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“May, stop now, calm….”


As soon as May came out, she grabbed Ria’s shoulders terrifyingly.


“Ria, you absolutely can’t!”


Ria shrank her neck at the loud voice that made her ears tingle.


May shook Ria’s shoulder wildly.


“This unnie can’t accept that! I can’t allow it!”

“No, what’re you, talking about?”


May kept muttering unknown words and carried Ria on her shoulder.


Gasp, a breathtaking sound can be heard around.


The knights were nervous at the scene, which was like a kidnapping situation.


‘Shouldn’t we block her?’


They know May won’t hurt Ria, but they were suspicious because of her unusual behavior.


They exchanged glances and put their hands on the sword.


However, Ria, the party involved, only frowned and didn’t impose any sanctions.


Ria was just puzzled.


“May, what’s wrong with you all of sudden?”


It’s not a day or two that May is acting strangely, but at least I should know why, right?


“It’s all to protect you.”


May, who spoke grimly, pointed her finger at Dillian, who followed Ria.


“You wretch! Don’t come just because of your face, no matter what scheme you do, you can never take Ria!”


Uttered an abusive warning to Dillian, May, stepped on the railing and jumped.


The knights were shocked to see her jump from the second floor at once.


‘She’s a mage, right? Is she a muscle mage then? Isn’t her brain also made of muscle?’


There’s a saying that a mage’s physical ability was poor, but it must not have worked for the mad dog.


“Is she a human….”


It was when they were muttering while looking at May’s back running out of the inn.


Their skin trembled with fear.


“How dare you steal my wife in front of me. You have a lot of nerve.”


The protagonist of the murder was Dillian.


The knights who made eye contact with Dillian, shrugged their shoulders.


That eyes, that voice, that vibe.


‘His memories are back!’


The knights, who recognized their master at once, knelt before him.


Looking down at them with cold eyes, Dillian ordered.


“Find her. Right now.”


Even at the disrespectful, cold, and arrogant voice, the knights bowed their heads down with joy.


“Roger that.”


The knights dispersed quickly. They spread out and disappear from sight in the blink of an eye.


The guests glanced at Dillian at the rare sight in the quiet inn.


There is Harris also in that gaze.


“Your memories….”


Did it come back? Those short words didn’t come out.


Dillian’s cold eyes shut his mouth.


‘Shut up. Don’t even open your mouth.’


Harris spat out a fake laugh at the threatening look.


‘First time in my life to see Dillian Sinaize so pitiful.’


Even if everyone in the world finds out, he seems to want to hide it from Ria until the end.


I felt sorry for Ria, who was caught by such a guy, but on the other hand, I was happy at the truth that finally a person came with a leash for that mad dog.


And if it is Dillian, he will definitely take Ria to the capital, so I can be relieved.


‘Miss Ria, I am sorry.’


Harris offered a heartfelt apology.






May’s torticollis part was uncomfortable.


‘It’s frustrating.’


I sighed, clinging to May’s shoulder.


‘If it were Dillian it’s unshakable and comfort….’


I shook my head with a flinch when I thought of Dillian unconsciously.


“May. How far will you go?”

“Anywhere we can avoid that fox!”

“Fox? You mean Dillian?”


May frowned silently. The wrinkled face replaced the answer.


“Because I don’t know what scheme that guy’s going to do.”

“Mage! How can you kidnap madam! Release her now!”

“Look at that. They rushed at me to take you away! Obsessed men are not attractive.”


I wondered who was shouting, it was Ludo, the one who always growls whenever he makes eye contact with May.


“Madam! Please wait a little longer! We will save you!!”


‘Someone would think I was really kidnaped.’


And I’m not your madam.


Perhaps my presence was embedded in Ludo’s head as his madam, he didn’t even think of changing the nickname.


That is how the sudden chase began.


Indeed, as Dillian’s elite troops, the knights of Shaten were quick.


But no matter what, they couldn’t beat May, who was once a fugitive.


May, who freely avoided the knights while stirring a narrow alley, dropped me off in a quiet place.


“They won’t follow us until here, right?”


May was wary of the surroundings.


“May, what’s wrong?”


Dillian’s attitude of scratching people’s inside gently was annoying, but I didn’t know she would be so wary.


I stared at May who was tearing her hair off.


She spins around like a confused dog then she goes, ‘Aaahhh!’ screamed.


“Ria! Are you really going with Dillian, that fox?”

“Huh? Where?”

“Capital, of course!”



I blinked at the news I heard for the first time.


May hits her chest at my frustrating attitude.


“Nathan says you will go with the Duke of Sinaize!”

“I, with Dillian…?”


What’s she talking about? Of course I almost fell for his beauty world earlier, but I never said I’d go.


“I can follow you even if it’s hell! But Sinaize Duchy is too dangerous!”


May held me firmly on the shoulders.


“You’re not going, are you?”

“May, just calm down and tell me what happened.”


I reassured May, who was desperately begging.






This is what happened.


When Ria almost fell for Dillian’s beauty world.


May was eagerly trying to persuade Nathan.


“Nathan! The capital is absolutely not!”

“Nathan-nim, you have to go to the capital!”


But there was a person who was in the way.


It was Harris, the leader of The Holy Knight.


“That’s funny? They’re not going anywhere. Do you think Ria will go to that dangerous place?”

“Do you think it makes sense for an outstanding person like miss Ria for her talent to rot in this countryside?”

“Tha, that’s!”


If she denies, it will be the same for her to mock Ria. May, who lost her argument, gritted her teeth.


“May. Calm down. It’s almost time to go there.”

“But Nathan! I’ve told you before. There is the Darkness in the capital. We’re supposed to avoid that!”




It was a word referring to the monster that recently began to appear in the capital.


It appeared about two months ago.


Late at night, seen for the first time when it was caught eating a priest who was returning home.


After that day, although the royal family declared a major emergency, the effect was small.


It was not easy to catch because of the nature of the ‘Darkness’ that hides and moves in the shadow.


“I’m right, aren’t I?”


Harris silently affirmed May’s aggressive eyes.


“What May Altran says is true.”

“Look. Those guys love divine power so much, if Ria goes there, see? Isn’t she a very delicious prey?”


It must be a feast. They’ll be running while drooling.


May shook her head in a clearly possible future.


Harris cried hastily, fearing that Nathan might change its mind.


“It will never happen. The temple will keep miss Ria’s safety first.”

“Ha! I can do that too. And you think the temple is gonna leave Ria alone? For what Ria’s been hiding for a past year then!”

“That’s also true.”


Nathan responded and Harris rushed to it.


“I will take care of it without problem. Rather, Aaron-nim will be happy that Nathan-nim is awake.”


Harris, who had been trying to persuade Nathan, looked at May with pathetic eyes.


“And even if you don’t go to the capital, it’s only a matter of time before the Darkness finds out where miss Ria is.”


Harris’s words were not just to persuade Nathan.


The Darkness was spreading not only throughout the capital but also throughout the empire.


It doesn’t seem to have spread to this place yet, the northernmost, but it’s a matter of time.


“Hey, sir holy knight. What exactly are you after, Nathan? Or our Ria?”


May raises her chin menacingly at Harris with her leg crossed.


Harris frowned at her bad-tempered attitude.


“I’m going to take both of them.”

“You can’t do that. If you’re going to the capital, just take Nathan. I’ll take Ria.”



In an instant, the abandoned Nathan jumped up.


“It would be difficult. It’s hard to let her as we’ve confirmed miss Ria’s power.”


The cursed forest revived overnight. On that day Ria went to the mountain.


It was clear that Ria revived the dying mountain and forest.


Knowing that, Harris could never miss Ria either.


“Are you going to use Ria as the temple’s dog?”

“What do you mean dog…. Hey, why don’t you think first when you’re gonna talk?”


May, who reveals her teeth towards Harris, and Harris who looks down at her with pathetic eyes.


Nathan flew up in a flash and blocked their front.


“Stop, stop!”


Even if the two bite and tear each other, Nathan is eventually the one who has the right to decide.


“We will neither go to the temple or the magic tower.”



May narrowed her eyebrows to Nathan, who denies all options.


“We will go with Dillian.”


“You mean, Dillian?”


Frightened, May screamed. Harris also had a reluctant face.


“Yes, we will go to Sinaize Duchy.”

“Why is it there? He’s the most dangerous one, isn’t it?”

“No, he’s the safest place to be around right now.”


May, who lost her mind at those words, immediately took Ria and ran away.






“Safe, that’s bullshit. That guy’s the most dangerous one.”


May growled furiously.


“Ria, you too, be careful, just in case. You’re the most appetizing here.”


As soon as she finished speaking, I remembered what I saw out the window.


‘Was it the Darkness?’


No way. She told me the Darkness is in the capital. It couldn’t have come all the way to Wilhelm.


“Ria, as expected, the capital is dangerous. Let’s find a house in the warm south and live on our own.”


Maybe May never wanted to go back to the capital, but I was a little bit different.


Dillian will not give up on me. Wherever I go, won’t he chase me and take me to his Duchy?


And it keeps bothering me when he says his world is only me.


“… Wouldn’t it be okay to go to the capital? Your brother also kept wanting us to come to the capital.”


May’s eyes became cold as I secretly hinted at going to the capital.


“I don’t need him. Throw it.”

“The former magic tower’s owner wants to see you too. He must have hurt a lot.”

“Hmph, the old man, is it finally the time for him to go?”


May wrenched her lips.


I touted May for her harsh words.


“May, he’s still your father!”


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  1. I’m surprised he didn’t just run after her the moment ria was taken lmao
    He has the physical capabilities to have had caught her at that moment
    Thank you for the update

    1. I think he thought that finding from may that she will go with him as the safest place is better than forcing her with his looks again like look see even nathan says his place is the best 🌝

      And to show to his people that his memory is back and ria is that important to him so treat her like a real madam of the house