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There is no exact name for the curse on Dillian. But everyone called it like this.




Because it’s empty. It couldn’t be filled with anything. It is always empty.


“Emptiness. That’s why I always crave something.” 


I can feel Dillian flinching behind my back.


Suddenly, I was curious about his face behind my back. 


I wonder if he was scared, annoyed, or will he be indifferent? 


“That’s terrible.”


The low-pitched voice felt terrible hatred. 


Feeling compassion at that moment, I opened my mouth without realizing it. 


“It’s true, yeah, but it doesn’t mean that there is no way. Even if the curse can’t be solved, it can be calmed.”


“With divine power.”


It was possible enough if Dillian had opened his mind wide and accepted the divine power with a broad mind.


“Is that how you calmed down the curse?”

“Of course.”

“So, whenever I see Miss Ria…”

“When you see me?”

“I feel…”


Dillian’s voice got smaller and smaller. 


‘Why did you stop talking? I’m curious.’


When you see me do you feel good or feel like shxt?


‘Good or shxt, it doesn’t matter.’


I knocked on Dillian’s arm, which wrapped around my waist like a vine.


“Sir Dillian, let go of me now, please.”


“Dillian? Perhaps, you sleep?”


You really sleep? It was his breath that answered my panicked question.


This jerk, really sleep. 


“Hey! Release me first if you’re going to sleep!”


Really frustrating! The night deepened without knowing how I felt. 






Pow, Dillian groaned at the attack that flew into his abdomen. 




Dillian, who reflexively reached out to his opponent who attacked him, paused at the sight of a defenseless face. 




Why is Ria here? The brain that just woke up couldn’t keep up with his eyes. 


“You finally woke up. You shameless lecher!”


At the same time he heard a voice full of anger above, his head throbbed. 


“How dare. You aim for Ria while I’m asleep? Apologize with death!”


Nathan got burned hot to the tip of its head then pecked at Dillian’s head.


It’s not an owl, it was fast enough to be called a woodpecker. 


“What are you talking about?”  

“You hugged our Ria when you slept, playing to be innocent!” 


Nathan, who was struggling to find the messenger bird and handed over the note, returned home excitedly to be praised by Ria.


However, for welcoming it, Ria was not alone.


It felt like those two were sleeping in one bed!


Like a brother whose little sister was taken, or like a father whose daughter was taken, Nathan, who experienced that kind of feeling, was engulfed in unbearable anger.


Actually, Dillian was puzzled.


‘I hugged her? Me?’


The memory that appears to be noise, gradually begins to unravel over time.


And he remembered. 


Surprised voice, red ears, warm arms. Cozy scent. 


In the vivid memory that came to mind, Dillian swept his face with both hands.  


The ears that slightly revealed were burning red.


‘Why did I do that?’


It was an act that I couldn’t understand myself. 


I never liked to be in physical contact with anyone. 


I’m sure it is like that even before I lost my memory. If it is worse, then it is worse, no less. 


But why is Ria Delice an exception? 


It’s not just this time. Ria has always been an exception to him.


When he brushed his mouth out of confusion.




Suddenly, a sweet scent came up.


As if butterflies were looking for flowers, Dillian’s eyes immediately went to Ria.


And at that moment, the whirlwind that swept inside Dillian became a calm spring breeze. 


‘This scent…’


I grabbed Ria because of this scent. 


When I smelled this scent from Ria, I felt strangely relaxed and pulled her into my arms without realizing it. 


It was like that from the moment I opened my eyes and the moment I saw Ria Delice. 


Standing next to Ria, I felt at ease, and when I made eye contact, I was disarmed. 


‘Who the hell is she?’


There were times when he doubted that she might be a witch who performs a unique magic, but she came clean yesterday. 


Ria uses divine power. She healed him who is going to die, she was his benefactor who calmed his exploded Runaway.  




The name of the curse that Ria told, resembles him.


Him who doesn’t remember anything, himself who is empty. 


Dillian pressed his chest hard. Unlike last night, when he was suffering, he felt no pain now.


He couldn’t even feel the dirty feeling he felt when the curse went wild. 


It was an experience that he didn’t want to do again. 


So Ria was essential to put this freaking dude to sleep. 


Just as the thirsty desperately craved for water, he craved for Ria. 


At that moment, Dillian vaguely came up with something.  


He climbed on top of Ria, who was rolling over, and buried his head around her neck.




His heart beating hard at the voice calling him.


Something throbbed as if it had hit his head hard.


At the small piece of memory that passed by quickly, he breathed out his breath he held.  


‘Am I like that…?’


He couldn’t believe it. Although he took interest in Ria, it was just an interest to the person who took care of him. 


I’m sure it’s like that, what if it isn’t like that? 


What if what Nathan said was right? 


It wasn’t love. He denied and denied it, but if this memory is true, his relationship with Ria is not as simple as he thought. 


Above all, the attitude she showed last night. 


‘That’s a relief. Do you know how surprised I was because I thought something bad was going to happen?’


A trembling voice, a badly distorted face, and a relief that came to mind. 


‘Ria is definitely my…’


Then, why did she push me away?


He didn’t want to, but Nathan was the only one who could solve Dillian’s curiosity again this time. 


“Fatty owl.”


Nathan set up sharp claws at the insulting remark.


“Where’s the fat on this body that you call me fatty!”


Nathan strongly denied it, but at the same time of its anger, it’s no different it admitted that it was fat.


“You’re noisy, I have something I’m curious about.”

“I won’t help you!”


It refused, but whether or not, Dillian had already started talking. 


“There’s a lover. They’re not on bad terms. But the woman keeps pushing the man away. Even without telling the reason.”  


Like that. Dillian believed that Ria and he were lovers and did not doubt it. 


It was because of Lia’s attitude, last night.


“Maybe isn’t she just lost her affection?”


Nathan, who said it was not going to help, unknowingly opened its mouth to the interesting story. 


“For that, the woman’s behavior is suspicious. She puts herself in danger for that man, she puts her safety behind and puts the man first.”

“Hmm, it’s strange like you said.”  


Nathan rubbed its chin and came up with a hypothesis. 


“If I were to say that the woman still has no change of heart, then… wouldn’t it be because of the opposition of the family?”

“Opposition of the family?”

“I don’t know what their status is, but if the difference between their family status is large, there are cases where the higher side urges them to break up.” 


With a small keyword thrown by Dillian, Nathan wrote a novel.


Usually, he would have laughed and ignored it, but this time was different. 


‘You think you can become the head Lord! No, that seat belongs to him!’  


Yesterday, the assassin who attacked him made the last move and said that. 


With that word, he could vaguely guess his identity. 


‘It means I’m a noble.’


Maybe Nathan’s word is close to the answer. 


“That side might have thrown a money envelope. While saying things like this.”


Hem, hem. Nathan cleared its throat. 


“Get away from my son! You fox-like thing!”  


Dillian clapped without realizing it for the perfect acting that even the theater actor would cry about. 




Nathan, shrugged by Dillian’s compliment for the first time, then went for the climax, spreading its imagination.  


“A fool-like nice woman thinks she’s blocking the man’s future, so she forces herself out.”


The story of Ria and Dillian has long turned into a soap opera.


“Then in this case, should the woman’s will be followed?”  

“What are you talking about! If the man runs away from there, then the man is a coward among cowards and doesn’t even deserve to be the male lead! You have to overcome the adversity of being the main character and win the love!”


Nathan, a romance novel maniac, said there can’t be an ending like that existed. 


“Yeah, you’re right.”


In the Bible, a divine creature is no different from a sage. Seems like it wasn’t bluffing. 


At first, I ignored it, but the more I thought about it, the more it was strangely reliable. 


As Nathan said, it is absurd to know everything but pretend not to know.  


“Thank you. Thanks to you, my thoughts are sorted out.”

“I’m glad if it’s okay, why did you ask?”

“You don’t have to know.”

“What, even If I helped you!”


This is why Nathan jumped up and down while saying that the black-haired beast was not to be helped. 


Dillian smiled somewhat satisfied as he looked at Ria. 


“So, that’s what happened.” 


Dillian’s face, which washed away all his worries, looked refreshed. 


Now the question of the behavior of the unknown intentions has been resolved. 


‘It’s because you love me so much.’


If Ria knew, it was such a misunderstanding that could have made her grab the back of her neck.


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