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It took a very long time for everyone’s eyes to scatter. Redross was tired of the situation and drank alcohol.


Drinks at banquets are too sweet that you get sick of them. It was better to drink one glass, but he didn’t like those drinks made by added sweeteners. When he drank it, he was only unpleasantly drunk, and the hangover remained for a long time.


Redross is, therefore, would rather have a … .


“White gin. Would you like some?”


Yes, he wanted to drink a glass of white gin with lots of cold ice. He took the glass that the servant had brought in front of him sooner than he thought and blankly held it in his hand. The cool sensation was pleasantly attached to it.


His wife, she must have been the one who ordered it, and she was smiling and showing off in a more refined and beautiful figure than ever before.


Like winter flowers blooming among the snowflakes,he couldn’t take his eyes off the long white dress with shiny lace and the slender waistline.


“How did you know?”




Seeing Brelin grinning as if she knew nothing, he was speechless and just took a sip of the gin.


Hearing bad things about his wife tickled her ears. Well, it is known that observing people well is her hobby and specialty, and her job is to attract people. He didn’t even know it would be pointless to ask such a question.


For the first dance, a prince or a royal couple had to appear, but their arrival was late. While Brelin went out to take a break, Redross was surrounded by his friends.


“They say you change when you get married, but I didn’t expect you to change too.


“What are you talking about?”


“Do you think I didn’t see your eyes on your wife earlier? It is said that when bodies are close, the hearts get clo.. .”


Redross sent a glance to stop talking nonsense, but his friends, who only wanted to tease him, was busy asking.


“So how about that famous brelin?”


What do you think?


“Yeah, tell us.”


Redross’s close friend, Etleyman the Duke of Temerica, noticed that Redross’s expression was getting stiffer, but continued ignorantly to giggle and persuade him to talk.


“I’m not going to talk about that.”


“What? Why?!”


“Well, don’t be so hard on me. Everyone here knows that your wife is such a woman.”


Redross looked at him coldly.


“Stop it. Now she’s married, and won’t be living the way she used to, and she’s not the kind of person you can mock anymore.”


A whistle came out at the unexpected remark.


“Ha-ha, look at this friend. If you think your wife has changed so much, how would you explain that she went in with James to the back room? I don’t know how many people have just seen them together in the hallway leading to the back room.”


Redross frowned.


“What? What nonsense… .”


“Is it nonsense? Really?”


He tried to think that Mekin of House Evil was talking nonsense, but he could see several men standing next to him, nodding their heads in agreement.


I properly remembered Brelin’s straight gaze, who came face to face, telling him that it would never happen again.


With her eyes shining, she said that she has no intention of having any affair in the future. He remembered the serious tone asking him to believe her.


Redross stood up.


“But look at you chasing after your wife, saying she’s married.”


Mekin’s laughter was quite annoying. He looked straight at him.


“If you talk like that one more time, then you’ll get my gloves. I have no regrets about you, but I’ve never been close to you either to joke around about my wife.”


The atmosphere was frozen.


Looking back at Ethelman smiling and trying to calm the mood somehow, he turned and walked down the hallway, lined with back rooms.


Two thoughts ran through his mind: that she couldn’t be with the guy called James or something, and that he must have been pretty fooled by Brelin. It must have been the latter, but he had no idea why the former thought kept coming to his head.


What he encountered at the entrance of the hallway was the daughter of a familiar house .


“Where is Brelin?”


“Ah, the Duchess just went to that room with James… .”


But the moment trust turns into disbelief, anger can only be blinding.


The moment he heard those words, a feeling of disappointment came rushing over him.


‘ What have you been seeing, hearing, and believing? She’s not going to change all of a sudden.’


Thinking about it with such dismay, it seemed that he was trying to trust her more than he had thought for himself.


Even though it must have been a contract marriage in the first place, he couldn’t control the strange unknown feeling of betrayal .


Yes, Brelin is Brelin.


No matter how much a person changes, there are limits.


But even in the midst of it, he did not turn away from her. Disappointment is disappointment, but as long as she promises that there will be no more affair with her mouth, he would rather properly watch the scene and talk straight on the spot. 

‘If this is the case, why did you make such a promise to me, I will ask you directly.’


At least he wasn’t the kind of person who runs away from a problem and avoid it.




Even when James took advantage of Redross’s absence to approach her, she wasn’t in the slightest surprised. It was the original plot. That he comes to see her.


If there was one thing that surprised her, though, James was exactly what she portrayed him as, but in real life, he was much more of a swindler-looking man.

Compared to Redross, it was a bit of a waste to say that he was good-looking, but for a woman who had only imagined and set things up, the appearances of the ‘characters’ in this world she encountered in reality were quite worthy of consideration.


She was very annoyed with James’s constant pulling of her wrists, but she agreed to the conversation with him because here she needed to make an end to it.


James and Brelin started talking in a corner of the hallway that wasn’t very crowded.


He triumphantly brushed back his red hair a few times, showing a pale face thathe was proud of, and then asked with his chin up.


“Why didn’t you reply?”


Brelin crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, smiling slightly. As expected, the question was funny and even a little cute.


Her attitude itself seemed different to James. He frowned and reached for her Brelin’s ass. But Brelin took a step away, and she avoided his hand.


“What’s wrong with you?”


“Guess why I didn’t reply, with that good brain of yours.”


“You’ve been caught by your husband. Right? That’s why you got in big trouble, right?”


Brelin chuckled. It’s better to think that way.


“You know me very well,then, don’t do that anymore.”


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