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The voice was so loud that I turned my head unconsciously.


I mean, I didn’t expect you to call me.


But soon, I opened my eyes wide.


The person with the loud voice was the person I knew.


He was approaching me with a bright face.


The big bear-like man who cried profusely in front of me.


He walked through the crowd and stood before me with both hands full of luggage.


“I’m glad we met. I was worried that we might not be able to meet.”


The man looked so happy to see me.


’What’s wrong with this person?’


I was stunned.


“Me? Did you look for me?”


“Yes, I couldn’t meet you last time, so I searched harder.”


I felt like I could see the tail spinning behind him with so much joy.


He looked like a Doberman, but when I saw this behavior, he resembled a Golden Retriever.


No, but why were you looking for me?


“Huh? You’re….”


Billy, who was accompanying me as my guardian, made a sound as if he recognized the man.


“Nice to see you again.”


The man bowed his head slightly as if he also recognized Billy.


“Ah, yes. Nice to see you again.”


After greeting each other like that, an awkward atmosphere flowed.


The man hesitated in front of me.


May and Belle’s curious gazes were blatantly touching me.


‘I don’t even know what a big affair to deal in this public.’


“Do you have anything to say to me?”


“Yes! There is!”


The man replied as if he had been waiting.


“Then, let’s move over. This is a business place.”


“I’m fine anywhere.”


Leading the man who nodded enthusiastically, I moved to less crowded outskirts.


Of course, Billy grabbed my hand and followed me this time.


Actually, I didn’t let go when I ate blueberry pie earlier.


Billy has become very thorough after losing me once.


Although we arrived at a place with few people, the man wasn’t willing to speak.


He hesitated as if he were aware of Billy and me, and spoke carefully.


“Back then, you hurt….”


“It’s okay!”


I quickly stopped the man’s words.


The man’s eyes widened at my urgent cry.


After my mother hit me in the butt in my previous disappearance.


–Aesvin, how did you hurt your hand?


–Oh, that’s….


Obviously, I would be scolded more if she found out I was hurt while getting revenge.


I quickly think.


–Someone saved me from falling down the stairs because I was distracted while watching!


I was impressed by my agility.


It was time to praise myself for the perfect excuse.


My mother’s expression, which had loosened up a bit after hitting my butt, became fierce again.


–How would you be so distracted that you almost fell down the stairs! It could’ve been a disaster! Why does your mind keep distracting elsewhere?


–Mother! It’s all my fault! Do not just pang pang my butt!


–I will not accept no as the answer! Are you going to keep making your mom upset? You could have been seriously hurt if it weren’t for him! Don’t you know how badly you get hurt when you fall down the stairs? Did you lose your mind in that dangerous place?


I thought it was a perfect excuse, but it was the beginning of the second round.


Anyway, thanks to my excuse, the bruise on my wrist was a sign of honor for the person who saved me.


There was nothing good about talking about it and revealing the truth of that time.


If my parents found out the truth, they would go crazy again.


‘If the crime of lying is added, it may not end with a pang….’


So I quickly interrupted the man.


“My wrist is fine.”


The bruises have already disappeared as time passed.


And I blinked hard at the man and twitched my mouth telling him to be careful with his words.


Whether the man understood it or not, he had a vague expression on his face.


‘Why do you look so dazed!‘


But there was someone who quick-witted presence.


Billy made a sound as if he had realized something.


“Ah! Did you help the lady at that time….”


The man widened his eyes at the word help.


‘Ugh, you’re so tactless!’


“Yes! That’s right!”


I admitted it before the man spoke nonsense.


The man rolled his eyes awkwardly as if he had not yet grasped t the situation.


“What am I….”


Ugh, I guess he had a bear-like physique with a bear-like sense.


“You caught me when I almost fell down the stairs before! That’s why I had bruises on my wrist, but you saved me from getting seriously hurt!”


I deliberately explained it.


Now, did you understand?


Just go with the flow!


The man hardened as if he had noticed it belatedly.


“As expected, you’re the one who helped my lady back then! My master said he really wanted to say thank you!”


Billy smiled broadly and expressed gratitude toward the man.


“Ah, well, that’s….”


The man was restless.


‘Don’t talk nonsense, please!’


I warned with my eyes wide open.


The man behaved stiffly as if a gun were pointed at him.


It was his fault, but it must be uncomfortable for him to become the one who saved me.


“Please visit Count Samuel anytime. My master will be pleased.”


Why were you suddenly inviting him to my house?


“Pardon? Count Samuel?”


Surprisingly, the man reacted more surprisingly to our family than to the invitation itself.


He looked at me in disbelief.


And he trembled as if he had realized something.


“P-perhaps are you lady Aesvin Samuel?”


“Do you know me?”


The man looked at me in surprise.


It was strange that he responded as if it was something unbelievable.


If you hadn’t known me, you wouldn’t ask for my name now.


Have you heard rumors about me?


As I narrowed my eyes as if I were observing the man, he jumped and cried out suddenly.




“Ah, that surprised me. If you don’t know, just say you don’t know.”


“No, that’s not it. I’m fine with the invitation!”


“Right. What kind of invitation?”


I didn’t want this man to visit my house either, so I stopped it.


“It was not my decision. The master told me to invite him if we meet by chance.”


Billy didn’t take his word back.


The man was restless and abruptly held out a large paper bag in his left hand.


“This! I was looking for you because I wanted to give you this!”


It was thrown into my arms, so I happened to receive the bag.


The bag was huge, so I had to wrap my arms around the bag to hold it.


“What’s this?”


“It’s a gift.”


“A gift? What gift?”


“That, an apology, no. It’s just a present.”


The man was about to say something but quickly changed his words.


And I noticed that he was prepared an apology gift for hurting me last time.


But if it was an apology gift, you just need to prepare one.


I didn’t know what’s been swept away.


Are you glad you didn’t even give me the envelope on the other side?


“Since you prepared it, I’m grateful for the gift.”


I thought about it for a while and politely received the gift.


It’s over the moment that man makes a slip of the tongue.


“Thank you for accepting it.”


Receiving the gift of apology meant accepting his apology.


The man sighed in relief when I received the gift.


That was when our situation seemed to be settled.


“Are you attacking my lady with gifts?”


Billy’s cold voice penetrated between us.


It was a strange thing to say, so both that man and I were hardened.


“Billy, your words are a bit strange.”


I gave a careful look, but Billy’s expression was unusual.


“My lady, it’s not normal to hand over a gift like this for no reason.”


No, it is.


It’s normally like that.


Actually, this was a gift of apology.


My mouth was itching, but I couldn’t reveal the truth.


Still, the man was in trouble, but he did not explain that it was a gift of apology.


“I didn’t think it seemed rude to ask such a question.”


After saying that, Billy took a break.


The man was very nervous, perhaps because he thought he would say something incredible.


I was also nervous, not sure about what Billy would say.


Billy looked up and down at the man and asked seriously.


“How old are you?”




The man fell into absurdity and gave a sloppy response.


Billy spewed out words at the sight of such a man.


“No, how old are you to play tricks on my young lady!”


Billy’s gaze on the prospective criminal.


Why is the person who is usually quick-witted like this?


“No, it’s not like that!”


Billy looked serious at my urgent excuse.


“My lady, please come to your senses. Early marriage used to be popular, but not now. The world has changed. An adult approaching a young lady is a pervert.”


Billy’s tone was infinitely serious.


The man who suddenly turned into a pervert was stiff and unable to explain himself.


“I thought you were a good person, but I’m disappointed.”


Billy’s wedge brought the man to his senses; then he shook his body.


The man’s face turned red as if he understood the situation belatedly.


He opened his mouth bewilderedly and exclaimed with a sad expression on his face.


“I’m 16 years old this year.”


He seemed to be making excuses for not being an adult approaching a child.


But at those words, Billy and I stiffened.


I knew the man’s face was young.


He looked so young.


I also thought there was a sense of disparity with his physique.


But he was younger than expected.


I thought he would have at least been a high school student in modern times.


I thought you looked so young.


‘You were really young.’


Only then did I understand the man’s actions.


He cried in front of me without shame, his expressions were strangely pure and could be read like now.


It’s because he’s still a little boy.




Billy mumbled in disbelief, and the man nodded in tears.


“I’m serious.”


“I’m sorry. I made a mistake.”


Billy hastily apologized.


“I often misunderstood because of my physique.”


The man was sullen but not angry as if it were a frequent occurrence.


Billy apologized again, perhaps feeling even more sorry for his calmness.


“I’m sorry I said something rash.”


“It’s really fine.”


The man even waved his hand as if he were really fine.


Billy nodded hesitantly and then cautiously announced.


“But still, my lady is too young.”


His serious expression was more serious than ever.

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