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“Let’s go out, Prince!”


I went to Luciano, burst open the door, and shouted.


He closed his book and raised his eyebrows.




“Yes, right now. Hurry, hurry!”


He didn’t move, so I stamped my feet and urged him.


Luciano’s eyes looking at me were colored with a reluctant light.


“What’s with those eyes?”


“What kind of accident are you going to cause?”


“What do you mean accident!”


I put my hand on my waist in frustration and banged my right foot.


I’m dissatisfied with Luciano’s behavior because I created the situation at best.


“In my experience, if Aesvin smiles like that and acts in a hurry, something big must have happened, right?”


Luciano replied nonchalantly.


“How did I smile?”


“A smile that wants me to be surprised.”


‘Huh, you mean I smiled like that?’


I snapped my grinning lips.


Come to think of it, I did it like this when I played a game that seemed like I was going to get in trouble.


If I explained it step by step, it was obvious that Luciano would say no, so I had no choice.


But not today.


‘It’s a present for you!’


I was going to have Luciano and Cale meet today.


I expected him to be delighted with his swordsmaster at last, but Luciano was not cooperative.


“Anyway, you have to go now. Let’s go.”


Since it was a surprise gift, I insisted on leaving without a logical explanation.


It wasn’t because I never had the confidence to persuade logically.


It was because of a surprise gift.


“Let’s go out!”


“What’s the matter?”


“It’s a secret.”


‘It’s a surprise gift, it’s no fun if I tell you in advance.’


Luciano just stared at me without thinking of moving.


The calm expression was an attitude that he had nothing to regret.


That stubborn man!


You don’t even know how I feel about doing something good for you!


‘Why should I be more anxious to give gifts?’


I let out a puff of wind through my mouth, calming the rising heat.


“So you don’t want to go?”


Did you read my mind that if I kept coming up like this, I wouldn’t explain?


“Please explain a little.”


He was quick-witted, so I didn’t want to tell him anything.


Luciano’s attitude was so tough.


“I wanted to introduce you to someone.”


Then Luciano’s calm face hardened.


Luciano put down the book he was holding and got up.




I guess he was interested now because he asked me right away.


I was relieved and laughed.


“Secret. You have to meet in person.”


I was even thrilled to think that Luciano would like it.


Won’t you shed tears of emotion?


I felt there would be a strange excitement different from his tears when he laid garlic and onions.


My lips were about to open wide with anticipation.


However, I tightened my lips and closed them tightly when Luciano’s gaze seemed to be observing me.


But Luciano’s expression was serious about what I was thinking.


From the atmosphere, he seemed to be irritated.


“You don’t like it?”


If he really didn’t like it, I would postpone the meeting with Cale.


I couldn’t force you to meet him.


“Okay. Let’s go.”


When I asked sullenly, Luciano agreed.


He reluctantly allowed it.


I’m sure you’ll like it soon!


“Yeah, I knew it. Look forward to it. I’m sure you’ll definitely like it when you meet!”


I pulled Luciano with a fuss.


“You’ll definitely like it.”


“Yeah. I’m sure.”


He followed me with a look of disapproval.


I had told Billy where I was going in advance, so I didn’t have to say anything else.


Luciano’s hardened face could not be loosened even in the moving carriage.


‘I don’t know what the hell is causing him to be so serious.’


Still, just thinking about Luciano’s soon-to-be-surprised reaction kept my mouth open.


‘Ah, it’s thrilling!’


“You seemed to be happy?”


Luciano’s cold voice cracked down on my drooping mouth.


“No. It’s just so-so.”


I pretended to be calm.


Luciano’s eyes narrowed.


“How did you get to know him?”


“I came to see him.”




I wanted to introduce you.


‘If I say this, he’ll notice, right?’


I shook my head.


“Because you have to meet him?”


Originally, they were supposed to meet in the future.


“Why do I have to meet strangers?”


He was like that again.


Luciano asked as if interrogating.


He was always displeased with me meeting new people.


He must always be on the lookout for whether he would become close with the person Empress Isabelle has touched.


“That’s why I introduce you. Just wait. You have to meet him and decide.”


When I said that, Luciano closed his mouth again.


Sitting with his arms folded, Luciano looked sharp.


Hmm, I think I should lighten up the mood a bit.


“Prince, you said you trust me, right?”


Fortunately, Luciano didn’t ask, ‘When did I?’


He just nodded with discontent.


’Our heart has become very nice.’


A delightful smile came out naturally.


“Then you shouldn’t hate the person I introduce to you too much. I hope you two get along well. Got it?”


Even if Luciano believed in me, I knew he wouldn’t believe the person I introduced.


So when I mentioned it, Luciano’s expression turned cold in an instant.




It was already a sign that he didn’t like it.


“Why! Can’t you just look at it in a good way?”


“So why do I have to look at it in a good way?”


Luciano’s tone seemed to be arguing.


Of course, it should be good!


He would become your teacher!


“I want you to like it!”


When I shouted out loud, Luciano shut his mouth and seemed to think about it.


“I’ll think about it.”


He spat out.


His firm mouth seemed to foretell that somehow the result would be different from his answer.


I wanted to give him a good image before they met, but somehow I felt like it only backfired.


’… will it go well?’


* * *


The carriage arrived at the vacant lot where I had met Cale before.


The vacant lot was empty as if Cale hadn’t arrived yet.


“There’s no one.”


Luciano’s voice was cold.


“He’ll be here soon.”


“When is soon. When is the appointment?”


I took out my pocket watch and checked it.


The promised two o’clock had just passed.




Luciano’s expression darkened.


His reaction was to say he didn’t know why he met someone who couldn’t keep his appointment.


It was a bad start.


“Shall we sit here and wait?”


I pointed under a big tree on one side.


Billy, who was waiting nearby, quickly noticed and brought a picnic cloth.


I sat on it and tapped on the side.


Luciano sat next to me without a word.


I expected that the introduction wouldn’t be easy given Luciano’s personality who doesn’t trust people.


However, I felt it would be harder than I expected.


‘It’s already past the appointment time, so why doesn’t he come?’


It was around the time that I, too, was getting annoyed.


I could see Cale walking in the distance.


‘Oh really! Come and polish your bones a little.’


Even before he came, he looked like a drunkard.


Luciano seemed to have found him too.


As Cale got closer, a huge wrinkle appeared on Luciano’s forehead.


It looked like he said it’s not that person, is it?


It got more and more ominous.


“You’re already here? Little lady.”


Cale didn’t seem apologetic.


“You’re late.”


“Ah, sorry, sorry. Is this it?”


Cale nodded and looked at Luciano.


Luciano hardened his expression at the blatant evaluative gaze.


Luciano looked at me and sighed in his astonishment.


It meant that the person I would introduce was just that kind of person.


“Well, you know.”


He’s useful even if he looks like that.


He’s strong.


He will help you.


It was time to pour out these words.


Luciano chinned Cale.


“What’s this, it’s an old man.”


Cale’s expression, which had been languid, immediately hardened.


He wasn’t old enough to be called an old man, though he looked filthy.


Would he have felt that the attitude of the person who came to be a disciple was arrogant?


Cale’s eyes glistened fiercely and his lips twitched.


“What’s this, it’s a boy.”


Cale responded in the same tone as Luciano.


Luciano’s eyes were also infused with anger when he called a child.


Their eyes met fiercely in the air.


It’s ruined.


I instinctively realized that this meeting wouldn’t be resolved easily.


“Excuse me, both of you. Can you calm down?”


I managed to come to my senses and try to stop them.


“Calm down? Aesvin, what on earth is this ignorant old man? I don’t know how much he drank, but the smell of alcohol is strong.”


“Little lady, don’t tell me this rude little boy is the one you mentioned?”


Both of them shouted in a fit of anger at the same time.


And as if they understood each other’s words, sparks lit up in their eyes.


The sparks shot wildly in the air.


This was why I didn’t arrange their meeting last year.


I was afraid I’d see this.


‘My predictions last year were right.’


This prediction fits very well.


Luciano’s vigilance and Cale’s pride collided strongly.


I decided to target the easier side first.


I pulled Luciano’s sleeve with a weak force.


“Can’t you talk calmly?”


And I said it as if pleading with the most pitiful expression possible.


Luciano, who was about to get up, paused when he saw me.


‘Huh? Huh? I’m begging you.’


I knew very well that Luciano was weak against my gaze.


Luciano sighed deeply at my appealing eyes.


“All right.”


Luciano lost as planned.


If I get something, I have to give it back.


As usual, I poured out my thanks and praise to Luciano.


“Thank you! As expected, Prince!”


I was about to shout, ‘There’s no one like the Prince!’ but I stopped.


I might have already revealed Luciano’s identity to Cale.


Then it will be easier to convince Cale.


A man of high status would be what he wants.


However, rather than Cale choosing Luciano, Luciano accepted Cale first.


I thought about it for a while, but the conclusion was easy.


Then I should call his names instead.


We were talking informally anyway, so he wouldn’t blame me for calling his name, right?


“Thank you, as expected Luci!”


… I called and stopped abruptly.


No matter how he had already retired, Cale was from the Imperial Knight Order; didn’t he know the prince’s name?


Should I call Luciano?


So it had to stop.


However, Luciano’s expression was strange.


He was staring at me with his eyes wide open.

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