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“Your cursing is pretty too.”

“First your type…”


Is he liking the cursing he heard from earlier? Even looking at my disgusting eyes, Dillian only laughed. 


“If I were you, even if you chewed it up I would have cursed you as an unforgiven madman. You’re so kind too.”


I looked at Dillian with bewildered eyes and pushed him aside with my unwounded foot. 


“Excuse me, Sir even if I chewed it up unforgiven madman, can you please go away?”

“You use that like this so quickly, so cruel.”


I pushed Dillian away with all my might, but he didn’t budge.


‘Is it a rock? Why isn’t it moving?’


How many times have I pushed him aside? Dillian, who had been sitting still even if he got disturbed, asked a random question. 


“Did we have a wedding?”

“Don’t say such dangerous words! We didn’t!”

“Geez, I must be ignorant. Let’s do it as soon as possible.” 



The moment I tried to say no, my vision was reversed. Dillian pulled my ankle. I blinked as I was dragged away by the force. My head touched the soft side.


Then as if waiting, Dillian’s face came up. 


“Before that, shall we do it again from the first night?”


A sweet voice tickled my ear like melted sugar.  


“… You really have no middle*? 

*A word that can be used for someone who wants to do something too quickly.

“Why is there a middle needed between couples?”


The tail of his eyes, folded, was terribly seductive. 


“All we have to do is to look ahead and run.”


Only look ahead and run. Dillian who said it was rushed like a person with broken brakes. 


A span distance slightly narrowed in an instant.


Our eyes met close enough to intertwine our breath. 


At the time when the moment felt like a time of hundred million*, Dillian spoke. 

*It feels so long.


“There’s only one thing to do, isn’t it?”

“What, what is that?”  


Unlike my trembling voice, Dillian’s husky voice was still pleasant to listen to. 


“What do you mean what, of course it’s something a married couple would do.”


Dillian pressed my lips gently with his thumb. 


It was such a blatant sign that even I, the dating eunuch*, could notice.

*A person with no dating experience.


I was flustered by the dull touch of my lips and the red lips that filled my vision. 


I have to push him out. I really have to kick him out though.


My head melted white as if a bleach poured into it.


Dillian pulled the corner of his mouth at my stuttering appearance. 


Unable to resist visual stimulation, I closed my eyes tightly. 


‘I don’t know!’


But even after a long time, nothing touched my lips. 


What is this? At the time when I was wondering. 




A familiar laugh caught my ear. 


When I opened my eyes, I saw Dillian smiling with his eyes folded. 


He looked really happy, standing up, his upper body bent laughing with his shoulder up and down.


‘He is making fun of me again? This bastxrd…!’


My face blushed. The red face was going to burst. 


“Your face, going to burst… Pfft.”


Dillian said while covering his mouth.  


“Don’t laugh! I said don’t laugh!”


I sprang up and hit Dillian on the shoulder with a cushion. 


Despite the dust, Dillian couldn’t stop laughing. 



“Ack! Really hate it!”


At the time I was angrily swinging the cushion recklessly, 


Tuk, my wrist was caught. 


“I like it tho.”


I lost my mind to his sly smile, which flew by unexpectedly. 


Throwing the cushion, I let out a long sigh. 


Actually I didn’t want to use this method…


“I got it. Let’s say we were married.”


An ambiguous affirmative raised a satisfied smile on Dillian’s face. 


“We’re divorce now.”


Though it soon disappeared without a trace.



“Then, as of today, we are strangers. Let’s live our own lives.”


I suddenly got the divorcee title, but there is nothing I can’t do if only I can send Dillian out.  


“What is the reason? I told you, you don’t have to mind it, if it’s because of our differences in status.”


That brat different status! How on earth did he come to develop such a delusion? 


“That is not because of the difference of status, we do not even love each other, it doesn’t make sense for us to live together.”


The two of us did not love each other. At those words, Dillian’s face hardened horribly. 


When he erased his smile, the atmosphere changed in an instant. 


Isn’t this the face of ‘Dillian Sinaize’ in the original?  


“… Perhaps it is just my one-sided love?”


I lost. It’s just the shell that was scary, the inside is like the heroine who just got her cheek slapped. 


“… Is there another option that doesn’t require us to love each other?” 


When I asked helplessly, Dillian put his hand on the chest. 


“My heart beats so fast like this, it can’t be not love.”

“… I’m going mad.”


Who’s the one who taught Dillian the definition of love!


I grabbed my forehead and reached my hand for the table. 


My inside is burning to death. 


I thought I’d feel better If I poured hot tea or whatever first.


There was a man who stopped my hand in search of a cup, and it was Dillian.  


Dillian, who quickly took the hot cup, held out another one.


“Here’s the cold water.”


This person, what’s really…


“Drinking hot tea will spoil your stomach.”

“Yes, it is…”


I’m tired of answering back. I drank the cold water without hesitation. 


“I thought Miss Ria had been acting strangely lately, so it’s because of that reason.”

“… Yes. We’re not married and we’ve been living together for only a little over a month. We’re strangers. Strangers.”


Finally we can talk. I explained everything about it. 


Dillian, who had been listening, nodded, finally he could understand. 


“… I loved you, I abandoned my household so I came all the way here just to find you. We didn’t hold the wedding ceremony but we have reported our marriage, right?”


Fuxx. I can’t do it anymore. I closed my eyes to Dillian’s brain filtering, which listened to whatever he wanted. 


Aah, what should I do with this man who is in a swamp of delusion. 


“We didn’t report the marriage…”

“Then, now let’s go reporting our marriage first.”  


I can’t help it. If I leave it like this, I don’t know what another novel he is going to write.  


‘Now that this is the case, take the bull by the horns* is the only answer.’

*To deal with a difficult situation in a very direct way or not to avoid the problem anymore. 


It was close to gambling, but Dillian’s misunderstandings became scarier. 


“I will tell you the truth.”


I closed my eyes and revealed the truth. 


“It is because of me that you lost your memory.”

“It’s because of Miss Ria?”

“I hit you in the head. You lost your memory because of the aftereffects. It’s all my responsibility, so I am taking care of Sir Dillian. I have no other ulterior motive.”

“… Miss Ria, you hit me in the head? You’ve been taking care of me because of that guilt?”


The voice above my head was as cold as ice.


‘Crap, looked like I failed.’


I hastened to defend myself. 


“Yes, but there is a story to that. Suddenly Sir Dillian, who was in Runaway state tried to attack me.”


After explaining step by step why such a situation occurred, I waited for his answer like a prisoner waiting for the death sentence. 


Dillian, who tried to eat me, made a mistake first, but it was true that I broke his head in the back, so I had no words to say. 


And in Dillian point of view, he might feel like he has been made a fool of.  


“I see. So this whole feeling is a fake. You are not my benefactor but my enemy.”

“To be enemy… But i treated your,”

“-you would say it like that.”  


The unfinished words were scattered in the air. At the dramatical change of atmosphere, my eyes grew. 


“I don’t believe what Miss Ria says anymore.”  

“Why? Why don’t you!”


I took the courage to say it but you treat me as a liar!


“It was quite plausible this time. But I’m not that halfwit to be fooled again. I’m sorry to hear that. It was a heartfelt defeat to take me off, but you failed in a good way.”


What is this bastxrd saying…


To get to this point, I laugh in pain. 


“… You, are you have a doubting sickness? Why can’t you believe what people say!”

“Well, I don’t have memories, so I don’t know.”


Haha, as I let out sigh, I facepalm. 


“Yeah, that damned memory. That memory is the problem.”


I slipped out of my seat and walked to the kitchen. 


“That why…?”

“It will be back if I beat you again.”


I held the frying fan high. At the same time, Dillian rose from his seat.


“Wait. Miss Ria. Don’t push yourself hard. Calm down.”

“It’s alright. I’ll send you in just one shot.”


One shot one kill. I’ll let you go without pain. 


I swung the frying pan like a person without tomorrow.


The sound of cutting through the wind was fierce. 


“Put your pretty back head here, please.”

“I would like to listen to everything Miss Ria say.”


Dillian snatched me on the wrist with a smiling face. For a moment, at my weakened hand, the frying pan fell. 


After taking it lightly, Dillian threw the frying pan on the sofa and wrapped his remaining hand around my wrist. 


Like flowing water, it was natural. 


“I have lost my memory, but I’m sure of this.” 


A firm arm wrapped around my waist pulled me in.


In Dillian’s arms, I shuddered at the tickling voice on my ear.


“That the place where I am is right next to you.”


A face which came just around the nose, clouded my eyes. 


“Even, if it is a one-sided love.”

“Cra, crazy.”

“You swear cutely too.”


Dillian’s eyes bent slightly. 


As I enchanted just as I looked at him, the door opened. 


“You, Dillian you brat! What kind of shameless act is this!”


Nathan who appeared late, shouted. 


When I thought this was the right time, I hurriedly out of Dillian’s arms. 


I ignored the gaze and walked to the room. 


Trying to hide the red face.




I slipped against the closed door and rubbed my ears. 


It was so hot and itchy that I couldn’t stand it. 




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  1. I hope he’s really embarrassed when he gets his memory back (but of course still loves her) 😂

  2. He’s probably going to grab that big mouth chicken and after explaining events will be KFC for lunch! 🤣😂🤣