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While Dillian and Ria were flirting in front of the bedroom, the vassals heard the news that something had happened so they gathered together and opened their mouths.


The woman, with her red hair dangling, chewed a cigarette and asked.


“The duke has come? The guy whose nose hasn’t been seen for three years?”


Bianca Greta, the head of the Count of Greta, exhaled, white smoke scattered in the air.


“Yeah, he came with his fiancée. I can barely stop him from fighting with father.”


Lloyd Trisio remembered the situation and shook his head.


“It seems that our duke is finally planning to get married. So Lloyd. Which local noblewoman is she from?”

“She’s a commoner.”

“What? Commoner?”


For a brief moment, Bianca with a cigarette in her mouth was chattering and laughing.


“That Dillian, with a commoner? What a masterpiece.”

“Count Greta, keep your dignity.”


A woman with her indigo hair pulled up bruised Bianca.


Giselle Justin, who had a very contrasting impression with Bianca, frowned, saying it was vulgar.


Bianca snorted at Giselle’s bruise, and smoked at her.


“Giselle, you are so boring. Didn’t your son say so?”



It was Lloyd Trisio who mediated the atmosphere where a fight was about to break out at any moment.


“Stop fighting.”


Guess who’s not the Sinaize people.


Everyone nature was not normal


“By the way, why is Lexter Blent so late?”


Bianca tilted her head towards the empty Lexter’s seat, and Giselle grabbed her flabby forehead and answered.


“Looks like he is not going to attend because he was sick.”

“Is he?”


Bianca crossed her arms behind and placed her hands on her head.


“Then let’s check out what kind of person the new hostess is.”


Bianca’s eyes flashed with interest.






There are four vassals in the Duke of Sinaize.


The Marquis of Trisio of the North.


The Count of Greta of the East.


The Count of Justin of the South.


The Count of Blent of the West .


They thoroughly excelled in their field.


First of all, the Marquis of Trisio.


It has a history as old as Sinaize, and it is a place where defense tactics are superior to offense.


They showed strong defense like an iron wall, and they were called Sinaize’s shield, which prevents barbarians from invading and protects the territory.


Conversely, with sayings like ‘the best defense is attack.’ there is a place that shows the tactics with the best attack power.


That was the Count of Greta.


If Trisio is Sinaize’s shield, Greta is Sinaize’s sword.


It is a House run by a female headman from generation to generation.


Next up is the Count of Justin.


Even though it’s under a military House, Count Justin was in charge of the finances of the Sinaize teritorry.


It was no exaggeration to say that most of Sinaize’s operating funds came from this House.


It was said that they have an excellent eye for money, and an eye that was passed on from generation to generation was said to be the best.


The last one, the Count of Blent.


Like Justin, it was in charge of finance, but since Lexter became the head of the House, he was said to have expanded its feet into the military domain.


“Any more questions?”


As I wrote down the characteristics of each vassal, I shook my head.


“I think just knowing this is enough.”


I checked the characteristics of each family and heard a brief description of the House, so this was enough.


At least I can figure out who is who.


“Then will we all meet for dinner?”

“If you feel uncomfortable, you can refuse, but it would be more convenient to meet them now at once.”


If it wasn’t now, Dillian clicked his tongue, saying that he’d be bothered with strange excuses.


I completely agree with that opinion.


Despite the contract, I am in the position of the pre-duchess.


As they have high pride, It was clear that I could already hear their nonsense, blaming my commoner background for my wrong doing.


“If someone attacks me, sir Dillian has to block everything.”


“Please make sure to stop the attack from Therze-nim too.”

“If they say anything useless, I will get rid of them.”

“Don’t upset them.”


To get rid of them in front of the biggest elders and vassals in the House.


If it was anyone else, he would come off as rude, but Dillian was reassuring.


He was scary when he became an enemy, but when he became an ally, he was such a reassuring person.


“I’ll come pick you up when it’s ready.”


As Dillian left, Sera quickly returned and laid out the dresses on the bed.


“Tonight, I will make Ria-nim the main character.”


Sera clenched her fists and flared up.


“Sera. With perfection, for her not to feel inferior to anyone. No one can ignore her! Got it?”

“Of course, Nathan-nim!”

“That one looks so tacky. Bring the blue dress.”

“You have such good eyesight, that’s exactly what I was looking for!”

Stuck between the two eagerly choosing a dress, I quietly pulled earplugs from my bag and put them in my ears.






The dining hall, which had been noisy with chatter, quickly subsided with my appearance.


Silence lingered in the hall.


Eyes of different colors stared at me sharply.


My eyes twitched at the feeling of being a caged monkey.


‘That’s why I tried to come quickly.’


After all, I’m the last one to appear. Time was delayed by the heated discussion between Sera and Nathan.


‘I know this is interesting, but could someone talk?’


Having decided to end the endless exploring battle, I formally greeted Therze and the three vassals.


“This is Ria Delice. It is an honor to meet you all.”


At my greeting, Therze nodded and turned away.


It was the marquis who ended the situation that would have been embarrassing.


“This is Lloyd Trisio. Nice to see you.”


Then, a woman with red hair hanging like a lion’s mane smiled wildly and held out her hand.


“This is Bianca Greta. Let’s get closer.”


She shook my hand up and down with a terrific grip as I shook my hand at the friendly greeting.


“You have calluses? You seem to have dealt with weapons rather than calluses of life, what is it?”

“That is….”


Before I could answer, a sharp noise flew from Count Greta’s side.


“The scars and calluses on the hands of the woman who will become the future hostess of Sinaize. Tsk.”


I kept my mouth shut as the remark flew fiercely.


‘It’s bloody, bloody.’


Her indigo hair was pulled tightly and tied in a ponytail, which spoke of her personality.


She said without hiding her dissatisfied look.


“It’s Giselle Justin.”


That was it.


The head of the Justin House didn’t speak a word anymore.


Since you greet, I greet too. That was it.


“Sit down.”


As if it had been waiting as I sat down at Therze’s word, the dishes began to fill the table.


I timidly swallowed the dish at the supreme feast.


‘Crazy, it’s delicious….’


In this situation, they say naturally you won’t know whether the rice goes into your nose or your mouth, isn’t it just nonsense?


Or am I indifferent? Or was it that it was so delicious that it even suppressed the tension?


I feel sorry for the chef who is a fan of mine, but the level of food in the territory was higher.


‘This recipe, I want to get it.’


I wanted to sneak into the kitchen and steal it.


Dillian asked softly as he saw the corners of my mouth that had melted in the heavenly taste I tried for the first time.


“Is it delicious?”


With a fork in my mouth, I nodded eagerly.


“Should I give you more?”

“You too, eat sir Dillian. This is really delicious. Sir Dillian will absolutely love it.”


The clean, uncluttered, light taste was just what Dillian liked.


Murmur murmur. As I whispered so only he could hear it, Dillian’s face softened.


“Then I must eat too.”


Yep yep, as I nodded my head, the clattering sound can be heard next to me.


When I turned my head to find the source of the sound, Therze was looking at Dillian with a face that had seen a ghost.


“What did I see….”


Bianca muttered to herself and rubbed her eyes.


Lloyd and Giselle didn’t show much to protect their dignity, but they showed signs of surprise.


“Stop staring at me and just eat.”

“Ha, hahaha! It’s real. Yeah, this is fun.”


Bianca burst out laughing as she looked at me and Dillian in turn.


She was as ferocious and unstoppable as she looked.


She was only interested in the existence of me, it seemed that she did not pay much attention to the fact that I was a commoner.


“Bianca. Stop laughing and eat. It’s impolite to miss Delice.”


Of them all, Marquis Trisio is the most kind to me.


Far from ignoring me as a commoner, he treated me perfectly as the pre-duchess.


Because of his gentlemanly demeanor and Harris-like face, he felt strangely friendly.


And for Giselle….


“Your dining etiquette is bad.”


It was strictness itself. I was just blown away by the sharp point and cold eyes like a teacher.


“Don’t be too harsh with everyone’s stance. Are you going to die if it’s wrong?”

“No ifs or buts, Bianca. You should keep your back straight.”


Bianca was disgusted with the nagging that was pouring towards her, then she straightened her back.


‘Ah, that type is the most uncomfortable.’


I would rather deal with Therze. It was very uncomfortable for the one who tried to teach others by making a fuss.


“If you are the hostess of Sinaize, you should definitely know the etiquette. I will teach her not to become someone embarrassing on your* birthday.”

*Terzhe’s birthday


It’s finally time. Can’t I refuse? That was the time when I was swallowing saliva from the burden.


“We haven’t even gotten married yet, that’s an overstatement.”


Dillian, who ran to the front line, blocking my way.


“If manners are so important, wouldn’t it be better to tell Count Greta who is next to you?”

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