Mayday Mayday Mayday Chapter 15 - Chapter 15

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The next day, Eunhan opened his eyes and thought it was strange. His body was hot. It was like he was lying on an electric blanket, the ones sold in Korea. The duvet was sticking to him. The smell tickled the tip of his nose. However, it seemed that his body was very refreshed… Eunhan jumped up. No, he was about to get up. However, just as Eunhan was about to get up, Vasily grabbed his waist. He put his head on Vasily’s chest. Eunhan tried to get up quickly, but Vasily did not let him go.






Eunhan frowned as he pressed his cheek to Vasily’s chest. sleep?! Brad Powell must be grinding his teeth to kill him, he can’t sleep!…Yes, he will come. Eunhan let out a silent sigh. Brad Powell would have known at this point that the culprit was Vasily Kaminsky. Brad Powell was a madman too, and he might dare to chase after Vasily Kaminsky into his villa. But Vasily won’t die. However, if Vasily does not kill Brad Powell, Eunhan, branded as Vasily’s minion, will die at the hands of Brad Powell.


What should he do? Eunhan thought with his eyes closed. It was all over the place. Eunhan clenched his teeth. It wasn’t his job to be brave, but now he couldn’t help it. Because Vasily had already pushed Eunhan with his limbs.




Vasily was puzzled and opened isr eyes. He had known Yoon Eunhan for quite some time. And he’d seen many aspects of him. But he’d never heard Eunhan’s voice so sweet. It was too sweet a voice for Eunhan. The soft voice, as if embracing poison, felt dangerous like a woman who hid her inner heart. He didn’t know there was such a charm. Vasily could barely resist his lower body’s urge to get hard.




Vasily responded with the same voice. Then Eunhan slowly raised his head. His eyes looked down at Vasily.


“What am I to you?”


Eunhan, who spit these words out, was going insane. Arrghhh. Eunhan screamed inwardly. Goosebumps erupted in a flurry and cold sweat ran down his spine. Still, Eunhan smiled.


He was having fun. Vasily also looked at Eunhan and smiled. Yoon Eunhan almost stuttered. Eunhan, who was looking like a flower snake trying to trick a man and steal his wallet, seemed to think that his expression was perfect, but in reality it was not. His earlobes were burning bright red, and the corners of his eyes were convulsing indiscriminately. Yoon Eunhan’s face was more honest than his words.


But Vasily smiled ten times brighter than Eunhan and whispered in a low voice.


“You’re the lover I met on earth after we fell from the same star.”


What the hell, son of a bitch?


Eunhan opened his eyes. This man with the conscience of a hedgehog, what did he just say?! As Eunhan was speechless, he just looked down at Vasily and didn’t say anything, and Vasily laughed.


“How did you do money laundering because you’re so cute? You’re so talented.”


Vasily got up. As he got up, Eunhan, who had been lying on his body, was forced to stand up. As he got up from bed, Vasily also lifted Eunhan up. As Eunhan’s eyes were still blank, Vasily said, “If you want, I can hug you like a lady and take you out.”


“Oh, no. No. My legs are fine. I walk well.”


“Yeah? So, let’s go for a little walk before breakfast.”


A walk? In the garden with the booby trap, just the two of them?


“Thinking about it, my legs seem a little sore…”


It was not just that his leg hurts, but when he thought about it, Vasily said, “Hmm,”


“Then like a lady, I’ll carry you and take you for a walk…”


“…it was, but it doesn’t hurt. I must have misunderstood.”


Vasily blatantly laughed at Eunhan. Eunhan turned his head in embarrassment.


In the end, he had to go to the tropical garden again with Vasily. It was beautiful, but thinking about the booby trap, walking one step ahead was scary. In the end, Eunhan started walking absurdly from behind Vasily, choosing only the places that Vasily stepped on.


“Yoon Eunhan.”


Eunhan was staring at Vasily’s footsteps. ”Yes, Mr. Kaminsky,” he replied, being careful not to step on another place. Vasily glanced around and turned his head. Eunhan, unaware that he had turned his head, was concentrating on keeping track of his footsteps. Vasily clicked his tongue and suddenly smiled mischievously.


“Date me.”


“Yes, Mr. Kaminsky.”


Eunhan answered indifferently. Realizing that Vasily was no longer moving, he lifted his head. Did he say anything important? Eunhan blankly turned the tape in his head back. And Eunhan shook his head, his eyes popping out.


“Uh, what are you saying…”


“Let’s date. You asked me what you are to me. Let’s date. So we’ll become lovers.”




Vasily took out a sharp knife and turned it round and round.


“Va, Va, Va, Vasya, Vasya, Varsya, Vasya.”


Eunhan called Vasily four times.




“A relationship. Me and you, I mean…”


No mather what, they were just not in that type of relationship. He’d rather be called a paramour. No, it was okay even if he was just a plaything! He’ll take it all. Just don’t ask him to date. He’ll really become a real lover. Don’t do that!


As Eunhan’s face contorted, Vasily said with a serious face.


“Let’s be lovers.”


He was serious wherever he looked. Eunhan was overwhelmed for a moment.


A man with a godly face like Vasily Kaminsky asked him to be his lover in a serious voice. That face and that voice seemed to create a truth that didn’t exist. The morning sun glistened over Vasily’s black hair. Shining like the Milky Way in the night sky… He was crazy. Eunhan was at a loss for words because he thought he was going crazy. In front of Vasily, was he saying that he was like the Milky Way in the night sky?


But looking back, Vasily really looked like that.


“That… give me time… Ah, if you give me some time… I’ll think about it…”


Eunhan was talking in gibberish. It wasn’t that he fell in love with Vasily Kaminsky at first sight, but that he was afraid to refuse and even more frightened not to refuse, so he just bought time. Vasily said, “Okay,” but added one more word.


“It looks like there are a lot of love candidates, so tell them. If they don’t want to die, step away.”


Lover candidate? Eunhan, who was thinking, “Where is that?”, looked at Vasily and froze. Vasily’s gaze was cold. His spine was shivering. Vasily just smiled.


“Yoon. Don’t try to deceive me. You have quite a lot of love candidates.”




“The bastards that come in and out of your house, if they call you tell them to leave. Do you understand what I mean?”


He was not talking about a particular person right now.


Eunhan felt it. Vasily was talking about his friend Chris, who was a police officer, and his strange-looking cousin, Sunghan, who appeared after 10 years. And there was Kay. Did Vasily know about Kay’s survival, or does he not know? Except for Vasily’s side, there were only three people in and out of his house. Who was included in the ‘bastards’ Vasily referred to and who was not?


Kay, not Kay.


Eunhan tried to hide his uneasy feelings. Perhaps Vasily was unaware of Kay’s existence.


…Has Kay seen it by now? Eunhan remembered what he had left behind. He had never left a cryptic word or something before, so he didn’t know if Kay would have figured it out.


But, in his opinion, it was the best cipher. Eunhan had pressed three numbers on his home phone before coming to Vasily’s house. Hoping for Kay to see. If that was caught by Vasily, he could really die while he tore his body apart with one plier.


“They aren’t love candidates. And I’ve always been loyal to Mr. Kaminsky. No- No- now I’m being questioned?”


Eunhan asked.


There was no blood on Yoon Eunhan’s face. Vasily looked down at his face. White face and blue lips. Eunhan looked cold in this hot Miami weather. Maybe it was because he was trembling right now. It looked like he was going to freeze to death at any moment.


It was true that he was pushed. But why was Eunhan so afraid?


Betrayal? Vasily thought. Was Yoon Eunhan betraying him? Of course, it wasn’t impossible. A betrayer was always a familiar face.


Moreover, it was very strange to Vasily that Eunhan would betray him. Why? There was such a great emotional exchange between the two of them.


Yes, he was suspicious of him.


Vasily asked himself. About what? Business? If not…


“This is Miami, not Russia.”


Vasily hugged Eunhan.


“Why are you trembling like this?”


“I, I, Ka, I did nothing to Mr. Kaminsky…”


Eunhan murmured and shrugged his shoulders even more in Vasily’s arms. He will die. He will die at the hands of Vasily. His vision turned white. He thought he would die if caught, but he never thought that death could come so suddenly. He couldn’t breathe properly.


“I know.”


Vasily whispered.


“I’m just talking about love.”


Sweet lies.


Unlike Eunhan, his ears didn’t turn red nor his eyes twitched, but Eunhan didn’t seem to believe it either.


Vasiri gave strength to Eunhan’s arms. He hugged him until his body stopped twitching. Vasily himself seemed to be trembling more, but he decided to ignore the possibility because he was holding him.

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