Author: Lara

“Five years difference is not a small age gap. You know that, right?”


Billy led me behind him as if protecting me.


How dare you look over my lady! That attitude sent heat into my face.


‘Argh! I’m embarrassed!’


I unknowingly stamped my feet.


I was expecting something like this to happen to me someday.


Of course, if I were a Rofan’s heroine, the characters around me would take the initiative.


But I always received a uniquely distrustful stare.


Unexpectedly, no one believed me.


As a result, this was the first time I had encountered such a situation, and I felt unfamiliar with it.


’It’s nice, but it seems my hands and feet are twisted.’


Billy’s straight face made the man frown as if in bewilderment.


And he shook his head urgently.


“I didn’t have bad intentions!”


He stretched out his head and waved his hand to deny it.


“It’s suspicious to give so many presents.”


Billy’s words turned the man’s face into tears.


I tugged at Billy’s hand with a pleading look.


“Billy, stop it. It’s not really like that.”


“My lady. It’s….”


“It’s not like that. Can’t you believe me?”


Billy didn’t seem to believe me very much, though he didn’t speak anymore.


Where did the person who just overprotected me go?


Why did you suddenly have such distrust!


But Billy’s skeptical eyes didn’t diminish.


I didn’t want to say this.


“Look closely, that man is not my type!”




The man’s expression darkened but there was no time to worry about it.


“Are you sure?”


Because Billy looked at me suspiciously.


“I’m sure, my taste is firm!”


Billy took a step back with a sigh as I blinked.


“It’s really your misunderstanding.”


Of course, I didn’t forget to add a word.


It looked like Billy wouldn’t question him any further, and the man’s face turned weird, neither crying nor smiling.


“Anyway, thank you for the gift. I’ll eat well and use it well.”


The man paused when I thanked him.


And said nervously.


“There’s nothing to eat in there.”


When I listened to the man and peeked inside the bag, there seemed to be nothing to eat.


It was full of items such as hair ties, bracelets, earrings, and ornaments.


It was surprising that there was nothing to eat.


’The easiest gift is cookies.’


The man added urgently as if he had read my thoughts.


“I couldn’t meet you last month, so I had to throw away all the food. I didn’t prepare it because I didn’t know what would happen this time either. Should I get something to eat now?”


“No. This is enough. I said that as a courtesy because I didn’t know what was in it.”


I stopped him in a hurry because it was obvious that the man would really buy it.


“But don’t you want to eat something?”


No, you think I’m obsessed with eating.


“It’s okay. It’s really good enough. Anyway, I’ll thank you for the gift. So you don’t have to worry too much about me.”


I thanked him and snatched Billy away.


It was a sign to leave.


I felt like I wouldn’t be able to see good things if I stayed longer.


Every time I get involved with this guy, something embarrassing happens.


It was when Billy and I were about to leave.


“Would my gift and apology be accepted?”


The man asked urgently, then I paused and looked back hesitatingly.


He looked nervous.


It was pitiful to see him trembling.


He had been asked this question before.


I had already said I’m fine many times, so I wasn’t the subject of that question.


It must be the owner of another pile of gifts in the man’s arms.


‘Was it the reason for those tears before?’


It was polite to accept an apology while receiving a gift on Apology Day unless it was an enemy.


“Your apology will be accepted.”


So I answered briefly.


It was more problematic if he dragged on and missed the moment to apologize.


Judging from his attitude, he wouldn’t have thought of going to apologize unless I gave him a definite answer.


So I answered more firmly.


The man’s expression gleamed with hope for a moment.


But it soon became dull.


“Can I do that if I bring this?”


He hugged the bag tightly in his arms.


At a glance, it looked bigger than mine.


Wouldn’t it be hard to keep getting angry when he hands over presents like that?


Then the conversation we had passed by.


“Do you have anything to eat there?”


“What? No, I don’t.”


“It would be nice to add something sweet.”


“Something sweet?”


The man gave a shaky reaction.


“Of course. I think people get sensitive when they lack sweets. So, by making them eat sweets, it makes the other person feel better.”


This method worked even for Luciano, who was at the peak of his sensitivity.


Although the child has a sensitive personality, he was generous after feeding his full stomach and taking care of dessert.


“Is that so…”


I gave him advice at best, but the man replied sullenly.


He looked like a puppy who was scolded a lot today.


‘Ah, it’s troublesome.’


Actually, I wasn’t nosy.


I was indifferent to people who had nothing to do with me.


Why would I care for someone I’m not even close to when I’m busy taking care of the people around me?


From this time on, this man should have been left alone.


I was worried because he cried a lot in front of me.


It might be because of his strangely immature and naive behavior.


Or perhaps it was because of that brilliant blonde that reminds me of Luciano.


It just made me feel uncomfortable when he hung his shoulders down like that.


“Of course. You prepared a lot of gifts like that, so I’m sure the other party will accept your apology.”


“Thank you for your advice.”


The man who listened attentively bowed his back.


His was polite to the point only a round of his head was visible.


If you did this, your heart would be heavy.


“I don’t know what you did wrong, but do it quickly if you’re going to apologize.”


The man lifted his head at my advice.


There was still hesitation in the man’s face.


“The later the apology is, the worse the outcome will be. You still haven’t apologized to him since you picked the apologies gift last time, right?”


Maybe it hit the nail on the head, but the man’s head turned to the floor.


“Please apologize as soon as possible.”


That’s all I could say.


“What if my apology didn’t be accepted?”


The man was looking at me with a really desperate gaze.


’I don’t know why you’re doing this to me.’


At the same time, I wonder how big his mistake was.


“Did you make such a big mistake? To the extent the other person won’t accept the apology easily?”


“Yes, I have committed a great sin.”


A man’s hoarse voice was heard.


He acknowledged it like this again.


“Do you really want to reconcile with the other person?”


“Yes, I want to be forgiven.”


Did my words bring any hope to you?


The man’s expression was grim.


It seemed that he could do anything to be forgiven.


“Then it’s simple. You have to come back until you are forgiven.”


My brief remark left the man’s face blank.


“Well, it’s not that easy.”


And excuses for hesitating are futile.


“You’re just scared now. You can’t apologize because you’re afraid of hearing bad things from others.”




“You really did something wrong, and you must work hard to be forgiven. You have to go and visit again until your apology is accepted.”


I wasn’t simply saying it wasn’t my job.


If I want to maintain a relationship even if my opponent refuses, I have to try.


The situation would never get better if I worried about it from afar.


“Even if the other person refuses?”


“Yes, even if they refuse. You have to work as hard as you can.”


Of course, you give up if you can’t do it even if you try so hard.


However, the man’s eyes shone so brightly with hope that I swallowed the last words.


* * *


May and Belle’s business was successful today as well.


“Wow, it’s really sold out! Just like the last said.”


May smiled.


“We prepared more than last time, but they were all sold out!”


Belle mumbled.


“Good job! You guys are the best!”


I complimented both of them with great enthusiasm.


I was delighted to see them shrugging their shoulders with confidence.


Now all we have to do is finish the store’s interior decoration.


“You have worked hard, so hurry up and go rest.”


“Yes, you should also go in and rest.”


May and Belle closed the business excitedly.


After sending them, I bought some cookies for the nanny.


She was upset because of me today, so I have to apologize.


Nanny was all good, but she didn’t understand why I was saving money.


‘It’s all our family’s actions to eat well and live well.’


“Did you buy them all?”


“Yeah. Will the nanny like this enough?”


I wanted to buy what May and Belle were selling, but they were sold out while talking to the man.


“The nanny likes everything the lady gives her.”


“Right. Nanny likes everything I give her. That’s why I’m more concerned about choosing a gift.”


Knowing my nanny’s affection, I’m acting even more foolish.


“Then, shall we go to the mansion?”


I thought about it for a while and said another destination.


“No, let’s stop by the prince.”


Today was Luciano’s first training day alone with Cale.


It had been a while since he trained, so he should eat well, but I’m sure Luciano wouldn’t eat.


‘Who would take care of you if it wasn’t me?’


I’m also concerned about whether there were any problems with Cale.


After stopping by the market to buy plenty of meat and vegetables, she headed to the palace.


* * *


I brought my luggage to the kitchen and went out to find Luciano.


“Luci! I’m here!”


I burst open the bedroom door.


I thought he was resting, but Luciano wasn’t inside.


So I headed to the library where he was supposed to be next.


But Luciano wasn’t there either.


So I searched for a place that seemed to be suitable.


At this time, I realized that Luciano’s palace was empty.


This wouldn’t have happened if there were decent servants.


I happened to arrive at the drawing room.


It was when I tried to open the door just in case.


“Who said you can come?”


Luciano’s sharp voice was heard from the inside.


I paused and glued my ears to the door.


I was surprised to hear a mumble of someone answering.


‘Are there any guests?’


No ‘real’ guests have visited this palace since I became friends with Luciano.


Sometimes only Empress Isabelle’s messenger came.


Luciano didn’t raise his voice to Empress Isabelle’s messenger.


Anyway, it was a big deal if there were guests.


“I don’t know what kind of shame you’re here for. Get out!”


Luciano’s voice poured out reproachfully over the door.

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