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I wonder who that is. It turns out it was Dillian, who I thought was dying in the office by now.


“Why did you come here? Are you not busy?”


After I wiped off the dirt on my hands, I walked over to him.


“No matter how busy I am, I have time to go for a walk with miss Ria.”


Seeing the bleak greenhouse and weeds piled up like a toad’s house, Dillian said playfully.


“Unlike miss Ria’s greenhouse, it’s so unappealing that I’m embarrassed to show it to you.”

“Yeah, it’s a mess. A mess.”


Nathan looked around and clicked its tongue.


I chuckled and shrugged. There was no sound that said it was okay even with empty words.


“I came here expecting how the greenhouse of the Duke of Sinaize would be like, but it’s a pity.”


Then, Dillian made an unexpected offer.


“Then miss Ria, would you like to decorate it?”

“What, the greenhouse?”


He nodded when I asked the question in surprise.


“… Can I do that?”

“Of course.”


Deeply wanting to take care of the greenhouse, I nodded quickly.


Dillian, who looked at me cutely, rubbed my cheek.


As I twitched my eyes at the sudden touch, I heard a low laughter in my ear.


“My wife wants to do something, so what can’t she do? I will tell the butler, do whatever you want.”

“We’re only engaged, I’m not even your wife, right?”


But Dillian laughed away as if he didn’t hear me.


Dillian showed me his dirt-soaked thumb and said in a smiling voice.


“I should bring you here early. My thoughts were short.”

“I don’t like it that much though.”


I said so, but it was not easy to calm my already excited heart.


‘Ah, whatever.’


As executed as a child, I dragged Dillian by the arm and talked about what flowers to plant in each area.


However Dillian’s gaze was not in the greenhouse, but in my face and did not intent to stop.


I was embarrassed by the lovely gaze so I couldn’t stop talking.






Dillian couldn’t stop smiling as he looked at Ria’s non-stop chattering.


It was an act that he wasn’t even aware of.


Nathan, who was watching the scene, felt nauseous and flew away as it couldn’t take it any longer.


However no one noticed that Nathan had left. It was a sad thing for Nathan.


It was the moment when Ria mentioned the name of the twentieth flower. Dillian, who was listening to Ria’s words silently, opened his mouth.


“Miss Ria. I am going to the Imperial Palace tomorrow.”

“The Imperial Palace?”

“The Crown Prince is finally thinking of seeing me at last.”


It has been a week since he returned to the capital.


After rejecting Dillian’s request for an audience for all sorts of reasons for that week, it was finally approved today.


‘It must be the Crown Prince’s own method to keep me in check.’


But for Dillian, to keep him in check by a young man who was only 20 years old was just ridiculous.


“Is it because of the dragon’s heart?”


Ria remembered the reason Dillian had come to Wilhelm, whom she had heard on the day she was coming up to the capital.


‘I was surprised to hear that you found the dragon’s heart.’


Finding flowers I’ve never seen before. Again, Dillian is amazing.


And there was a sigh of relief at the absurd command of the Crown Prince to find the legendary flower.


‘The check is more severe than I thought.’


Recalling the Crown Prince, who, unlike the Emperor, kept Dillian in check, Ria was a little worried.


That’s because Dillian was the villain, and the Crown Prince was the protagonist.

Ria’s face gradually darkened.


Dillian, who did not think that Ria was worried about him, naturally thought of the Darkness.


“Don’t worry about the Darkness. Since we put a barrier in the mansion, not even an ant will be able to get close.”

“Sir Dillian has to be careful tomorrow too.”


Dillian stopped at Ria’s worrying words.


The concern was still unfamiliar for him, but it was good at the same time.


“Are you going to say that again tomorrow?”

“As you wish. If you get back safely, I will go out to meet you.”


After all, Ria’s worries were very pleasant.


Dillian laughed happily at the conversation that seemed like a friendly couple no matter what to anyone.






The next day.


I changed into the comfortable clothes I wore at Wilhelm and headed to the greenhouse.


It’s still a long time before the goods I asked the butler to arrive, but I plan to clean the greenhouse by pulling out the messy weeds..


“The house is quiet without Dillian.”


As he said yesterday, Dillian headed to the Imperial Palace early in the morning.


He came to see me, who had been in a deep sleep, and heard a greeting to have a safe trip.


‘… Go ahead.’

‘I will be back. Wife.’


Unlike me, who greeted him in a hoarse voice, my ears warmed up when the sweet voice came to mind.


“Focus! Focus your mind!”


As I pressed myself and pulled out the weeds, I patted my stiff back.


“Ria, you need to go outside and catch your breath.”

“Shall we?”


As Nathan had said, when we came out of the greenhouse, I heard a loud cheering sound from somewhere.


When I followed the sound, I saw a group of knights training in the training ground in the distance.


“Oho, they’re diligent.”

“Well, Nathan. Shall we go over there?”


Where else can you see a knight in your life? The training knights was one of the scenes I really wanted to see.


Muscle! Muscle! I shouted inside, as if to say to go there quickly.


“That’s good too. Let’s go see what kind of training they are doing these days.”


As I headed to the training ground with Nathan at the forefront, I sat near the training ground and watched the training.


No one took off their tops in the rather chilly weather, but the training, like a group dance, looked great at a glance.


At that time, I was watching the training in silence.




Ludo, who recognized me like a ghost, jumped and ran like the wind.


I burst into laughter as he looked like a puppy that had found its owner.


“Sir Ludo, aren’t you training?”

“Now is the time for self-training!”


As always, the cute appearance of a young boy suddenly made me curious about his age.


“How old is Sir Ludo?”


It was a rude question, but Ludo answered with courage.


“I am seventeen!”


Oh my God. He’s a kid


I didn’t know if I should be surprised at an age younger than I thought, or to be surprised that he got a spot as a knight at that age.


“Really great-.”


That was then.




A groan of pain was heard from somewhere.


When I turned my head to find the source of the painful sound, I saw a knight sitting on the floor holding his ankle.


“Jean, are you okay?”

“Ugh, are you aiming at my feet recklessly!”


The knight who was angry at the opponent, staggered up and sat down again.




It didn’t seem to be just a sprain.


Only then did the knights realize the seriousness and flock around him.


“Jean, why? Can’t you get up?”


“Hey, I don’t feel strength on my feet….”


At his words, the surroundings began to murmur.


“I guess someone got hurt?”

“Since they are apprentice knights, there are a lot of incidents.”


No wonder everyone looked young.


Is that why? They didn’t know how to properly deal with injuries.


‘He can’t keep moving…. Phew, that would get worse.’


After looking at it with anxious eyes, I finally couldn’t bear it and moved forward.


It is a power that has been hidden until now, but there is nothing more to hide when it has already been discovered by the temple.


After digging through the knights, I bent down and sat down in front of Jean.


“Hello, sir knight.”

“Ah, hello…?”


He looked like he didn’t know who I was. Maybe it’s because it’s a work outfit, not the dress I usually wear.


Everyone seemed to be mistaken for a gardener.


‘It’d rather be good.’


After giving Ludo a warning not to say anything, I shifted my gaze to Jean.


“Where exactly are you hurting? Here?”


A moan erupted from his mouth as he carefully touched the part of the suspected injury.



“You should have been careful. It’s cracked.”


I released my divine power with my hand on Jean’s ankle.


Then the white light was sucked in as if absorbed into his body.


A gasp was heard.


“It’s an angel….”


I thought I heard some strange nonsense.


“You are okay now, right?”

“… What? Yes Yes! I am okay.”


Jean, who turned his ankle and jumped from the spot, bowed at a right angle to greet me.


“Thank you!”


But I couldn’t feel okay just like Jin.


‘What was that?’


It was faint, but I felt something inside Jean’s body.


“Sir knight, would you like to sit down again for a moment?”


At my call, Jean quickly sat down. I asked, reaching out to him.


“Wait a minute, can I touch you?”


I pointed to his chest, to be exact, near his heart.


Jean thought about it for a moment and then nodded, saying it was okay.


I put my hand on his chest as soon as I got his permission.


As expected, it’s weird. It was wriggling, as if it were alive.


“What is this?”

“Is there something?”


At Ludo’s question, I muttered while squinting my eyes.


“Well, I don’t know what this is…. Wait.”


I closed my eyes and focused all my nerves around my heart.


While pressing his chest firmly and lifting it up, suddenly Jin vomited something.


“Cough, cough!”


A viscous mass as black as tar that had fallen to the floor squirmed.


At that moment, goosebumps erupted. It’s very similar to the one I saw in Wilhelm.


While I paused, an unidentified black bug twisted its body and moved quickly.




The knights surrounding it jumped in surprise, unsuitable for their size.


“What is that! A bug?!”

“Gr, grab it!”


When the knights stomped their feet like those who saw a cockroach,


The bug exploded with a puffy, uncomfortable sound.


I slowly lifted my head to the pure white shoes that did not match the dusty training ground.


Bright silver hair fluttered from the waist as if the sun was breaking.


Blue eyes as deep as the sea looked at me and slowly curved.





I instinctively knew who he was.


It was the High Priest, Aaron.


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  1. Oh, no…a preist..
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