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The eyes were so pierce to the extent my shoulders shrugged.




As soon as I called him, Nathan flew out and sat on my shoulder.


“Ria, are you done talking with him?”

“Yup. Let’s go. If it’s too late, sir Dillian will be worried.”

“Before that, let me introduce you to these guys. If we just go, there will be another uproar, so you only need to learn their faces.”


The birds’ eyes that were flying along Nathan’s, twinkled.


“In turn, Mikha, Samiel, and Hanisha.”


The sparrow divine creature Mikha, the eagle divine creature Samiel, and the lark divine creature Hanisha.


All of the creatures in their bird form looked at me and their eyes lit up.


Nathan, Mikha, Samiel, Hanisha….


‘It says there were five divine creatures, but one isn’t here?’


As I counted inwardly, I hesitated at the intensely intense eyes that were burdensome, and then lowered my head.




However, since it is a divine creature, as I wanted to use honorifics, the faces of the divine creatures changed strangely.


“She’s using the honorific…?”

“Then, speaking informally…?”

“Of course! Just use honorifics. So then I’ll scold you!”


The eagle Samiel shouted with a scary face.


“Ria, why’ve you become smaller?”

“Your face got a lot more gentle.”

“Look, she lost some weight. Like you’re walking around with only bones.”


When Mikha and Hanisha also started talking to me, my mind became blank.


“So, are you seeing anyone?”

“Of course she is! With this face!? There’s no way he’s just sitting still.”


At Samiel’s question, Hanisha snorted with excitement.


As if they already knew Dillian’s existence, they blew their noses and whirled around me.


I staggered back and asked the divine creatures carefully.


“Hey, you know me…?”

“I told you.”


At Nathan’s words, the divine creatures nodded in unison.


‘What the hell did you say that made them react like this?’


It is our first meeting, but it’s like there was no distance between us.


‘This divine creature…?’


Divine creature is said to be full of solemnity and look like a sage?


‘Wherever I look, a sage, huh….’


They were no different from my relatives and elders who shouted something every holiday.


As soon as I took a step back in an atmosphere that seemed to be talking about marriage soon, Nathan raised his voice and blocked before me.


“Everyone get off! Ria is uncomfortable!”

“Hoho, look at this guy. Trying to monopolize her for himself.”

“How come you’re still the same even after two hundred years.”

“You’ve been together for a year, why don’t you back off now?”


The divine creatures who pecked Nathan horrifyingly turned their gaze to me again.


“As expected, It’s a waste to give her to him.”

“It’s a pity for Ria, but I’ll feel bad to see him meet someone else.”

“Of course! How dare he meets someone else instead of our Ria?”


Aina, who was naturally standing between the divine creatures, shook her head and exploded a bomb.


“Then, that time, I’ll make him unable to act as a man.”


Startled by the dangerous remark, I grabbed Aina’s arm.




Even the divine creatures were surprised, so they opened their eyes and looked at Aina.


At that moment, when I thought she would be properly scolded by the upright divine creatures, Samiel rubbed his chin with his wings.


“That’s a good way.”

“I’ll take care of his lower part. Who will take care of the eyes?”


Hanisha, the cutest-looking lark in the world, spat out scary words with a bad attitude on her kind face.


“Why are the eyes…?”

“He’s seeing someone else other than Ria, so he doesn’t need it!”


No, these divine creatures. Are you guys proudly discussing crimes in front of the High Priest?


Perhaps it was a familiar sight to Aaron, he only laughed it away.


“Nathan, I can see why you said you were the most dignified and gentle among the divine creatures….”

“It’s good, you know now.”


I laughed it off when he said it with his own mouth that he is the most serious divine creature, but it wasn’t a joke.


I didn’t know the divine creatures would talk like this….


“Anyway, Mikha is rather decent. Those two guys were hopeless.”


Nathan openly talked about their flaw, but they were busy discussing how to punish Dillian.


I couldn’t stand it any longer because all the divine creatures said were dangerous remarks, so I raised my voice.


“Stop, stop! If you put your hands on sir Dillian’s body. Be it the Darkness or whatever it is, I’m going to give up on it.”


Is it because I’m used to the way they treat me even though it was clear this is our first meeting? I bawled towards the divine creatures.


I looked at them in panic that I had made such a loud noise without my knowledge, but they seemed to be fine with it.


Actually, it was Aaron who was worried that I would really quit.


‘That damned divine creatures! Is it more important to torment Dillian than the Darkness?’


As I put my hand on my forehead and sighed, suddenly something came to mind.


Aina, who especially liked me.


“I’ll never see you again.”


My conversion blow worked just right. Not only Aina, but also all the divine creatures shut their mouths.


“Ria, we all say that for you to be happy. It doesn’t mean anything else.”


I took a deep breath at the divine creatures who took a hint of me.


I don’t know why there are so many people who are intimidated by me these days.


It was also the high-class being that everyone looks up to.


‘Is this because I’m the child of destiny? Because I am the Light?’


It was too burdensome for me, who has lived my whole life as a small citizen.


“By the way, Ria, why are you engaged to the Duke…?”


Surprised at Aina’s question, I pursed my lips.


“That, that….”


I hesitated for a while, and then came up with an embarrassing answer.


“I thought it was fa, fate….”


As soon as I finished speaking, Nathan’s face rotted away.


I can’t help it! How can I say that I got engaged because I didn’t want to come to the temple?


“When I listened to Nathan, I thought you were being dragged around, but now I see it, you’re not.”

“Look at her blushing face.”

“He should have come with you, but what the hell is he doing, hm.”


The  divine creatures made a fuss, saying that they felt sincerity in my reddened faces.




Aina, out of her mind, muttered with a gloomy face.


“Ria-nim, it’s time to leave.”


Sera, who quietly approached us among the noisy crowd, announced the time to return.


“We’ve got to get going.”

“I’ve seen Ria, so I guess I’ll have to go too. Ria! Next time, come to our temple to play!”


Samiel waved his hand. After that, Hanisha and Mikha also waved together.


Perhaps they had gathered in the Great Temple for a while to see me, then they dispersed one by one.


“See you next time.”


I waved my hand at them to see them off. But Aina steadfastly followed me.


If I stopped her from coming, she was about to be grabbing the hem of my pants to hold me, so I couldn’t stop it.


Worried that the Saintess would show a shameful appearance, I stood next to her and asked what I had been curious about.


“Why do you call me guardian angel?”

“Because he granted my wish.”


Same answer as before. As I tilted my head at the words I still didn’t understand, she let out a small laugh.


“My mission as a Saintess is heavy, and no one understands it, so I asked him to find someone who could understand and care for me.”


Aina stopped walking and looked back at me.


“That’s you.”


Overwhelmed by those hard eyes without a single doubt, I couldn’t say no more .


“Sure you don’t understand what I’m saying. I got it. Even if it were me, I would wonder what’s wrong with her?”

“Yeah, actually, it is.”


Aina burst into laughter at my honest answer.


“Right. That’s right. But you’re really precious to me. Even if you lo, lo, love that Duke of Sinaize! Enough to support you with it!”


I don’t think so…. But the supportive eyes have caught people.


“At that time, I felt angry and hated because it felt like the duke had taken you away, but it’s okay now.”


Aina shrugged her shoulders, capturing her expression so quickly that she wondered when she opened her rabbit eyes.


“We’re friends now.”


Aina, who smiled broadly with her eyes folded into half-moon, muttered quickly in a low voice.


“And is the engagement a big deal? To have you getting married and then getting divorced, breaking the engagement is nothing.”


I was smiling happily, but I stopped at the words I heard in my ears. When our eyes met, Aina blinked innocent eyes.


“Why? What’s wrong?”



Isn’t your skill at pretending to be innocent is top-notch?


Laughing, I got into the waiting carriage.


“I’ll go.”

“Be careful. Come play again next time!”


I waved at Aina.






Aina, who looked at the carriage disappearing into dots for a long time, turned and headed to the basement of the Great Temple.


“You’re here?”


A shadow with a fairly human form spoke while smirking.


Unlike other clones that move like dolls with commands entered, this guy, who was strongly connected with the Darkness, was able to communicate normally.


In other words, the being talking to Aina was the Darkness itself.


“Don’t pretend to be friendly. Because I don’t want to see you.”

“Ria was here, right? I can feel it. The warmth that penetrates through this disgusting divine power….”


The Darkness, which lightly ignored Aina‘s words, muttered in an ecstatic voice.


It would be painful to be locked in a cage made of divine power, but he smiled as he revealed his teeth.


“So, Aina, have you checked? Am I right?”

“… Yeah. Just like you said.”

“You’ve read it, so you know. The fact that Obelus created the world and created life, classifying it and discriminating against it.”


Instead of affirming, Aina silently listened to the story of the Darkness.


“As you know, I am a failure. I admit it. I am clearly an evil being to you guys.”

“I’m glad you know.”

“But Aina. If I were evil, would Obelus be good?”


“No, absolutely not. The Obelus who immediately turned His back on me saying I was a failure? It’s funny.”


Bang! The Darkness swept against the iron bars.


“Obelus is not as sweet or kind as you humans think. He’s just a hypocrite.”

“… Watch your mouth.”


“Oh, dear. Aina. Do you still want to believe in Obelus?”


The Darkness shook Aina’s heart without stopping.


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  1. Se ela for manipulada ela é mais trouxa do q eu pensei

  2. She’s totally going to fall for it and I bet that the author thinks we’ll be rooting for her to “rediscover the right path” or some bs. I truly dislike the clinginess of this OG FL. And our Ria is HER guardian angel? HER guardian angel??? Nah, it’s just as Ria herself said: she’s her own person