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“I am stronger.”

“She seems to sharpen her teeth to avenge her last defeat….”

“Well, I didn’t know she was caught up in something I couldn’t even remember. Such a pity, but she will lose to me this time too.”

“Don’t say that in front of Bianca-nim.”


I shook my head as I looked at Dillian, who was smiling. He was so annoying that he didn’t even consider he might be defeated.


“True, there’s no way Sir Dillian would lose.”



Dillian, smiling triumphantly with a confident look, suddenly changed his face.


“But she doesn’t seem like an easy opponent, so I think it would be good to have motivation. for example.”

“For example…?”

“When I return after winning, give me a kiss of victory?”


It was exactly what I expected, and I laughed out loud.


Because he is a very consistent person.


“Or holding hands all day long.”



As soon as I laid the plate to tell him to do more, Dillian began to list what he wanted to do now.


‘I have nothing to lose?’


Rather a good opportunity?


No matter what Dillian wishes, a plausible atmosphere will be created.


Then, wouldn’t I be able to make a plausible confession without missing the atmosphere?


After thinking about it that far, I nodded my head coldly.


“Okay. If you win, I will do everything you want.”


So, come back and win.






News of the match between Dillian and Bianca spread like the wind.


It was none other than the knights who were most excited about the news.


Dillian, Sinaize’s owner, and Bianca, who called Sinaize’s sword, were enough to fire the knights’ hearts.


Not only that, the workers passing by also glanced at the training ground.


Sitting in the best seat in the crowd, I waved to Dillian, who was lightly relaxing.


“It’s amazing that a guy who would never do something like this is doing it.”


Nathan, who hid between Sera and me, muttered quietly enough that only I could hear it.


“He trains in my place.”


“That foxy guy couldn’t have just accepted it, did he bet on something?”


“If he wins, I will grant his wish.”


“I thought so. There’s no way that Dillian would do anything that would hurt him.”


Tsk tsk, Nathan kicked his tongue as he looked at Dillian and immediately focused on the boiled corn Sera had brought.


Clank, clank-!


A sharp bursting sound resounded through the training ground.


I held my breath and couldn’t even blink my eyes at the battle between the two people who exchanged action quickly.


The facial expressions of other people were not that different from mine.


It was a coincidence that I, who had fallen into a match between the two, as if possessed, saw it.


The little figure, covered with a blanket and a pressed-tight hat, moved quickly and honked like a rabbit.


People immersed in the fight cheered without knowing that the guests had arrived.


‘Did you call that camouflage?’


After leaving Nathan to Sera, I approached the new guest, tapped the little shoulder, and looked around.


“What are you doing here?”



Dante jumped up in surprise.


“Ri, Ria-nim?”

“Young master, how have you…?”

“Shh, shh!”


Dante whispered as he brought his index finger to his lips.


“Let’s go this way.”


As Dante led, I hid in the grass, lowered my voice, and asked him.


“Do we have to hide?”

“Yes, I came out secretly from my mother.”

“Did the young master come to watch the battle between His Grace and Count Greta?”



Dante’s eyes twinkled like stars. The anticipation and excitement that he had pressed down burst out.


“I saw it a while ago, it’s so cool!”

“Let’s go over there and see, then.”

“No. Here is enough.”


Worried that Giselle would find out, Dante stuck his body to the tree and held out his neck like an ostrich.


I sat next to him and grabbed the child’s hat flowing before him.


“Young master, how have you been?”

“Yes. Thanks to you. The sparrow also got up and went back to its family.”


Dante asked with a wide smile.


“How about you, Ria-nim?”


He looked at me and smiled, his face even more crooked than I had seen a few days ago.


It was a troubled face.


“The young master is lying.”

“I’m not lying. It hurt a little on the first day, but I’m fine now.”


Dante stretched out his arm to show how strong he was.


It was soft, with no muscle, but I applauded and raised my thumb.


“Wow, that’s a nice muscle.”

“Tsk, I know it’s not cool at all. To be really cool, you have to be like Grandfather.”


Isn’t it too much if it looks like Terzhe?


I was fed up imagining Terzhe’s ferocious body on Dante’s cute face.


“Young master, what’s wrong with your body?”

“I don’t know exactly. Sometimes my head hurts, sometimes my chest feels stuffy, sometimes my body has a fever, and it’s different from time to time….”

“Are there any specific symptoms?”

“I always have a nosebleed. Or vomit blood.”


Maybe it’s because he is used to it? Dante’s voice was calm.


“If I get sick like that for a few days, I won’t get sick again for a while.”


This means that Dante lies ill when he is out of sight.


‘Should I have forced myself to see him even if I had to get rid of Giselle?’


With belated regret, I asked Dante carefully.


“Young master, may I take a look?”


Worried that the child might feel bad, Dante’s eyes twinkled, and he snuggled close to me.


“Are you treating me like the sparrow that day?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But neither the doctor nor the priest could fix it….”


The face of the child who had learned to give up before hope was dyed dark.


“Ria-nim is really amazing, but unlike the sparrow, it will be difficult for me.”


Although he highly valued my abilities, Dante was giving up in his heart that I would not be able to cure his disease.


‘Did you say that it was three years since he got the disease?’


It’s time to lose hope. However, it was admirable that he was still bright.


I whispered softly into Dante’s ear as if telling a secret.


“Young master, do you know that? So far, I have never failed.”


“Ask His Grace when he comes, later. He will tell you how many times I have saved his life.”

“Did Ria-nim really save His Grace?”


Dante’s eyes widened as if it was about to roll, he couldn’t believe I, smaller and weaker than Dillian, had saved him.


“Absolutely. I even got engaged with him.”


The first meeting was a bit weird, but it’s not a lie.


I don’t need to tell Dante, a child, of such an adult situation, right?


Dante, moved by the story made up with a mild taste after brushing off all the provocative content, gave a standing ovation.


“It’s so cool!”

“Then will you believe me now?”



Dante held out his hand to me with a reminded face.


“I will leave it up to you.”


With a cute word, a small, soft hand clasped my hand.


The moment our hands touched, I frowned.


‘Strange. Why do I feel so clogged up?’


If it is a living life, there is a sense of energy. Although the form is different, the energy to run vigorously is the same.


But I felt nothing in Dante.


‘It’s as if someone artificially blocked it.’


I wanted to investigate the phenomenon I had seen for the first time, but a hoarse voice broke my concentration.


“What will you do if you know?”



As if he had been watching since, Terzhe looked down at us with arms crossed.


Dante escaped from me, ran like the wind, and hugged him.


“Terzhe-nim, you are here.”

“Yeah, what were you doing here? Giselle would be in a riot if she knew.”

“Shh, shh. Please pretend not to know.”


Dante, hanging from Terzhe’s waist, blinked his big eyes. His expression was sorrowful so he couldn’t help but listen.


“Yeah, yeah. If my cute puppy asks me to do it, I must do it then.”


Once again, Terzhe, dazzled by those eyes, hugged Dante. The hand that supported the buttocks was unusual.


‘This isn’t something he’s done once or twice, right?’


Perhaps it was a frequent occurrence, Dante seemed familiar with it. His wrapping his arms around Terzhe’s neck was very natural.


“How are you feeling today?”

“It doesn’t hurt at all today!”

“That’s a good thing.”


I blinked at the smooth, raised corners of his lips.


‘The corners of their lips are similar.’


He always had a stern expression, so I didn’t know him well, but his smile was very similar to that of Dillian.


“Go and take a look, Giselle will be stopped by this grandfather.”




What is there to be afraid of when Therze, the oldest man in the family, is stopping her?


Excited, Dante ran towards the crowd.


After Dante left Terzhe and me alone, the awkwardness and strange tension I felt that day lingered.


“So, have you made up your mind?”



As I approached Terzhe, I looked into his eyes and shouted proudly.


“I have no intention of breaking up with Sir Dillian.”

“You are making a foolish choice.”


It will look like that now.


No power be able to deal with the best family in the empire?


Probably, it will look like I’m arguing.


“Even if Terzhe-nim is opposed, I will not leave Sir Dillian. I have a promise with him.”


He had promised not to leave until his memory returned and the curse was lifted.


“So, how about getting Terzhe-nim to accept me first?”

“Me, accepting you?”


Laughter erupted from Terzhe’s mouth as my suggestion was ridiculous.

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