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Come to think of it, the guy who said Dillian had a woman said something similar.


Dillian seems to be a different person. It is different from usual. It looked like a normal man, not a monster.


If the two say so, it is not just nonsense.


“Do a little more research on that part.”



Lexter, who sat on the window frame, smoothed his chin.


‘Dillian loses his memory?’


If that is true, this was an opportunity.


A chance to take Dillian out of his seat.


“Ha. Right. This is how it should be.”


If God existed, He wouldn’t let that cursed monster go out to the world, would He?


“Seems God is on my side. Dillian.”


Lexter, who was smiling while showing his teeth, opened his mouth to the shadow reflected on the wall.


“What are you going to do?”

“Of course I’ll go.”


A man abandoned by God and a woman cared by him as if his life.


The man with arrogant legs showed his teeth and laughed.






I have a dream. It was a strange dream that I had never experienced before.


I was running on the snow. With a hurried step in search of someone.


Running to the man buried in the snow, I pulled him up.


“Sir, Sir. Can you hear me?”


I hugged the icy man’s body and gave him warmth.


Then, the breath of life finally erupted from the bluish lips.


I closed my eyes with relief that I saved him, and when I opened it again, the scene was changed.


This time it was the bedroom.


I looked down at the man in a deep sleep.


It has already been three days since I brought a man who fell on the snow to the castle.


Nervous because the man did not open his eyes even though all his wounds were already treated, I put my hand together and prayed.


‘He is the main character from the oracle. I must never let him die.’


Did my sincere prayer reach God?




At last the man opened his eyes.


“Are you awake?”


The man was surprised by my close-up face and swallowed his breath.


When I realized that I was too close, I blushed in embarrassment.


“I’m sorry. I’m so happy… How are you feeling?”


“Are you feeling uncomfortable?”


He seemed wary of believing in the unfamiliar me.


“Who are you?”

“This is Arianne. I’m the owner of this castle.”

“The lord of Wilhelm?”



My heart smoothe down by the sight of him slowly loosening his guard.


That’s a relief. He looked healthy.


Relieved, I limped my stiff shoulders.


“I’m so glad you are safe.”

“Did you save me?”

“I’m the one who found you, but we saved you together.”


I spoke one by one the name of the butler who pulled the cart and the maids who helped to nurse him.


“Everyone is happy that you finally opened your eyes.”


I’m the one who’s the happiest tho.


When I showed such feelings throughout my body, the Sir who was panicked rose from his seat.


I grabbed him by the arm urgently.


“You will be in trouble if you suddenly move like that.”

“Thank you for your help. I’ll make sure to pay you.”

“Are you going to go?”

“Yeah. I should go.”


Shocked by his stubbornness, I pointed out to the window.


“It started snowing heavily yesterday. If you go out now, you will be buried in the snow.”


I could not see an inch ahead because of the pouring snow.


Whoosh- The sound of the wind was fierce.


“Then it might be, in the end, I will come and save you again.”


I passionately stopped him because I saw an obvious result as yesterday.


“The snow will stop soon. It will be a week at the longest, so why don’t you wait a little longer?”


If he still insists on going, whether I want it or not, I have to let him go, but I really wanted him to stay here.


It was because of a strong premonition that he should not be let out now.


‘I’m sure he’ll be in danger.’


I couldn’t stand the sight. I don’t know if it is anyone else, but for this person, I need to protect him.


He agonized over the blizzard for a long time and sat back on the bed.


“…I owe you for a while.”

“Please make yourself at home.”


Worried that he might go out, I quickly laid him down and put the bedding in order.


He looked inwardly perplexed.


“What is Sir’s name?”

“My name is…”






The time I opened my eyes, it was when the red sky was thick in the evening. 


I stared at the ceiling and swept my face down.


“I didn’t get to hear his name.”


Did he even say his name? He’s very wary though.


By the way, what dream is that?


I just want to dismiss it as a glimpsed dream created by my imagination, but the castle I saw in my dream was the old castle where Nathan was kidnapped.


And, the bedroom.


‘It was the place before I fainted.’


What’s going on?


That castle. Whether it was cursed or a ghost coming out there, from the time I heard its eerie rumor, I felt strange.


And the illusion from the prayer room too.


I can’t believe it, but the owner of the illusion I saw in the prayer room was similar to the woman from this dream.


‘I didn’t get possessed by something, right?’


My shoulder shaked, as I thought of the thing that was the most important, I got up.


“Nathan, what happened to Nathan?”

“What do you mean, of course it got home safely.”


I heard a longing voice behind my back. When I turned quickly, the face who welcomed me smiled softly.



“As you sleep so hard, I can’t wake you… keuk!”


I stretched out my arms and held Nathan. Then hugged it as hard as I could until it was struggling.


“Ri, Ria! I can’t breathe!”

“You! Next time don’t be like that! Do you know how surprised I am?”


Nathan’s struggle stopped at the weeping voice. It then spread its wings and gently swept down my eyes.


“I’m sorry, it’ll never happen again.”

“Let’s see, if you leave me alone again. I’m going to pull out all of your eyebrows.”


As I threatened it with terrifying eyes, Nathan hurriedly covered its eyebrows.


“You said something terrible! This is the symbol of my dignity.”

“Your nonsense is also something.”


I wonder when he came in, Dillian laughed at Nathan with crooked eyes.


“Sir Dillian!”


When our eyes met, the red eyes softened.


“How are you feeling?”

“I’m good, than that, what’s going on?”


What happened while I fainted? How did you save Nathan?


“You didn’t remember anything?”

“Yes. As I lose consciousness after that I don’t…”


As I was groping for my memory, I remembered the feeling that remained.


“I fell down and it hurt so much. But you know when you feel like you’re going to die, there is a time you suddenly feel comfortable?”


Is it because of Nathan? As I was nodding my head, I raised my eyes on the mirror at the table.


“What’s this?”


I felt the red mark with my hand. It doesn’t hurt or itch.


“Did I get bitten by something?”


As I turned my neck around and looked at it, an unfamiliar touch carefully swept over the mark.


“Sir Dillian?”

“Are you going to erase it?”

“… If it looks bad?”

“It doesn’t look bad at all.”


Dillian rubbed my neck for a long time. The heat gradually spread from the touched neck.


As he crouched his neck in a strange sense that slowly rose, Nathan flew in, screaming and squeezed Dillian’s hand.


“Ria, erase it now. You got bitten by a very disgusting bug!”

“How big is that bug, after being bitten to make it like this…”


It’s not good to overuse the divine power, but I still erased the marks on my neck which I didn’t want to show to others.


Dillian, who was staring at my neck that quickly became clean, hit Nathan roughly.


“Geez! I’m dying!”


Dillian, who ignored Nathan who was tingling on the bed, reached out to me.


“Let’s eat first.”

“I just woke up, so I’m not hungry.”


No appetite, just a glass of water was enough.


“Then would you like to come out for a moment? I think it is something that Miss Ria should see.”



Dillian looked rather serious and hurried out to the yard.


Soon after, an amazing sight unfolded before my eyes.


A large tent, a bonfire burning in front of it, and a golden brown chicken being grilled.


“What is all this?”


When did my front yard turn into a camping site?


“They broke in and occupied our yard, saying that they need to make sure that Miss Ria is awake.”

“Those guys? Occupied without permission?”


Dillian pointed his hand to one place.


As I shifted my eyes, I saw Kanae who was scooping the snow and Eldman who was chopping firewood.


No, why are you guys throwing out this normal house and becoming that homeless? I was amazed at the appearance of them being beggars.


“What’s wrong with them? Can’t they enter the house?”

“They can’t step in without the owner’s permission, so they occupy that area.”


What a joke. That is not my permission, instead it’s Dillian’s permission that is needed.


Despite my suspicious eyes, Dillian shamelessly shrugged his shoulders.


Nathan, who had not seen it, whispered.


“That’s all a lie. As soon as he saw those guys try to come into the house, his eyes were as if telling them to get out quickly.”

“It’s their fault for trying to sneak into the newlyweds’ house.”


The voice sounded so unfair that I almost fell for it.


‘I want to faint again…’


Suddenly, I sighed with dizziness and put my hand on my forehead then asked the whereabouts of the invisible man.


“What about Sir Harris?”

“He went to the village to take Claude to a safe place.”


Maybe it was not because of Claude, but because he was tired of Dillian’s attitude, he went back to his inn.


Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m relieved if he really protects Claude.


“Madam! You are awake!”

“I’m not Madam.”


Isn’t he the one with a genuine face? Now I’m even tired of correcting it.


I shook my head as I looked at Ludo’s red nose.


“Madam! How are you feeling?”


All the knights scattered here and there rushed to come closer at Ludo’s loud voice.


“Ma, no. Miss. Are you all right?”


These people, obviously, were gonna call me Madam.


How deep my existence… No, I didn’t want to know.


“… What are you guys doing in this cold? Come on in.”

“No. Here is enough for us.”


What do you mean enough, everyone looks like they are going to freeze to death.


“It is small, but it will be better than a tent.”


I pulled the arm of the nearest Kanae.


“Miss Ria. What if we send those guys home?”


I see. I guess you wanted me to kick out the Knights of Shaten while you keep living here, you thought I’d listen?


“Do I look like a person without a heart? Sir Dillian. Open the door.”


I’m not a bad person enough to pretend not to know the benefactor who stepped up to save Nathan.



“… Yeah. I can’t beat you.”


Dillian shook his head and burst out laughing, then opened the door.


The knight’s mouth slowly opened when they saw their lord cannot refuse my word.


“What are you guys doing, come in.”


Because even though the door was open, they still took a hint of Dillian, so I raised my voice.


“If you don’t get in fast, I will close the door!”


No matter how loyal they were, they did not want to be outside in below zero weather, so they came to the house.




There were exclamations here and there.


After I threw clothes and blankets at them who had blue lips, I sat on the sofa and asked a question in earnest.


“Now, please tell me. What is going on?”


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  1. This arc was a big miss unfortunately the flaws were glaring in this arc hopefully the remainder will improve I want to know what happens.

  2. Leap in logic… Amnesia was guessed from a very vague implausible reason?…like huh?

    1. That’s what I thought, guessing he lost his memory just because he changed is kind of unthinkable