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‘Now I know she can read the ancient language.’





‘I don’t know how the daughter of a Merchant knows such knowledge…. ‘





Even Nobel women who were getting a formal education and tried to learn such language  all quit in the middle.





‘Did she find any good tutors?’





He thought she was checking to see how much her dowry had helped the duchy. 






‘But What else does she need to check in the three-year worth of data?’





 It’s like someone who really wants to manage this estate properly.





Somehow he didn’t like it. 





‘Why are you so enthusiastic about making a contract to divorce a year after marriage?’





‘Is there something I’m missing out on?’





Redross carefully pulled out the files under her arm so as not to break her, and piled it up on the side table.





All of a sudden, he noticed some redness from the corner of Brelin’s eyes.





He thought it was a mistake, but…





‘Maybe she was crying ?’




 and the cuffs were even soaked wet.





It was strange to see her fall asleep, crying profusely, without even covering herself with a blanket.





She always puts a strong front and was only seen bullying and being mean to others, seeing this big gap, made him worried a little. 





‘But She always did whatever she wanted.’





He married her because she insisted, and he even hugged her because she wanted to.





Despite knowing that she was with another man right before entering the wedding hall.





Honestly, it wasn’t pleasant for him to have an heir with  an unknown father , but a contract was a contract.





‘Why are you crying when you’re living as you wanted?’





Redross sighed deeply as he watched her face shine in the moonlight.





She’s beautiful.





She’s also attractive.





Just then, some memories of that morning come to his  mind.





When he thinks of her face when she twisted her waist and moaned whenever his hand touched her, with her eyes closed as if she was dreaming, made him a little confused





But what he needs is not a person who looks good and has a good body. 





He wants someone who can dream the same dreams as him and achieve their goals together.





‘I don’t know what’s going to happen now.’





He took off his clothes and went into the bathroom to wash himself.





After washing with warm water and putting on a robe, he thought he might go to his separate room, but then he went to the seat next to Brelin.





It’s not very nice to see her lie down crying like that, but he thought at least she shouldn’t be alone.





As I woke up, I could feel someone lying on the bed next to me.





When people are too surprised, words do not come out easily.





My body was stiff, and I rolled my eyes and looked to the side.





When I met Redros’s gaze, who seemed to be looking at me like that, I remembered that I was in ‘this world’ and that I was married to that man..





As if everything were pouring in.





“What are you so surprised about?”





“… No.”





“If anyone sees it, they would think I crawled into a married woman’s bed. Wasn’t it a condition of the contract to sleep in the same place in the first place?”





Oh. Come to think of it, there was something like that.





I barely remembered the initial setting of the villain, that I had written about in a few lines, then nodded. 





We have to share the same bed every night.





I glanced at Redross once more.





Of course, he is a male protagonist made as my ideal type, so looking at him, who is very handsome and has a good body, made me happy, but that’s all.





 It was not me who loved him, but Brelin, the owner of this body.





‘ Do I have to share a bed with you every night?’





If I insist now, I think he’ll let me use my own room. But also, it seemed suspicious if I suddenly changed my attitude after being so obsessed.





It would be very different in other areas. 





Would it be okay if I suddenly change things like this?





Personality, tone of voice, eyes, facial expressions, etc.





I didn’t have the talent to play Brelin as it is, and I had no intention of doing that, but wouldn’t things get messed up if he found out that I was a completely different person?





After hesitating, I had no choice but to cover myself with the blanket.





Yeah, well… It’s uncomfortable, but for the time being, we’ll use one bed.





I was sleeping well until now, but, to suddenly  sleep with a person next to me, made me wide awake.





Perhaps because I slept while crying, I gently pressed my hot eyelids with my cold fingers.





Did you see it?





I was ashamed to be seen crying in bed like a child.





Fortunately, he didn’t seem to bother asking why.





“You must be tired today, just sleep.”





At the end of that muttering, he didn’t even move.





I didn’t know if he fell asleep or not, but seeing how quiet he was, he must have fallen asleep quickly.





I felt that the words “just sleep today” had a lot of meaning, but I kept my mouth shut  because I was more afraid to ask the meaning.





Regardless of whether he likes or dislikes him, he’s a great man who will meet the female protagonist later and live well, and I live a year as a time limit.





 I don’t want to have a big impact on his life, and I don’t want our relationship to be anything more plausible than this.





I barely fell asleep again, while I was determined to make a plan to get a separate room as soon as possible.





That’s how the long first day in duke’s house ended.



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