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It was quiet inside.


There was no answer for a long time, so I knocked again.


After a while, the door swung open.


Luciano was holding the door when I looked up in surprise.


His eyes widened slightly as if he was also surprised by my presence and then returned to a blunt look.


“What’s going on?”


I smiled awkwardly.


“Can’t I come in?”


“Come on in. The guest was going to go anyway.”


Harrison’s head shook.


I couldn’t bear to go in and wandered around the entrance.


Luciano was staring at me and stepped out.


“All right. Let’s us move.”


After saying that, he really came out and closed the door.


“What about the guest?”


“He’ll go on his own.”


I couldn’t resist Luciano’s hand that gently pushed me from the back, so I happened to walk along.


I glanced back and saw Harrison was coming out of the drawing room with his shoulders drooping.


I felt like I wanted to ask if he was okay because he looked pitiful.


My head throbbed at the sight of him showing his depression throughout his whole body.


Harrison looked at me with envy and then turned away.


Both Luciano and Harrison suffered a lot of heartaches.


I hope they will reconcile as soon as possible, so I wonder if I should do something.


But I couldn’t come forward when I thought of Luciano.


It was his worst memory.


He was still traumatized about receiving food from others.


But when I thought of Harrison again, I felt sorry to pretend I didn’t know him.


As a reader, I knew Harrison’s situation.


What happened in that incident.


So I knew what he felt and how sincerely he apologized to Luciano.


Of course, if I had to choose between the two, I would have unconditionally sided with Luciano.


I didn’t even have to worry about this.


‘Anyway, Luciano is closer and more precious to me.’


But I kept feeling guilty for Harrison.


I was guilty of making things worse.


I wish I hadn’t told Harrison to prepare sweets.


If Harrison hadn’t prepared something to eat when he apologized on the first day.


‘Would Luciano have rejected it this much?’


These questions remained.


I couldn’t help thinking that Harrison was being hated more by Luciano because of me.


I couldn’t help thinking that Harrison was being hated more by Luciano because of me.


“Let’s go.”


As I stopped and was frustrated, Luciano tugged my hand and pulled me.


He suddenly took me.


I had to rush my feet at a quick pace.


“Where are we going?”


Luciano’s footsteps stopped at my question. 


The only purpose seemed to stay away from the drawing room.


What a fool.


Was that how complicated your mind is?


Luciano poured his emotions on Harrison like that and tried to act like nothing happened in front of me.


Of course, he couldn’t hide his rigid expression.


He calmed his anger when I came like a person whose past didn’t want to be caught.


What can I do with Luciano like this?




I caught Luciano and turned him around to face me.




I hugged Luciano who was pretending to be calm.


I want to hug you as warmly as my parents did to me.


Luciano was a little taller than me, so it felt like I was in his arms.


It used to be similar in the past.


This guy grew up alone.


Did I feed you too well?


“A-aesvin? Why are you like this all of a sudden?”


Luciano’s bewildered voice was heard.


He seemed surprised because it was our first time to have such a contact.


I thought it would be awkward before I did it, but it wasn’t a big deal.


I hugged him tighter and even said what I wanted as he seemed helpless and trying to push me away.


“It’s okay.”


Luciano’s body stiffened.


The sound of Luciano’s heart throbbing anxiously because of the contact could be heard clearly.


So I whispered again.


“There will be more good things to come in the future.”


Luciano’s body lost strength as if he noticed I was trying to comfort him.


He hesitated and wrapped his arms around my back.


He held me so tightly for a while.


He must have been upset, but I was also upset by Luciano who pretends to be calm.


What the hell are so many hardships for a child who has to run around and play?


What on earth are there so many hardships for a child who is supposed to run around and play.


I held him quietly, hoping that a bit of warmth would comfort him.


“Is it really like that?”


There was no strength in Luciano’s muttering voice.


He seemed to genuinely wonder if something good would happen to him.


My heart sank at the emptiness.


“You have me. I’ll help you get a lot of good things.”


I’m sorry that all I can do now are these actions and words.


I embraced Luciano more tightly.


A long time later Luciano whispered quietly.


“Thank you.”


He put a lot of strength in the arm that was holding me.


The tightening force was stuffy, but I felt Luciano’s suffering and stayed still.


May he find a little comfort in my warmth.


Please, I hope this conflict will end soon.


* * *


Luciano’s sensitivity was soaring these days.


No matter how much I tried to comfort him, it didn’t work.


The biggest reason was Harrison came every day.


The second reason seemed to be that the training with Cale was not easy.


When the body is tired, the mind also loses its ease.


Sometimes Luciano was so scary that it was hard to talk to him.


So I made dessert today.


It’s tiramisu!


It was a dessert Luciano liked so much that his eyes widened when he ate it for the first time.


However, the tiramisu wasn’t good because there was coffee in it.


Caffeine wasn’t good for a child.


Luciano is still a child!


However, I’ve made a lot today.


‘This will make Luciano feel better, right?’


Then, I should invite him to my house and have a delicious dinner.


Luciano seemed to be losing weight after he started training.


He needed to eat well because he was more active, but he ate roughly because of his personality.


Uh, I wouldn’t take care of my son like this either.


Wait, I felt like I was raising the prince these days.


The genre was getting weird.


Come to think of it, I keep getting in the way of my dream of enjoying my childhood to the fullest.


I love playing.


I just want to have fun right now.




I naturally sighed because I had so much to be concerned about every day.


I arrived at Luciano’s palace and headed to the drawing room.


Luciano was most often in the drawing room these days.


I held my ear close to the door before knocking.


“Why don’t you listen to people? Am I that amusing?”


“No. How could it be like that. I just want you to accept my sincerity.”


As expected, I could hear the sound of a conversation.


Harrison seemed to have visited again today.


Surprisingly, Harrison came every day without getting tired.


Although he returned with a wounded expression each time, he continued to visit.


“I have nothing to say, go away.”


“Please listen to me for a second.”


“The guest is coming, so go away.”


Luciano’s voice became irritable.


I thought about it and left without knocking.


The place I could go outside of Luciano’s palace was decided.


I walked a little more and headed to the Lavender Garden.


The Lavender Garden was where Luciano had previously escaped after losing to Prince Steven.


Few people visited this place because it was Luciano’s mother, the late empress’ favorite place.


I arrived at the Lavender Garden and took a deep breath.


There was a fresh scent.


In fact, unlike the name, there was no lavender here.


The Lavender Garden was just the garden’s name.


Overall, it was because the garden inside the imperial palace was named after flowers.


Perhaps it was named after a tea.


At this time, I realized that this was a rofan world.


“Maybe better than that….”


My heart was so troubled that I started talking to myself.


At first, I thought it was better for the two of them not to bump into each other.


The more conflicts arise, the worse their relationship will be.


But it wasn’t like that.


It seemed more important for them to have a real conversation.


Luciano didn’t like me meeting Harrison.


When I came, he made a fuss to send Harrison away.


Otherwise, I couldn’t know because he led me somewhere else.


Because of me, the conversation between them didn’t happen anymore.


That was why I avoided them for a while today.


I gave a small chance to Harrison.


‘I would have to spend some time and go back.’


I might be unable to eat the tiramisu I have made if I stay too long.


It was when I was moving around searching for a suitable place to rest.




A person caught my eyes.


Although it was suspicious that there was a person here.


The lady looked unusual from the back.


I rushed off in a hurry.


“Are you okay?”


As expected, the lady looked a little older and was pale when I saw her up close.


The lady waved her hand as it was difficult to answer.


I was worried that she would collapse if she were like this.


She was obviously a person of high status.


I didn’t know why such a person was alone.


Maids would normally accompany her.


I looked around urgently, but there was no one.


“Did anyone come with you?”


The lady nodded slowly.


“Can you walk? There’s a place to sit within a short walk.”


“I’m sorry, may you help me?”


Wow, I thought she was a noble lady, but she was so elegant.


I had never seen an aristocratic adult who spoke formally to me at first sight.


This kind of person should definitely be helped.


“Yes, hold my shoulder.”


“Thank you.”


The lady has put his weight on me.

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