Author: Lara

“Are you two going to fight again?”


I sat between the two of them.


“My lady, it’s not like that….”


I stared at him.


Billy caught my gaze and shut up.


“It’s hard to raise my head since I’m embarrassed because of you two. What are grown-ups doing?”


“But, my lady, that one attacked first….”


I stared at him again.


Billy shut up quickly at my second glance.


We would often meet in the future, but it wasn’t good if the atmosphere was already like this.


“Of course, it was his fault. I saw him attack first. But Billy, he’s drunk.”


Billy and Cale’s eyes met.




“Can Billy, who didn’t drink, act like a drunk or not?”


“No, I can’t. I’m sorry, my lady.”


Billy finally understood me; he replied calmly and reflected on himself.


While we were talking, Cale was staring at me with a puzzled look.


“What are you doing in front of people right now?”


“I told you to listen.”


I wouldn’t say anything behind your back, I would say it in front of you.


Cale sighed at my answer, he shook his head and raised his beer glass again.


I think he’s going to shake off his complicated feelings with alcohol….




I quickly reached out and grabbed the glass.


You can’t.


Cale’s blue eyes glared at me.


“What are you doing?”


It was a weak force to block it completely, but Cale’s voice was not good because he was interrupted anyway.


“I told you we will talk. You’re still drunk, what if you get drunker?”


“When did I say I’d talk to you?”


Cale spoke curtly and shook his hand with a light gesture.


The boldness and bad luck reminded me of someone from the past.


‘Can I put these two together…?’


I was suddenly worried if I had made the right decision.


Wouldn’t Luciano’s personality, which had barely been made to be human, deteriorate again?


‘No, no.’


I had also tamed that feisty Luciano, and Cale shouldn’t be too difficult.


There’s no need to worry.


“I don’t want to deal with you, so go back. I mistook such a child as an assassin, so….”


Cale raised his hand and swished it away as if he was deliberately trying to offend me.




There was a crackling sound and Cale hardened like a broken machine.


What just happened was that I mercilessly slammed Cale’s hand, which was showing a timid movement.


Cale looked at me in disbelief and I smiled.


Cale murmured in bewilderment.


“Didn’t you say violence is bad?”


“What do you mean violence?”


On the contrary, I looked at him with my eyes wide open as if it were some scary sound.


Cale chuckled.


“Didn’t you just hit me on the back of my hand?”


He growled and pointed at the back of his hand.


Who knows how to be afraid of being so intimidating?


“I thought you were repelling mosquitoes, so I caught it.”


I smiled more brightly.


Cale looked at me with a speechless look.


And he put down his drink in annoyance as if he had lost the taste of alcohol.


Delighted at the rough gesture, I asked.


“Are you ready to talk now?”


In the end, he gave a look, ‘What’s all this?’


He poked his head in annoyance and then yelled at my back.


“Hans. Give me a glass of cold water. A big glasses full!”


Upon hearing the call, a man who looked like the owner brought water and put it in front of Cale.




Cale gulped down the glass, which he had put down in an unkind gesture.


After drinking the whole glass, he let out a deep breath.


He took a few more deep breaths and then got up.


“Let’s go out and talk.”


Cale walked out without a doubt that I would follow.


Even after leaving the bar, his steps didn’t stop.


His steps were unstoppable, making sure his destination was clear.


“Wouldn’t this be dangerous, my lady?”


Billy was worried as we went to a more remote place.


“It’s okay. It’s okay.”


I comforted Billy and followed in Cale’s footsteps.


Cale stopped only after arriving at a quiet vacant lot.


Cale’s eyes were clear as if he had lost the energy of alcohol while walking.


‘Um, the location selection and the atmosphere are ominous.’


You’re not going to start fighting here, are you?


Billy also led me behind him nervously.


Cale stared at us like that and then opened his mouth.


“How did you know about me?”


He didn’t strike his fist again, but he remained vigilant.


Still, there was room for discussion.


I passed Billy and moved forward.


“That’s not important.”


Cale’s eyebrows furrowed discontentedly.


“Don’t you think what a favor I will ask is more important?”


“A favor? Ask me a favor? I didn’t think someone made you come here.”


I could feel Cale’s boundaries going down a notch in his response.


I guess he thought we were coming for his life.


“Yes, I’m here to ask you a favor. I didn’t find you because someone told me to.”


“What kind of request made you find someone like me?”


“Can you teach one person?”


Cale snorted.


It was the attitude of asking that I had come to him only because of that.


“I thought it was some kind of a big deal. Why should I do that?”


“Because you’ll like the price.”


“It won’t move my heart no matter what the price is. Just go. Don’t bother people anymore.”


He showed signs of annoyance that he had a useless conversation.


He turned around coldly as if he had finished speaking.


That expression would change soon.


Because I knew what he desperately wanted from the privilege of a possessor.




He paused and turned around.


Cale’s blue eyes gleamed even more blue and fell on me.


“Don’t you want to do it?”


I smiled with satisfaction as I watched Cale clench his teeth.


“What do you mean revenge?”


Your eyes looked different just now.


Cale acted calm as if nothing was wrong.


“If I know the name Cale Pedro, don’t you think I know everything?”


He was from the Imperial Knight Order.


However, it was officially stated that Cale Pedro never existed in the Imperial Knights.


I mean, just knowing his name means you know a lot about him.


Cale’s eyes sharpened.


“How long have you been investigating me?”


To be honest, I didn’t know Cale’s story perfectly.


All I knew was that he started teaching Luciano for revenge.


“I did as much as I needed.”


‘Sometimes you need to pretend to be.’


As I grinned meaningfully, Cale let out a sigh of amazement.


“Yeah, that’s a pretty tempting offer.”


Contrary to his attitude, a positive answer came.


I thought, ‘Is it this easy?’ and was excited to see if the main character buff exploded after a long time.


“So, are you accepting my request?”


“No way.”


That’s right.


There’s no way I’ll be able to do something smoothly.


I got excited for no reason.


“You said it was a tempting offer. Isn’t the price satisfactory?”


“That’s right. What you’ve wanted for the rest of your life will come true, how can you not be attracted to it? You’re just a little girl. What do I believe in you? Are you capable of that?”


I nodded slowly.


“Actually, no. I can’t do anything right now.”


Cale smirked at my naive acknowledgment.


“It’s impossible now, but I can do it later, right? Isn’t that too much to do a check?”


“That’s right, a check. Because we’re weak right now.”


I didn’t avoid Cale’s gaze.


“You have the nerve to say that.”


“But is there anyone who’s willing to help you get revenge? It must be a weak feeling to endure for the rest of your life.”


I offended him even though I knew he was burning with a vengeance to the point of being a drunkard.


“Watch your mouth.”


As expected, Cale’s eyes glowed blue and he growled.


It was a fierce force that seemed to be mutilated as if I were an enemy.


I could feel Billy stiffened by the incomparable energy.


“Don’t take your anger out on the wrong person. I’m not the one you want revenge on.”


I was just saying it coldly.


Cale’s expression twitched, but he didn’t rush in.


Still, it didn’t seem like he had lost his temper.


It was acknowledging that he took it out on himself.


He took a deep breath to calm his emotions.


And he ruffled his hair.


“Damn, what the hell am I doing with a little girl? I feel like I’m possessed by something.”


He grumbled as if he couldn’t believe the situation that he was arguing with me belatedly.


He seemed to have lost all the energy from his drink.


“What does being a child have to do with talking?”


I didn’t like the way he spoke.


“Why doesn’t it matter? The conversation is weird.”


“It’s not weird at all. Even a child can have a conversation like this.”


Then Cale looked at the sky and looked down at the floor a few times, then he let out a long sigh.


“Hey, little girl. Are you just living your second life?”


Huh, he’s sharp.


Did you know anything?


Was Cale a regressor?


These days, other possessors and regressors appear in romance fantasy novels, and such doubts have suddenly arisen.


“T-that can’t happen.”


I didn’t know the situation, so I made an excuse first.


“Right, that can’t happen. But the way you talk doesn’t sound like a child. Ah, I’m going to see all sorts of things.”


I observed with my eyes wide in surprise, but Cale grumbled to himself as if he had just thrown it away.


‘I almost fell for it. I have to be careful.’


“The more I talk to you, the more I have a headache. I think I’m not sober enough.”


Cale’s aggressive attitude seems to have diminished, so I decided to take a step back.


“Shall we talk again later?”


It was also better to have a sane conversation.


“Let’s do it like this. Bring me the one I need to teach. I’ll look at that person and I’ll talk to you again. What do you think?”


It was an unexpectedly positive response, so I narrowed my eyes and looked at Cale.


I couldn’t believe it came out from someone who was not likely to pass so easily.


“I’ll teach if he’s worth teaching.”


I seemed to know what he thought when I saw Cale’s grin.


You’re trying to get rid of him because he’s not talented.


It must be something like that because he knew that it was an opponent that wouldn’t work.


Luciano was the man who would become the strongest person in the world.


“Let’s do that.”


I shouted with confidence.


Luciano would have a teacher, so I was glad he had someone else to rely on.


I was delighted that there would be no humiliating defeat again.


I was excited at this time.




“What’s this, it’s an old man.”


“What’s this, it’s a boy.”


That was until the two met and started expressing their feelings for each other.

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