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Ria’s face burned with fire at the kiss that fell short.


“Why, why did you do this, this time…!”


Ria’s eyes went round and round at the kiss that started without any foreshadowing.


“You can’t just, just come in without notice like this.”


Ria stuttered, trying to calm Dillian.


She had no idea what button she was pressed for. Ria swallowed her saliva in the hot eyes that seemed to burn the surroundings.


“It’s all miss Ria’s fault.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“How can you make people this excited?”



Dillian pressed his thumb to her sweet lower lip.


Surprised, Ria widened her eyes.


“Before having a wedding ceremony, if my heart explode, will miss Ria take responsibility?”


There is no coercion in such coercion. Ria contorted her eyes at the absurd logic.


“If you feel like you’re going to explode, you can stop doing this!”

“I hate that.”

“Then just explode!”

“Is that so?”


Waiting for this moment, Dillian hurriedly approached.


“What do you mean with that!”


Ria quickly covered her mouth, fearing that Dillian, who was approaching her, would steal her lips again.


‘You think I would get caught by you again?’


Ria, who was smiling with an impassioned defense, twitched her eyes at the breath she felt in her ear.


Dillian, who had only his upper body bowed in place, whispered quietly.


“Your face is red.”

“Ah, really!”


Ria swung her arms out of range and rubbed her itchy ears.


‘Looks like it touched his lips…!’


As her neck was bright red, Ria raised her finger toward Dillian.


“What a shameful thing!”

“Shameful thing? It’s not right to call your fiancé that way.”


Dillian’s nonsense didn’t stop there.


“And the kissing just now was a kind of treatment.”


Was my hearing bad? Or has that human brain gone stale?


Ria frowned and asked.


“What nonsense is that? What do you mean by treatment….”


Snorting and shaking her head, Ria’s words, became blurred.


Ria looked at Dillian’s neck and blinked. The curse, which was reduced in size from before, was clearly visible.


“It’s really true….”



Of course, Dillian, who was working on a scheme, opened his eyes when she said that he was really cured.


Oops, he quickly adjusted his expression, but it was after Ria had already seen it.


“I knew it!”

“Anyway, it can be cured by it. So one more time? The time has come to slowly subdue the curse.”


Having the ability to turn crisis into opportunity. Dillian was a man who never missed the opportunity that came to him.


“After all, the way to break the curse is definitely a kiss.”


How I wish it was that easy.


Ria sighed and looked at Dillian’s neck.


For sure. As Dillian said, the method of touching with the lips was more effective than the method of touching with hands.


‘Maybe it was transmitted through breathing?’


Ria looked at Dillian’s physical condition with serious eyes at the curse that had subsided faster than usual.


After confirming that the strange atmosphere had completely disappeared, Dillian took a step back and sighed in disappointment.


“Thank you so much for the gift. I have to use it every day.”

“Do you like it?”

“Definitely. It makes me want to use it right now.”


That’s a relief. Ria wiped her chest filled with anxiety.


“Actually, I went to the jeweler yesterday afternoon to buy a gift for sir Dillian.”


Wondering why she would still want to tell the story that was over, but Ria didn’t want to leave even the slightest misunderstanding.


“Didn’t you know?”

“Yeah, I didn’t know.”

“I wanted to give it as a surprise gift, so I hid it, but I’m glad it was successful.”


She was worried about what to do if he was disappointed, but she is glad that he liked it more than she expected.


Ria laughed, at the careful hand that touched the cufflinks, lest there be any blemishes.


Do I need to keep giving Dillian gifts? Seeing his happy face, an unknown sense of satisfaction flooded in.


“I will also celebrate miss Ria’s birthday more grandly than anyone else.”


He received such a wonderful gift and he can’t pass it up quietly.


If Ria wanted it, it was going to be bigger, more splendid, and grander than the emperor’s birthday.


“It would be nice to have a festival.”


It is to hold a festival to celebrate Ria’s birth throughout the month.


And it definitely imprints who Ria is.


“Calm down. My birthday is over.”

“I know. It’s February 3rd, isn’t it?”

“… Did you do a background check?”

“Background check? I just found out everything about miss Ria out of love.”


His smile, which rose smoothly, was somehow sinister.


‘No, I think it was really a background investigation…?’


Ria tilted her head and left the greenhouse with Dillian.


Didn’t feel the time has long passed, the clock bell rang in the mansion to indicate it was 1 in the morning.


“If you say it like that, it seems to be an exchange, not a gift, to sir Dillian.”


Ria, who will get tremendous gifts for her birthday, scratched her cheek.


She was fed up with the precious ring that cost several times more than the one she gave.


“Next time, I’ll give you something so good that sir Dillian will be surprised.”


Shocked by the sincerity revealed unconsciously, Ria shut her mouth.


‘Now, did I think for the next time?’


Naturally, the moment Ria was embarrassed by the promise of next year, Dillian, who quickly noticed her heart, blocked the way out.


“I look forward to it.”


As if he had already received a present for next year, seeing Dillian who liked it, she thought, whatever.


‘Yeah, I’m going to surprise Dillian with a better present next year.’


As much as she would be surprised.


That was when I was about to say goodbye to Dillian, who had taken me to the bedroom.


“Tomorrow, I will go down to Sinaize’s territory.”

“Suddenly? Did something happen?”


He’s never leaving his place, so did something big happen?


Dillian shook his head at Ria’s worried face.


“It’s my grandfather’s birthday soon, so I should stop by.”

“Grandfather? Is your grandfather still there?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that his health has deteriorated recently, but he is still alive and well.”

“… Why didn’t you tell me?”


Ria  was shocked when she heard the news for the first time.


She thought he had no family, but was his grandfather alive?


“I’m not very close to my grandfather. The last time I saw him was three years ago, that’s it.”


It had been a long time since they had treated each other like non-existents.


“But when he hears the news of my engagement, he tells me to come down to the territory.”


If it’s because of the engagement news, doesn’t it mean that he should come with his fiancée?


“Don’t tell me, me too…?”

“Yes. We’ll take this opportunity to do it all at once.”


Ria opened her mouth to Dillian, who spoke lightly as if he had finished a game mission.


“You don’t have to worry about it. Think of it as going on a honeymoon tour, and go there lightly.”

“It’s not light at all….”


It’s a sudden in-law’s house, so it can’t be light.


Chapter 14. What Happened In The Duke Castle




I backed away from the busy people.


Nathan, who was sitting in my arms, opened his mouth.


“It’s already noisy in the morning.”

“It’s the first time in 3 years, so there must be a lot of preparation.”


Suddenly that day had come. The day we go to Sinaize’s territory.


“It’s good weather for a trip, but it’s a little hot.”



Whatever the weather, it was mid-April, and the sun was very strong.


My eyes were dazzled by the blazing sun.


‘What kind of person is his grandfather?’


Is he cold like Dillian? Or is he a very strict and clumsy person?


I don’t know for sure, but he seemed to have a similar feeling to Dillian.


“Is it okay….”



A shadow fell before my eyes. When I raised my head, Dillian, who had put his hand as a shade, laughed silently.


When I looked up, I saw the cufflinks on the ends of his white sleeves.


“You use it right away?”

“You are the one who gave it to me. Of course I should.”


I grabbed Dillian’s hand and looked at his sleeve.


In a bright place, the more dazzling ruby went well with Dillian.


“It’s pretty. It fits you well.”

“I’m going to use it every day.”


Dillian took off the jacket he always wore, wondering if he wanted to brag about the present I gave him, and looked excited like a child.


‘It is worthwhile to spend all of my fortune.’


After a moment of pride, I got on the carriage and sighed.


“It’s a long way, so I’m already worried.”

“We will use the portal as before, so it will be soon. When we arrive at the territory, it will take an hour by horse-drawn carriage, so it won’t be too hard.”


It was as Dillian had said.


Using the portal, we entered Sinaize’s territory in an instant, then we changed carriages again and moved towards the Duke’s Castle.


“The scenery is really nice.”


Nathan burst into admiration at the tranquil scenery different from the capital.


“If I lived in a place like this, I would be happy to live in.”


Nathan said that it is better to go to a place that is more nature-friendly than a tall building.


“Ria, should we live here next time?”

“It’s okay to enjoy our honeymoon at Sinaize’s Castle.”

“No. Ria, it’s not good here. Let’s go to the west.”

“Then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stay in the villa in Therium region. It’s right in front of the sea, so it’s perfect for a cool summer.”

“Why do you keep bothering me!”

“You must not disturb and keep your mouth shut.”


Today, not much different, leaving the two of them arguing behind, I moisten my dry lips at the duke’s castle in the distance.


The moment the carriage stopped in front of the castle, my heart started beating like it was about to jump out of my mouth.


“Ria, are you nervous?”



It’s a day to see Dillian’s family. Also an elder!


I couldn’t help but be nervous.


Because of that, neither the people who welcomed Dillian and me nor the grand greetings came into my eyes.


And finally, he appeared.


“Are you here, Dillian?”


The huge imprint that appeared in front of us turned my head white as if it had been poured with bleach.


Sera whispered quietly next to her.


“That is Therze Sinaize-nim.”

“That person…?”


The image of Therze Sinaize I had in mind was a strict old gentleman. I was thinking of a lean old man….


‘What’s with that muscle? What….’


The assertive muscle twitches every time Therze moves.


His taut muscles were pulled tight as if his shirt was about to burst.


If he applied a little more force there, it felt like his shirt would tear.

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