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I laughed at the miraculous calculation method that left me speechless.


“Kid, I’m asking because I’m really curious, is your business going well?”

“Yes. I earn well.”

“All right….”


Well earned, yeah. Everyone who comes will run away though.


‘Or am I being ripped off because I’m a pushover?’


Buy this? Or don’t? It was a time when I was worried about the feeling of discomfort. Dillian offered the child 6 gold.


“I count everything that miss Ria just picked.”

“Sir Dillian?”


While bewildered by what had happened suddenly, the child smiled and began to put the things I had pointed out.


“The ring is precious, you can put it on now.”


Saying that, the child took my left hand and put the ring on my ring finger. The smooth ring made of wood fit perfectly.


“Hm? Now?”

“Yup. It’s for good luck.”


The ring of luck, something like that? I don’t believe in superstitions, but seeing a bright child, I couldn’t take it off.


“Thank you.”

“Yup, but brother doesn’t seem to like it.”


As the child says Dillian looked at the ring on my hand with distasteful eyes.


“You don’t like it? Just hold for a bit. Brother has something else, right? Gave her later.”


I doubted my eyes. It was a brief moment, but Dillian’s eyes trembled.


Dillian looked at the child with suspicion.


“… How did you know?”

“I see everything. My eyes are good.”


While the two exchanged strange glances, I was just standing still in a conversation I couldn’t understand at all.


For a while, I felt alienated from their conversation.


I narrowed my eyes as I looked at the messy items on the stall.


‘What is this energy?’


I don’t know what exactly it was, but I felt a special aura.


Reaching for it, and sifting through the pile of objects, I saw a round pendant with a plain design.


‘There’s nothing special.’


As if it had been hit directly by the passage of time, the pendant was very old, rusted, and the paint has peeled off here and there.


It seemed to have been neglected until now because of its ugly appearance.


‘I don’t think there was anyone who recognized it like I did.’


I don’t know exactly what it is used for, but an object that emits light like that is bound to benefit users for any purpose.


‘I’ll have to take this no matter what.’


I’m sure that pendant is the most valuable thing on this stall.


That was the moment when I reached out for the pendant. A small hand appeared out of sight and picked up the pendant.




“Sister, do you like this?”


“Yeah. How much is this?”


“I’ll give it to you as a present.”


Give it as a present? The kid who ripped me off?


As I was looking at the child with suspicious eyes, he shrugged, saying it was real.


“Because you bought a lot. And I said that I have something I want to give you.”



Not joking, the child took out the pendant in a nice package.


Not to me, but to Dillian.


“Here, take this, brother.”

“I don’t need it, so give it to miss Ria.”

“It’s good for you though?”


The child, who refused Dillian’s refusal again, forced the pendant into his hand.


“I already said it. I have good eyes. You will thank me later.”

“He is right. Sir Dillian paid for it, so sir Dillian should take it.”


I also helped the child by the side.


I do not know, but that pendant will surely bring good luck to its owner. in any form.


It was better for Dillian to have it than me, who could protect myself with divine power.


“Sir Dillian must have it.”

“If even miss Ria says that, I will take it then.”


Dillian, who was extremely reluctant, quietly accepted the pendant at my words.


“Okay, now it’s over! You can go. The sun will set soon.”


Now that he has earned money, he wants to go home quickly, the hand that cleans us is more bitter than it looks.


As we almost got kicked out, we went out to the side of the road and waved to him.


“Let’s go, miss Ria.”



As much time had passed, the reddish sunset filled the sky.


At that moment, my eyes were taken for a moment by the beautiful sight, and the child called me from behind.


“I wish you success this time.”


“Sister’s destiny, mission, and wish.”


At that moment, the innocent child’s face looked like a young man or an old man, mixed with many faces.


“Please, I wish you success. I am looking forward to it.”

“What the….”


The child’s soft voice flew through the air. The child ran into the alley in an instant and disappeared.


When I turned my head, the stall full of items disappeared without a trace.


Like a midsummer night’s dream, I looked at the empty alley for a long time, feeling like I had seen a mirage.






When I got home, I couldn’t get my expression out of my complicated head.


Nathan, who was worried about me, sat down on my shoulder and asked.


“Ria, what happened? Why, didn’t you buy a present properly?”

“Hm? Nope. I bought the right gift.”

“Then why? Did Dillian harass you?”

“No way sir Dillian will harass me.”


Although he made fun of me, he never harassed me.


“It is.”

“I just met a weird kid.”

“How can it be weird?”

“It felt like he knew what I had to do. He told me about my destiny, mission, and wish for success.”

“Hmm, is it a kid with good eyes?”

“He also said that with his mouth, his eyes are good.”


What does that mean?


It is said that great astrologers see the future and see the past. But can an ordinary kid see it?


‘No, it’s not normal. He was a strange kid from start to end.’


Is it because of that, or because tomorrow is Dillian’s birthday? Strangely, I couldn’t sleep.


And finally, the clock bell rang twelve times, announcing Dillian’s birthday.


“It’s already his birthday…. How do I deliver the gift?”


When, where, and with what words should I congratulate and give the gift?


After struggling to buy it, I started to worry and tossed and turned for a long time.


‘I can’t sleep anyway, so I have to go for a walk at night.’


Giving up sleep and getting up, I put on my shawl and held up a lamp.


The destination, as always, was a greenhouse.


The habit of living in Wilhelm was still intact, and when my mind was complicated, I used to look for the greenhouse first.


It was then when I turned on the lamp in the greenhouse and pulled weeds as usual.


“I heard you often go out at night, but I didn’t know you were really here.”

“Sir Dillian?”

“It’s a good night.”


Perhaps he was ready to sleep, Dillian’s attire was lighter than in the daytime.


“What’s going on here?”

“I had a strong feeling that I would be able to meet miss Ria when I came here.”

“Don’t play around.”

“It really is.”


Dillian, who confused me with words that were deaf or serious, bent down and sat down next to me.


“Miss Ria, don’t you feel tired if you pull weeds at dawn?”

“I haven’t done anything other than this to organize my thoughts.”


As I spit out the hair that was sticking to my lips, Dillian pulled it off by hand.


His hand tickled me, and I shrugged my neck, and I heard a low laughter in my ear.


“Are you tickled?”

“A little? It’s over now, so please let it go.”

“It’s okay. It sticks in your mouth again.”


He thought it was not enough, so he gathered my hair together and grabbed it.


“Make yourself comfortable. I will hold it for you.”

“It’s okay. It’s all over.”


I gathered the weeds scattered on the floor and took off my gloves.


The hand that kept rubbing the nape of my neck was itchy and I couldn’t concentrate.


It was then when I was rubbing the sweat that was leaking from my palms on my thighs. Suddenly, my hand was caught.


“Are you still wearing it?”


Dillian, who drew his left hand precisely, looked at my ring finger with distasteful eyes.


It was a wooden ring that the child put on himself.


‘Oops, I forgot to take it off….’


It is Dillian’s birthday, but I had forgotten to take the ring off because I had been crazy about the suspicious child.


Wondering if that fact bothered him, Dillian pulled the ring.


As if being robbed, I glanced at Dillian as he took the ring off.


‘Dillian didn’t hear my last conversation with the boy, did he?’


So he’s only concerned with the ring, right?


“It’s difficult to keep wearing the ring given to you by any man in front of your fiancé.”

“Aren’t he too young to be called a man?”

“Is his gender covered by being young? There is no denying that he is biologically male.”


I laughed at his childish jealousy.


‘As I keep looking at it, it seems cute.’


If it was before, I would have pushed him not to talk bullshit, but these days it’s not so bad.


Because all of this side of him was only shown in front of me. I also felt a strange sense of superiority.


It had only been a few hours, but the mark left on my finger was clear.


Wanting to erase the traces, Dillian touched my hand over and over again.


“Does it feel empty?”

“A little?”


I shrugged.


‘You, too, need to be boiled inside.’


I am always the one who gets beaten up, so I wanted to make fun of him at least once.


But Dillian wasn’t in the slightest upset.


“Good then.”



Turning my teasing into an opportunity, Dillian smiled and began to insert something into my ring finger.


The cool texture was distinct from that of wood.


“For miss Ria’s fine hands, this one suits you much better than the crude wood.”


The ring that filled my ring finger glistened in the moonlight.


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