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Seeing his attitude like that, Brelin was also surprised.


The sudden kiss was rather insignificant. 


Considering what happened when I first woke up in this world, it was strange that I was kissed by Redross first, considering his personality, but I wasn’t too surprised because I thought it was normal between couples.


However, it was rare for him to be so obedient and unable to speak properly.


After kissing casually, didn’t it feel very sweet?


Or was he embarrassed because he wanted me to cling to him more actively as Brelin originally did, but I didn’t?


But it didn’t matter anyway. 


I had no intention of appealing to him any more, and if he was disappointed in my charm, that was fine. 


After all, the female protagonist was different.


Brelin looked at him, who could not speak properly, and stood up to the ground.


It was chilly even while I was lying down, but when I decided to get up, it was really cold enough to give me chills.


She smiled slightly and reached out to him.


“Did you come to pick me up?”


“… Yes?”


“I’m sorry I was too late and made you worry. I was in a corner like this, and I think you’ve been looking for me for a long time. It’s just that the stars are so pretty.”


Redross seemed to have regained his composure a little while she talked like that.


A beat later, he grabbed her hand and pulled her up to her feet.


“Go back.”






My feet froze, and I accidentally stumbled on the wrong foot. 


If he hadn’t clasped my hands, I would have been on the ground again.


Brelin crouched down to get the slippery shoes back on.


“It’s cold when you take off your cape like that.”


“… no, that’s true. But I can’t just lie directly on the ground.”


Redross grabbed her cape that had been spread on the floor and wrapped it around her like a blanket.


The hand that passed her neck and opened the cloak slowly seemed to slow down a bit, so that it carefully covered her frozen skin to hide it.


Before she could thank him, Redross lifted her up.


Brelin, who was lifted up while fixing her shoes, grabbed Redross’s neck and shoulders in embarrassment, but there was a sense of stability without having to hold him.


She struggled lightly to ask him to let her down, but he didn’t care and started walking in stride in the direction he came back from. 


It was her side that was embarrassed this time.


“Hey, will you go in like this?”


“I’m sorry, but I think it would be faster to go like this. You don’t seem to know how cold your body is. It’s like an ice cube.”


“That’s it, but…”


“I think it would be better to go in quickly and warm up.”


The determined tone felt like he was annoyed.


Yeah, He must have been annoyed while I was going out for a walk, he was looking for me who went missing. 


Wouldn’t he be angry because she didn’t even take one servant out with her?


Then just get angry from the beginning. Why confuse people. 


‘I got angry that he kissed me now.’


Brelin was forced to lean on his chest, pouting her lips.


“Okay. I won’t make you worry anymore.”


No answer came back.


I could only feel his body moving stably as he walked fast.


While my hands and body were slowly warming up with his high body temperature, I could realize that I was really cold.




When the two arrived at the waterfall at the entrance to the garden, Mrs. Ballon greeted them with a lantern.


“Oh, my. Oh my god. Oh my god.”


Mrs. Ballon murmured, repeatedly looking at Brelin, whose face was bluish, and the solid arm of the duke wrapped around her, as if she didn’t know what to be surprised about first. 


But soon after, as a professional, she came to her senses, and instructed the maids standing next to her to prepare hot water and make tea.


Redross dropped Brelin off the front door.


He was not distracted by the pink hair tangled in his chest, but there was still a slight confusion on his face.


Before he could even speak properly, Mrs Ballon quickly disappeared with Brelin, saying:

“If you don’t bathe in warm water right away, you’ll catch a cold.”


Redross thought he must have been possessed by something.


After she disappeared from his sight, he felt nothing. 


Yeah, just. I just happened to be possessed for a while. 


I must have been possessed by a forest spirit, a forest fairy, or a ghost. Therefore…


He calmly walked up to the room.


As he was just going up the stairs, he ran into Teberan with a tired face.


“What happened, master?”




“You ran away as soon as you heard about the tree ice flower. Didn’t you have something urgent to do? ”


Tree ice flower and what ?


He gave a small sigh and waved his hand.


It means that they should talk next time because he’s tired.


Teberan tilted his head at the unusual attitude and stepped back in the direction he had been going.


I went to bed and sat down for a moment to think.


Really briefly.


But I was definitely sitting for a really short time and thinking about the structure of the garden, and I don’t know when she was all washed up, but Brelin, who had a towel on her head, was standing next to me.


It is also questionable, when the hell did she came this close.


He opened his eyes wide and caught her gaze.


“Oh right. So what happened to your participation in management?”




“The Participate in management.”


Redross looked straight at the woman with her red cheeks, who had just taken a bath.


There was no confusion in those emerald eyes.


Her eyes were filled with the strange calmness that he had felt since two days ago.


From the moment we got married, to be precise, right after we went to bed together after the marriage, I couldn’t find any kind of interest in me from her at all.


All the time, she just calmly did what she wanted to do one by one.


Somehow, the confused mind was sorted out at once, and unpleasant feelings of unknown origin rose.


“It’s management. Do you really think you can do it?”




“It’s tiring and burdensome.”


Brelin nodded slowly, as if in agreement.


“If you want to do that, give it a try.




“Instead, when it gets hard, and you want to give up, do it.”


She laughed bitterly.


That male protagonist, obviously, later meets the female protagonist and becomes a great duke, who is very proud.


At that time, he just discovered a mine, and by chance, gets lucky, solves an epidemic, grows crops in the estate, and even get a chance to carry out their strategic tactics.


But not now.


Now, of course, he’s a great man, the duke of a venerable family, and frankly, I know he’s not terribly poor. 


But the duke is just raising his nose like that because he doesn’t know the dangers that lie ahead.


What do you mean you’re giving me a chance?. Sigh.


If he had known in advance what was going to happen, and if he had known that I could foretell them, he would have bowed down and asked me to participate in the management.


Brelin was very familiar with the male protagonist’s attitude, but the red eyes shining under the blonde hair were so handsome and pretty that she can’t help but laughed.


What can I do? I have to blame myself for making his character like this.


“The Ice Flower, did you find it?”




“A thank you?”


“Thank you.”


Whether stubborn or naive, the answer is also good.


She smiled and clasped Redross’s firm hand.


“Okay. Please take good care of me, General Manager.”



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