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Nathan doesn’t even remember sunce when, it has been waiting for a long time only for one person.


It waited, shaking off all the hands of its colleagues to go together.


A child who will wake it up from a deep sleep, 


A year, ten years, a hundred years…


It was a wait without promise, but Nathan was not impatient.


It believes that it will wake up.


And finally, the child came to it.


“… Why’s this so complicated?”


The dull voice slowly awakened the spirit that had drifted away.


A light shone in the dark world.


‘It’s finally here!’


She’s finally here to keep the promise!


“Hook, I almost got in trouble.”


Nathan flew up with all its might at the longing voice.


“It is nice to meet you. My name is Nathan. Are you the one who woke me up?”

“… It’s not?”

“Your hand touches the holy object though…?”


Then Ria quickly puts the holy object back and pretends to be innocent.


“I’m not tho?”


Nathan was happy to meet Ria, but unfortunately she had no intention of waking it up.


She just accidentally touched it while running away at night. But that was enough.


“Obviously, you are the one who call… Contractor?”


But Ria had already left.


How does it feel when you are abandoned alone without anyone?


“I got dumped…”


Nathan was in despair, it, who was solemn and serious, also never gave in to anything.


“There’s no time for this.”


 Nathan quickly came to its senses and chased after Ria.


The little one was so fast that she was already about to leave the temple.


Nathan cleared the area so that Ria would not be seen by the priests.


“… It’s this easy?”


Ria, who did not know the truth, said that as she was relieved.


So glad to see the face that softened, it felt like crying.


Nathan settled on Ria’s shoulder.


It was in the restaurant outside the temple, half an hour later, that Ria finally realized its existence.


“Miss, the owl is so calm. Can I touch it?”

“What? Owl? What are you talk… Hook, fuxx what the!”


Ria freaked out when she saw Nathan hanging on her shoulder.


“You, how can you follow me all the way here! Go away! Get off of my shoulder!”


Ria shook her shoulder hard and pushed Nathan away, but it stood firm.


And doing an introduction that has been prepared for a long time.


“Let me introduce myself again. My name is Nathan. I’m your guardian deity.”

“What the, what a crazy owl.”


And was brutally abandoned.


“Got dumped again…”


I didn’t expect to be abandoned twice.


Unlike its sullen face, Nathan still chased after Ria.


“Contractor! Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“Go away!”

“Don’t abandon me!”

“I hate it! Guardian deity or what, that word, just say it to the female lead!”


Nathan, who was chasing after Ria, looked up.


“What is a female lead? I don’t know what that is, but I’m truly your guardian!”




The chase that was endless, ended with the tired Ria collapsing.


Nathan sat in front of Ria who was breathing and waited for her to calm down.


“… Why are you doing this to me?”

“You woke me up.”

“Right, I did touch the holy object. But it was a mistake!”

“It doesn’t matter if it is a mistake or not. Since you woke me up, you are my master.”

“Why is it me…”


Ria in despair. She curled up and lowered her head down.


Nathan approached Ria with a bitter smile.


It waited for her every day, but the child thought it was not its child.


“I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time.”


Nathan stroked Ria’s sullen head.




Ria looked up at its call.


“You even know my name. Does a guardian deity know that?”

“I told you, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. I know everything about you.”

“Are you a stalker?”

“It’s a guardian deity!”


Ria burst into laughter. Only then was Nathan able to laugh.


“Ria, wherever you go, wherever you are, I will always be with you.”


Nathan instilled confidence in an anxious Ria.


“Because I’m your guardian deity.”

“My one and only guardian deity?”

“Yeah, your one and only guardian deity.”

“… No matter how much I think about it, you should go to someone else, not me. Isn’t a guardian deity supposed to be around someone who is loved by everyone?”

“So I came to you.”


Nathan was able to affirm. You are a beloved being.


But Ria, aware of Aina’s existence, shook her head.


“It’s not. There’s someone else who’s loved.”


If I were loved, I wouldn’t have lived a fly-by-night* life.

*Run away under cover of night.


“If it’s hard to believe, let’s say I’ve loved you.”

“Then, you’ll always be with me? Even if someone else shows up?”

“Right. I will always be by your side no matter who comes.”


Ria stared Nathan in the eyes. As if to obscure the true meaning of its word.


Soon, slowly reach her hand out.


“You promised me.”

“I promised. I swear on my name, which God gave me.”


So, like then, to be her family again.






“You’re a damn lucky one.”

“I know. I was the lucky one.”

“You endured and endured, I didn’t know you’d really succeed.”


At its unrivaled grit, Mikha clicked its tongue.


“But Nathan. You know that you can’t hide anymore, right?”

“I’ll be back soon.”

“Well thought. The test has begun.”

“… Did it show up?”

“It is. It has turned the capital to be uncontrollable.”


As Mikha replied with a sigh, Nathan’s eyes froze cold.


“… I see. I’ll be right back.”


Harris caught me anyway, and it was time to go back.


Pat, pat.


The stepping sound can be heard on the snow in the distance.


“Well, he’ll be noisy when he sees me, so I’ll go first.”


Mikha, who hid itself in the dark, fluttered and disappeared.


And Harris who appeared slowly afterwards, opened his mouth as he watched the flying bird.


“Just now, isn’t that Mikha-nim?”

“Looks like it’s no use for Mikha to run away.”


Nathan smiled slowly at Mikha, who disappeared as a dot.


“I wasn’t able to greet you properly before because I was in a hurry. I am Harris Trishio, the leader of the Holy Knights.”


Harris bowed his head at Nathan.


“Everyone was surprised that Nathan-nim suddenly disappeared.”

“Why’re you surprised, you must know that I have awakened when I disappear?”


Nathan talked down, but it wasn’t something to be taken lightly.


Nathan was the only one of the five divine creatures who didn’t wake up.


Since such a presence suddenly disappeared, it was natural for the temple to turn upside down.


“For you to find me in the night, are you curious about something?”

“… Is Miss Ria the long awaited person who has been waited by Nathan-nim?”


Unlike the other divine creatures, who opened their eyes on their own or woke up in search of a contractor, Nathan waited for only one person.


Only that child can wake him up, and if it is not that child, it will not open its eyes even if the world is destroyed.


Such Nathan opened its eyes. This was a very important matter.


“You know everything, why are you asking?”

“What is Miss Ria’s identity?”

“What do you think?”

“… The one who is loved by the world.”


The energy that flows from her is different from that of others.


It was different from the priest in general, even from the High Priest too.


The spirit of the world was flowing around Ria.


And conclusively, Ria’s divine power can reach Dillian.


‘She’s definitely not an ordinary person.’


Nathan folded its eyes and laughed, as if saying that is the answer.


“Yeah, she is the beloved child. That’s all.”


At the end of the sentence, Nathan’s mouth was no longer opened.


But Harris did not give up.


“Perhaps, is it Miss Ria who put Dillian’s Runaway to calm?”


Nathan just smiled without saying a word. That alone was a sufficient answer.


“How is that possible?”


The cruel curse, that even the High Priest could not put a hand on it, has tortured Dillian for the rest of his life.


If there is a way to break the curse. No, if there is a way to calm the curse…!


“Didn’t you say it yourself. Because Ria is loved by the world.”


Nathan smiled quietly despite Harris’s not understandable expression.


As if that is the only reason.


“More than that, a Saintess appeared.”

“… Yes, appeared as the prophecy says.”


[In the 732th year of the Empire, in a lake of an abandoned land of Helua awakens, a woman that purified the land will save the world.]


And this year, the 732th year of the Empire. In the abandoned land of Helua that was purified, a woman appeared.


Everything was as the prophecy says. It was a perfect appearance without a doubt.


So it was even weirder.


It is obvious that she is the Saintess, but she never stepped into the Great Temple for once.


She also didn’t meet with the High Priest.


“The first person to find the Saintess is the Crown Prince. And the Saintess is hiding herself in the shadow of the imperial family and is not showing up.”


As a result, there was no way to confirm how much power she had and whether it was real.


‘What if the power of the Saintess goes to the royal family?’


So he has to take Nathan, who has the power to match the Saintess. At all costs.


“Nathan-nim, are you sure you are not coming back? Aaron-nim is waiting anxiously.”


“Well, while he’s waiting tell him to wait more.”

“… It is time to visit him in person.”

“He’s still young, to see that he doesn’t know the virtue of waiting.”


It is the only one who can say he is young to the High Priest who is over 200 years old.


Nathan, who saw Harris’s stunned face, said with a gentle smile.


“Don’t worry. I’ll be right back.”


Nathan looked at the room where Ria was sleeping.


“All of this, going according to a reason.”


Nathan closed its eyes to the two energies mingled together in the room.


Yes, everything is in order. It was flowing according to destiny.


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  1. This chapter was good 👍 😊 nice , honestly the holy Knight should be lying prone before Nathan.. the saint is probably fake.