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Until the moment he approached the door, Redross’s heart had sunk to the point that it  could not sink further.


I was so frustrated that my stomach couldn’t help but boil.


I’m not kidding.


It was amazing to think that all the new behavior that she showed me after we got married were all acting. You got a room with that bastard whose name was James or whatever, in a banquet hall where everyone was obviously watching, with no intention of hiding properly? Are you tired of not being able to sleep with other people?


If that’s the case, then why the hell did you confuse people by pretending to be a different person? Seriously, she even said nonsense that she could hear spirits as if she had become a completely different person, making me wonder if that was really true.


I even hid her letter with my own hands, making me wonder with curiosity and anticipation of whether she really fell in love with the estate.


That’s right, that’s right. If Brelin was a differently Brelin, How could she be so bad-mouthed behind her back?


I’d be disappointed if I had something to look forward to.


He never expected much,  but he didn’t know why he was feeling so pathetic and cold.


Redross turned the doorknob without hesitation. The door was not locked unexpectedly, and it opened smoothly as he pushed it.


The first thing I saw when the door opened was a pair of pale pink nosed shoes lying on the floor, and the next thing I saw were two people lying on the bed.


Up until that point, the scene wasn’t that different from what I expected.


Redross was about to turn around without looking closely at the scene, but in an instant, it caught his eye that a man’s hand was firmly covering the woman’s mouth. From afar, it was obvious from a distance that the cheeks were crushed by the ghastly hand that seemed to cut off her neck.


Are you crazy?


Only then did I see that there were shiny blades in the air. It was the white, little hand he had never seen holding it.


As soon as the door opened aloud, the two heads turned toward Redross. A look of disappointment was read from the woman’s gaze and from the man’s eyes, whether it was James or something. The embarrassment in the four eyes that they met at the moment explained their feelings well.


With a man covering her mouth and forcibly taking off a woman’s dress and a woman holding a small knife in her hand, it was so obvious how the story was going that it was a scene that left no room for imagination.


Instead of opening his mouth, Redross strode forward in an instant and grabbed James’ back. James only flinched as he watched him approach with a cold face.


Even so, I never dreamed that the duke, who is usually calm and so cold-hearted, would react so violently.


To be honest, the fact that Brelin and Redross married without a single affection was a fact that no one in the social world didn’t know about, and James wished he divorces her because he was playing with Brelin.


But what is this?

Frustrated, James had no choice but to roll around on the floor, unable to respond at all when Redross threw him roughly. James, who collapsed on the floor in an ugly appearance, was grabbed by the collar before he could recover, stood up right away, and then was hit hard on the left cheek again and fell to the floor.




Even as he fell, he couldn’t believe it. Although the Duke of Redross was famous for using his sword and training his body well, it was the first time he had ever heard of a man who valued honor hitting a person with his fist.


Without speaking a word, Redross once again slapped James on the same cheek with his fist. James fluttered his hands with an ugly backward step with his jaw turning and fell down with a small side table in the room and a candlestick on it.


The candle fell to the floor and made a loud noise.


James staggered and stood up. Redross’ cold eyes scanned him up and down.


He was familiar. He was the son of a well-respected family, to the extent that it was hard to believe that he was the owner of the letter. It would be a problem if his problem was that he was simply not the right person.


“Is the way to deal with not being able to inherit the family to just hurt someone else’s wife?”


“… Duke This is, so… .”


“Are you forced to do that too?”


Even with ten mouths, there is nothing to say.


I never thought I would be caught in this way.


James glanced at Brelin. I don’t know why the duke suddenly started to care for that wretched woman, but it’s probably just for the sake of the duke’s honor. This wasn’t in his own plans, but it wouldn’t be a big deal.


James knew Brelin well. Tired of her petty relationship, Brelin will surely find him again.


Today Brelin behaved strangely for a moment, as if he had no interest in him, but that was for a moment.


As he saw Redross clenched his fists again, James’s face turned blue. It felt like if I got one more hit, my teeth would come out. It really hurts so much.


“Hey, don’t be so emotional.”


You’re telling me not to be emotional now?


Redross didn’t even want to listen. What human touches a woman like that?


But it was Brelin’s terrified face that caught his eye for a moment that stopped him. The green eyes were staring at James resolutely, but there was fear in them.


Noticing that Redross paused for a moment, James grabbed his face, which was slowly starting to turn blue, stood up and ran, opened the door and walked out.


Instead of pursuing James, the Duke left him alone. Because


‘ Taking care of a motherfucker like that was something I could do anytime.’


Instead, he slowly approached Brelin. His hand gently caressed the cheek that still had ugly handprints on it.


“Are you okay?”


She sat blankly and glanced at Redross. Isn’t that a misunderstanding?


James wasn’t the only one surprised by Redross’s reaction. She, too, was so surprised that her heart was pounding.


Of course, I didn’t expect my husband to welcome a suspicious situation like this, but I didn’t expect him to be upset in this way either. After all, she was just a temporary wife to him.


Confirming that he wasn’t angry with me, Brelin shook her head slowly.




“Are you okay?”


“Oh, yes, it’s all right.”


Redross sighed a little,as if he didn’t like the answer. Then he gently clasped her hands.


Only then did she realize that she was still clutching her short sword tightly, and she looked down at it. She was holding it so tight that all her veins were visible, so tightly that it was difficult to release the strength from her hand. It was only now that she could see her hand trembling.


Were you more nervous than you thought yourself? It was a little scary. But it was really good. I don’t want to feel scared because of that bastard.


Brelin let him take her fingers off one by one.


Redross took the dagger from her hand, put it down, and sighed again. Then he glanced at her drooping shoulder sleeves.


She quickly noticed where his gaze was, and, startled, tried to adjust her clothes. But her fingertips trembled more and more, and her shoulder sleeves, which were tightly embroidered with patterns, did not rise as expected.


“If you tremble like that, you will become an aspen*.”


The third sigh.


He slowly reached out and organized her clothes, and he looked at her again, sighing.


Brelin was embarrassed that he kept looking straight into her eyes. I don’t know why he keeps staring at me like this today.


“I’m sorry to have made you look for me. We should get out now all the guests must have arrived… .”


“You mean like that?”


“I don’t look good? I finished organizing my clothes… Should I call Amy?”


Why doesn’t she know she turned pale? Do you think I don’t know that tears are about to fall from those green eyes of hers?


She has such a face, that he couldn’t ask her how she ended up like that.


Redross sighed the fourth sigh and sat down on the bed next to her.


“My leg hurts. Let’s rest and go.”


Brelin nodded her head with her face that she didn’t understand his words.


*:aspen is a white long tree

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