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No way, he can’t swim? Inhaling hurriedly, I went underwater. 


‘Over there.’


Finding a floating Dillian in the dark blue water, I put my arms under his armpits and swam up.



“How can you jump into the water when you can’t even swim! You almost died!”


Suppressing my heart as if it was going to explode, I patted Dillian on the back as he vomited water.


“Shh, breathe slowly.”


I gently brushed my patting hand and waited for Dillian’s breath to return.


“Are you okay? Look at me.”


I grabbed Dillian’s cheeks, which squeaked like it was broken.


Surprised by the sudden warmth, Dillian tried to turn his head.



“You don’t look good.”


Perhaps surprised, Dillian’s face was pale as a sheet of paper.


“Did you get hit by something? Are you hurt?”


He seemed in bad shape as if he had been injured somewhere.


‘He even tries not to make eye contact.’


I wrapped Dillian’s cheeks around his face.


Whenever my eyes met his, it was obvious that he looked at a loss.


“Sir Dillian?”


He kept stuttering like a person that gets buffering.


Was he shocked that he couldn’t swim or did his head get hit somewhere?


Whatever the reason, I was worried about Dillian who could not come to his senses.


I, rubbing his back, raised my head.


Fortunately, it was quiet because the influence of the Spirit could not reach until here.


However, I don’t know when it will come back to catch us.


“First of all, let’s get out of here.”


I raised Dillian, who was still out of his mind.


I put his stretched arm on my shoulder, hugged his waist, and moved into the forest.


It was so hard to death to support the clothes full of water and the exhausted Dillian.


“Ria! Come here!”


There was a big rock that had room enough for people. It was cramped, but it was a place that could prevent the cold even a little.


Having Dillian seated there, I twisted my clothes and squeezed out the water.


“I should dry my clothes first.”


If you walk around wet in sub-zero weather, you will likely get frostbite and die.


Leaving Dillian behind, who became a patient, I gathered scattered branches around me.


Then Nathan set a fire to the firewood I had built.


The sound of the burning wood came from the silent. I watched Dillian staring blankly at the burning fire.


Indeed, the current Dillian was so strange.


‘It’s not like the usual.’


Though it is a time for him now to talk rubbish, such as to raise his body temperature I need to come to his arms, he was too calm and quiet.


So it was even scarier. I thought something was wrong.


Recognizing my persistent gaze, Dillian raised his head.


“Sir Dillian?”

“Nothin, it’s nothing.”


He said it’s nothing, but I did not believe it.


‘He’s out of his mind? Is he really fine?’


Worried, I reached out my hand to his forehead, surprised, Dillian flinched and moved back.


“Ah, I’m sorry.”


Having to pull back my hand in a hurry, I covered the trembled hand with my other hand.


Maybe it is because it’s the first time Dillian has avoided me. I feel strange.


‘It’s a bit, disappointing.’


I was worried so I tried to look into him, but there’s no need to avoid it so openly.


I felt down without realizing it.


‘Don’t, get yourself together.’


I slapped my cheek, then got up.


Thanks to the blazing fire, the clothes were drying fastly, but firewood was being consumed quickly.


“I will collect more firewood.”

“Ria, let’s go together.”


I shook my head at Nathan who landed on my shoulder.


“You stay still next to Sir Dillian’s side. I think his condition is a bit weird. I think something will happen if he is left alone.”


In my words, Nathan pays attention to Dillian. Even for it, Dillian seemed very strange, so it reluctantly nodded.


“Don’t go too far.”

“Yup. I’ll be right back.”


As opposed to Nathan, who went back to Dillian’s side, I went into the forest and picked a branch that fell on the ground in my arms.


“Ha, really what’s wrong with him?”


Dillian’s change in attitude really bothered me as if a small thorn had been stuck in my fingertip.


“Scolded for not being good at swimming…? He’s not the kind person who would be hurt by that tho.”


Let’s go back and ask him directly. If he still avoids me, I just have to cling on to him, yeah.


When I was mumbling to myself while collecting firewood.


I heard a murmur of something approaching from behind.


“Are you okay now?”


I raised my head with a confident voice and soon hardened my face.


It wasn’t Dillian who welcomed me, it was the wooden monster.


Right, the Groot-like guys.


Before I could escape, a branch that stretched out, caught my wrist.


“Let go of me! Nathan! Dillian! Hmpt!”


When I screamed, the monster blocked my lips.


“Hmpt! Hmmpt! Hmpt!”



Step, step, a pair of approaching monsters grabbed my arms and turned it to my back.


Wait, this isn’t right!


This posture, in which the wrist was restrained, was obviously an arrested position.


If you’re going to take me, just take me normally! Don’t make me like a criminal!


However the monsters who didn’t know my mind dragged me like a load.






Dillian felt as if he had fallen from high ground.


The feeling of being dragged down endlessly was not a very good experience.


The ice-cold water, the shock he received as he hit the water, made his body throb.


At that moment, a strange memory came to his mind.


‘Your Grace! It’s an attack!’

‘Ugh, what a coward! They use this kind of dirty trick!’

‘Your Grace! We will take over. First, please hide!’

‘Your Grace, I am sorry!’


He didn’t, no, he knew the memories that came to his mind better than anyone else.


Zap, numerous scenes exploded like firecrackers, flying in the head like sparks.


Finally, the heart of the dragon that he found, the assassins who attacked him, and Kanae, who forced him to move his injured self.




‘Please calm down. I’m not hurting you. I will heal your wound.’


Ria’s blurred face.


The ringing sound crossed in his ears as if it had swallowed the water.


‘Hey! Dillian! Wake up! I say wake up! Hey!’


As if covered with ice water, a sense of the whole body arose.


Huk- Dillian took a breath, forgetting where he was. The body gradually sank on the water.


If Ria had not rescued him, he would have sunk.


After a while, his closed eyes flashed open. His head kept stuttering at the shock from someone hitting his head.


No, I actually got hit on the head.


‘I’m speechless.’


I lost my nerve. I was dumbfounded. He was overwhelmed with emotions that he couldn’t express in words.


‘What have I done…’


Dillian raised his hand and swept down his grim face.


‘It is because of me that you lost your memory.’

‘I hit you in the head. I smashed it like breaking pottery.’ 


Whenever I used the title of wife, Ria, who was frightened and desperately refused, came to mind.


She did not tell a lie.


She only told the truth.


But I’m …


‘When I see you, my heart pounded scarily, my head hurts like it’s going to burst, and my mind feels dizzy. If this is not love, then what?’


What’s love, it was my broken head.




Dillian crumpled his eyes and leaned back.


‘… I want to die. Love? Destiny? I’m crazy.’


From the moment I lost my memory, every memory that returned so far was forcibly regenerated.


Even though I want to forget it, it can’t be forgotten.


Dillian’s handsome face distorted when he remembered the brutality he had committed.


‘… a shameful thing.’


Dillian sighed and washed his face dry.


Not only to Ria, but also his subordinates and Harris, he showed his disgraceful self, at that thought, he punched the tree without realizing it.




“No, are you crazy? What’s wrong with you?”


Dillian glared coldly at the babbling owl next to him.


“Why again, you glared at me again!”



That crazy owl did not even blink an eye at his glared eyes, flew away saying it was strange that Ria Delice still didn’t come back.


Let’s ignore it. This is not the point.


This was just a stain on my life.


Is this the feeling of wanting to disappear into dust? I wanted to erase my existence from people’s heads.


‘First of all, I need to get rid of Ria Delice who smashed my head…’


Dillian touched around his eyes. At the place that Ria stroked.


Dillian, who belatedly recognized the fact, hit his hand in surprise.


“… Crazy.”


The unconsciousness is this scary.


Dillian rolled up his lost hand and clenched his fist.


A month. For that meantime, Ria Delice came too deep into him without permission.


‘As expected, I have to get rid of it.’


When he was thinking how to how to get rid of Ria,


“Dillian! Ria is gone!”


Dillian sprang to his feet at Nathan’s urgent voice.


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  1. You’re the one who promised it and now you want to get rid if her? Crazy son of a dog!!!

  2. She denyed getting close to u. U were the clingy one. If he does anything stupid i am gonna help nathan in making him bald tgen take ria away