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When I woke up in the morning, a warm feeling enveloped my body.






Staring blankly at the thick arms around my waist, I smirked at the thought that the Duke Redross was not a good sleeper.







I have no memory of setting up sleeping habits one by one. 






However, it is this Duke of Redross who has the characteristic ​​of a male protagonist who is good-looking, works well,  tall, has a good body, sincere, good hair, etc. 






So it was well-balanced with bad sleeping habits.






At first, I laughed, but when I felt a certain part of the duke poking me from behind, my face turned red.






I struggled to get out of his arms, and Redross frowned and narrowed his eyes.






“… Is it morning already?”






“It’s morning.”







Maybe he couldn’t come to his senses easily, so Redross laid down for a while and blinked his eyes.






I couldn’t turn my head, so I couldn’t see his face, but I can tell he was tired.






Did he fall asleep late?






As I struggled to get out of his arms once more, Redross let go of me, realizing that he was holding her tightly as if he would never let her go.






I couldn’t speak when I saw the handsome Duke’s face even though he was sweeping his hair with a face that just woke up, muttering that he thought I was a pillow he was hugging. 






I was so frustrated yesterday that I couldn’t look closely.






He’s handsome.






His blonde hair shone over his pale skin that was glistening in the sun. 






I thought the red eyes just looked cold, but the colour difference that subsided like a ruby ​​was beautiful.






I thought this is what a male protagonist should be like.






“Why are you looking at me like that?”






“Oh, that’s not it.”












I came to my senses as his forehead deepened.






“It’s nothing, but I have something to ask of you from today.”






Redross sat up straight on the bed and nodded.






“Say it.”






“First of all.”












“I think it’d be better to either  speak informally or formally together. If the Duke doesn’t respect me, then the subordinates won’t respect me.

That’s probably not what the Duke wants. It’s only a year, but you don’t want to make my life miserable, do you?”






Redross looked at me with strange eyes at my overly direct words. 







He looked lost in thought, but he wasn’t angry.






I know that the age difference is two years, but what’s important about that?







Anyway, I’m the one who made him.







Redross kept his mouth shut for a moment, but soon spoke up.







“Then, let’s be polite together. Maybe I should have corrected it first. That’s great.”






He’s speaking formally.






Rather than talking informally together, it seemed that this would be better in front of his subordinates.


 I drew a long arcs with my lips.






I had already guessed that this insignificant request would be well-received. 






Because the male protagonist I created was set to be  broad-minded, rational, and respectful to woman.






Even now, he was trying hard to turn his gaze  away for fear that he might see my cleavage exposed through the duvet.






I thought that it would be more and more interesting to deal with this man who was still put in up with me.






I pulled my  second finger up.






“Second, please allow me to participate in the management of land.”




Redross’ face hardened here.






The previous request and this request are completely different.






I continued to speak as if appeasing him.






“It is true that I said that I would never intervene in the work of the duke. I remember it well. But after looking at the financial statements, all that came out was a sigh. How do you live this way? It’s amazing that we’re eating well right now. All you did was write off the debt….”






“That is not your concern. No, no.”






“Don’t get angry first, but judge objectively.”






Even judging objectively, he can’t think how Brelin can help  manage his territory, she did not even take successors’ classes or go to higher education institutions.






Redross’s expression only hardened.






I had to decide that it was impossible to convince this man right now.






“Okay. I’m not going to ask you to hand over any powers right now. However, there is the resourcefulness that I learned by following my father, so I can see things like how the world works quite well. It won’t be bad if you trust me once and give it a try.”






He spoke firmly.






“It will never happen.”






“Of course you think so now, but… .”






As she complained about the stubborn Redross inwardly, she came up with a plausible event.






It’s the second day since the wedding day. 






If so, tomorrow will be that day. 






The day when the spirit of the realm sleeping under this earth gave a warning.






Undoubtedly, the misfortune of this estate begins with the gradually coming down winter disease that is transmitted to the crops from the nearby mountain.






Now that I think about it, I don’t know why the duke should be this miserable, but at that time, I just set his background  like that.






“Okay. I will prove it.”






“What do you mean?”







Only his tone had changed, nothing has changed about the cynical gaze.






I can’t say that I can see the future, I can’t say that I’m the author of this novel, and I can’t say that I’m not Brelin myself… 






It’s frustrating.






I was forced to come up with a simple lie.

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