she were okay now.


“It is not easy to take off and sell the fabric. You have to know the trend. I found a new fabric from abroad, and I feel that it is on sale.”


After saying that, May took a sip of tea as if she was thirsty.


May smiled bitterly and continued.


“I bought too many because I thought it would become money. But it failed in fashion. Stocks piled up, and there was a problem with other clients, so the money didn’t circulate.”


It was very dangerous that funds were not circulated when doing business.


“I was trying to hold on somehow, but I couldn’t handle the bills properly in the end. So I had to hand over the shop. It was fortunate that someone took over the store just in time.”


May’s explanation was simple, perhaps to show that she had no lingering feelings.


But something sounded dubious.


Should I say that it was still uncomfortable?


I wanted to ask more about the situation, but I couldn’t open my mouth easily because I was afraid of touching May’s wounds.


“I don’t have such a good eye to see something like that. Would you still like to invest?”


There was a little lament in May’s tone.


She must have lost all her confidence in one failure.


“Not to that extent. After all, clothes made of that fabric were fashionable the next year. If you hold on a little longer….”


“No, I had a narrow view. I should have been prepared for the risk, but I couldn’t. I’m not cut out for business.”


May cut off Belle’s words sternly.


And her confidence in her business seemed to be lacking as much as her decisiveness.


Her sense of discomfort intensified.


‘Did I read too much Rofan? It seems like there must have been some kind of conspiracy.’


Just as I was about to think deeply, May’s expression of emptiness appeared.


She seemed to think I would give up the investment because of her failure story.


“May, I’m still going to invest in both of you.”


May’s gaze, which had turned bitter at my answer, stared at me again.


“That’s rather good. It’s good if you have any business experience. Rather, I can trust you.”


May’s wobbly eyes became strange.


Then, she clasped her mouth as if choosing what to say.


“Have I failed once? I might fail again, right?”


Finally, the question she asked was about fear of failure.


“I never think you two will fail. Both of you will definitely succeed.”


May did not readily accept my imposing declaration.


“Then if I fail….”


I also understand her anxiety.


However, this wasn’t only a word I believed from the original.


I had seen enough of them working hard.


They found a new taste every day.


They tried to make it better.


They also had the skills to implement it.




“You’re not alone this time.”


May’s eyes fluttered at my calm words.


“If May makes an unreasonable choice, I’ll stop you. There’s Belle, and there’s also me. We’ll be together, so don’t be afraid and try.”


May’s expression, which had been hard as if it had been like that the whole time, was distorted.


She looked as if she could barely hold back her tears.


The moment I touched it, it felt like it was about to pour.


Did I look sad?


People cried whenever they saw me these days.


“Don’t cry. It looks like I made you cry. Billy, I didn’t make her cry, right?”


Before she really cried, I rushed to comfort May and informed Billy of my innocence.


You couldn’t conscientiously think that I make people cry!


“It’s because of my lady.”


Billy shook his head and turned away.


How could she cry because of me!


May smiled faintly as I trembled with injustice.


“Will I be able to do well?”


“Of course, there are three of us! Belle will help too, right?”


Bell nodded gravely at my call.


“I have to work hard.”


Belle must have made up her mind to open a store.


That’s a good attitude.


Seeing Belle like that, May firmly fixed her expression.


“Okay. Let’s do business together.”




It was the beginning of Maybelle, which would become the best dessert shop.


* * *


Just because May and Bell permitted me didn’t mean they could open the store right away.


The two were never ready to open a store.


So I decided to take things slow.


And in the meantime, I gave the two of them a special mission.


That was to sell desserts on Thanksgiving Day and Apology Day at the market.


It was necessary to restore their low self-esteem.


We also developed menus of products worth selling at the same time.


It would be nice to get word of mouth before opening the store.


In the meantime, I had asked Delia for various information.


Some were about the store, and some were about the two.


Because I also knew how to take care of my people!




‘There’s something about May that’s still not clear…’


I decided to invest to be comfortable, but somehow I felt like I was doing a lot of work.




I was awakened by the sound of a loud voice calling me.




Luciano was giving me a fierce look in front of me.


“What are you thinking about?”


I couldn’t talk about investment.


“I didn’t think of anything.”


“You didn’t think about anything, but you didn’t notice even if I called you?”


Luciano’s tone went flat.


He must be offended that I came to play and did something else.


I really didn’t know if my sensitivity would decrease.


“Ah! I have something to give you.”


As usual, I tried to change the subject.


I knew Luciano’s eyebrows were raised, but I looked through Tosuni and pretended not to know.




I took out a well-wrapped knot bracelet and handed it to him.


Luciano stared at the package instead of accepting it.


“I told you to accept it.”


“What is it?”


I wouldn’t answer it. As he took it, he would ask that question again.


“Check it by yourself.”


Luciano’s hand rustled and the package came off.


And he looked down quietly at the bracelet.


I thought he would show a little bit of joy, but Luciano looked blunt.


He didn’t seem to like it very much.


“Don’t you like it?”


Did what I gave you too cheap?


Luciano’s gaze reached my wrist.


“You also have it.”


“Yes. Isn’t the color perfect for us? I wonder how they made it like this.”


It was an incredible design that matched our hair and eyes’ color.


“And this is a wish bracelet. Make a wish when you wear it.”


Luciano had no intention of trying it on, he just touched the bracelet with his fingertips.


Luciano’s blunt reaction sent a chill to me.


“You don’t like it? You don’t like it because the design is similar?”


“Not this one.”


‘Not this one?’


I gave it to you as a gift.


I spent so much money!


It was when I was about to be offended by Luciano’s words.


“Give me that.”




“What you wear.”


Luciano’s red eyes stared intently at my wrist.


“Mine? But the color suits you better. This is also the perfect color for me.”


“I like that more.”


Luciano’s gaze was stubborn.


“That’s new. I used to wear this.”


“Still. I want that.”




He was stubborn for an odd occasion.


I didn’t want to fight over trivial things.


Eventually, he had a sky blue bracelet on his arm and a gold bracelet on mine.


* * *


Time passed so quickly.


May and Belle had their second sale at the Apologize Day market.


The menu was the same macaroon as before and salt bread was added.


When you were bored with macaroons, you ate salty and savory salt bread.


And this time, we increased the taste and variety of macaroons a little more by making a group of animals.


It means we had doubled the cuteness.


Huu, huu, will it sell well?”


Belle took a deep breath.


“Maybe I prepared too much?”


May also twirled around with a nervous gesture.


It seemed that she wasn’t ready yet, although she had decided to start a full-fledged business.


That was why I told you to do business today.


“It was sold very quickly before. This time, it will sell more because it went viral through the people who bought last time.”


I said this to cheer them up.


“Oh, I’m here again. I ate it last time and waited.”


“Uh, is this the chick macaroon? I heard rumors that it was sold on the last apology day. It’s adorable.”


“It’s the chick macaroons! Wow, there are many kinds of animals this time.”


My words became a prophecy.


As people approached and showed interest, Belle and May’s eyes, which were shaking with nervous gestures, widened.


“Each animal has a different taste.”


“Choose it. I made it more carefully than last time.”


They started their business in a daze.


“How much is it?”


“It’s one copper each. If you buy five, I’ll give you one more!”


This was the way I told them in advance.


The service was always right.


“Oh, then I’ll have to buy five. There are exactly six types. Please pack one for each type.”


And I made six kinds of macaroons on purpose.


I tried to use a 5+1 sales strategy.


“Yes, thank you.”


May’s voice was excited for her first sale today.


She forgot her nervousness and was full of energy.


A smile was spontaneously made.


As expected, a practical practice was the answer.


I applied for sales in advance this time, so the stand was much better than the last time.


“What? Why are there so many people here?”


“Have you seen anything to eat?”


“Is it delicious?”


As customers gathered, the passersby gradually became more interested.


I watched with delight as the place was crowded with customers.


“The business is really good. Did you expect this to happen?”


Billy was also watching May and Belle in amazement.


“Because it is. They are meant to be successful.”


“You have a good eye.”


“Of course. It’s me, it’s me.”


There was something that caught my eye while answering triumphantly.


Bright blond hair rising above others.


A huge body that I couldn’t forget once you see him!


He has a bear-like body, but his shoulders were drooping!


I seemed to know who he was.


Revenge time has come sooner than expected!


It was an idea that occurred to me the moment I found the man.


I ran towards the man.


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