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After he left, I opened the window and stuck my head out.


I stood there for a while until I could fully accept that this was reality, until the cold wind froze my cheeks.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t angry and that unfair emotions did not flow.


‘I mean, If you were going to give me one more life, why didn’t you give  me a life, more fulfilling life rather than a life with such a limited time?’


My previous life was lived only for myself. 


I lived only for My own happiness, without looking back.


‘Otherwise, no one cared about me.’


I worked relentlessly for my own success and tried not to spend a penny. 


I forgot that I even wrote something like this… This was what I wrote when I was still a fresh college student. 


A green mist-like thing fluttered in the distant sky outside the window. 


I stretched out for a long time to see what it if i was trying to reach it.


“…a precursor of misfortune, a green cloud.”


Looking at it like an aurora, the description I wrote suddenly crossed my mind.


‘Guardian spirits’


Not only the duke, but also each historic family in this country has a guardian spirit, which they stand in the sky to foretell misfortune. 


‘What misfortune is coming? ‘


Wars, famines, demonic attacks, natural disasters.


A list of misfortunes that I have randomly described for fun came to mind. 


My spine was shivering. 


‘Oh my gosh. What the hell did I do?’


 No… But at that time, I was just writing this…


 Because writing is just writing.


No matter what happens in the background of the writing, it’s just a setting so  that the main character meet with the female protagonist and overcome disasters together…. 


There’s nothing to overcome unless you’re unhappy…


The marriage to Brelin is just the beginning.


Then just after,  financial and external problems arose at the same time.


From afar, I could see people the size of peas actively coming and going. 


They will die Even if they don’t die, they will get hurt a lot. 


Even If you don’t, you will suffer a lot. 


Because of me and no one else.


Because of myself…




The door was opened so hard that it hit the wall and made a crushing sound


Surprised, I almost got my body out of the window.


But before I could look back, my body started to float. 


I was moved to the bed without realising who picked me up from the waist. 


When I barely adjusted my posture and looked up, it was Redross who had just gone out to get a contract. 


“Are you protesting now?” 


“Yes? No.”


“Are you thinking of committing suicide?” 


“What are you talking about?” 


Brelin inflated Her cheek.


It’s wrong to stick out too much. I was wrong…


But If Redros hadn’t suddenly opened the door loudly, this wouldn’t have happened.



Moreover, from the point of view of Redros, it would not be a bad option for her to die now when he has collected all the dowry. It wouldn’t be a bad choice.


“Why are you angry?”


“Does It look  like I’m angry?” 


“Then why?”


When he was speechless, I shrugged. 


And now he acts like a different person


 “… ha.”


Redross looked  surprised as he watched Brelin lying on his bed reading the contract carefully until the last part.


Unknowingly, he used ancient language, which is mainly used in contracts according to traditions, not official languages. 


The only thing that could be read was higher-educated bureaucrats and aristocratic families’ children.


‘But I can’t believe she’s so good at reading it…’




The reason that Brelin was so despised by him was that she was from a rich family, who bought her status with money.


Of course, there was no sign of modesty, far from receiving a proper formal education worthy of his status. 


As the hostess of the family, I thought that it was impossible to expect such a thing as taking hold of the subordinates and building a family and territories through virtue.


‘Surprisingly, do you have a bit better knowledge than you look?’


He shook his head. 


‘No. Don’t overestimate her.’


‘How do you know what that woman is thinking? ‘


Redross furrowed one of his eyebrows and then asked.


“Do you know what is it about?” 


Brelin looked up at him, blinking long eyelashes. 


Redross had to avoid his gaze, as his gaze was unknowingly reaching to her long neck and the chest bone that was visible below, with her head raised while lying down. 


Then would I read it without knowing? After one year, the contract is terminated and each of us vows to return to their pre-marriage relationship. All right, I agree with this.” 


Perhaps conscious of him looking at her body, she stepped up and approached the desk with an ink bottle.


The way she writes her name and sharply grinding her signature is not an attitude of someone who did paperworks once or twice. 


‘It was weird, What the hell are you doing? ‘


Redross thought,


‘Should I revise all the judgments I had about her so far?’


he was handed the contract with a question in his mind. 


She stared at him, telling him to leave when she was done, and Redross left the room with a strange feeling that he needed to say something more.


Straight away, she went to eat, headed to the restaurant. But what greeted her was not a favourable look. 


Sitting alone at the long table in the dining room, she stared blankly at the meals laid out in front of her.


Soup that has cooled down and boiled beans that are served whole without even cleaning the bean pods properly.And Cold and crumbly black bread. 


It was not the kind of treatment the hostess should receive. 


I picked up a spoon and thoroughly stirred the soup. It wasn’t that I wasn’t hungry, but it was a soup I didn’t even want to eat.


‘I expected it.’


I have to fix the things I’ve ruined with my own hands, so I shouldn’t even think that it’s unfair. 


These are all settings I wrote myself. It’s just that Madame Ballon, who is in charge of the house’s affairs, doesn’t like her.


It was clear.


Not just her, but everyone. Everyone in this family hates her.


Of course, as the author of this novel, I knew that there was no one in this family who properly recognized and welcomed her from a low status family as the hostess.


‘How was it for the original Brelin?’ 


This situation was so sad and devastating, that she had done all kinds of evil things.


But nothing had changed. The character ‘Brelin’ in the original had a wrong idea. 


Brelin’s calculation was that if he continued to stay around in this way and had a relationship as a wife, Redros’ mind would someday change, but these assumptions were all wrong.


A year later, even after Brelin ended her short life, Redros had never once properly recognized her as his wife.


Her contract with Redros was only for marriage.


Redrose had fulfilled his duty as long as he regularly established a relationship as a couple so that he could have a successor as scheduled.


‘You shouldn’t think about relying on him, you should do it on your own.’


I smiled bitterly and gently asked the maid to call Mrs. Ballon.


The maid seemed surprised by her cultured tone, but she did not go to call Mrs. Ballon as she was told.


Instead, she opened her eyes stiffly and stared at me.


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