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“Ah, but you don’t have a sword to fight?”


Cale suddenly brought up the problem of a sudden decided confrontation.


Luciano also paused and checked his empty hands.


Luciano didn’t usually carry a sword, and there was no way that Cale, who didn’t intend to teach in the first place, had prepared it.


Luciano looked resentful at not being able to fight.


“How about you do it with your bare hands?”


Cale’s expression was slick.


It contained provocation saying that you can avoid it if you are afraid.


Luciano couldn’t give up after seeing that look.


“I can do it with bare hands.”


Cale’s smile widened.


’Luciano is totally caught up.’


Perhaps because he was still young.


Unexpectedly, Luciano was caught easily by Cale’s intentions.


I was wondering if I should stop him, but looking at Luciano’s eyes, I thought he wouldn’t listen to me even if I stopped him.


He was also caught in a fire.


“The game is my loss if you make an effective attack on me. If I overpower you, you lose. What do you think?”


Luciano nodded in agreement.


“Is it a single-round match?”


“Yes, it’s a single match. Those who lose should surrender neatly.”


“I will. You’re the one who needs to accept the result neatly.”


At Luciano’s words, Cale grinned as if it were a given.


Cale rubbed the floor with his feet and spread his feet at an appropriate distance.


“I won’t move from here as I promised.”


Luciano’s eyes darkened.


“You can move.”


Luciano indicated that there was no need for such consideration.


“A promise is a promise. And when dealing with a kid, I have to put this much. What if you have an excuse for losing later?”


Cale shrugged his shoulders.


That seemed to have scratched Luciano’s temper more.


Luciano’s clenched fists clenched sharply.


“Here we go.”


When Luciano announced the start, Cale exclaimed as if he had just thought of something.




Luciano stopped trying to pounce and asked impatiently.


“What is it?”


“If I win, will you pay for ignoring me?”


Luciano’s eyebrows twitched at the word pay.


It was a sign that he didn’t like it, but Cale just smiled leisurely.


“It’s a testament to your ability, what do you expect for a price?”


“You ignored me. You will have to pay the price if you ignore someone as talented as me.”


It seemed like strange logic, but what he said also made sense.


You would be very proud if you were a real talented person, and it was rude to ignore such skills.


“Can I apologize politely?”


Luciano offered a price.


“No, if you lose, be polite to me as a teacher.”


Cale suggested something else.


Luciano’s expression twitched with discontent.


“I don’t think it’s a fair offer.”


“Instead! If you lose, I’ll be your slave.”


Cale’s proposal was bold.


“How long has it been since slaves disappeared? What nonsense are you talking about?”


It was a world where slavery was abolished.


Of course, some people secretly kept slaves behind.


In any case, it should have been officially considered that slavery didn’t exist.


In other words, Cale’s proposal was nonsense.


“Of course, you can’t prove it with papers. But I’ll listen to anything you say. If you grow up like a slave, you crawl, and if you die, you die. Isn’t this fair enough?”


Even if he wasn’t an official slave, it meant that he would do anything his master asked.


Cale’s demeanor seemed light-hearted, but I felt he was sincere.


Luciano’s eyes calmed down.


“Can I trust that promise?”


“I have pride, so I keep my promise.”


“Okay. Get ready to be a slave.”


At Luciano’s agreement, Cale smiled with absolute satisfaction.


“Would it be better to prepare to take me as a teacher?”


In an instant, a confrontation with ridiculous bets was established.


Things began to flow strangely.


At first glance, Luciano seemed to have been caught in Cale’s trick.


It was my wish that Luciano and Cale would become a disciple and a master.


It was ambiguous whether this was going bad or well.


“All right. Come on.”


Cale said and put his left hand in his pocket.


It meant that he wouldn’t use his left hand as promised.


Naturally, a spark flashed in Luciano’s eyes.


“Here we go.”


Cale only seemed to nod his right hand to the harsh voice.


Luciano didn’t move easily despite the gesture of hurrying.


Although he seemed to have shown his emotions, Luciano carefully looked at Cale.


Cale continued to be relaxed.


It felt like he was getting some wind by myself.


But on the contrary, Luciano gradually hardened his face.


I could see the confusion of not knowing how to attack.


“Being careful is good, but how long will you keep me waiting?”


When Cale asked, Luciano, who was looking at him with a more cautious look, moved his body like a thunderbolt.


Then he dug into Cale’s body and extended his fist to his side.


It was a pretty tough punch.


But Cale touched Luciano’s hand and let it go.


Luciano’s center of gravity shook instantly as Cale’s strength was added to the stretched force.




I screamed, thinking Luciano was about to cower forward with ease.


At that moment, Luciano rotated his body and swung his left elbow.


Instead of collapsing as it is, it went into the attack in reverse.


Cale’s eyes sparkled as Luciano didn’t know how to make a linked attack.


Luciano’s elbow seemed about to pierce Cale in the ribs.


‘Will Luciano win?’


It was just around the time when I thought that.


Cale did a simple movement of striking Luciano’s elbow from the bottom.


The result of that simple action was great.




Luciano’s right arm was lifted upward and his center collapsed immediately.


As soon as he tried to step back, Cale’s hand grabbed Luciano’s collar.


Luciano’s body, which was collapsing, was caught in the air.


“It was too hasty to attack by force while you were already out of focus.”


Cale smiled at Luciano’s shocked face as if he was in disbelief.


“Call me master, disciple.”


Even though Cale stopped it immediately, Luciano couldn’t escape the shock.


“Oh, I’m the one who teaches, so you don’t mind I’m calling you little boy now, right?”


Luciano’s mind was clearly drawn.


I can’t believe I lost.


I can’t believe I lost that in an instant.


I can’t believe I lost to such a drunkard!


Wouldn’t he be heating up inside like that?


I was also dumbfounded.


Even if it was a difference between a child and an adult.


On one side is a person who trains steadily, and on the other side is a person who continues to live as a drunkard.


I didn’t know Cale would subdue Luciano so easily.


I thought it would be a little bit of an opponent.


I didn’t expect him to play with it.




It was already Luciano’s second defeat.


His defeat in a row at that.


I was concerned and looked at the prideful Luciano.


I was worried he would fall into a depression like when Prince Steven defeated him.


“Are you okay?”


When I spoke to Luciano, he closed his eyes and opened them as if he had woken up from a dream.


Then he asked while looking at Cale and me alternately.


“Who is that person? What is that person’s identity? How did you get to know someone like that?”


He asked a lot of questions one after another.


“Hey, what do you mean that person. You have no respect for your master.”


Cale faltered as he was watching from the side.


Luciano clenched his teeth and opened his eyes furiously.


Cale only uttered the words ‘promise, promise’ in the shape of his mouth without making a sound. 


It was childish behavior like a child’s play.


“May I know your identity?”


Luciano eventually changed his tone after he had endured his trembling anger.




Luciano pretended not to know when I looked at him with widened eyes.


However, his intention was fully revealed just by changing his tone.


He meant to keep his promise.


I didn’t know Luciano would accept surrender so neatly.


Cale grinned as if he had also noticed it.


Then he approached Luciano and put his arm around his shoulder.


Pfft, that’s right. Little disciple, this master would raise you to the sky.”


Cale’s body was bent awkwardly due to the height difference, but he leaned on Luciano.


Although Luciano had a disgusted expression on his face, he didn’t push Cale away.


He clenched his lips and endured Cale.


‘Actually, he’s a person who keeps one promise thoroughly.’


“Stop it and stand up straight. Don’t bully anyone.”


“Hey, how can a master bully a disciple? Little disciple, do you think I’m tormenting you?”


Where did the person who said he didn’t want to teach went?


You said master and disciple at the end of every word.


“No, you’re not.”


Cale chuckled with satisfaction when Luciano replied.


He seemed to be happy in pressing Luciano’s arrogant nose and it seemed he didn’t know what he did.


You’re going to regret it.


“I need to introduce the two of you properly.”


Only then did Cale straighten himself out.


Luciano secretly distanced himself from Cale.


He seemed to resist wanting to brush off the spot he had touched.


I whispered quietly, narrowing my distance with Luciano.


“Will you be okay?”


“I must keep my promise.”


The simple answer was firm.


“Then, can I tell him?”


I asked carefully if I could reveal his identity.


Luciano nodded calmly.


Was it a resignation?


Or did you notice Cale’s usefulness?


‘Either way would be fine.’


“I’m afraid I’m telling you too late. Luci, this is Cale Pedro.”


I revealed Cale’s name to Luciano.


Luciano had a look on his face, asking if that was the end of the explanation.


He frowned as if he had remembered something while sending his gaze to reveal his true identity.


“Cale Pedro. Cale Pedro.”


He muttered Cale’s name softly as if he had heard it somewhere.


Huh? Do you know me?”




Luciano’s eyes widened as if he had finally remembered Cale’s identity.


“… the former Knight Commander?”


Cale looked surprised at Luciano’s muttering in disbelief.


It was a reaction that he didn’t know he would have noticed his identity at once after hearing his name.


But soon, he looked at him and nodded.


He seemed to think he heard who Cale Pedro was.


He soon grinned.


He was like, ‘Did you now realize that I’m amazing?’


Cale Pedro.


The empire’s greatest genius.


Even though he was a commoner, he was the youngest person to win the position of Knight Commander with his skills.

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  1. who would have thought that Cale would be the former knight commander