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“I will prove my worth. In fact, I can hear the spirit’s voice.”






“You are saying nonsense.”






“I’m telling you the truth. I can hear the voice of the guardian spirit protecting  this land”.







‘You can communicate with spirits?’






 It’s like saying that I can talk to ghosts.






 The duke snorted.






Either way, I continued.






“Tomorrow, trees  ice flowers will begin to bloom at the foot of the nearby mountain. You have to send someone there. Maybe it will be there tonight, I don’t know.”






“Tree Ice Flower… ?”






Tree ice flower. 







It is a disease that freezes both trees and crops. 






It is certainly true that it is a  terrifying disease. 






It is a cruel plant disease that spreads from tree to tree and from crop to crop, and disappears only after the seeds of the crops in the area are all dried.






But how rare is that?






Even if the cold weather that come in summer were severe for the fortress, it was hard to imagine that such a rare disease would suddenly strike the duchy.






“I think you went too far with your jokes.”






“A Joke ? You know well that you can’t control it unless you catch it in the beginning.”






Redross looked at me with a puzzled look.






My head was throbbing, so I massaged my forehead gently with my hand.






“If this is a lie, don’t ask about participating in the management of the land again”






“Okay. Instead, if this is true, you have to let me participate.”






The incubation period is so long that there is no sign in advance before it suddenly appears, which is the characteristic of wooden ice flowers. 






‘ I’ve never heard of it being predicted.’(Redross)






He was startled to see my confident tone while saying Something ridiculous.







“All right.”






Redross forgot about even suggesting to a meal together, and got up.






He thought it couldn’t be true at all, but he also wondered if there was any basis for saying such a thing. H






e was going to check anyway to see if there were any warnings or signs of the tree-ice flower.






Wrapped in a blanket while he’s putting on his casual clothes, I had a good time peeking at his handsome muscles. 






Then, something suddenly came to my mind.






Come to think of it, Brelin’s marriage was ruined.                                       






There was one more big reason for the struggle, other than that she wasn’t from a Nobel family.






It was her other men problem.






Even after getting married, Brelin met men quite a bit, and there was one man who she had a close relationship with.






The man was a big guy who approached Brelin to get rid of the duke and even planned to take over the family with Brelin and his successors.






I swept my chest away, thinking that I almost missed the right time because I was lost in other thoughts.






A letter would come soon.






Maybe today or tomorrow.







In the original novel, it is because of the letter that Redross learns of her affair.






It should not be left as it is.






Wrapping her robe tightly, I got up from the blanket and walked over to him.






Redross, unexpectedly not wanting to look at my bare legs, shifted his gaze to the other side.






“I have one last request.”






“What else?”






“Can you come with me to  Mrs. Ballon for a moment?”






He looked at me as if he understood.






However, I know that it is not desirable to be looked down on by subordinates, but that problem won’t be solved by getting Redross involved.                                         






Authority is something you have to establish yourself.






“If you’re asking me to talk to them about a prestige issue, then maybe it’s of no use… ”


















“It’s not like that, you really just need to come with me.”






There are a couple of things that he still didn’t understand.






Redross had originally planned to refuse, but he had already agreed to grant two requests. 






Wondering why the third was  just a simple request, he had no choice but to nod his head.












Mrs. Ballon loved the time she took to sort through the correspondence for the family. 






Among the letters that the postman brought, there were many invitations from other families, and seeing them made her feel prouder of her master’s status.






Apart from the fact that her master doesn’t attend every occasion or accept every invitation he receives.






Today, a letter from the king himself arrived. 






A large box with a gift came along with a card that was obviously a congratulation for the wedding.






In addition to various invitations and more congratulations letters.                                        






Considering that the wedding took place only two days ago, it was a great express delivery.






As she was humming with joy while sorting the letters one after another, a letter sent to  “Dear Brelin Aprin” appeared in front of her.






‘There is no way the sender doesn’t  know that Brelin is married if he sent it to the duchy, right? ‘






‘But what the hell does a letter that says  “Dear Brelin Aprin” and not  “Dear Brellin Vermont” mean? ‘






Where the name of the  sender should be indicated, only the abbreviation C was written.







It was even more suspicious.






Normally, she would never do anything like tampering with a letter of her superior, but it was right after a new person joined the family. 






And an anonymous letter to the hostess, who was rumoured to be having an affair.






’ Isn’t it too obvious who used her name before marriage?’






Mrs. Ballon once again confirmed that there was no one around her, touching her well-trimmed brown hair.






She put a candlestick close by and looked at the letter in the light.






The letters on the inside of the letter were reflected in the light and could be seen at first glance. 






She squinted her eyes  at the hard-to-read letters and The first thing she read was the word “successor”,” I love you” and “I miss you”                                         






Such Words seemed too straightforward.






She took a breath






It couldn’t be a misunderstanding. 






This is a letter from a 100% affair partner.






Her hand went straight to the letter knife.






She has heard of a story that one can peel off the outer seal and stick it once again without notice. 






I don’t know if it will really work out… 






‘Isn’t my master too pitiful?  the hostess, who came in for the first time in a long time, is communicating with another man?’






She hesitated several times holding the letter knife, then swallowed her saliva and gently opened the letter.






“Oh, Mrs Ballon. What are you doing now?”












Mrs Ballon was so startled that she dropped the letter knife on the spot.






The letter, with the seal torn in a mess, fell on the carpet on the floor as well.







It was none other than Brelin.

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