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I jumped up and reached out to Luciano.


“Come on, let’s go.”


Luciano looked at my hand and he took my hand.


A hand slightly larger than mine gripped tightly as if to confirm its existence.




“To the kitchen. I’ll make you something delicious.”


Luciano followed me obediently.


We arrived at the kitchen and I started cooking right away.


“Can I help you?”


“It will be over soon, so sit down.”


Today, I refused Luciano’s help.


I didn’t need any help because I would grill the meat.


I grilled the steak and quickly placed it in front of Luciano with some vegetables.


“Here, eat it.”


Luciano just stared at the steak.


“Why aren’t you eating? You have to eat well because it’s been a while since you’ve trained.”


Luciano’s red eyes caught me.


“You’re not going to eat?”


I was going to eat dinner at home, but I couldn’t help because he asked me like that.


Just in case it wasn’t enough, I brought some more steak and sat across from him.


He took a fork and a knife, then Luciano cut a piece and put it in his mouth.


His mouth stopped chewing.


“It’s delicious.”


A satisfactory answer was returned.


It was true because I saw Luciano’s stiff expression unravel.


‘It’s worth making it.’


I laughed happily and ate a small slice.


Whoever grilled it, it tasted the best.


“It’s so good!”




As if asking for consent, Luciano gave me a slight nod.


“How was your training today?”


I deliberately acted as usual. 


Luciano flinched and replied bluntly.


“There was no problem.”


I think you’re saying there’s a problem.


“Surely, have you been fighting since day one?”


Luciano narrowed his brows when I cast a suspicious look.


“There was no problem.”


“Are you sure?”


“I’m sure.”


Luciano’s attitude was calm.


If something happened between the two of them, there should be a more definite reaction.


He had some complaints, but was it moderately tolerable?


‘It’s surprising that there really wasn’t a big conflict with Cale.’


To be honest, I was worried that the two of them might have a big fight today.


I expected that there would be friction in the beginning because Luciano is not a person who accepts people easily.


So I suggested that I be with him during training, but unexpectedly, it was Luciano who turned it down and not Cale.


Just looking at it will make me bored.


“Is swordsmanship worth learning?”




“You must have worked hard today. Eat a lot.”


I cut the meat off my plate and put it on Luciano’s plate.


He chewed the meat silently.


He pretended to be fine, but he didn’t seem to like it as he used to.


“But don’t force yourself to eat.”


Because Harrison wouldn’t make you feel better.


“I eat it because it’s delicious.”


He didn’t seem very comfortable, but Luciano didn’t seem to want to show it.


So I waited silently for him to finish his meal.


I was sorry that I could only do this for him.


* * *




As soon as I returned from the palace, I found my mother.


“Did you have a good time?”




“I’m glad you had a good time. But you’re getting home late these days. Please come earlier.”


Come to think of it, I often come in late because I have a lot of work to do these days.




I answered vigorously and dug into my mother’s arms.


My mother looked surprised for a moment but then she hugged me.


“Why does Aesvin answer so calmly and act like a baby?”


My mother was saying that it was not bad.


Rather, she was excited as if she liked it.


I hugged my mother tighter.


My mind was complicated the whole time as I returned from the imperial palace after feeding Luciano dinner.


I felt sorry for Luciano.


I was there to help, but my strength was too weak.


The bad things that Luciano suffered did not diminish.


It was disturbing her that he still had the ordeal left.


At the same time, I felt how blessed it was to have parents who deeply loved me.


It’s reassuring to have someone who pours out all their affections.


‘Luciano has no one to comfort him like this….’


“Baby, did something happen?”


My mother’s voice became cautious as if she had sensed something in my attitude.


I responded quickly as I didn’t want to cause any concern.


“No, everything’s fine.”


“Then, why is Aesvin like this today?”


Saying so, my mother’s hand tapped my back.


“Are you bothered by something?”


“No, it’s because I like it.”


The warm body temperature and mother’s body scent gave off a subtle feeling, making my mind drowsy.


“It’s because I also like mother.”


Then my mother laughed softly.


“Do you like your mom that much?”


For some reason, my mother seemed to feel better.


Then since she was in a good mood, I should make it feel better.


“Of course. I really like you.”


A girlish smile broke out on my mother’s face.


“Are you going to sleep with your mom today after a long time?”


“Yes, I like it!”


“Our Aesvin, you’re so lovely.”


My mother rubbed her cheek against mine with joy.


If it had been a kiss, I would have avoided it because I was embarrassed, but I decided to accept this level of affection.


My mother’s soft cheeks tickled my heart.


“What about me?”


There was a thunderous cry from behind.




When I turned around, my father was standing with an expression full of injustice when he came.


“Has father come?”


“You’re here?”


Since when? My father shouted again at our expression.


“What about me?”


He just stared at my mother and me.


“You’re going to sleep without me?”


My father complained about why he had been left out.


Then he came closer to us and hugged my mother and me at once.


Just like my mother, he always loves me.


“That’s too much.”


My mother burst into laughter at my father’s behavior.


“It’s because both of you are leaving me out.”


My father grumbled at my mother as if not to laugh.


“If you’re so envious, try begging your daughter.”


“Aesvin, your father also wants to sleep with my Aesvin….”


Why don’t you let your father in? I grinned at the sight.


“Does my father want to sleep with me?”


“Of course! Absolutely!”


Ah, if my father wanted it that much.


I grinned and held out my hands.


“If you give me an allowance.”


At times like this, I had to smile as brightly as possible.


My father hardened as soon as I finished talking.


My mother seemed to be stiffened too, but I couldn’t miss this opportunity.


It’s a golden opportunity that came after a long time!


I grabbed the two of them and shook myself.


“I like my father who gives me pocket money the best!”


When I showed my thumbs up, both mother and father shook their heads at the same time.


“Again and again. Aesvin of greed came out.”


My father pinched my soft cheek as if he were going to die of annoyance.


Of course, it was a hand with no strength to not hurt me.


“Will you give me some allowance?”


Let’s check it out until the end.


“Yes, I’ll give it to you! I’ll give it!”


My father shouted in a voice that he couldn’t stop me.


Oh yeah! It’s an allowance!


I received all I could get this month, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to get more, but I got it again!


“Father, I love you so much.”


I jumped and clung to my father’s neck.


It was possible because my father bent down to hug my mother and me.


“You only love me at times like this, right?”








I was excited and immediately replied.


My father, who raised his voice as if he was angry, hugged me with his arms supporting my buttocks.


There was no anger on my father’s face.


There were only signs of ridiculousness and affectionate eyes.


“My daughter, you will never starve no matter what happens.”


Contrary to his grumbling tone, the adults burst into laughter at my father’s gestures.




My parents hugged me tightly with an expression that they couldn’t stop me.


I was stuck in the middle and received full affection.


Their warmth reminded me of the pity for Luciano again.


I should try harder to share this happiness with Luciano.


* * *


I hoped things would go well with Luciano and Harrison.


I believed that time would solve it.


“Why do you keep coming to me when I hate you?”


But my heart became heavy when I heard Luciano’s cold voice coming from beyond the door.


Recently, Harrison was visiting Luciano with all his might.


He persistently came here as if he believed my advice.


“Please allow me to serve you.”


“I’m sick of it. I said I don’t need it.”


Luciano’s voice was full of disgust.


It seemed like he was even going to the extreme that he would rather not get anyone’s help than get his help.


Apparently Harrison must be on his knees and bowing his head.


I was experiencing this situation every time I visited Luciano recently.


The original story began after this period.


The story progresses with Luciano accepting Harrison and having him as an escort knight.


The conflict between the two was not directly described.


‘I’m sure Luciano and Harrison were supposed to be together.’


I felt uncomfortable witnessing this situation.


The problem was that there was no sign that it would be easily resolved.


This situation was briefly mentioned when Harrison told the original heroine about his past with Luciano.


It was very difficult to get Luciano’s permission for the first time.


At that time, I thought it was just a part to emphasize the pity of the sub-male lead. 


But when I saw it from the side, my heart was heavy.


Apparently, Harrison would have the same experience as me.


I mean, it was a year of hard work.


No, it might be worse than me.


‘Still, I didn’t hear him say he didn’t want to see me.’


“Go back. Don’t come to me again.”


I knocked because I couldn’t listen to it anymore.

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