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I moved to the bench very slowly.


The lady sank into a chair as if she had collapsed.


The lady’s face looked painful as she sighed while closing her eyes.


“I’ll get someone. Is there anyone I can call?”


I asked because I thought it would be better to have someone close than calling anyone blindly.


“I don’t think I need to call anyone.”


The lady smiled loosely as if she had taken a breath.




Aging gracefully would probably be the expression for someone like her.


When she smiled, I thought that this was a real aristocrat.


“But I think you’ll need some help.”


“I got better after sitting down and resting. I’ll feel better after a little rest.”


Why refuse other people’s help when she seems in bad condition.


I had doubts, but I didn’t call someone because she said she was fine.


“Is it really okay not to call someone?”


“Yes. Thank you for your concern, cute lady.”


Did she want to avoid people’s attention?


Her expression was better than before, but his complexion still didn’t come back.


“Oh! Do you want something to drink?”


She brought freshly squeezed orange juice to eat with tiramisu.


I opened the basket and took out a juice bottle.


The lady made a puzzled expression on her face.


‘She’s probably wondering why it’s coming out there.’


“I prepared a snack to eat with my friend. I’m fine, so have some juice.”


After my explanation, the lady’s expression softened.


“I can’t take away what you were going to eat with your friend. Thank you, but I’d rather not receive it.”


“No. I can squeeze juice again. You must be dizzy, so have some.”


The lady accepted the juice when I repeated my suggestion.


She seemed to be thirsty.


“Thank you for the drink.”


And the lady carefully took a sip of the juice.


“It’s delicious. I think it tastes better today.”


Oranges are so good these days.


But I couldn’t make such a fuss to the lady about this.


“I guess it’s because I squeezed fresh oranges.”


“Thank you. You made me feel better.”


Was it really thanks to juice?


The lady’s complexion gradually returned.


‘She seems to have recovered a little bit.’


It wasn’t to the point of saying, ‘You’re a little better now, so I’ll go.’


No matter how selfish I was, I was very considerate of the elderly and the weak.


So I just took the seat next to the lady.


Perhaps she was so thirsty that she emptied her glass in an instant.


“I drank it well.”


“You’re not sick, aren’t you?”


“I was dizzy because I couldn’t eat anything due to traveling a long journey. I feel refreshed after drinking juice.”


It must have been a symptom of hypoglycemia.


“I’m glad I brought juice at the right time.”


The lady smiled loosely.


A smile overflowed with elegance.


She is so wonderful and can’t be compared with Empress Isabelle.


She really feels like a ‘perfect aristocratic adult’.


I couldn’t tell who this person was because I had never attended the adult gathering properly.


However, she was not of a low status just by looking at her gestures and clothes.


Why was she alone like this?


And why did she refuse to call someone else?


“But if you still feel dizzy, wouldn’t it be better to have someone to help you?”


I chose as many words as possible to advise the lady so she would not be offended.


“I usually get help. But sometimes, I need some time alone.”


The smiling lady’s expression was strangely bitter.


‘It’s good to spend time alone.’


In fact, aristocrats have little privacy.


There were always maids waiting around.


While it is convenient to receive care from others, it can be seen that there is less personal time.


‘Especially having a higher status means more discomfort.’


Looking at history, people were waiting next to the king even when he was doing something.


Considering the lady’s health and status, she seemed to have little time alone.


The fact that he refused her maids’ help even when she was sick means that she was desperate for this time.


“I see. I understand.”


As I nodded her head, surprise flashed in the lady’s eyes.


“Do you understand?”


“But I’m worried about the lady’s condition right now, so I can’t completely leave you. I’ll be nearby, so scream if you’re having a hard time. I’ll run to you.”


When I jumped up, the lady’s mouth opened gently.


The moment I was about to move to a moderate distance.


“The little lady is considerate.”


The lady had a gentle smile.


“It’s inevitable because life is hard.”


The lady seemed to be trying to compliment me, but my inner feelings were complicated and my sincere heart came out.


The lady was taken aback and swallowed a laugh.


“Right. Life is hard. But I don’t think I should be alone today, so I would be grateful if the little lady could join me.”


She offered me to sit with her.


“Don’t you want to rest alone?”


“I think it would be reassuring to have someone to talk to.”


I couldn’t leave if you said that.


“Then excuse me.”


I sat next to the lady again.


“Thank you very much.”


However, I was a little embarrassed just to stay here and also concerned that the lady was hungry….




“Do you like desserts?”


“I like it.”


Did she get better in a short amount of time?


The lady’s expression had changed as if she was looking at a grandchild.


“Then please eat this.”


I took a teacup out of the basket and held it out to the lady.


She took the cup by surprise.


She had an expression as if to question why I took out a teacup and blinked his eyes.


“What’s this?”


The teacup was already full.


But it was tiramisu, not tea.


“It’s tiramisu. It’s made in a teacup, so it’s easy to eat, isn’t it unique?”


I made it in a teacup in case I eat it outside with Luciano.


It was surprisingly convenient to hold it like drinking tea and eat it with a teaspoon.


The lady’s eyes turned to my basket.


It seemed to mean why on earth you carry so much in it.


In fact, it was rare for a child of an aristocratic family to carry their own luggage like this.


It was an especially unique item to carry inside the palace.


“Do you feel repulsed by the tiramisu being put in a teacup?”


“It looks delicious. I’m just fascinated to hear these things.”


“Okay, here’s a teaspoon. You can eat it with this.”


It was worth bringing even a teaspoon.


The lady smiled awkwardly as she took the teaspoon I gave her.


“What should I do if I ate all the food you’re going to eat with your friend?”


“You can take it. It’s not good for kids to eat a lot because it contains coffee.”


The lady seemed to be rejecting the tiramisu, so I snapped it.


I made it while thinking about Luciano’s mood, but I couldn’t get rid of concerns about caffeine.


It would be better if I reduced the amount of food he would eat.


The lady let out another awkward laugh.


“Then, I’ll enjoy this as well.”


She looked at me with puzzled eyes and hesitated before scooping tiramisu then putting it in her mouth.


She savored it with a cautious look.


The lady seemed quite serious about food.


After munching a few times, she soon lifted her eyes slightly.


‘The response is coming, come on.’


I kept an eye on the lady’s mouth.


She swallowed what was in her mouth, then took another spoonful without saying a word.




Shouldn’t she at least say something as a courtesy?


While thinking about such a question, the lady swallowed what was in her mouth and took another bite.


My anticipation quickly dissipated as I watched her eat silently.


‘There’s no response….’


Except for the first three months of cooking, everything I cooked had good responses.


Although not highly praised, I had always heard that it was delicious.


The lady’s silence embarrassed me because I was proud of my cooking skills.


‘I can’t believe it because she ate the tiramisu, which Luciano fell in love with!’


The moment my pride is about to crumble. The lady put down the teacup she was holding.


After checking the inside, I was able to raise my nose high.


The cup was empty inside.


It means she ate the whole tiramisu without saying a word.


The lady took a handkerchief out of her arms and wiped her lips gracefully.


“Did it taste good?”


“It makes me want to bring back the chef who made it.”


I couldn’t believe she even thought of a scouting offer!


As expected of my skills!


I compliment myself for being outstanding!


“I’m afraid I’m still too young to work.”


The bridge of my nose soared without realizing it was high in the sky.


“Did you make it yourself?”


The lady asked as if surprised by my proud tone.


“Yes! My friend only eats what I make.”


The lady’s eyes turned round.


“It’s admirable because you’re still young. And it’s amazing that you know how to make something so delicious.”


There was sincere admiration and surprise.


Praise makes Aesvin hop.


“Do you want one more?”


“Isn’t it for your friend?”


“It’s okay. I have something for my friend. Have another one.”


I happily took out another tiramisu and held it out.


Luciano could just eat one.


The lady looked at the teacup with a conflicting expression and finally accepted it.


“Then I’m sorry, but I’ll enjoy the food.”


I was delighted to see the lady eating tiramisu little by little.


I didn’t know it because of her elegant attitude, but she seemed to be completely in love with my tiramisu.


The lady emptied the tiramisu in a flash again.


Was it because she ate sweets?


The lady’s complexion returned to normal.


“But how did the little lady come here alone?”


Hearing the lady’s words, I thought of the complicated worries again.


I forgot about it.


A sigh flowed out of my mouth.




“Oh my, what kind of sigh is that, little girl.”


“Because life is not easy.”


The lady’s eyes widened.


Then she blinked slowly and soon smiled awkwardly.


“What makes it so difficult?”


She seemed to be holding back the emotions that contained a little bit of shock.




It must have been too cheeky to say this in front of an adult.


“I have a lot on my mind these days.”


Fortunately, she didn’t seem very angry when I looked carefully.


“May I ask what your concerns are?”


Unexpectedly, she seemed to try taking it seriously.


After thinking about it for a moment, I decided to listen to an adult’s advice for the first time in a while.


‘I can just explain the situation roughly and not reveal the real name, right?’


“It’s about a friend of mine.”


Strangely enough, the lady looked at me with her eyes twinkling.

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  1. I also would like you to keep up this story. Thankyou for your hard work

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