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Dillian waved from the next terrace.


“What are you doing, not sleeping?”

“I can’t sleep at all because I’m away from miss Ria.”

“What is that?”


I laughed at the nonsense I’m used to now. On the contrary, I was pleased with the words.


As if the terrible things that happened during the day were nothing, go on as usual.


“Miss Ria, have you made your decision?”

“Do I have a choice?”


Nathan also wants to go with Dillian.


“Of course you have. Do you think I will force miss Ria?”

“That’s right.”


Perhaps if I melt by his sweet words and make me be on his side.


“Miss Ria, is there a special reason why you don’t want to go to the Duchy?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s because I’m worried.”


“I’m afraid that sir Dillian will hate me later when your memories come back.”


To be exact, I’m afraid to be killed by you.


It was a serious worry, but Dillian burst into laughter for some reason.


“It won’t happen.”

“Are you sure?”

“I swear on my name.”

“… Really?”


It’s not an usual thing in this empire for him to put his name on the line.


It was a covenant, also a vow. To be prepared for death.


But if the Sinaize’s leader swears on his name?


When I was stuttering at his unexpected promise, Dillian jumped over the terrace and stood in front of me.


“Are you crazy? What if you fall?”

“If I fall and break my bone somewhere, miss Ria will treat me then.”


Whoa, look at his shamelessness. Dillian, who lightly pressed and closed my opened mouth, burst into laughter.


“Miss Ria and I can’t even break up because of the bondage anyway.”

“… Right.”


Yeah, we can’t even break up, right?


Suddenly a hand approached me when I was nodding unconsciously.


I blinked at the cute little finger sticking out.


“Really? You sure? You won’t get mad at me when your memories come back?”

“Never, I won’t.”


No, is it really okay to make a promise easily? Dillian, who took my hesitating hand, tying our fingers arbitrarily.


“Then are you going with me?”


The straight eyes focus on me. I soaked my dry lips in that hot gaze.


The Darkness is said to be infested in the capital, but looking that it followed me here, wherever I go, it will be the same.


Then, the safest place might be next to Dillian.


I don’t know if later he found his memories, he will be on my side until then.


He will save me like he did today.


To be honest, he was more reliable than the temple.


‘Yeah. If it’s inevitable fate anyway, let’s face it.’


The mighty Dillian Sinaize, swear on his name, so would he possibly kill me?


Let’s make it impossible for you to kill me. Dillian.


“Okay. Let’s go. I will go.”




When we made a stamp with our thumbs, Dillian bent his eyes.


Like the crescent moon in the night sky.






The next day. The Knights of Shaten were busy from early morning.


In particular, the movement of Kanae, the mage, was unusual.


“I have to use the portal, so bring all your luggage to me. I’m going to put it in my pocket.”

“Kanae, what should I do with this?”

“Throw away all useless things. Because it makes it uncomfortable to move.”


They couldn’t even eat breakfast and moved busily, but smiles didn’t leave their faces.


“Hehe, hehehehe.”


Ludo even twitched his mouth with a strange smile.


He seemed like a madman, but no one stopped him.


Except for the young Ludo,the four people held back their laughter because of their pride.


‘Finally, we are going back to the Duchy with His Grace.’


How long they have been waiting for this moment.


“It’s a perfect day to go back home.”

“It’s so cool, so refreshing.”

“Kya, look at that lightning strike. I guess it is trying to shine a halo when His Grace appears.”


Is it really a nice day with thunder, lightning, and heavy rain? Everyone must have gone mad.


“That pool of water is the tears that Lexter will soon shed.”


When Jerry, whom he trusted, also agrees, Kanae bursts into laughter.


“Anyway, I’m glad we were able to return safely.”

“On top of that, about His Grace’s memories… Ouch!”


Surprised by Ria who was suddenly coming out of the door, Jerry slapped Eldman on the back.


“What’s wrong with his memories?”

“… We’re afraid it won’t come back.”


At Jerry’s quick words, Ria said in a worried voice.”


“That is right. That’s what I’m worried about….” 


Ria, who was unaware of anything, wiped their hearts in surprise.


Last night, they remembered Dillian, who had asked not to tell Ria that his memories had returned.


‘Do well on your own. You’ll have to be prepared for the day you mess things up.’


We are dead on the day we have a slip tongue.


Eldman, who barely survived, was unable to breathe properly.


Unaware of the fact, Ria called Harris, passing by.


“Oh, sir Harris, can I talk to you for a moment?”

“As much as you like.”


The two moved to the corner of the inn.


“Is it because of Dillian that you called me separately?”


Harris, who read the worries from Ria’s face at once, asked with a soft face.


“… I heard that sir Dillian is a person with divine resistance. Is it true? Doesn’t divine power really work on him?”

“Yes, that’s right.”


Most people with divine resistance are those who have sinned and have been abandoned by God.


For Dillian, who was born with a curse, it was a natural result.


“As a child, when I had no control over my divine power, it was impossible for me to be in the same room with Dillian.”


Because Dillian was in pain when he was with him.


“But why is mine working?”

“I am also skeptical. One thing for sure is that miss Ria is more special than others.”


I never wanted to be that special.


What Ria wanted was not to be special, but to be ordinary.


“To be honest, I want miss Ria to stay with Dillian all the time.”

“Is it because I can calm the curse?”

“There’s that, but Dillian seems stable by miss Ria’s side. He looked comfortable and happy.”


He has never seen Dillian so happy in his life.


The reason he wanted Ria to be by Dillian’s side was partly because of the curse, but it was because of his brother’s heart he also didn’t want Dillian to lose that smile .


But Ria, unable to confirm those words, just nodded without a word.


“Do you have any more questions?”

“What kind of person is the high priest?”


The only information Ria knows is that he is the nicest person in the novel.


There was more information than I thought.


“He is a good person. He is sweet and kind. He loves and cherishes all life in the world.”


He was just picking and leaking at the typical answer.


“And when he feels good, he blooms a flower.”

“Flower? What flower-.”

“Miss Ria, let’s go have breakfast.”


Before she could ask what that meant, the conversation was interrupted by Dillian, who had come to pick her up.


“Come on. It doesn’t taste good when it’s cold.”


Harris burst out laughing at the sight of Dillian being wary of Ria mingling with him further.


‘Never in my life, I see Dillian, that guy is being jealous.’


He felt sick on stomach, but it wasn’t a bad feeling.


“Miss Ria, I will show you.”


Harris put his hand on Dillian’s shoulder and released his divine power.


Then, like a flash of electricity, Harris’ hand bounced off.


“Did you see? This is divine resistance.”

“Suddenly, what is this?”


Dillian, who was suddenly attacked by divine power, furiously distorted his eyes.


Ria, who heard only the voice and could not see the face, mistakenly thought that Dillian was in pain.


Not knowing that this is a ticklish level for Dillian.


“Does it hurt?”

“I feel like my skin is torn.”


And Dillian wasn’t the one to miss that opportunity.


Harris, who was once again sickened by Dillian’s journey unfolding in front of him, left and pretending not to see him.






“It’s a wonderful world.”


Nathan looked around, saying it was amazed.


“Yeah, it’s good. Only for nobles.”


I poked my tongue out at the tall, shiny building that was incomparable to Wilhelm’s low, old building.


This morning we departed from Wilhelm. We left after we finished eating, so it must have been around 10 o’clock.


And exactly 10 minutes later. We could stand in front of the capital’s portal.


It only took us 10 minutes to get to the capital, which was supposed to be in a month, sure money is everything.


Of course, the problem is that the money is an enormous amount that commoners cannot even look at.


“Miss Ria, come here.”


When we came out of the portal, a carriage with Sinaize’s seal was waiting for us, as if we had contacted it in advance.


I grabbed Dillian’s outstretched hand and got into the carriage. And I was startled by the soft sofa that gently wrapped around my body.


‘Cool, isn’t it better than our sofa?’


I can’t believe it, a person who used to ride only things like this lived with a built-in sofa in our house. 


As I pressed down on the sofa and swept it, my eyes met red eyes full of laughter.




I withdrew my hands out of embarrassment.


“Nathan-nim, miss Ria. I will go to see you soon.”


Just before the door closed, Harris bowed his head toward us.


“Dillian, take care of them.”

“Stop nagging and go away.”


Dillian waved his hands, seemingly completely fed up with the stories he heard so often, as if piercing his ears.


“Sir Harris, be careful on your way.”

“Miss Ria, be careful too.”


Harris couldn’t easily leave the carriage, because he was worried about leaving Nathan and me with Dillian.


And a scream came from behind him and pierced my ears.



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