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Less than 10 minutes after I vowed that I would never fall for Dillian, I was swept away again, so I hurriedly raised my hands and covered his mouth.


Dillian’s eyes opened wide when he got stuck right in front of his nose.


“What a waste.”


The eyes I encountered curled like a fox.






– Ria this unnie will save you soon!

– Sinaize, you damn fox! If you touch Ria’s body! That time you’ll die and I’ll live!


Looking at the red eyes that were still glistening under her nose, Ria said.


“Sir Dillian, May is angry.”

“Yes, I can tell from her voice.”


I can hear her well. The rabid dog’s roar.


‘I didn’t know I’d see the magic tower’s rabid dog here.’


I was familiar with her existence, but this was the first time I saw her in person.


It must be the same for the rabid dog.


‘That’s why she can be fooled and make fun of me as Ria’s husband.’


As a result, her ignorance helped me.


Dillian thanked her inwardly.


Just a little thankful.


‘By the way mad dogs keep sticking to her.’


The mad dog is Mayme Altran and himself.


Dillian. Who called himself a mad dog looked down at Ria with a serious look on his face.


It’s not even weird for her to get eaten with that innocent face of hers.


That’s why I was afraid that she might get eaten by another mad dog.


Or get swallowed just in one bite.


‘I need to protect her then.’


Ria’s hand flinched as Dillian sighed anxiously.


Because Dillian was still buried in her hands, she could sense on the edge.


Everytime Dillian spoke, her palms were itchy. And also hot.


Even if she shuddered at the sensation that was growing on her fingers, she couldn’t keep away her hands.


If she removed her hands, he surely will get her.


Dillian is an experienced hunter who never misses an opportunity.


Ria, who somehow became Dillian’s prey, carefully pushed his face away.


“If May sees this, she definitely will kill sir Dillian.”

“Are you worried about me? You’re so kind. Don’t worry. I’m going to win.”


That was not a worry. But Dillian, who interpreted it as he liked, bent his eyes nicely.


Even though Dillian says that, he obediently followed Ria’s words to back away.


‘If I get any closer, she’ll run away.’


The reckless act of rushing others will only create fear and it will only tire him out.


Dillian decided to wait for the right moment.


‘There’s still a lot of opportunities.’


Dillian smiled softly and touched Ria’s hand.


“So when are you going to give me the prize?”

“… I never said I’d give it to you though.”


In the first place, May wasn’t even an enemy, as she said that Dillian stretched out his eyebrows.


Despite Dillian’s sullen face, Ria shook her head firmly.


“It’s no use even if you put a face like a puppy in the rain.”

“Am I cute like a puppy?”



Ria was at a loss for words.


‘What the hell, hm her face says that.’


Even though he read Ria’s thoughts exactly, Dillian pretended not to know and urged her to answer.


“If you think I’m cute, do you want to touch it then?”


Fiddling with Ria’s hair, he added a convincing reason.


“As a prize.”

“You are talking about your hair, right?”


Dillian’s movements were stopped as he put Ria’s hair behind her ear.


There is no more than that. Dillian’s eyes were slightly bent down as she drew a line in advance.


“That’s too bad. I wish you will be more tactless.”


She is good at reading unexpected things.


Dillian murmured inwardly and Ria spat out a false laugh.




Then, if I hadn’t identified it as his hair, doesn’t that mean I can do anywhere?


Ria couldn’t resist his shameless behavior and asked.


“You, was your personality like this from the start? Or did you become shameless because of your memory loss?”

“Well. What do you think?”


No, how can you ask me back….


Dillian, who was looking down at Ria’s shocked face without a word, smiled lightly and caressed her hair.


“It’s only for miss Ria. I can’t do this to anyone else, right?”


Slashing someone’s neck is normal, for me to be so careful and kind, you were the first person to make me like that.


However it was something he couldn’t say to Ria.


For her, he is just a patient who has lost his memory or an existence that makes her guilty and indebted for hitting his head.


‘Of all things, she got caught by a guy like me.’


I feel sorry for Ria, but what can I do? I want her.


Dillian, with a villainous smile, kissed the end of Ria’s hair.


“I’m not shameless enough to do this kind of thing to a woman other than my wife.”


I can’t tell the truth yet. Until I completely get Ria.


“It’s only miss Ria for me.”


To cover his face, Dillian buried his face in Ria’s hair.


Ria, who knows nothing about his insidious intentions, sighed.


‘My debt…. Again I get caught by Dillian….


Dillian’s hard chest blocked her front and a harder wall blocked her back.


The escape route was long blocked, and she couldn’t stop her hair falling into Dillian’s grasp.


‘I don’t know either.’


He won’t listen even if she says something. So, she will give up for today.


It’s just hair, he is not telling her to touch another part.


“Miss Ria.”


Ria looked up hurriedly at the voice calling her name.


Dillian called her name with an admiring look on his face.


Ria swallowed her breath on the unfamiliar face she had never seen before.




It’s a name he used to call, but it felt strangely new. Embarrassed, her face was heated up.


When she saw the face that was only focusing on her, her lips dried and she swallowed her saliva without realizing it.


‘That face is such a cheat.’


Her heart skipped a beat as if she had run a hundred meters. His face was severely damaging for the heart.


Ria, who was distracted by Dillian’s face, raised her hand and touched his cheek carefully.


It was an involuntary act.


As soon as her finger touched his cheek, his eyelids slowly came to her mind.


Surprised, Ria swallowed her breath as soon as the exposed red eyes captured her.


But it’s too late for her to get away.


Dillian grabbed her hand as if he had been waiting.


“Miss Ria.”

“Yes, what?”


Dillian’s subdued voice comes through her ears.


“You know, the house collapsed and this village is no longer safe for miss Ria.”


“We don’t know when, where, or who will attack miss Ria.”


As he said, it was no longer safe here since the great temple noticed my location.


“I will protect you. Come with me.”



That’s weird. We’re just strangers.


Her words couldn’t come out.


Because Dillian took the lead first.


“You’re not going to leave me alone, are you?”


“I don’t remember anything, miss Ria is the only one I know. Are you going to let me go to a strange and scary place alone?”


Ria was speechless when he asked if she was such an irresponsible person.


While Ria faltered, Dillian pushed her without a break.


“You’re so cold-hearted. If you abandon me, who should I trust and rely on?”


“I feel like I’m abandoned alone in the world.”


Dillian looked at Ria with a desperate face. Confused by him, Ria stuttered and soothed him.


“Ab, what do you mean abandoned? Sir Dillian has so many people around. You have sir Harris and you have the knights.”

“To me they are strangers. I feel a sense of distance that I can’t narrow down. Miss Ria is the only one I can trust.”



Dillian pulled up his lips unnoticed by Ria’s bewildered face.


Wear a perfectly made-up mask and gain the other person’s favor. That was something Dillian did best.


And as expected, Ria came over little by little as he wanted. 


“Miss Ria is the only one for me. Will you abandon me?”


Ria closed her eyes tightly at the desperate voice.


Dillian Sinaize, the original story villain, is frightening, but Dillian Sinaize, who lost his memory, is innocent.


Everything was my fault. Because I was the one who made him become a child who knew nothing.


‘I should… take the responsibility, right?’


Dillian, noticing Ria was lost, drove the wedge.


“Miss Ria is, the owner of my world.”


Crap…. Don’t talk romantically.


When Ria was about to say that she would go with him without realizing it.


– Ria! You can’t be tempted by that fox!


Bang, bang! At the knocked door, Ria regained her lost mind and sneaked away from Dillian’s eyes.


“… I will discuss it with Nathan.”

“All right.”


Dillian gritted his teeth inside.


‘It’s almost over, but that rabid dog.’


Dillian, who hid his true feelings thoroughly, nodded while putting the kindest face in the world.


Ria, who was escaping Dillian’s arms, flinched.


‘Huh? What’s that?’


A black shadow passed through the window.


‘A person… no, is it a mountain beast?’


She couldn’t help but look at the scenery that she wouldn’t have noticed.


In the snow-covered world, the footprints of people and animals in the yard and the falling tree due to snow.


A shadow stretches long under a building.


And in it, an unfamiliar face crawling up.


Unfamiliar being who showed its face, the shadow on the ground raised its head and found Ria.


As if it had expected to be there.


The eyes met.


It was just that, but I got chills in my spine and  goosebumps in my arms.


‘What’s that?’


At that time when I was shocked by the unfamiliar being, the cracking sound of knocking on the door woke me up. 


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  1. Man I’m starting to feel bad for ria she’s getting deceived by his two faced ass