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Brelin’s face turned red.


His face, looking down at her from above, subtly wrinkled as she unwittingly grabbed the front of her silk pajamas.

Redross was looking down at her with his hands on both sides of her head , doing nothing.


“Why do you look like that?” Isn’t you the one who made this condition?”


I felt like he was somehow hurt, so I tried to cut back a bit of my defensive attitude, but it was out of my control since a man of such menacing size was looking down at me from above.


She spoke carefully.


“… well, I, Redross.”


“Say it.”




Redross kept his mouth shut for a moment, neither urging her to talk, not even interrupting her thoughts. 


Then, when our eyes met, he let out a small sigh.


“I don’t understand your intentions anymore. Is there something that made you really disappointed with me, or is there something that made you hate it? That’s why you’re acting like you don’t know what to do?”


Brelin quickly denied it.




“Then, was the first night not satisfactory?”


Brelin’s face turned red, and she shook her head. Pink hair fluttered.


“Oh, it’s not like that!”


She hurriedly covered her mouth, which seemed like she was going to utter nonsense, and answered with a mumble.


“Absolutely not!”


The more she denies, the more Redross becomes oblivious to her intentions.


Otherwise, a person’s attitude cannot be turned upside down like this . I also don’t know how to treat my wife anymore. That’s why I’m asking.


Brelin understood his feelings. How absurd would it be for him? The  Count’s daughter, who even put a huge dowry because she liked him that much, doesn’t want to get near him after getting married.


But what’s the point of having a good relationship?


He didn’t embrace Brelin because he loved her so much, did he? And I don’t really like it either.


‘Isn’t that what he wanted anyway?’


Of course, I know that Brelin nailed it first, but… How can a person not be surprised when he suddenly does this after staying still for the past few days?


I slowly reached out and stroked Redross’ blonde hair, trying to convey my intentions somehow. His eyes shone brilliantly.


Brelin’s hand, which had been stroking his hair several times, came down again.


There was something I couldn’t explain in words, but that’s what I wanted to say.


It’s better for each other to just not do it than to have a physical relationship without those feelings. As a writer, she knew better than anyone that Redross did not want to hold Brelin.


As she stood still, Redross slowly stood up.


“It’s not that I hate it, Redross.”


He looked at her, seemingly relieved.


“Then what?”


“It’s just, to do it without having feelings… It breaks my heart, and it would ruin our relationship.”


“I didn’t know I’d hear that from your mouth, less anyone else.”


He thought that it was a good thing to be freed from something that had no satisfaction and was burdensome on his mind. Somehow, he thought it was going to ruin the relationship, too.


‘But ruining a relationship? It wasn’t even a good relationship, was it? ‘


As he pondered his own thoughts, Brelin spoke quickly.


“I never thought I would say something like this either. Anyway, the successor issue is delayed a bit. I’m putting it off for a while.”


As she spoke, her face became more and more red, and she seemed to avoid his gaze like before.


Strangely, he thought it was cute. He couldn’t help but laugh. 


It was strange because it was an impression that he had never had in his life. 


He looked back at her, sweeping his hair up. She was not wary anymore, but rather comfortable.


After that, the couple started talking about office work, discussing how the preparations for the banquet are going, when is the meal time today, and so on.


It was a strangely light morning.




Whatever the reputation of the hostess is, it is the first time that Brelin will be attending a banquet since she arrived. It would be a place where people would evaluate on how Brelin is treated in the duke’s family, or how well Brelin could carry the duke’s name on her back.


After sending the reply that I would attend the banquet, I had about two weeks to spare.


The two maids who followed Brelin from Count Aprin had their feet caught on fire. Both Adi and Roana were women under Brelin who learned the latest trends when it comes to decorating and social dance.


However, they knew that if they did not pass Brelin’s difficult selecting at once, another severe reprimand would await.


The two hastily sent a message to the dress shops, asking them to send all the dresses that were reserved. Brelin, who used to tailor new dresses for fashion and seasons months before the banquet in advance, already had several reserved dresses.


Recently, they were told to dispose of all the clothes and jewelry she didn’t wear. Therefore, the number of clothes that could be used for banquets was infinitely small.


However, when it was time for Adi and Roana to gather all the dresses and accessories and to bring in well-known cloth vendors,and designers, there was no word from Brelin.


If it were as usual, she would have called dozens of times more to see how things were going, anxiously asking, urging, and interfering.


Adi was wondering what was going on .


So, she decided to go ask Brelin first.




Dresses and accessories prepared in such a hurry were placed on display in the room, and Brelin slowly entered the place where the merchant and the famous designer all gathered together. 


When I first saw the dress covered in Brelin’s personal space, I was only shocked, but as I continued to look at it, I got used to it.


Brelin’s heart swelled with anticipation that when she would go to a new place, she would be able to see what the novel settings actually looked like and how people behave and live there.


However, she also had concerns about the sender of the affair letter , but she kept it secretly to herself.


Looking at the dresses Adi had laid out to the fullest, Brelin let out a long sigh.


Thanks to secretly learning how to dance, my dancing is improving.


Besides, fortunately, she had a talent for moving her body.


But wouldn’t anyone who has danced with Brelin at least once find dancing with me awkward?


Just thinking about it made my fingertips tremble.


It’s impossible to ask anyone for practice.


While Brelin was fiddling with the hem of her dress, unable to shake her worries, Adi opened the door and entered.


“Oh my lady! You came. You haven’t given me any instructions… .”


“Oh, sorry. I have a lot of other thoughts .”


Adi knew Brelin well, who never knew the word “sorry”,these days, is saying things she didn’t often say because she is suffering from depression after marriage.


“Lady Brelin, it’s nothing … that dress.”


“Oh, that. You know the new ones I ordered.”


“Yes, but you are not going to wear them. It’s a banquet where all the ladies from all over the country come to show off their looks! In such a place, it’s only natural to wear a new dress to match it, right?”


Brelin laughed bitterly.


Of course, if it was Brelin, the character she created, it would have been. However, the Brelin who is here now is a Brelin who is suffering from the responsibility of a writer who has not yet resolved her financial difficulties.


“But I’m just going to wear it. Since it’s new anyway. And I think it doesn’t matter . I don’t have to be so obsessed with beauty. And I roughly know what’s going to be trendy.”


Adi can’t help but roll her eyes at her master.


If you’re not obsessed with beauty, then what are you obsessed with? No one else, but the banquet hall Queen,Brelin?


“… really?”




Adi looked at her master with some pitying eyes. 


‘She must have been really depressed.’


So, in the first place,it is said that it is best to get married to a loving husband.


From the beginning,Brelin’s marriage was known for her not being loved by her husband .


Adi sighed several times inwardly because her master was pitiful.


“More than that, Adi.”




“Did you do what I asked you to dispose of your jewelry and some clothes?”


She had recently asked to dispose of only expensive jewelry that was not worn well. Adi thought it was a joke because she said that she was going to dispose of even the precious things that are difficult to obtain again, but she actually disposed of them all without a blink of an eye.


Adi nodded.


Brelin put the money in her hand as a sign of hard work.


“This money , don’t tell anyone about it. Understand?”


Adi nodded, but knew that her master had brought quite a bit of pocket money in addition to the dowry, so she didn’t know where she was going to spend the huge sum of her jewelry sales.


“Would you like some new clothes?”


“No. This will be used to rescue the ship.”


“What… ?”


“Fufu. When it’s time ,you’ll see.”


These days, her master only speaks unfamiliar words.


Adi didn’t understand at all, but nodded and pulled Brelin.


“Stop thinking about stressful things like that, and get a quick massage and a perfumed oil bath. Come on, as always, the most beautiful and shining person in the banquet hall should always be my lady”


Brelin mumbled softly as she followed her, pretending not to win.


“Yeah, the person that gets the most attention in the banquet hall is probably Brelin.”


Adi glanced at her ,who was speaking in third person, but the pitiful smile quickly disappeared, leaving only the usual gentle smile.




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