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“Are you going to stop? After all, wasn’t the marriage with that man a stepping stone to start a new life with me?


In the novel, Brelin actually was lacking affection. She loved Redross terribly, but she often wandered between him, who never looked at her, and the other men who whispered sweet words to her.

It doesn’t mean that Brelin is a good person, but I could somehow understand her.


However, I don’t think I’ll live like that.


Not because she liked Redross, but because she didn’t want to waste the rest of her life in relationships with men.  


It’s such a short life that I don’t want to waste it on such a lame thing.


“Did you believe that? And I’m already married. Stop groping and stuff like that.”


James’ eyes narrowed coldly, as he read her firmness in her demeanor. Brelin thought he looked a little dangerous.


“It’s no fun if it comes out like this. Why are you doing this? You are the one who has never rejected me until now. To be honest, all I can think about now is whether it’s acting, Brelin. Aren’t you the one who has never turned down a game like this before?”


“I am not interested in games anymore.”


“Don’t you know that prohibited actions are more enjoyable? Come on. With a husband you know how thrilling it is to be in an affair with me. Why are you doing this, not having fun? Forget the little sense of justice.


Her back pressed against the wall at the push of his growling force. She frowned. Even Redross had never done a foolish thing to show off his power in the slightest. But what is this pathetic little boy going to do now… 


She said firmly.


“It’s not like that.”


“If not? Come on now, are you going to tell me that you really love the duke?”


“It’s not like that.”




“James, you’re not the right man to lead the family with me. You don’t know anything and how many people you’d be responsible for . Can you take responsibility for their lives?”


“Responsibility? Did you think we were doing it for that? We’re trying to make a difference, right? We can do it! We can achieve the next generation. Bring down the things that hold that damn power and never let go.”


It was nonsense.


It was really fucking stupid. I was trying to say something nice. But That bastard wasn’t trying to climb the stairs with some clever brains or effort, he was just a mean bastard trying to lure an empty-headed girl like me to produce an heir.


Brelin swallowed ten sighs inwardly and continued.


“What transformation? Do you think you can make such a grand sound? There is no more stupid Brelin to be used by you like that. Go find that somewhere else.”




“Go find that somewhere else.”


I thought James had a spark in his eye. He clasped my wrist tightly and dragged me into a room on one side of the hall.


Brelin tried to scream at him, but her mouth was blocked, and the proper scream didn’t come out.


Only when my back touched the bed,that I realized he was looking down at me from above with my mouth blocked, goosebumps welled up all over my body. James, whose plans had been shattered in an instant, was looking down at me with his eyes gleaming.


“Well, I guess you thought you’d be all right after all that, but I’m afraid you forgot everything I said. I have all the records of you whining under me. You don’t know the recording beads?”


It’s really bad.


Did you have such a setting? No, why would such a setting be important? But even if that happened, it wouldn’t be surprising. It’s just pathetic that James’s personality is so low that he threatens with such things.


Brelin tried to bite his finger, but it was difficult to cope with the strength of a man, even though he was not so large.


He whispered in her ear as she moaned and groaned.


“Does the duke know where and what you were doing the night before you married the duke? If the duke found out, would you know how this marriage would turn out? Have you not thought, then, that the Duke would doubt whether your child is his or not?”


I knew he was a real human being,  but I didn’t know he was such a trash.


The character ‘James’ I set was obviously a trash character, but I couldn’t predict that he would come out like this because this scene itself was not in the original.


If I had known this would happen, I would have told Redross in advance that I would be here.


It was helpless to be press down like this.  I was careless, because I never thought I’d be such a fool. Even if I know the future, it is difficult to respond because I do not know the variables.


A sense of crisis struck me. In a situation like this, he forces a woman, and then what? Does he think that the heart that left him can come back after mixing bodies? if not? If he has her body,that the women is completely his?


Such an old-fashioned idea has gone too far.


What she was worried about wasn’t the threat of this trash or anything like that. However, she was thinking about what would happen next if she killed him. At this rate, she would really have to stab him with the hidden knife.


And if I stab him, as a woman, I had no choice but to aim for the heart so that I could kill him with one shot.


She looked into his lustful eyes, thinking blankly whether killing him in this situation would be in self-defense or not.


Isn’t it funny that he’s still clinging to my neck in the midst of that?


Brelin managed to grab the handle of the sword on my leg while he was in the mood to cover my mouth and touch me.


The weight of the sharp sword pulled from her small scabbard was pleasantly wrapped around her hand. Although she had never properly held a ‘weapon’, she was not afraid.


As soon as I lifted it up, I heard the sound of the room door slamming open.




What’s good about showing someone a knife pointing at a man’s back? She and James’ eyes reached the long man standing at the door at the same time.


The man who was alternately looking at red haired James and the blade held in the air with his cold eyes was the tall new groom Redross Drake, the Duke of Vermont, who made the hearts of many women flutter the most at this banquet hall.


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