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“That was….”

“Ria! It’s running away!”


Surprised for a while. Ria quickly drew her bowstring at Nathan’s call.


She shot arrows at the monsters that surrounded Lexter, as if to protect him.


The flying arrow pierced the wall and aimed at Lexter.




A faint but painful moan could be heard from Lexter. And red blood splattered on the floor.


Lexter was devoured by the Shadow, but the circumstances at the time indicated that her attack worked.


Ria lowered her arms as she slowly released her bow.


‘A little while ago, what was the power I felt in Lexter? How can he have such energy….’


The power that Lexter showed was the power of the Darkness and at the same time very similar to the power of the curse felt from Dillian.


“Nathan, about the power that Lexter used….”


But Ria couldn’t finish the sentence.


It was because Aina, who ran, dug into Ria’s arms.


Unable to overcome the recoil, Aina grabbed her body with all her might.


“Angel-nim! As expected, I knew you would come to save me!”


It was completely different from when she was dealing with Lexter.


Confused by the difference, Ria pushed Aina and aimed the bow at her.


“Who are you?”


Even though the arrow was pointed in front of her nose, Aina was not surprised, but smiled broadly.


Then she folded her waist in half and said hello.


“My name is Aina Bern. I became the Saintess in this generation.”


Aina, who was greeting with her body twisted as if embarrassed, suddenly hardened her face and began to look into Ria’s eyes.


“… Are you mad?”



At the ridiculous remark, Ria forgot the situation and tilted her head.


“I had to get everything done before Angel-nim came though, I’m sorry.”


Ria was confused as she looked completely different from when she was fighting Lexter.


“Ria, maybe the Saintess of this generation has a dual personality?”


Nathan whispered in Ria’s ear as if he couldn’t get used to it.


“Are you Nathan-nim? Oh my god! Nice to meet you. I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you again this time, but I’m so happy.”


Ria slowly lowered her bow when she saw Aina showing her feelings openly.


‘Which side is the real Aina?’


The cynical side she showed when dealing with Lexter, the cute side she showed when dealing with her, both wasn’t the sides Ria knew.


What was certain was that she was not a threat to her now.


“Pardon, what do you mean Angel-nim?”

“You are my guardian angel.”

“Guardian angel?”

“He definitely made a deal with me. He will send a guardian angel just for me.”


As soon as her hand was caught, Ria stepped back in surprise. Aina followed closely as if not to miss it.


“I have been waiting for a very long time. Angel-nim.”


Ria, weakened by the sparkling eyes and the voice of deep longing, quietly gave her a hand.


And soon after, she resented herself for not leaving her place.





Ria’s neck twitched at the name she shouldn’t have heard here.


Bright blonde hair as if embracing the sun, purple eyes shining like amethyst.


Aina’s eternal prince, Cassis Argentia.




It was the appearance of the original male lead.






I was sweating over the pile of desserts piled up in front of me.


I was caught by Aina and unexpectedly came to the cafe.


“Ria-nim, try this too.”

“Ye, yeah. I will eat this.”

“Take it easy. Ria-nim is my guardian angel.”

“No. How can I….”


I managed to take over the fork which was rushing at terrifying speed and put it into my mouth.


A tickling laughter was constantly flowing from Aina’s mouth, as I wondered what’s so good about it.


The cream that melts in my mouth seemed to taste strangely bitter.


‘I’m really going crazy.’


I gulped down the water with a fierce gaze as if piercing my cheek from the side.


‘Why the hell are these damn couples doing this to me?’


Aina, who gives her excessive kindness and affection, and Cassis, who keeps me in check.


‘In the end I met all the original characters….’


I want to run away. In order to get out of here, I had to remove Aina first.


“There, Saintess. Even if I think about it, it seems I am not a guardian angel.”


I am just an ordinary citizen. I worked hard to persuade Aina, but nothing came through.


“Even so, I can see everything. I can see how clean and beautiful Ria-nim’s divine power is, and how huge it is.”

“I see it too. The Saintess’s divine power is also very clean.”


It was a pure white light that could not be compared with the High Priest.


“In the point of being able to see that, Ria-nim is already different from others.”


I know. That I am different from others.


Because I’m a hidden character, there must be something special for me to do.


“God made a promise to me. While becoming a Saintess who protects the empire, he will send a guardian angel to protect me.”


However I never thought that role was the female lead’s guardian angel.


“He sent me a guardian angel as promised. It is fate that Ria-nim met me today and saved me.”


Aina called me a guardian angel like a fanatic.


I rubbed my trembling forehead.


‘It’s strange that the Obelus really exists, but what the hell did you blow into Aina….’


On the other hand, there were those who, like me, questioned the word guardian angel.


“Aina, if you are an agent of God, does such a thing as a guardian angel exist? You’re mistaken because that woman saved you.”


When Cassis said what I wanted to say, I was blown away, but it was only for a moment.


Before he could finish his words, Aina counterattacked terribly.


“Cassis-nim. Are you saying you don’t believe me now? Are you denying the existence of my guardian angel?”

“No, I’m not ignoring it. It’s too sudden.”


“And it’s not that woman, it’s Ria-nim. She has a noble and sublime name, how can you use such a frivolous title? It’s really disappointing.”


Cassis quickly lowered his tail at Aina’s attack like a flipper.


“… I made a slip of the tongue. Stop taking care of Miss Delice,”

“Ria. Ri. A.”

“Got it, stop taking care of miss Ria and eat yourself first.”

“It’s okay. Just looking at Ria-nim’s face makes me full. Ria-nim, try this too.”

“No. Please eat too, Saintess. I don’t like this.”


Then, Aina’s face distorted as if she had heard the sound of a bolt from the blue sky.


“I made such a stupid mistake…! I don’t even know Ria-nim’s tastes. I’m a fool!”

“Aina! No way. It is clear that miss Ria was mistaken! Right?”


If I say no, it seems he would have killed me.

I quickly shoved the cookie she had given me.


“Aina, look. She is eating it very well.”



Aina began to shed tears as if she was moved by my writing movement.

I leaned against the chair, aggressively chewing the thick chocolate cookies.




I sent Nathan an SOS and stabbed him in the butt, but he had long lost his mind over his first fruit sorbet.


“Delicious! How in the world could there be anything so delicious!”


Looking that he doesn’t pay any attention to me, it means it’s not a dangerous situation….


Yeah, it’s not dangerous. My eyes just hurt.


‘Fuxx, if all the couples died….’


Suddenly, I felt the urge to poke my eyes at the two people who were close to each other and engaged in an act of affection.


I know your relationship has progressed a lot at this point, but isn’t it too much?


‘Anyone who sees it, might think that they’re in a serious relationship and promise to get married.’


Who would think that their relationship was just two months old?


‘No. When Dillian comes into my thoughts, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case….’


She stayed in the Imperial Palace instead of the Great Temple, and they seemed to get closer at a fast pace.


Like Dillian and me.


I leaned my chin and looked at Aina and Cassis.


Did the people who watched Dillian pour out a barrage of affection towards me feel this way?


‘If he does that in front of other people, I have to really stop it.’


For the sake of their eyes.


It was a time when I was depressed by the unexpected self-reflection.


A clinking sound was heard.


Looking for a place to turn my eyes away from the couple’s violent love affair, I turned my head.


And I was startled by the bright red eyes I met immediately.




I opened my mouth blankly when I saw Dillian’s figure.


Disheveled bangs, sweat dripping between them, and big bouncing chests.


He was like someone who had run away in a hurry.


It was vividly visible that the eyes, which had swayed like a storm, were slowly returning to their proper places. Dillian, who found me, approached me quickly.


He didn’t give a glance to Cassis, who was sitting opposite me, and only looked at me.


“Miss Ria. What the hell is going on?”


Looking at the figure as if possessed, I grabbed his approaching arms.


It was because I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking about Dillian, but I didn’t expect he was really going to show up.


“Are you all right? Are you hurt somewhere? Were you involved in something dangerous?”

“Huh? Yes yes. But how do you know…?”

“When I heard the report that miss Ria had disappeared, I searched all around. Miss May says she doesn’t know, and you know how surprised I was.”


His feelings at the time were vividly conveyed.


Dillian let out a sigh, wiping his messy hair as if his anxiety had subsided when he saw my normal appearance.


My heart fluttered strangely at the disheveled appearance of Dillian, who was always perfect.


The fact that I am the cause of a person who doesn’t seem to get a drop of blood even if he gets stabbed, anxious.


“I’m sorry. Well, there were too many people and it was pushed away. I got lost in an unfamiliar place, but they helped me.”


I pointed to Aina and Cassis in the opposite seat. Dillian, who found Cassis at that moment, nood his head lightly.


Although it was a very polite greeting, Cassis looked at Dillian with strange eyes, as if he had been distracted by something else.


Aina swallowed her saliva as she couldn’t believe the current situation.


“Ria-nim, that’s…?”

“You have met him, haven’t you? My fi, my fiance.”


It was the first time I introduced Dillian by mouth, so my face was heated, but Aina’s momentum looking at my blushing face is unusual.


“That’s no way….”


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  1. Thank you for the translation TL-nim! I’m quite curious to see what will happen when Dillain finds out abot Lexter

  2. I don’t like this girl, she’s so pushy but not in a malicious kind of way, which makes it even more annoying.

    1. Ugh, same, I have an extreme dislike for those kind of characters.

  3. I don’t really care for the Saintess and Co., they are annoying and disrespectful.