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I was also stunned by his surprised innocent face and didn’t know what to do.


‘Why do you look like that?’


Then, I belatedly figured out the situation.


The first name other than the title prince called by someone has become a nickname.


Luciano innocently blinked his big eyes.


Judging by that reaction, I guess he like this name more than the title prince.


‘Well, it does feel more familiar.’


I’ll continue to call you like this.


Luciano seemed to have forgotten his irritation a moment ago, so somehow a smile came out.


I continued the last word with a thumbs up.


“Luci is the best!”


I decided to pretend not to know that Luciano’s neck was dyed red and he bit his lip tightly.


I was a person who never missed the opportunity I was given.


When Luciano seemed to be in a mood of confusion, I added stealthily.


“Don’t get mad and listen to me until the end, okay?”


Luciano meekly nodded his head.


“Luci is really the best!”


Luciano’s neck shrank slightly when I added again.


It looked like he was trying to hide his shyness.


’Oh, what is it?’


Why was he suddenly so cute?


I wanted to tease him more.


It was when I was just about to unleash my itchy inner feelings.




Cale’s strange chime intervened.


He was making a frown at us.


Luciano changed his expression completely as if he was conscious of Cale.


The cute figure disappeared in an instant.


‘Ah, it’s a shame.’


It could have been more fun.


I cast an indifferent glance at Cale.


“Ha. It’s amazing, the best. Can I just go back?”


“We just met, where are you going?”


When I caught him, Cale showed a sign of reluctance.


And that’s how much Luciano’s eyes became colder.


Let’s introduce them quickly before the atmosphere gets weird.


“Now, let me introduce each of you. Luci, that person will be your teacher!”


I cried out and revealed Cale’s identity to Luciano.




What a nonsensical response.


“Yes, swordsmanship teacher! He will teach you proper swordsmanship.”


Perhaps was it because of the teacher?


Or was it because I promised him?


Luciano took a closer look at Cale rather than expressing his dissatisfaction.


However, his eyes were gradually colored with distrust.


And Cale immediately read those eyes.


“Who wants to? Did I say I would accept it?”


Cale said curtly.


I only kept my eyes on Luciano.


He pondered for a moment as if contemplating.


Luciano’s mind was more important than Cale’s reaction.




After a while, Luciano spoke gravely.


He had a more serious attitude as he decided not to be annoyed recklessly. 




“Yes, I appreciate your sincerity. But….”


I felt a sense of rejection.


It shouldn’t be like this.


I haven’t even properly introduced Cale yet.




I quickly cut off Luciano’s words.




But I heard another unexpected cry.


Cale shouted the same thing half a beat slower than me.


His face was flushed red.


“Were you going to say no?”


The vigorous breath seemed to hurt his pride.


I took a step back while gauging Cale’s reaction.


There was nothing better than that if two people could solve it through direct conversation.


“That’s right. I refuse.”


Luciano glanced back at me and replied with excessive politeness.


I clasped my head quietly from the side.


Luciano showing courtesy is a bad sign.


That means he never intends to reveal himself.


He seemed determined to draw a perfect line.


Cale couldn’t grasp the atmosphere and snort.


“Why are you saying no?”


Cale’s question was very arrogant.


Or he was unaware of his condition.


Luciano frankly scans Cale from head to toe.


“Why don’t you take a look in the mirror?”


Cale’s face turned red as he recalled his appearance belatedly.


“So what! What’s the matter!”


He knew everything but pretended not to know and screamed.


Without knowing that his face was telling the truth.


“You look like a drunkard.”


Cale’s face turned redder at Luciano’s calm response.


People get embarrassed when the truth is pointed out.


“Are you judging people based on their appearance? How can a man who wants to be a serious swordsman have such a shallow view?”


“That’s the least I’ve got about you. And isn’t it okay for a serious swordsman to be careful like that?”


’As expected, his cold mouth.’


It was so Luciano, a bitter attack that didn’t discriminate against anyone.


Cale’s face turned red as if about to explode.


“Now, I’m a drunk, but you must know I’m also an amazing person!”


Eventually, Cale admitted himself to being a drunkard.


Look, you’re a drunk.


Luciano did not raise the corners of his lips even a bit and laughed at Cale with only his eyes.


And Cale’s expression stiffened when he noticed the sneer.


It’s done.


This meeting was ruined.


‘I thought it might be like this, but I really didn’t expect it to happen.’


No, Cale was a cold-hearted and charismatic genius swordsman in the original story.


Why were you acting stupid now?


Was it because you’re still drunk?


Did you two meet too soon?


I had a throbbing headache.


“Little lady! What the hell is this cheeky little bastard? Do you want me to teach this kind of guy?”


Cale shouted at me in a fit of rage.


It seemed that he felt it was challenging to deal with Luciano.


“You said you wouldn’t teach him. Then I have nothing to say about Luci’s attitude.”


Although Luciano was dressed modestly as a royal, it was only compared to other royals.


He wore high-quality clothes comparable to those of aristocracy.


Luciano wasn’t a commoner, so he didn’t have to be wary of what he did to Cale.


Come to think of it, Cale knows he has such an attitude, but he’s shameless.


“That little boy….”


“And watch your words. Luci is not the kind of person to be treated like a kid.”


Luciano is definitely a royal.


Luciano was being courteous because Cale was passing by.


It wouldn’t be good for Cale if Luciano’s judgment were twisted and he revealed his identity then asserting the imperial family’s authority.


Half of it was a warning to Cale.


For the other half, I said it because I was also annoyed by how he called a little boy.


Luciano’s gaze stung me in the cheek.


Cale burst out laughing and smirking.


“I’ve become hilarious.”


He was amazed and bewildered, so he didn’t know what to do.




I turned at Luciano’s call.


I was sorry to see his calm expression.


I was going to do something that would make Luciano happy, but I didn’t know why the situation turned out like this.


Nothing ever worked out easily for me.




Luciano’s hand slipped over my hand which was resting on the floor.


“You knew I was depressed, didn’t you? Thank you for your consideration.”


However, it wasn’t like that if it was this person.


There was a gentle rejection in the friendly greeting.


Luciano’s antipathy towards Cale was strong.


I thought about it for a while and gave up today.


“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have stepped out.”


Maybe I would find a way to persuade him later.


It wasn’t now anyway.


“No, I’m glad you care. But I’ll take care of this.”


As I retreated, a relieved smile crept across Luciano’s lips.


It seemed that he didn’t like Cale very much.


And Cale who had seen all of these situations was bound to be even more distorted.


I could feel the increasingly crooked gaze.


“Shall we go back?”


I nodded at Luciano’s suggestion.


He got up first, then reached out his hand to me; I took that hand and got up.


Billy approached and packed the picnic cloth that had been laid on the floor.


I couldn’t just leave, so I said to Cale.


“It’s unfortunate but I didn’t have anything to say today….”


“Okay, I’ll do it.”


Cale’s expression was getting stiff as I continued and he spat out.


I didn’t get it right away.


“You’re going to do what?”


“I’ll teach that kid.”


Cale’s grumpy eyes were blazing.


It seemed that his pride had been triggered.


He seemed to believe if he became a teacher, he would be able to roll Luciano on his own….


’I don’t know if it’s good or bad.’


I carefully checked Luciano’s countenance.


He snorted as if he had heard something ridiculous.


“Who wants to learn from you? I’m not interested, so please go. Aesvin, let’s go.”


As soon as Luciano opened the carriage door, Cale opened his mouth.


“Are you running away?”


It was quite an aggressive attitude.


Luciano paused and gave Cale a cold look.


“Who’s running away?”


That’s right, Luciano can’t stand hearing something like that.


“I’m telling you I’ll teach you, but you’re avoiding it.”


“I have to be able to trust your skills.”


“I’ll prove it, so come on.”


Cale suggested.


Luciano looked at Cale with an unkind look.


“You’re not doing it?”


“Huh? Of course, I have to do it.”


It was time to sneak up next to Luciano in the strangely flowing atmosphere.


“Bring it on! I can subdue a kid like you without moving a single step from this position.”


Luciano opened his eyes sharply at Cale’s provocative remarks.


Despite the intense gaze, Cale smiled leisurely.


He rather said.


“It would be too much. All right, I’ll use one hand.”


As he said so, he raised his right hand and snapped it.


It was a blatant provocation.


“I don’t feel the need to do that.”


Fortunately, Luciano persevered.


He turned away in defiance.


Then Cale grinned.


“Isn’t it scary to think of going downhill while ignoring me as a drunkard? Is it because I’m an adult? Is it because I’m only going to use one hand?”


It was a remark that looked down on Luciano.


As I said before, Luciano was competitive.


He was also very proud of himself.


Although he lost to Prince Steven a while ago, he also had pride in his swordsmanship.


However, a drunkard who smells like alcohol said he would deal with one hand.


He even asked him if he was avoiding him because he was afraid.


Will Luciano be patient?


Luciano’s red eyes sank coldly.


But anger was calmly burning in it.


“Okay, I’ll deal with you. Don’t regret it if you lose.”


When Luciano accepted the match, a smile crept around Cale’s mouth and disappeared in an instant.


I got you.


It was such a smile.


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  1. I wish you were still translating this. It is hilarious!!