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“Yes. I am sure Terzhe-nim will like me, too.”


As if interested in my confident words, Terzhe tapped his chin.


It was an eye that asked me to prove it.


“I have a pretty good card. A card that could make Terzhe-nim recognize me at once.”

“I wonder what kind of card it is.”

“But I’m not going to use it. Even without that card, I want to be recognized fairly.”

“I praise your confidence. I like that kind of person.”


The benevolent smile he had made while looking at Dante turned to me for a moment.


But even for a moment, in an instant, a cold light flew around.


“My grandson’s life is at stake with this. I don’t know what kind of card you have, but it’s still no.”


Terzhe and I did not back down.


The tight air felt like it would break if it hit.


‘Of course, I knew it would come out like this.’


Anticipating all this, I spit out the lines I had prepared beforehand.


“Terzhe-nim, would you like to make a bet with me?”

“Make a bet?”


I pointed the bow in the corner of the training ground.


“You want to challenge me with a bow?”

“Yes. If I lose to Terzhe-nim, I will give up on Sir Dillian and step down.”



Perhaps it was a rather tempting proposal, Terzhe rubbed his chin and asked me to keep talking.


“What if I lose? Are you going to ask me to hand over Dillian?”

“No. Sir Dillian is not a thing.”


And Dillian is already mine. Even if Terzhe blocks it, he will eventually come to my side.


“I want you to just, acknowledge me, please. Don’t just push me away, and take a good look at who I am.”

“You’re confident.”

“I am.”


I don’t know anything else, but I don’t think I will lose in a battle with a bow.


Even if the master of archery came, I am confident I would win.


A tearful smile hung on Therze’s lips as confidence expressed in my whole body.


“So, how about it?”

“Don’t you know? Sinaize’s never shied away from a fight their opponent had offered first.”


Angry muscles blazed as if they were about to rip a shirt off.


“Alright. I accept that bet. Can I decide the location?”

“Isn’t it on the training ground?”

“We’ll go hunting.”

“Pardon? Hunting?”

“Yeah. What’s the fun of standing still and shooting? It’s a lot more fun to catch something moving.”


I didn’t think he would take me hunting. Terzhe raised his eyebrows, seeing me bewildered by the utterly unexpected betting method.


Like saying, ‘You can’t?’


With tears in my eyes, I accepted his proposal without looking back.


“It does not matter to me, is there a hunting ground nearby?”

“Let’s go to the back mountain. Since we are hunting small animals, there will be no danger.”

“All right.”


Dillian, who had just won the victory, approached us.


“What is it? Did you come here to talk nonsense to Miss Ria again? Just go back, please.”


Dillian, who misunderstood that Terzhe had tormented me, blocked my front as if protecting me.


Didn’t even know he was utterly wrong.


“Don’t be a bother. Dillian.”

“That‘s right. Just resting, Sir Dillian. I’m going to reverse the situation.”

“What do you mean?”


Dillian, bewildered by the subtle atmosphere, asked, but no one answered.


“See you in the hall in ten minutes.”



Terzhe and I, who were fighting over Dillian, ran into the fortress to find out who would catch it.


Didn’t even know that the remaining Dillian was looking at my back in vain.






“Is this what you mean to be recognized?”


Dillian couldn’t help but laugh when he saw me fully armed.


Stretchy shirt and trousers, sturdy leather shoes, and tied hair.


And even bows and arrows.


It looked like a hunter’s outfit.


“By hunting?”

“… I didn’t even know it would be a hunt.”


When Dillian’s match was over, I planned to use the training ground and finish it quickly, but things turned out to be bigger than I thought.


“You won’t do it freely, what bet did you make?”

“If I win, I will give up on you. So say goodbye in advance. Decided to break up right away today.”


Like me, Terzhe, dressed in hunting suits, smirked triumphantly and cut between us.


Of course, it was a face that believed that he would win.


Dillian’s face sank into that confident face.


“Miss Ria. Is that true?”

“Shh, don’t worry. Sir Dillian knows, right? How good I am at hunting?”

“Indeed, at how confident you are, you go hunting too, huh?”

“I know Miss Ria’s skills best. It’s hundred out of hundred.”


As Dillian boasted, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I hugged Dillian’s waist as if in response.


“Would you believe me if I fed Sir Dillian by hunting?”


In Wilhelm, when we ran out of food, it was none other than my hunting skills that kept him alive.


When it comes to hunting, I am not behind wherever I go.


“I will show you the skills that fed Dillian!”

“You feed him?”


Terzhe narrowed his eyes and looked at us alternately.


“How the hell did you meet? Did you get isolated somewhere in the mountains?”


It was similar. We were trapped because of the heavy snow, though.


“We met like fate.”


As if waiting, Dillian replied immediately, and Terzhe wrinkled his eyes at it.


“The chat is over, let’s get started.”


The game lasts 30 minutes. The rule is simple, the one who hunts more animals wins.


As soon as the explanation was finished, Dillian stood by my side. Looking at it, I could clearly see that he would follow me.


Something that my eyes saw was also seen by Terzhe’s eyes.


“Dillian, you wait here.”

“Right. This is competition. Do not interfere.”


Dillian, who suddenly took on the role of the referee, sighed.


“It’s useless, then.”

“Are you worried that I might get rid of your fiancée quietly?”

“… Were you thinking like that?”


As I slowly widened the distance towards him, Terzhe waved his hand, saying there was a misunderstanding.


“That guy’s gaze said that. Don’t misunderstand me.”

“… Okay. I will believe you.”

“If you believe in me, why’re you so far away!”


Terzhe tried to clear up the misunderstanding, but the distance between him and me that had already broadened could not be narrowed.






Thirty minutes is a short time.


Especially for catching prey.


Unlike the bare branches I see daily, a branch with green leaves obscured my view.


“Anything has to show to catch it!”


What use if I’m good at it? With only one rabbit captured.


The heavy sack tied around the waist showed its presence, but this was not enough.


“He says so many animals here, but where the hell are they?”


No matter how much I looked around, I didn’t even see a sparrow.


Time dwindled, and anxiety increased.


And Terzhe, who encountered it, poured oil on it.


“Looking at the size, it looks like a rabbit.”

“… Where did you catch the deer, Terzhe-nim?”


I opened my mouth wide when I saw the deer Terzhe was carrying.


He caught a deer while I was barely catching a rabbit? Does it make sense?


“Terzhe-nim, you know the habitat of the animals beforehand by any chance?”

“Oh my, it’s difficult to answer if you come up with words because you can’t catch it.”

“No, you said there were a lot of animals, but so far, I have only seen one rabbit.”

“You must have taken the wrong area.”


… Was he such a mean person in the first place? As I started to lose my vast dignity and boil up inside.


“Then I will go with Terzhe-nim!”

“Uh-huh, you run away from me, then suddenly you’re going to follow me?”


It seems the action that I had done earlier lingered in his mind.


“Just watch me. I’m going to catch the bear!”


At that moment, Terzhe burst into laughter.


“Child. There are no bears here.”

“There may be deer the size of a bear.”


Laughing so happily, Terzhe, who had wiped away tears, tapped my shoulder and teased me.


“Are you going to make a bear that doesn’t exist? If you catch a bear, I will allow you to marry him immediately.”


And what if I really catch a bear? I wanted to refute Terzhe’s words, but it wasn’t an environment in which bears would appear from my point of view.


“… You mean that, right?”

“Yeah, stay strong.”


I bit my lip as I watched Terzhe move away.


“What if we really need to break up?”


What else, huh? It’s fly-by-night, then.


When I saw a deer that was several times bigger than the rabbit I had caught, I couldn’t hide my nervousness.


I sped up and made my way through the grass.


After running for so long, a wolf howl was heard in the distance.




“Doesn’t he say just small animals live here…?”


I paused at the eerie sound and looked around.


And I noticed late. The fact that I went deeper than I thought.


I have to go back. It was a moment when I stepped back.





This thick voice was definitely Terzhe’s.




Don’t tell me, is that a wolf?


I ran towards the source of the sound.


And opened my mouth at the sight unfolding before my eyes.





Terzhe was subduing the wolf with thick arms full of muscles.


The wolf, who had collapsed helplessly by his inexorable power, struggled and whined.


‘Isn’t he crazy? He suppresses it with his hands?’


A madman in the world fights a wolf naked….


At that time, I watched the amazing sight without even thinking to help.


Another wolf ran after Terzhe’s back.




With a quick stance, I fired an arrow at the jumping wolf.


Thuck! The vital point hit accurately with that sound, and the wolf rolled on the ground.


I approached Terzhe while holding back the wolf horde.


“Terzhe-nim! Are you okay?”

“I thought you were going to run away as soon as you heard the wolf’s sound, but you came instead.”

“And what is Terzhe-nim doing?”

“Can’t you see? I’m breaking its neck!”


No, I mean, who fights wolves naked?


Despite my absurd gaze, Terzhe, who handled the wolf, twisted his neck from side to side.


“Now it’s a bit like hunting.”


Tired of the menacingly wriggling muscles, I pretended not to see and turned my head.


“That’s right. Finally, I am hunting like a hunter.”


This is the turning point. I’ll win by catching more than Terzhe.


The wolves flinched at my eyes that had not been able to blaze.




Terzhe protruded his chest with all his might, which was as huge as a gorilla.


They had the upper hand numerically, but I, half-sized of Terzhe, was also not an easy opponent.


In the end, the wolves lowered their tails and walked out as we thought we were a threat.


“Where are you running away!”


The wolves were startled by the loud shout and ran away.


“You lack the guts, the guts!”


How can he strike a grunt in a situation where he should be lucky his life was saved?


Contrary to his anger, I muttered helplessly with relief.


“It’s a place where only small animals live. But how can the wolf suddenly appear?”

“Sometimes they come down here when they run out of food. It’s usually like that in winter. I thought it would be okay because it was spring, but it’s not.”


In other words, we almost died because of the wrong time.


“We need to stop hunting and go back. You never know what else will come out.”

“I guess so.”


It was time to pack up quickly.


Thump, Thump, Thump!


The ground rumbled with a loud sound.


“What again this time…?”

“Not sure.”


We looked at the swaying bush with anxious eyes.




I swallowed dry saliva at the gigantic body that finally appeared.


“… You said there are never any bears here.”

“… I thought so too.”




The black bear who climbed the rock roared.

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