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“Puha! May! What’re you doing!”


Nathan, who barely escaped May’s grasp, was furious. 


How can you leave Ria alone with that shameless guy?


“Leave them alone. As I see it earlier, they seem to be on good terms.”

“Good, what good!”


Hmph, Nathan spewed steam, turned its back.  


It intended to kick the door and go in right away. 


“I think I smelled the temple’s dogs. They’re chasing the traces of you and Ria.”


A low voice calmly caught it. 


As it looked back, it couldn’t see the same smile as before.  


Only then Nathan, who realized that May’s actions were to distance itself from Ria, exhaled for a long time. 


“… We stayed in one place for too long.”

“I think they give up for now because of the snowstorm, but we won’t know when they’ll chase you again. I think it’s better to leave here soon.”

“We need to do that.”

“Aren’t you going to tell Ria? Shouldn’t she know about her situation too?”

“Her head must be complicated because of Dillian that brat, we don’t have to even talk about the temples. I’ll tell her when the time comes.” 

“Alright. I got it.”


It’s not something I have to argue just because it will resolve it on its own. May shrugged. 


“Oh, by the way. Something strange has been appearing in the capital these days. You’d better avoid that area.”

“Something strange?”

“It’s a monster, I guess it eats people up. I don’t know exactly what it is because I just heard about it, the capital became a mess because of that monster.”


May, who crossed her arms, recalled her memory. 


“It is called night or darkness, is it? Anyway, it was that kind of name. It’s dangerous over there, so you must avoid it.”


Nathan, who was nodding its head to the name it first heard, soon nodded. 



“Tell me if you’re ready to leave.”

“You’re going to go too?”

“Of course. How can I send Ria, that girl, alone? This unnie needs to go too.”


Nathan smirked, it was a playful remark but it contained worries in it.


“When Ria is left alone, strange guys keep coming. I can’t leave her alone because I’m worried.”  


It’s not just one or two guys who have been nibbling at Ria. May frowned as she recalled the unpleasant side of the stalkers that passed through her head. 


“How nowadays? Are weird guys still coming?”

“It was quiet, but that guy came.”

“As expected, he’s not her husband, right?”

“Of course. He’s just a patient who was treated before the snowstorm came.”

“That’s unexpected. Ria stepped up and saved him herself.”

“There’s no way Ria would just let it go when she sees him dying.” 

“Right, that’s true.” 


Ria surely, just like she’s saving herself*, she will save Dillian. 



Ria and May had fates a year ago.


It began when Ria, who came down to the plaza for her business, found May bleeding and collapsed. 


Mayme Altran, that woman was the traitor who was kicked out of the magic tower. 


No one had a good favor to a wandering mage. Even the temples turned away from her.


The one who had a good favor for her when the world turned away from her was Ria. 


‘Do you know how hard it was to secretly bring you home at night?’  


May recalled Ria, who was grumbling while bandaging her arms. 


“Yeah, looking at Ria’s personality, there’s no way she’ll pretend not to know. Even if she pretends not to, she’s a warm person inside.”


Nathan agreed to her words. 


Ria is a sweet child. She’s a better kid than anyone else. 


To the point that person doesn’t hesitate to love her.


So the maze, who used to be called a rabid dog, comes in with her head down in front of Ria. 


‘Ria it’s the fate that you made. You’re wonderful.’  


“By the way, she’s in trouble. She got caught by a strange guy who only has a handsome face.”


May laughed, Nathan rebuked her to stop teasing Ria. 


“Stop it, if you know then. Ria will get angry.”


Nathan didn’t know that it was the biggest reason why Dillian mistook Ria’s feelings for him as love.


“Nathan, what do you think? The binding should be solved… To do so, we need a fairly high level priest.”  


The binding is not magic. May, a mage, had no way to help her because it was a kind of curse. 


“For that, I’ll try to do something, somehow.”  

“Tell me if you can’t solve that. Because I’ll kidnap a person.”  


May, who proudly declared a crime, asked while carefully examining the barrier stone that Ria put in. 


“Where did you get this transparent shield stone? It’s not the one I gave… Hang on, this mark, isn’t it, his?”


May narrowed her eyes to a familiar pattern engraved on the mana stone.



“Why! What about the one I gave you?”

“It’s broken.”


May, who was angry, paused. 


“The mana stone, which had never been broken so far, was broken for the first time.”

“Nathan, what’s happened?”  

“We were attacked.”  

“What?! How dare, which brat! Are they the temple guys?”

“That’s not…” 


If I say it was Dillian, it seems like she will kill him. Nathan saved its words. 


“You haven’t found who it is yet?”

“That’s similar. Dillian took care of it without leaving a single person behind.”

“Are there any traces left? Like weapons. If you have anything, give it to me. I’m going to track it down.”


Nathan led her to the warehouse, if it didn’t tell her, she would go around with a terrifying atmosphere.


May frowned when she saw the weapons filled in the warehouse. 


“This many people came?”

“It was very crowded. Still, Dillian took care of the dangerous things right away, so don’t worry too much.” 

“That person, I guess it’s quite useful.”

“Yeah… not bad.”


Nathan affirms bitterly. A satisfied smile came to May’s mouth. 

Has a handsome face. Nice to Ria. Even has a good skill. It’s perfect.


“Are you really okay?”


“Alright. Nathan, please tell Ria I have a request.”

“You didn’t do it yourself?”  

“I have to go now. It’s late?” 

“You going again?” 

“Yup, I stopped by because I thought Ria would be worried if I was too late. I’ll be back as soon as I’m done. Oh, and Ria’s favorite dessert is in the basket, share it together.”  


May, who took a weapon out of the warehouse, opened the gate and waved at Nathan. 


In the meantime, one thought did not leave her mind.


‘Did it say Dillian? His face seems familiar.’


It is the face that looked familiar as if she had seen it before. 


With such a handsome face, there is no way she will forget it. 


‘Where did I see it?’


May’s furrow becomes a depressed state.


It was also for a while that she was agonizing over a blurry memory that seemed to be caught by her fingertips. 


“Ah! I don’t know-!”


By nature, she does not remember anything unless it is related to herself. 


No matter how hard she tried, it couldn’t have come to her mind. 


‘As long as it’s not a harmful person to Ria.’


He seemed suspicious, but she didn’t think he would pose a threat to Ria.  


While talking to herself, all the nerves were directed to Ria, because he only showed his true self to Ria.  


May, who didn’t know that the reason why Dillian lost his memories was because Ria hit his head, says it will be alright while nodding her head.  


‘And that hand, the hand of the man who held the sword for a very long time.’


The atmosphere that comes from his surroundings even though he lost his memories. 


Obviously, it belonged to those who are at a high level. 


“He was helpful, so it would be useful to put him next to her.”


Nathan is also allowed to, it will be okay to leave him alone for the time being. 


“Ria, I hope you didn’t pick up a crazy one like me.”


May, who recalled the cold gaze hidden in the mask, kicked her tongue.  






Crazy. I slipped my butt to avoid Dillian from approaching here.


“You avoid me so openly. I’m hurt.”


“My feet hurt, my heart hurt too. I’m tattered.”  


What hurts. That is the face that says it’s so fun.


“… Say it there.”


Despite the warning, Dillian proudly took a seat next to me. 


As we got closer, as I tried to distance myself from him, a hand reached out to me. 


“Excuse me.”


What he grabbed was my ankle. 


He touched my feet carefully and put them on his lap.


“What are… ukh.”


Suddenly, his hand gently pressed my ankle. 


It wasn’t a strong force, but I groaned out of it. My ankle was throbbing. 


Dillian, who saw my slightly swollen ankle, kicked his tongue and wrapped my ankle with a towel. 


Unlike his frowned face, his hands were as careful and soft as handling a child. 


I stared at Dillian, who meticulously wrapped around my ankle, and asked blankly. 


“How did you know?” 

“It’s obvious looking at your face.”  


No way. It was a weak injury that Nathan didn’t even notice. 


“You got hurt earlier, right?”

“… Yes.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because it’s a light injury.”

“Why didn’t you treat it yourself?”

“It’s not good to rely too much on divine power.”


I didn’t want to overuse my power due to a minor injury that would get better when I woke up after a good night’s sleep. I can’t overdo it. 


Everything I learned was from Nathan’s teachings. 


The first thing it taught was not to overuse divine power over trivial matters. 


Divine power is directly related to physical strength and life. 


The more you use it, the more tired you are, and if you exceed the limit, your life is at risk.  


It has nothing to do with me, who has a tremendous divine power. 


But that’s not the problem. 


‘I, who was an extra, can’t be given this much strength.’  


Because it was such a great power, I didn’t know it would be taken away or disappear someday.


As I knew the future, I always had to keep the worst in mind. I couldn’t even rely on my power. 


We don’t know, what is going to happen? I wonder if I can use divine power for the rest of my life. 


As a result. It can be easily used for others but it became cruelly hard to use for me. I can’t get used to it. 


“It’s okay. This happens often.”

“I’m not okay.”

“Why Sir Dillian?”

“Do you really ask because you don’t know?”


I don’t know, so I’m asking. Trying to respond bluntly, I quietly shut up. 


Because Dillian’s sunken eyes were staring at me, my mouth seemed strangely clogged. 


“As my wife, Miss Ria, knows it well, I have a severe obsession.”

“I have told you, I’m not your wife.”

“I never miss what I think is mine.”


You fireball. Listen to me.


Even though I’m not his wife, I know how severe his obsession is. 


I think I saw it with my own eyes. Scary eyes staring at Claude, who was trying to take the white blossom flower. 


So I nodded without realizing it. 


“I think that is why. I hate that Miss Ria got hurt.”



This is a bit. Strong…?


Is there someone who hates it when the most handsome face in the world puts on a hurt face for worrying? 


“I guess I liked Miss Ria more than I expected.”

“… Sir Dillian.” 

“So wife, you can’t leave my side.”


His touch reached my instep.


“If my wife leaves my side, that day…”


Slowly and smoothly, his hand climbed and wrapped up around my ankle. 


As if, it got shackled. 


“Lea, what if I leave, you will kill me?”


“How can I do that.”


He responded lightly with a smiling voice. 


“I’m going to kill the man who took you.”


The eyes that I met flashed with obsession.  


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