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I looked at the two bickering.


It was a familiar sight now.


I closed my eyes, relieved by the routine I finally found.






The two who were fighting stopped their actions at the sound of even breathing overhead.


Ria fell asleep. It was time for a ceasefire.


Nathan, who scratched Dillian’s arm, went back to its place and looked at Ria’s swollen eyes.


“Did she cry a lot?”

“She cried a lot. To the point I got jealous.”


Nathan’s eyes distorted to a throbbing heart.


I promised to save and protect her, but I eventually made Ria sick.


‘I’m sorry.’


Nathan, who was stroking Ria’s forehead with its small wings, felt the gaze toward its child and opened its mouth.


“I didn’t like you.”

“Why’re you suddenly cursing?”

“Maybe I’ll never be able to like you.”


As always.


Nathan turned and made eye contact with Dillian.


“Still, I’m glad that you were here.”


“Thanks. For being by her side.”

“There’s no reason for me to hear your greeting. I did it because I wanted to.”


It wasn’t for anyone.


It was for Ria, at the same time it was for himself.


I wanted to soothe her crying by wrapped around her thin shoulders and locked her in my arms.


“Nathan, you once told me.”


This heart beating, dizzying mind, and suffocating breath emotional identity is, 


“This is love.”


The deep unending eyes, with apparent affection in them.


Where the eyes were headed was not anyone else, but Ria.


“Yeah, you were right.”


Dillian smiled softly.


This feeling can’t be fake. With Dillian’s eyes which were shouting like that, Nathan asked carefully.


“… Don’t tell me, the one you asked then is about you?”


Dillian smiled in silence.


Silence means positive. Nathan is appalled.


‘I, seems like I pushed our Ria into the tiger’s mouth!’


Only then did Dillian’s behavior begin to be understandable one by one.


I said it’s love, I mistook anger for love.


I’m not able to fix it anymore.


‘Ria… I’m sorry…’


It was an apologetic word that would never reach Ria who is sleeping.


‘Ria, what should I do?’


That obviously is the face of a man who is in love.


It could not help but know. Nathan knew that face well.


It was a familiar face, a familiar look, and gesture.


“What are you looking at?”


I’ve never seen that yellow sprout* kind of guy.

*Don’t have any manner or behavior.


I can’t believe I sent this guy to Ria’s side. It was all its own fault.


“You’re very consistent. If it’s a skill to be this rude, it’s a skill then.”


Despite Nathan’s malicious remark, Dillian’s gaze never leaves Ria.


If I look at that more, I will be more upset.




Nathan, who was sighing, rose up.


It happened because of its mistake, but there was no risk that Dillian would harm Ria.


It can assure this. To the extent it is ready to bet its cool eyebrows.


He is a guy who will never do anything Ria doesn’t like.


“I’ll go for a little night walk.”

“Up to you.”

“If you touch Lia while I’m away for a while.”


Nathan’s eyes shone sharply in the dark.


“I’ll pluck your hair out and make you bald.”


If you’re bald, Ria will turn away from your good look!


Nathan, who left a curse-like word, went out of the window.






Nathan’s remorse attack unfortunately did not affect Dillian for a bit.


“You are sleeping well.”


All Dillian’s nerves were directed at Ria.


A pure beauty that everyone will look back on at least once.


It was the face he saw every day, but it looked especially pretty today.


Round forehead, neat eyebrows, eyes with a lake hidden inside the eyelids, a tall nose, a fine chin, and red lips.


Ria is beautiful, and everything about her is lovely.


Dillian touched Ria’s hair, which was in lighter color, and engraved everything in his eyes.


As if to imprint on his eyes.




What was uncomfortable, Ria tossed and turned then rolled up the blanket.


The body that doesn’t move according to its will may be annoyed, and the eyebrows crumpled.


Dillian gently rubbed Ria’s forehead with his index finger.


“It was like this back then too.”


Dillian recalled the moment he opened his eyes in this house.


The moment he forgot everything and became a fool.


In the midst of all the confusion, he is distracted by Ria.


Why did I notice you sleeping uncomfortably leaning on the chair?


When I looked at it, I felt stuffy and dark as if something were on my chest.


So I reached out without realizing it.


I want to straighten out her neck. I wanted to smooth out the wrinkled brows.


Ria is the first person to make me feel this way. 


“You’ve always been an exception.”


There was no emotion but Ria.


To exaggerate it a little, like the stone in the road, it was common and meaningless.


‘Dillian, you’re mistaken. It’s like, a duck waking up from its egg considering the first person it sees as its mother.’


Harris dissuaded himself, saying it was just a temporary imprint. He said it was a feeling he’d forget once his memories came back.


‘Right, if it’s imprinted then it’s an imprint.’


An imprint that will not disappear until death, contrary to Harris’s wishes.


Dillian buried his face on Ria’s wrist.


As the nose blade brushed against the wrist, Lia’s scent deepened.


Dillian took his breath away.


Then, a refreshing scent that filled the room penetrated deep into the body.


His heart, which had been empty all along, became heavy.


‘Is this also related to Ria’s divine power?’


Do all people with divine power originally smell like this?


“It’s strange. Why is it only you who’s okay?”


Harris said divine power is no different from poison.


But Ria’s divine power was warm and cozy.


Being around her makes him feel at ease and a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment surrounds him.


Dillian was addicted to this fascinating scent and couldn’t leave Ria’s side.


‘Don’t miss it. If you miss it, you’ll regret it forever. There’s never a second chance.’


His instinct warned fiercely.


So he endured it. Even if she says they are not a couple, he pretends not to hear, and when she tries to send him back somehow, he pretends not to hear until the end.


Who knows if they can become a real couple if they keep living together?


And finally, the moment Ria comes to his arm herself.


Dillian realized that the reason why he was obsessed with Ria was not just because of the scent.


A bursting-like heart. An insufferable sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.


At the same time, he felt ugly jealousy.


‘It’s annoying when I think about it again. I should have pulled out some of that owl’s fur.’


He knows it’s inevitable.


Because Ria doesn’t like him.


There may be favor and good feelings developed, but there is no more emotion.


It could not develop a relationship more than a patient and its healer.


However, something began to change today.


‘Sir Dillian doesn’t need to apologize because it’s not you who is in the wrong.’


‘You are also the victim, so why should I be angry?’


Ria was angry and took his side.


It was unimaginable even for Dillian.


If it were him, he would relentlessly throw away the one who got involved.


‘… All I could think of was you.’


At that moment, the heart stopped. The face that is smiling for him, friendly eyes, the warmth that touched the back of his hand.


Dillian finally noticed.


What was the emotion that he felt every time he saw Ria?


It wasn’t because of her scent.


The beginning may have been, but not now.


“Miss Ria, there is only one thing that I want.”


Going back to our house together.


“It’s a relief, right? Because you want me back home too.”


Dillian realized this.


The more wealth, the greater the power, the better.


The greater his authority, the more secure she can be.


“I will give you wealth and power.”

“I will give you all glory.”

“I will give you the world.”


Dillian threw up his mind again and again.


“So, come with me.”


Dillian kissed Ria on the back of her hand. Instead of the kiss of victory.




Dillian raised his eyes in her sleep talk, which came out like a positive answer, and burst into laughter inside.


“You answered.”


“I’d like to be with Miss Ria forever.”


“Miss Ria agreed too, right?”



At the perfect timing, he burst into laughter once again.


“You have to say ‘hm’ at times like this.”


“You say no until the end. How hateful.”


Dillian pinched Ria’s nose painlessly.


Ria, who felt something bothering her face turned her body completely because she was too lazy to touch her face.


Dillian looked at Lia’s back and laughed.


Seems like Ria has the world even if she can’t remember her sleep talks.


“I like you.”


Dillian whispered several times in her ear.


“Maybe I, from the moment I saw you, was captivated by you.”


He handed over her disheveled hair carefully then whispered and whispered again.


He hopes his heart will reach her someday.






“This rascal. He didn’t even listen to me.”

“You hold it. How can you stop a brat who’s personality usually like that?”

“If I hold it, what if that brat eats up our Ria?”

“Nathan, you’re too worried. Is Ria the one who can easily be eaten?”

“That’s true, but…”


Nathan, who was sitting on an old tree in the yard and talking with the sparrow, raised its head and looked at the sky.


The big full moon lit up the world.


Mikha, a new bird in the form of a sparrow, asked.


“Why? Does it remind you of the past?”

“I always think about the past.”


The first day I met Ria was also a beautiful night like this.


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