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“I didn’t know you knew me. What do you think? Do you not know how to respect your master? Thank you for teaching me; try it. Come on.”


Cale was openly condescending.


He seemed to want to let people know he was such a great person.


It would be a mess if you listened more.


“Cale, this is Luciano Frederick.”


“Okay, Luciano Frederick. My disciple has a cool name….”


Cale’s mouth hardened completely.


As if he had heard something wrong, he rolled his eyes.




I nodded calmly as if to confirm it.


He even served as a Knight Commander of the Imperial Knights Order.


There was no way he didn’t know the meaning of the last name Frederick.


Among the existing royal families, the name Luciano would come to mind right away.


In the first place, Luciano was also the prince when he was a Knight Commander.


Cale’s eyes shook frantically as if he had noticed Luciano’s identity.




“Yes, this is Prince Luciano.”


Cale’s eyes, which were vibrating when I added, met Luciano’s.


Cale fell flat on his stomach like lightning.


“Kill me, no, have mercy on me!”




It was a surprisingly quick change of posture.


“I was drunk and out of my mind! This is all because alcohol has taken away my sanity!”


Cale was so polite that his forehead touched the floor.


Then he blamed alcohol.


Cale’s attitude made me feel embarrassed.


When I glanced at Luciano, he looked at Cale as if he was stunned.


He sighed and said.


“All right, get up.”


“I can’t stand up because I’m ashamed. I’m so sorry. I’ll keep crawling on the floor until the prince’s anger is all gone!”


“You made a mistake without knowing it, so it’s okay.”


Luciano spoke again, but Cale lowered his head even more as if it wasn’t enough.


“No! Even though I have eyes, I did not recognize a noble being. A person with such terrible eyes should only look at the floor!”


It seemed to be asking for an apology, but it was a show apology using an exaggerated speech.


It was a crafty skill that was clearly visible to my eyes, but Luciano couldn’t have noticed.


Luciano blew a wind out of his mouth and shook his bangs as if he were tired.


“It’s really okay. Please stop and get up.”


“How could I raise my head with dignity! I can live my whole life staring at the floor like this!”


“I forgive you for making a mistake without knowing it. And you’re my master. How am I supposed to punish….”


“Oh my, perhaps because you’re a prince, you know how to respect your master. Thank you for your generosity.”


Cale leaped to his feet and bowed as if he had been waiting for that word.


And he slyly brushed the dirt off his body.


It was so brazen that Luciano and I were speechless.


“The change in attitude is rapid. I heard that he was a fairly knowledgeable knight.”


I couldn’t stand it and asked the question.


“When you roll on the street and eat something, everything changes like this.”


Rather, he smiled and accepted it as if it was normal.


There was not the slightest bit of shame on Cale’s face.


Luciano and I shook our heads at the same time.


I’m telling you, it seems like an all-time great character has appeared.


* * *


The conversation with Cale was well arranged.


He couldn’t be summoned to the palace immediately.


He also agreed.


So we agreed to find a suitable place and train, and we parted ways for today.


“Why are you looking at me like that?”


Luciano asked, as if he felt my gaze from the opposite side of the carriage.


Luciano was strangely calm after getting in the carriage.


“It’s unexpected.”




“The fact that you took Cale as your teacher.”


“Isn’t that why you introduced him?”


“That’s true.”


It’s because he accepted it so mercifully, considering that he initially expressed his dislike.


Luciano spoke as if answering my question.


“His skills are real.”


Well, Cale’s skills are truly amazing.


I knew he was a great swordsman, but it was different when I saw it in person.


I still couldn’t believe how he dealt with Luciano as if he was playing with him.


“It’s really incredible.”


I nodded in agreement and Luciano stared at me.




He looked like he had something to say, so I asked first because he didn’t ask a question.


Luciano shook his head slowly.


“No, it’s not.”


“Do you have something to say?”


Luciano turned his head to the window as if he had nothing to say.


‘What’s wrong with him?’


I didn’t know why but Luciano had a strange look.




Wasn’t this a totally different reaction than I expected?


Obviously, until the two met, I thought Luciano would be delighted with the existence of a new teacher.


I expected him to shed tears of emotion.


But this situation was strange.


I was also embarrassed when the relationship between the two was about to go wrong in the middle.


He was calm even though they became a master and disciple after many twists and turns.


‘It’s definitely a good thing, but why am I feeling so uncomfortable?’


It was when I was groaning alone in a complicated mood.




Luciano called me.




Luciano has been looking at me for some time.


The red eyes that stared at me flickered silently.


I feel suffocated by that persistent gaze.


“Ah, why?”


A shrill voice came out of pressure.


Luciano spoke softly a moment later.


“Thank you.”


It was a word that made me feel stuffy.


Did I get a thank you?


From Luciano?


That Luciano?


I jumped to Luciano’s side.




Luciano flinched and leaned against the wall when I twirled as I spoke.


It was unavoidable, they were in a narrow carriage.


I wiggled my butt.


“What is it?”


I glanced at Luciano with my eyes wide open pretending not to know, and he turned his head back to the window.


‘He looks so shy.’


I poked Luciano in the cheek.


“Say it again.”


Luciano rolled his eyes.


It means do you have to listen to it again?


“Say it again.”


I grinned and urged him.


“I said thank you.”


He did it again!


He did it again!


I wanted to dance excitedly, but Luciano would be upset.


“Listen to me from now on. Good things will happen even in your sleep.”


Still, I couldn’t stop being a little smug.


* * *


Was this because there are a lot of things going on?


Time flew by so fast.


In the meantime, investment in Maybelle has been made in earnest.


I bought the store after thoroughly analyzing the commercial district.


And started the interior decoration work.


Thanks to that, my money was gone.




I naturally sighed the moment I saw the empty bank account balance.


I knew it would be retrieved someday.


I invested in the hope of greater success.


There was no such thing as no balance right now.


As much as my bank account was empty, my heart felt empty as well.


‘My father hasn’t been willing to give me pocket money lately….’


“Why are you sighing? Are you sick?”


As I lay in bed and sighed again, the nanny asked anxiously.




I called my nanny weakly.


The nanny threw what she was doing and approached me.


“Yes, my lady. Please speak.”


She asked carefully while holding my hand tightly and expressing sincere concern.


“If I ask my father for pocket money, will he give it to me?”


The very nervous nanny looked dejected.


“I don’t think he’ll give it to you. You have a lot of money.”


Recently, my father, who couldn’t stand my greed, imposed an allowance limit.


He declared that he would never give more than a certain amount per month, and I had already received all my allowance this month.


“Next month is a long way off….”


The nurse threw my hand away at my groan.


“Why are you talking about money like that? You also need to be greedy in moderation. You can’t do that already.”


‘No, I’m a beggar now.’


You didn’t even know how upset I was!


The only one who knew I invested in Maybelle was Billy, who moved with me.


I raised my body with only my lips pouting at the nurse’s beating.


“Are you leaving?”


“Yeah. I’m just upset when I’m at home. I want to go out.”


“Yes, go ahead.”


The nanny also allowed me to go there comfortably because she didn’t want to see me sighing.


I hate my nanny!


My love for you is gone!


I went out with a pouty mouth.


It was an outing that had been planned from the beginning.


Since today was the apology day.


May and Belle participated in the market this time, and I was scheduled to visit today to check.


I arrived at the central square and found May and Belle.


The place was good, so I could find it quickly.


“May, Belle! Are you ready?”


“My lady, you’re here?”


“Of course. I’m well prepared.”


“It’s not shaking anymore.”


“There’s never been a time when it hasn’t been sold out.”


“We’re doing pretty well.”


Even so, after a few businesses, the two’s attitudes became more relaxed.


That’s good confidence.


Maybelle’s future success was already in sight.


“What did you prepare today?”


This time I didn’t give any advice.


I didn’t know what they would sell today because I told them to decide the menu on their own.


After listening to my question, May and Belle took out what they had prepared from the basket and put it on the stand.


“Is this a fruit pie?”


I grouped them together as a fruit pie because there were quite a few different types.


“Yes, that’s right. Try one.”


I chose a blueberry pie without hesitation.


In the meantime, I’ve tried the fruit pie made by the two of them several times, and I knew it was delicious even if I didn’t eat it.


The taste of knowing is scary.


When I remembered the taste, I couldn’t help but eat it.


After paying for the two people who refused, I opened the package and took a bite.


The crunchiness and sweetness blended ecstatically in my mouth.


“Is it good?”


As I mumbled, Belle couldn’t help but ask.


I chewed and swallowed everything in my mouth and raised my thumb.


“It’s going to be sold out again today.”


May and Belle had bright smiles on their faces.


Now they believed my words like intelligence.


We looked at each other and burst into laughter in anticipation of today’s sale.


Then I heard a loud cry next to me.


“My lady! I’ve been looking for you!”

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