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The Groot-like* monster swung its arm with a strange sound.

*Groot is a fictional character that appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy movie.


Dillian, who quickly cuts the monster’s arms, lowering his eyes in awkwardness wondering his coolness.


“This isn’t that good, right?”

“Are you still able to talk?”


I  swung a hoe while I shouted.


“Kki, kkikik, kkikiikik.”

“Shut up.”


I smacked the drooling face of the monster that has a creepy smile with the hoe.


‘I should’ve bought a bow when I went down to the village tho!’


Forgotten that Nathan was kidnapped.


“So dirty!”


I shook off the hoe with an irritated touch.


“You are good.”

“It’s loud!”


It’s embarrassing if you can’t do this much.


I have tried so hard to survive in this tough world. At least I need to protect myself.


After beating the monster who ran for so long, I shouted sharply at Dillian.


“What are you looking at? Hurry up and break up its head first!”


Why are you just staring blankly when another person’s fighting to death?


“Hm, looking at Miss Ria’s appearance at the fight reminds me of something.”

“… Don’t remember.”


I changed the position of the hoe that was beating the monster’s and hit it in the head.


But there was no end to defeat.


This was because new branches were born from the broken branches of the monster, and it kept increasing.


At first, I broke it down without knowing what it was, and now it was too much to handle.


‘I’m going to die at this rate.’


Dillian can last but I’m getting to the limit. Then I shout to Dillian.


“Sir Dillian, let’s avoid it first!”

“You don’t have to.”


Dillian, who quickly pressed in front of the monster, pierced its hard armor-like chest.




A sharp sword pierced the monster’s heart.


Then, the branch that was swinging like a whip broke into pieces and its large body collapsed.


Along with the other self from the side branch of the monster.


“How did you do that?”

“I destroyed its core.”

“I told him.”

“Nathan, you are?”


Nathan, who landed on Dillian’s shoulder, nodded.


After have so much bickering, they get along at times like this.


“But how did a monster come all the way here?”


I definitely came while avoiding dangerous areas.


“I broke the monster’s arm.”



Broke what?


“A tree branch that is good for decorating the snowman. It was there, I broke it and it was the monster’s arm.”


So then, it means the monster who stayed still then gets its arm pulled out was the cause.


Mister, you sure you are the mastermind? Are you really the final boss, that’s too sloppy.


Or are you living with an arrogant attitude because you are the mastermind?


A sigh rose to the end of my neck and my head throbbed.


“Sir Dillian, can you just go back now?”

“That would be difficult.”



You are so stubborn for someone who made a big accident.


I crumpled my eyes irritatingly and turned my head to Dillian’s subdued face.


“What on earth are you looking at…”


Something rose from the top of the mountain.


Looks just like a golem.


“… What is that?”

“A Spirit?”


I turned my head towards Nathan.


“A Spirit?”

“Yeah, it’s the Spirit of this mountain.”


… Isn’t a Spirit a mysterious and beautiful being? The Spirit I know is something like that… That, isn’t that a monster?


Between the coal-black bodies, red water like lava poured in.


“Dillian touched its land thoughtlessly, so it was really mad.”


Yeah, I know even if you didn’t tell me. I know it wants to kill us since it is burning to the top of its head.


“Let’s run.”


At that moment, something screamed that was not a human language.




Even when I covered my ears with both hands, the sound was penetrating sharply.


Veeee- When my eyes frowned at the sound ringing in my ears, Dillian suddenly lifted and carried me.


“Sir Dillian.”

“Hold tight.”


Dillian ran swiftly down the mountain. Next to him Nathan caught up quickly.


I, who half peeked on Dillian’s shoulder, could not close my mouth at the sight before my eyes.




From the top of the mountain, the snow was swept down.


As if to bury us, a fly in the ointment* of this mountain.

*A South Korean saying means something that irritates or causes harm.






The ground rang in the avalanche. The snow fluttered wildly, swallowed everything around and rushed toward us.


I patted Dillian on the shoulder.


“Run, run!”


Even if I did not rebuke him, Dillian was running hard.


Nevertheless, humans cannot beat the power of nature, so the snow that comes over like waves is getting closer.


I, who became pale, let out a shrill cry.


“More, more faster! Faster!!”


Swallowing breath in fear, I pulled Dillian’s hair, which was closest to me.


“Run! Dillian!”

“Miss Ria, it hurts.”

“I think I’m going to die of a heart attack!”

“That’s a problem. We haven’t officially had a ceremony yet.”

“That’s why! We have to live first, so run faster!”

“If we survive, will you do it?”


If I said I wouldn’t do it, he really was going to stop in place. The slowed Dillian’s leg is the evidence.


“Are you crazy?”

“I’m perfectly normal tho.”


I tore his hair out and shouted.


“I’ll do it! I’ll do it for you! So run!”

“You promised.”


Dillian is really crazy. Even looking at him doing a side roll, he was really crazy.


Otherwise, can I laugh while saying such crazy things?


Tremble can be felt at the heart that came in contact.


I hit Dillian in the head.


“This crazy man! What if we die!”

“We can’t. We have to survive and get married.”


Dillian laughed and jumped straight down the cliff-like slope of the rock.


I couldn’t even scream and just hugged Dillian around the neck.


My heart rattled as if I were riding a roller coaster.


“Shh, it’s okay.”


Dillian, who landed safely with his knee bent, patted me gently on the back.


‘Crazy, is this really a human’s physical ability?’


Looking at the terrible snow falling down the clift, I asked urgently.


“Nathan! Can I stop it with divine power?”

“No, you can’t. This is the land of the Spirit. The difference in power is huge. And that guy is cursed. It’s not going to be easy.”


It means that if you fight an opponent in its homeground, you will only face defeat.


Even became blackened. It was crazy and nuts.


In this situation, all I could do was to constantly restore Dillian’s strength, so that he wouldn’t get tired.


“Miss Ria, I’m fine.”

“Shut up and just run. If Sir Dillian dies, I will die too.”


I don’t want to be buried together!


As I constantly poured divine power on Dillian, I was frozen by the blade passing by my cheek.


My cheeks were burning and bleeding.


After finishing the cure by touching my cheek lightly, I turned my head to the place where the arrow flew.


That, the snowman with toddling step must be…




“No, not you… Little Nathan is coming to kill us!”


“It even makes weird noises!”


The real Nathan, who saw the little Nathan, burst into rage.


“Dillian, why did you make me!”

“I wouldn’t have thought it’d be like that.”


It was cute to see it walking on its short legs, but the snow arrows that flew indiscriminately were not cute at all.


Nathan blocked the arrow with a screen.


I swallowed my saliva at another snowman that appeared next to me.


“Sir Dillian…”


It ran from both sides, the snowman of Dillian and I.


“Really, you made it, to be elaborate.”


I didn’t expect him to create such work in a short time.


With both admiration and dislike, I blocked the flying attack.


“Miss Ria, I’m going to destroy that.”

“Will it be okay?”

“Probably. It’s snow after all. So hold on tight.”


Dillian, who ran fast, swung his long leg.




The Dillian snowman head flew away.


The next target was me.


“I am sorry. Miss Ria.”


Dillian apologized by kicking my snowman in the stomach.


“Why are you apologizing! That is not me!”

“But still it’s kind of hard for me to destroy it. It has Mis Ria’s face.”


Having said that, the Nathan’s one was crushed relentlessly.


Little Nathan was also crushed by Dillian’s feet.


“Dillian, you punk! How dare you!”


Do you have a grudge against Nathan? The broken snowman was pitiful.


“Why’re you angry? It was an act to protect Miss Ria, you don’t make me feel good.”


Dillian’s mouth was as good as his crazy physical abilities.


Nathan, who could not find anything to refute, snorted.


“Lia! I really hate him!”

“It’s sync. I don’t like you either.”


Dillian, who scratched Nathan’s insides, quickly ran down the mountain, breaking several other attacks.


At the time when it seemed to be avoiding it safely, Dillian stopped in a hurry.


“Why, why are you stopping?”

“There is no more way.”


When I turned my head, I saw a strong waterfall pouring down. With the dizzily height twirled before my eyes.


“Hold my neck tight, and hold your breath.”

“What, what are you going to do?”

“What do you think, we have to jump.”


As soon as the talk was finished, Dillian threw himself down the waterfall.


I couldn’t even scream and curled up on Dillian’s neck.




The body that drenched deep in the water rose up at once.




With my head out of the water, I breathed out. The teeth gritted at the steep drop in temperature.


Strange. I couldn’t hear the voice of someone trying to find me.


“Sir Dillian?”

“Ria! Dillian has sunk!”



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