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Ria quickly shook her head at Dillian’s eyes which showed her desires without fail.


“No. I understand everything.”


Ria, who understood exactly the meaning of ‘like’ that Dillian said, buried her face between her knees with a grunt and a sound.


Her face was hot with fever. Don’t know, maybe her neck was also red.


She just hoped that it would not be visible because of the darkness.


“… But I never allowed it.”

“I know. It was quite shameless, so slap me in the face.”


Dillian stuck out his face as if he were serious. Ria quickly pushed his face away.


The handsome face, and the person she had just kissed, suddenly approached, making her heart race.


“… It was very weak.”


Dillian knew the effect of his face very well. And how to use it.


“Miss Ria, I am not interested in curses.”


He lived like this for twenty-five years. Now there is nothing to be uncomfortable about.


“Just stay by my side as you are now. That’s it.”


As if submerged in a swamp, Ria’s ears lit up at the subdued voice.


‘I never thought that I was greedy.’


Maybe because he was born with everything, he is always aloof.


Ria is the only one who makes him greedy.


The possessive desire he had for the first time grew so fast that he couldn’t control himself.


In the end, he was scared that he was afraid of devouring Ria fast enough.


He thinks about it dozens of times a day.


Shall I lock Ria so she can’t go outside? Shall I remove everything around her so she can only see me?


Just look at me, rely only on me.


He had a vicious imagination, but at the same time did not want to destroy this peace.


So Dillian pressed and repressed himself.


“… Do I just have to stay by your side?”


However, now he is not sure. Dillian quickly denied the words that allowed his desire.


“No, it’s not enough.”


He can’t be satisfied enough with this.


This deep, thick desire could not be stopped there.


But Ria should know nothing.


How scared would she be if Ria, the delicate woman, knew of this feeling that he hated even for himself?


‘I’m sure she’ll run away.’


So Ria should never know for the rest of her life.


Ria, unaware of this fierce battle, poured oil into Dillian’s heart.


“… To be honest, I’ve never liked anyone before, so I don’t know much about that.”


Because he never likes anyone, it was his first kiss a while ago.


Upon learning of this fact, Dillian’s lips twitched uncontrollably.


Of course, as soon as Ria raised her head, he erased his expression.


“I can’t give you an answer right away. So, first, solve the curse and think about it.”

“Let’s do that. I was more patient than you thought. I will be able to wait.”


There was nothing he could not do if only Ria could come into his arms.


If she wanted to become the best of the empire, he was willing to rob the emperor’s seat and hand it over to her.


Of course, if he says this, Ria will be terrified and slap him in the mouth.


‘That’s not bad either though?’


Dillian’s dangerous imagination was cut off as Ria moved.


Ria got up from her seat and reached out to Dillian.


“No matter what happens between us, I will solve the curse. I’m serious. Sir Dillian said nothing is wrong, but I am very concerned. So, I will make you happy like everyone else.”


Does Ria know that those words sound like a proposal?


It may not be a proposal but it’s fine. Because it’s enough to take this opportunity to make it like that.


Dillian grabbed the small but firm hand that reached out before him and stood up.


“To do that, miss Ria must be by my side?”

“Until I lift sir Dillian’s curse, try your best to seduce me then.”


He wanted to talk leisurely, but Ria’s face was no different from persimmon, who was about to explode if poked.


A smile spread across Dillian’s lips looking on that lovely face.


“I will try to seduce you with everything I have.”

“No, don’t be too determined….”

“Let’s start today.”

“Please calm down!”


Does Dillian know? Like the fireworks that embroidered the sky, a red flower bloomed in Ria’s heart.


Like a falling shooting star, a star fell in her heart.






Returning to the mansion, I quickly ran to my room.


“I’m too tired, so I will go in first.”

“Miss Ria.”


I closed the door, ignoring the voice calling me.


In a bright place, I didn’t have the confidence to see Dillian’s face.


Dinner was settled in the room, and the evening walk was boldly skipped over.


I didn’t even take a single step out of the room, just in case I ran into Dillian.


As long as we live in the same house, I can’t avoid it, but for tonight, I wanted to be alone.


But Dillian didn’t let me go.


“… Why are you coming here?”

“Because the punishment hasn’t ended yet?”


Dillian pointed to his watch.


The current time is 10 o’clock.


“Two hours left.”


His logic was that they should be together until 12 o’clock, the end of the day.


“No. The remaining two hours will continue tomorrow.”


I pushed Dillian’s shoulder, who held out like a longsword.


‘I’m embarrassed!’


There was such a thing, how can we be together?


Despite my desperate struggle, Dillian recklessly attacked me saying that punishment is punishment.


‘You like punishment, huh? You’re just trying to make me like you!’


Oh right, it’s a punishment because I hate it.


“I will do it tomorrow!”

“If we pass it to tomorrow, it wil be doubled though.”

“What the, that’s a scam!”

“It’s not a scam, it’s the interest.”


I’m not even a debtor, the interest you say!


At his words, which were not only confident but also brazen, my arms were instantly loosened.


In the meantime, Dillian walked closer to the bed and picked up Nathan.


“No! What’re you doing!”


Nathan, who was just getting ready to go to bed, flapped his wings in surprise.


“Didn’t you hear that there were still two hours left?”

“Don’t tell me, you punk… You’re going to kick me out now… Argh!”



Dillian hurriedly threw Nathan away. Sera, who had been waiting in front of the door, seemed to know that this was going to happen, and she saw Nathan safely behind her.


“Dillian you punk!”


Nathan’s screams were heard outside the door. The sound was not serious.


“Sir Dillian, Nathan is really mad. He can’t sleep without a cushion when he sleeps these days.”

“Is this it?”

“What? Yes, that’s right, but….”


Dillian, who grabbed Nathan’s attach cushion next to the bed, suddenly opened the door.


Maybe he didn’t know he would open the door, Nathan opened his eyes and flapped his wings.


“Uh, huh?”

“Take it.”


Swish, Dillian threw the cushion and shut the door before Nathan came to his senses.


“Dillian, you puuuunk!”


I clicked my tongue out at the sight of how many times he was making fun of Nathan in a short time.


“Well, miss Ria. The annoying fellow is gone, so go to bed now.”

“Do you really have to do this?”

“Yeah, otherwise you would have run away for days.”


There is nothing to say about the stinging words. Because it was all true. To be honest, I was planning to avoid him tomorrow.


“I will be here until twelve o’clock.”

“And do you think I don’t know that you’re planning to stay until morning saying that you fell asleep?”


Humph, who do you think you fooled? I leaned my back against the head of the bed and ignored the smiling Dillian.


“Because my wife is getting more and more conscious day by day.”


I don’t even deny it anymore. I burst into a laugh when he showed off his acting so openly.


“When I’m with sir Dillian, I’m sure I’ll start to be conscious of something that didn’t exist.”


I dragged my trudged body and climbed onto the bed.


Avoiding Dillian, I sat at the end of the bed and hugged the pillow.


‘I’m so tired.’


Originally, I wasn’t this weak….


The mountain we climbed today was not very high. It was the height I rode every day when I was in Wilhelm.


My stamina is dropping like this in a month, that’s why I have to keep exercising.


Eventually, I announced that I gave up on my weakened physical strength day by day, so I slid my body and laid myself on the soft bed.


And made a barricade with pillows to block the distance between Dillian and me.


But as soon as I put the pillow down, it was taken away by Dillian.


My robbed pillow flew away and rolled over the sofa.


“If you throw away the pillow, what do I sleep with?”

“How about an arm pillow?”


At Dillian who eagerly stretched out his arm, thinking it was time, I rolled my body.


I wrapped myself in a blanket and sat at the end of the bed, sticking my tongue out toward him.


“Don’t put such a scheme on me.”

“Didn’t you ask me to seduce you hard, you don’t even give me a chance.”


I closed my eyes tightly at the sight of him with the corners of his eyes drooping, as if saying it was disappointed


That’s right. I’m crazy. It was like pouring oil into a burning house.


“It’s sir Dillian’s job to find that chance.”

“Should I find it? I think it would be nice just to make it.”


Dillian quickly wrapped around my waist like a beast hunting for its prey.


Huh? I blinked my eyes as I was dragged inside. Dillian’s face was in front of my nose.


“I’m not gonna do anything, so lie down comfortably. You will fall off.”

“… I won’t fall off.”

“Won’t you? You have a bad sleep habit, you always kick the blanket.”

“But still.”

“If you had slept there, you would have kissed the floor without moving.”


His voice was full of joy as if it was fun to tease me.


On the contrary, I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment.


I pulled the blanket up and covered my eyes as the eyes poured down my face.


“Stop staring. I’m going to get a hole in my face.”

“I was looking forward to seeing how miss Ria would solve my curse.”


I know you are wondering how I solve the curse, but what’s with the expectation?


“The way to break the curse in fairy tales is with a kiss of love….”



I quickly reached out and covered Dillian’s mouth.


“Are you doing this on purpose?”


Dillian smiled as he saw me blushing with embarrassment. Very wickedly


“Well, what do you think?”


Warm breath touched the palm of my hand. The movement of his clenched lips was felt.


“Don’t say anything! Stay still!”


Startled, I pressed his mouth with strength.


It was something I had to take my hand off of, but I was also a fool when I put it closer.


‘What, what should I do?’


When I let go, the spout of fear is sure to make fun of me, and as I stay like this, I can’t stand the tickling.


“Stop, talking!”


My wrists were grabbed and dragged down. The exposed corners of his lips twitched in an arc.


“I don’t want to.”


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    We really dont get her answer till after they defeat the curse???? Ugh so annoying