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Author: B0ucha


It must be part of the dream.


Very vivid.


Berlin, no, in Berlin’s body, she had the thought that she was alive.


It was natural to think that way because some guy was liking her neck.


He skilfully pressed his palm over her side and chest, and she wrapped her arms around the person’s neck with a twisting sensation in her back.



I thought it was a dream, so I let out an Honest moan, that I couldn’t hold in.



I’ve never felt this prickly sensation to the tip of her toe while spending the night with someone.



I thought I wasn’t particularly insensitive, but I had only felt unpleasant when someone touched my body.



I can’t believe it’s a sensation like electrical stimulation splashing through blood vessels all over my body. So it must be a dream.



In addition, I had never seen such a neat and strong-looking face.



A cold face and eyes met. The person frowned as as if displeased when I met his gaze, wondering what was so surprising that she was looking up at him.



It was all suffocating. His well-groomed blonde hair and red eyes seemed to devour people.



He seemed to look down on people somehow, and he looked contemptuous.


For a moment, their gaze collided, and his movement stopped, and for a moment, his hand gently swept her chest, and Brelin groaned naturally.


With such proficiency that I had never experienced, I couldn’t think of anything in my head.



I was out of breath.





His expression became a little weirder at the groan.



He looked as if he was dealing with an enemy, not partners who were facing each other with a naked body.



He muttered, deeply making a sneering expression He muttered a deep laugh,



“Brelin, I have no idea what you’re thinking. I thought you hated sleeping with me too.”



“Haha… No, that’s…”


“It’s a marriage you wanted, and you decided to have a child because you wanted to, and you planned this unpleasant bed tonight, but you treated me as if I were shameless, are you making fun of me now?”



“… What are you talking about?”



After her heart was buried in his mouth, who was muttering the name Brelin, she had to give up continuing her words.



It was a rough caress, and there was no kiss. It hurt a little, but it was strangely stimulating.


She was busy breathing in due to the wave-like stimulus.


A strange feeling as if wearing someone else’s body, not your own. I had such a strange idea that I was in the body of a person accustomed to all these stimuli.


I grabbed the blanket tightly and gave up thinking with a short breath.


The brightness of the sunlight pouring through the window was even violent.


I couldn’t hold out without opening my eyes.


I grumbled and dug through the blankets for a long time, but eventually gave up and raised myself.




But rather than the displeasure of forcing me to wake up from my sleep, my curiosity took over. The things that came into view were all unrecognizable.



I grabbed a handful of the hair pouring down between the flowing blankets. Fresh pink hair that looked like freshly picked peaches and cotton candy was plentiful.



‘Is this a dream, or did I dye my hair ash pink while sleeping?’



Looking at the naked body of a man with an excessively good body, who was turning from this side to the opposite side, made me come to my senses.



I grabbed a handful of white blankets and looked at his back, not moving.


Where did he come from?





The name he called me with went round and round in my head.


A medieval-style room, a rich white, huge bedding that I’ve never seen before, and a huge bed with it.


Half transparent white curtain decorating the border of the bed.


Silk cloth that wraps around my body.


I crawled over the overly wide bed, trying not to wake him up.


After wriggling for a long time, I could barely get out of bed.



A soft wool carpet wrapped pleasantly around my feet.

Above all, I wanted to check something first, so I stood in front of a gold full-body mirror decorated with colourful borders.



“… Ah.”



The pink hair pouring down to the waist and her bare white body, which was beautifully balanced and curved. Big chest, green eyes with double eyelids, and two snake tattoos engraved on the left forearm.



Everything is infinitely familiar and infinitely unfamiliar.



My gaze stopped at a snake-shaped tattoo that I have clearly seen before, to be precise, have drawn as a design.


‘It’s the very tattoo that I remember even if I touch it with my hand and check it again. And pink hair…. It’s definitely my first time seeing it, but I’ve imagined it several times in my head.

The face of ‘Brelin’.’


There was a title of a novel that came to mind, It was the only novel she had written herself.



’ no no… Can it be? Could this be? Really, could such a thing happen? This is a coincidence. It’s an illusion’.



I looked out the window, dizzy from the chaotic, tangled thoughts.


Everything was strange.


The beautiful city receiving the afternoon sunset was covered with red roofs and red bricks.

Even that was familiar.



“… Belta style building.”



She thought again about what I muttered without realizing it.


That is also the setting in the novel she wrote.



The design of the city she had imagined at random by connecting the whole city with a corridor was right in front of her eyes.


‘But can I believe this situation that much?’


I didn’t know how much was an illusion and how much was real.



I heard a chuckle from behind, and then ‘He’ with an annoyed face approached me.


Brelin looked at him with her mouth slightly open.


The More I thought about it the more I had a really strange conviction.



Because he had the same handsome face as the male protagonist in the novel that she created, loved, and mirrored with her ideal type.


Redrose, who frowned as if he was displeased with even her gaze, slammed the curtain in front of the window.



“What are you doing?”





“What are you doing standing by the window without wearing any clothes? Do you want me to be humiliated? Just marrying you was enough.”






Brelin swallowed her saliva.


Then she came up with a question that didn’t match the situation at all…


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