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Dillian slapped Neison’s lips hard. Neison’s mouth shut with a clap sound.


“Your free-spirited snout is the problem.”

“… Your Grace, it hurts.”


Tears welled up in the eyes that were covered by the glasses as if it was really painful.


“If you get caught talking nonsense in front of Miss Ria, you should really die.”

“Oh my God. Your Majesty, did you really bring her here to be your wife because of love?”


At the question not worth answering, Dillian ignored him and reviewed the documents again.


Silence is positive. Neison, noticing the meaning, flustered.


“But she is a commoner…?”


“She’ll soon become the hostess of this family, so don’t you dare to keep saying that she’s a commoner.”


Neison shut his mouth at the cold warning.


‘What the hell is this?’


Neison, who had never dreamed that Dillian was sincere, turned his stiff neck and asked Kanae.





Neison opened his mouth as his chin fell out at Kanae’s gesture as she nodded her head violently.


“There is no way…. The end of the empire is coming…!”


Neison, who spread the apocalypse, sprinted out the office door.


“That crazy guy.”


Dillian sighed at the shameful behavior of his subordinate.






Crazy. What’s with this God’s hand?


I melted helplessly at the Haren Sisters’ touch. Obviously, I had only one chance, so why am I still being served  by them two hours later?


“Ria, do you really have to let those kids go? They have a good heart and are bubbly, it wouldn’t be bad to keep them by your side.”


“I am glad that Nathan-nim likes our inexperienced skills.”

“This is great work!”


When I escaped being a fugitive, Nathan, who had no more reason to hide its existence, chatters like an open-mouthed man.


“It’s not because you like it, right?”


Nathan, who opened its eyes to the grapes Sera fed, smirked and moved its body.


“It reminds me of the past. At that time, everyone looked up to me.”


At the first hospitality he received upon waking up, a sorrowful expression appeared on Nathan’s face.


“But I happened to meet a guy like Dillian…!”


Nathan, who cursed Dillian in front of Dillian’s people, swallowed the grapes, and said it was hungry again.


I smiled awkwardly at my reflection in the mirror.


‘Really, it doesn’t suit me.’


Objectively speaking, I was pretty. The blue dress also looked good on me, and my long hair was shiny.


Just by looking at my appearance, I looked like a noble lady who grew up beautifully.


The problem was my mind.


I was an ordinary herbalist, but when I opened my eyes, the Duchess?! This absurd situation was terribly awkward.


‘I knew I couldn’t stay to wear an old dress, but this must have been such an expensive dress.’


I expected to receive some kind of treatment, but I didn’t know that I would be treated like a madam in earnest.


“So, what should I do now?”


“Ria-nim just has to be comfortable.”


I don’t have to do anything, you say. The jobless life I had been longing for was approaching, but I wasn’t as comfortable as I thought.


Anyone who has played knows how to play. After living intensely for the past year, when I lost my job suddenly, I didn’t know what to do.


“I can’t do this.”

“Ria, where’re you going?”

“To sir Dillian. I’m gonna go talk about the future.”


It also seemed like he had come too far.



“Hmm, it feels so good after a long time, so I don’t want to ruin it by seeing Dillian’s face.”


I opened the door as Nathan, who was lying on the bed, sent me off.


First of all, I had to sort out this ridiculous fiancée position.






“Sir Dillian, it’s me.”


When I knocked on the door in front of Dillian’s office, I heard a rattling noise from the room.


The sound of footsteps in the distance grew louder, and then the door swung open.


“May I come in?”


I waited for an answer, but Dillian just looked at me like a man out of his mind.


‘What’s wrong with him?’


Oh, the dress. I wiped the nape of my neck in embarrassment as I belatedly remembered I wore a different outfit than usual.


“Um, is it weird?”


As always, I thought he was going to be sly, but when he didn’t say anything, it was awkward and I felt like I was going to die.


‘Am I used to that nonsense?’


Have I really gone crazy? I was at a loss for words in a different sense than Dillian.


Dillian was the first to speak in silence.


“… No way. It looks good on you.”


As if he had just woken up, his low-pitched voice tickles my ears.


“Tha, thank you.”


Heat rose on my face at the plain compliment without any fancy rhetoric.


“It was so beautiful that I was at a loss for words.”


Yeah, he’s still the same. I was relieved by the sly tone and smile.


‘I hate myself for being reassured about this.’


Dillian, who couldn’t understand my feelings, stuck to me and didn’t fall apart.


“Sir Dillian. Aren’t you supposed to work?”


He shook his head as he pointed to the papers piled up on the desk.


“I wanted to rest for a while anyway.”


Dillian, who replied that it is okay to delay his work, led me to the sofa.


“I thought you were relieving your fatigue, but did you come to see me?”

“Well, there is that too. Like this and that?”


How do I explain this? Contemplating, I slowly floated my luck.


“Sir Dillian, shouldn’t we correct our relationship?”

“Correct what?”

“You introduced me as your fiancée. It seems like everyone has been fooled, but what are you going to do about it later?”


We weren’t really going to get married, and it was clear that he would regret what he did when his memories come back


Yeah, he’s mistaken. This can happen. It’s a bit embarrassing and absurd, but it’s enough just to erase it from their memories and count it as something that never happened.


But engagement is a different story.


It’s okay for me because I will leave when the time comes, but Dillian will look ridiculous.


“It’s good then.”


But this man is just smiling saying it’s fine.


He was really crazy.


“It would be good for miss Ria to be my fiancée.”

“Isn’t that good for sir Dillian, not me?”


He wants to make me his real wife. It was clear that he would use this as an opportunity.


“It’s good for me too, but soon the Great Temple will contact you.”

“Yes, I will be questioned about Nathan.”

“It’s not because of that, isn’t miss Ria the one who healed Teevee’s Forest? Harris had the news, so he must have been eager to get miss Ria as soon as possible.”

“To be eager to…?”

“Taking you to the Great Temple. They will probably try to get you in the temple.”

“What? I absolutely hate it!”


I groaned and screamed.


You want me to go into that damn place? Also, divine power and the status of being the chosen one are absolutely no.


Besides, there is Aina.


A noble saintess who drives all incidents and accidents!


For now, that place was more dangerous than Dillian’s side.


“The Great Temple is waiting for a saintess, but in my opinion, miss Lia’s strength is equal to or greater than that of a saintess.”

“… Don’t say anything scary.”


I have been feeling nervous lately.


Unlike Aina, who uses the divine power in her body, my divine power, which comes from nature, is infinite.


‘… If it’s simply the amount of divine power, yes. I will win.’


That’s how strong I am, but I wasn’t happy at all.


Unlike Aina, who uses the divine power in her body, I get power from nature. So maybe I was even stronger.


“Do you think they will miss out on such a great talent as miss Ria?”


No, never. They will catch me at any cost.


I was more anxious because I knew the tenacity of the temple more than anyone else .


I don’t want to get involved in anything dangerous.


“So it’s a temporary measure, but it would be better for you to stay as my wife.”


As I started to scratch the tender skin of the nail root in anxiety, Dillian gently wrapped my hand.


“Then if you like me, it’s good for us to become a real couple.”


Dillian’s thumb gently brushed the throbbing skin.


“Anyone couldn’t touch my wife, even if it’s the mighty Great Temple.”


It’s Dillian that even the imperial family can’t touch. They can’t be bothered to touch him, afraid of causing a Great War.


Moreover, the High Priest has a feeling of debt to Dillian.


Sorry and guilty for not being able to break the curse on Dillian.


The Great Temple will be even more cautious about dealing with Dillian.


‘Maybe it would be better for me to stay with him as his fiancée….’


I can’t even leave Dillian’s side because I’m in bondage anyway.


Dillian, like a ghost, read my mind which was shaking like a reed and drove a wedge.


“I will definitely protect you from the temple.”

“What if they try to take me for a different reason?”

“Then I will overthrow the Great Temple.”


It’s easy, right? I thought I could hear a voice.


No, it’s not easy, isn’t it a treason….


To overthrow the Great Temple in the Holy country. It sounded like a treason.


“Isn’t there a moderate way?”

“The moderate way is to marry me and get Sinaize’s surname.”


As Dillian said, the safest and most effective way was to become a Sinaize.


However a sudden wedding had gone too far, and I thought it would be okay if it was just an engagement.


Dillian is a nice guy.


He is sly, he often teases me, but he’s kind. When I was in danger, he was the first to run and protect me.


‘It was always Dillian.’


There were times when I was in danger because of Dillian, but it was Dillian who always saved me.


Power that even the imperial family can’t treat lightly, abundant wealth, a handsome face, and power that is strong enough to be called the strongest in the world.


And he treats me well.


Truly the first place groom-to-be.


‘If Dillian was my husband, wouldn’t we have a good life? We wouldn’t know such a hardship, we would be happy….’


I, who drew the future with Dillian for a moment, slapped my cheek in surprise.

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