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‘Crap. He really can see right through me.’

In order to change Dillian’s mind who has more wariness than others, you have to approach him secretly and carefully.

I’m being too obvious.


「You want to save your life by that kind of trick? Don’t be funny.」


He might say that while cutting my neck…

‘Whatever I do, it’s a beheaded ending. Ah it’s so hard to live.’

I thought I would live an ordinary life by possessing an extra, but the genre suddenly changed.

Such a high difficulty to be the best person to survive.


“It’s a joke though, but it seems it’s the truth.”

“…Are you making fun of me?”

“There’s no way. I wouldn’t do that to my benefactor.”


Dillian shook his shoulder pretending not to know.

‘That’s unexpected. Seems like he knows how to joke around.’

I thought he was a stiff and cold person…


“Thank you for the food then.”


Dillian ate the meal deliciously.


“Is it good?”

“Yes, it is good.”


Not sure if it was just an empty word, but the plates that filled the table began to run out one by one.

I’m glad he is eating well. As I was relieved for a while.


“No. You don’t have to.”

“As I owe you, I can’t be the one who just receives.”


Dillian, who pushed me gently but firmly, put his hand on the icy cold water.


“Oh, it’s cold.”

“Yes! So for the dishes I’ll…!”

“Let me finish it quickly.”


Clatter, clatter.

The sound of the dish colliding was loud.

Tuk, tuk, the sound of water dripping turned my face white.

‘I let Dillian Sinaize do the dishes, I’m dead now!’

I didn’t make him do that, but it’s my sin that I couldn’t stop him.

Right now, I want to grab Dillian’s legs and hang on to it.


“Am I doing well?”

“Yes! Of course! There’s nothing Sir Dillian can’t do!”


It’s a lie. It’s completely a red lie*!

*The same as lying through one’s teeth means that to say something completely untrue.

You’re so terrible! The oil on the plate hasn’t gone out at all!

‘You have to wash out oil with hot water!’

I swallowed the words that filled my throat and raised my thumb to him.

Isn’t praises can even make the whale dance*?

*A South Korean saying means that no one is immune to flattery.

Bombarded by my endless compliments as if I had a motor on, the corner of Dillian’s lips began to draw a subtle line.


“It’s a relief, I was worried if I only showed you my embarrassing side.”


Looking at the apron with a bear character hanging on Dillian’s chest, the corner of my lips flinched.

Is he not embarrassed wearing that brown bear character apron?


“Eh, no way. You are so cool though!”


The eyes that meet the bear squinted.

Dear you! Cheer up!

Crap. It’s so hard to survive. 




Another day has come.

I aged overnight, followed Dillian who moved busily in the back.

His wide back moved without resting.


“What should I do next?”


Dillian asked while rolling up his sleeves from his two arms. I hurriedly pulled down his arms.


“It’s okay. You must take a rest.”

“Should I wash the dishes like yesterday?”

“You can’t, you really can’t! “


I stopped Dillian who was about to go to the kitchen and pushed his back.


‘I will do everything you ask me to do.’


While being indebted for staying in my house, Dillian who says he will work hard, said the truth.

Yesterday morning, Dillian began to touch this and that in the house as if he had gained confidence after washing the dishes.

And I decline him for doing housekeeping one by one.

Didn’t he break the plate while washing the dishes, break the broom, even burst the pillow while organizing the bedding…

The problem was because of his overflowing power.

‘The plate that broke yesterday was my favorite…’

Overnight, how many tears of blood flowed from my eyes for how much damage Dillian had made.



My eyes distorted hearing the sharp noise.

Ah again, what is it this time? As I turned around with a sigh, Dillian quickly hid his hand behind.

Then with such a sly face, he looked at me as if asking what happened.

‘Just like a sneaky snake.’

As I wiped my wet hands on the apron then approached him, Dillian hurriedly moved his feet.

It was a move to cover up the evidence.

Instead of getting angry, I quickly rushed to him, then his eyes opened wide.


“Sir Dillian, I heard a loud noise, are you okay?”

“About that.”

“Oh my! Did you hurt your hand?”


Dillian grudgingly held out his hidden hands to the front.

The cup handle, dangling on Dillian’s hand.


“I failed to control my power…”


He squinted his eyes as he was embarrassed.

When I saw the cup break miserably, I sighed deep inside.

Let’s hold it. Hold it. There’s no way the young master has done any kind of housework.

If you’re patient three times, you can prevent a murder*…

*A South Korean saying means that if you endure it at times like that, you can overcome any difficult situation.

I pulled the cup handle out of Dillian’s hand with a face full of worries.


“Oh you didn’t get hurt. That’s a relief. It could have been a big trouble!”


I reprimanded him as I pretending to be worried. If I didn’t do this, I felt like I was going to die.


“Sir Dillian. It’s dangerous here, so please go there and rest.”


But Dillian didn’t even listen, my words just went in one ear and out the other. Dillian, who was bending along with me, reached for a piece of glass.


“No. I’m the one who will clean it up.”


What do you mean you will do that? As I was choking up at the moment, I accidentally hit the back of Dillian’s hand.

‘Ugh. Crazy.’

I hit him quite hard, so the slapping sound was really loud.

Surprised, I quickly pulled my hand.


“Miss Ria, your hand is quite spicy*.’

*In South Korea you say it when someone can hit people so hard with her or his palm.

“Th, then don’t touch it recklessly. What if you hurt your hand?”

“Isn’t it the same for Miss Ria? You touch it with your bare hands too.”


Dillian’s eyebrows wriggle to express his dissatisfaction.


“It’s different.”

“What’s the difference?”


Isn’t it I’m a citizen whose liver as the size of a bean*, and you are a scary man with no blood or tears?

*It means easily being scared of something.


“Unlike me, your hand is so beauti…”

I blurred the end of my speech. I couldn’t say it was pretty when his hand was full of rough scars.


“…It is a precious hand.”


As I spluttered my words, Dillian looked at me with strange eyes at what I said.


“If you are really worried, can you please hurry up and bring me a broom? Hm?”


As I was thinking like that, I pushed Dillian away with all my might. I ask Dillian who raised his body unwillingly with a firm attitude.


“Don’t touch the glass yet, please wait for me.”

“Yes, please hurry up and come back.”


At the distance footsteps, I sighed.


“I need to buy a cup again.”


Just how many new kitchen utensils do I need to buy? I gathered many pieces of grumbling on the inside, then Nathan approached me.


“That jerk is such a troubling jerk.”

“Nathan. I’m stressed, and I feel like dying.”


It’s only been three days, but I felt like there’s a hole in my stomach*.

*Experiencing unpleasant feelings.


“We need to turn that jerk’s eyes away.”


“Hmm, what if you throw the books in the warehouse to him? He has been asking this and that since yesterday, seems like he’ll be quiet if you throw him books.”


This is it. I became a question bot for Dillian who got free time, he asked me questions endlessly.

From the most basic to personal information that is difficult to answer.

If this continues, I might die, drowned by the questions he poured out.


“Nathan, you are really my guardian.”


I hugged Nathan and kissed its head again and again.


“Duh, you know how old I am, so shameful.”


Even if it says that, Nathan whose feelings are good, bent its amber eyes like a crescent moon.


“I thought it was just a brat, but now I see it, it looked like it was a pervert owl.”


At the unfamiliar sound that far away, as he tilted his head, Dillian appeared looking at Nathan’s face which was loosened, then he lost face.

As he can no longer see it, with his rotten face he told how he felt.


“That’s gross. How can you look so ugly?”


“Miss Ria, please go away from it. That’s not a guardian, it is a pervert.”

“This ungrateful bastard!”

“It has a dirty temper too.”

“Ria! Don’t stop me. Today I’m going to make a hole in that jerk’s head!”


Yup, I won’t stop you. As I answered back inside, I brought the broom that Dillian threw then swept away the pieces of the glass.




After cleaning, I left the two fighting alone and headed straight to the warehouse.


“Cough, cough.”


A cough burst out from the dust blowing in the  air.

I covered my mouth and shook my hand, but the more I did, the more dust blew.


“Fyuh, found it.”


When I took out a bundle of books that were stuck in the corner, I moved them to the house.

When I struggled to open the back door to enter the house, Nathan flew in.


“Ria! Did you bring this heavy thing alone? Why didn’t you call me?”

“If you bring this, your wings will break.”

“Dillian! Don’t just look! Because of someone, our Ria is having a hard time!”


Despite the loud shouting in his ear, Dillian didn’t blink an eye.


“What is this?”

“It’s books. Because Sir Dillian is curious about many things. I’m not good at teaching, so it might be better to read books.”


Dillian easily held the bundle of books I had brought in one hand then at the cold wind he closed the door.

With sweat coming from my forehead, I asked carefully.


“Sir Dillian, you still remember imperial language, right?”

“It’s true that I have a memory impairment, but I didn’t become an idiot.”


That’s a relief. If I had been told to teach him from the imperial language, I would have given up and thrown it away.


“There’s a lot.”


As he said, there’s so many and diverse books.


“From today, don’t bother Ria, just read the book!”

“Be quiet, huh? The pervert who has a bad temper even has so much to talk about.”

“Ria, I really hate him.”

“It’s a relief, we’re in sync at this time.”


I’ve been feeling this since earlier, the two of them really had a good chemistry. In a bad way.

Dillian, who got on Nathan’s nerves, sat on the sofa and opened the book to see if he liked it.

It didn’t take long for him to drown by the book.


“I will continue to clean up then. You can read it.”


Absorbed into reading, Dillian didn’t even listen to my words.

‘It’s better like that.’


I opened the backdoor then headed to the greenhouse.

A greenhouse about 356 sq ft.

This place is my work place as well as my rest place, this place filled with medicinal plants, flowers, herbs, and other plants.

Without Dillian, as I came to this place for the sake of myself, I finally relaxed.


“Ah, I can live now.”


With herbs and flowers scents mixed together, it’s melting my tired body.


“Then should I work now?”


I looked at every corner of the greenhouse, and I looked out for the dead or slow growth herbs then transferred my divine power on it.

Divine power that like the water of life absorbed by the plants and slowly began to regain life.

At that time, the golden light butterflies appeared, then my eyes curved.


“Hi. It’s been a long time.”


As if responding to my greeting, the butterflies hovered around me.

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