Mayday Mayday Mayday Chapter 16 - Chapter 16

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Kay Linberg returned to Eunhan’s house the night after Eunhan moved to Vasily’s house. Kay used the back door of the apartment like he was familiar with everything, and held the handle to open Eunhan’s door and held the lock-picking tool with the other hand. Like a key, Eunhan’s front door opened easily.


What was this? It was a strange sight to see for the first time even for Kay, who had a thick skin as an FBI and undercover agent. There were banknotes all over the house. Banknotes flowed from the sink to the bathtub instead of water. It was thrown by people. Kay was sure. What kind of crazy person would do such a thing? It wasn’t even bloody money. All the money was clean. It was twenty dollar bills, so it was also impossible to track.


Kay searched every corner of Eunhan’s house. He was sure there was something. It was obviously strange that Eunhan disappeared and the whole house overflowed with money. Eunhan did not disappear voluntarily. If so, he must have left a message. Although he looked docile and timid, he was a meticulous person.


Eventually, Kay found the message on Eunhan’s phone. When he pressed redial, the number appeared on the phone screen. There were three numbers. Seeing the numbers dialed, he laughed. Combining the alphabets under the dial digits yielded an alphabet with a certain name. Vasily Ivanovich Kaminsky. Eunhan left a message saying that he was taken by him. But what the hell was all these money? All these dollar bills around the house? It was a lot of money that looked like tens of thousands of dollars.


As Kay looked around, the tiny objects burrowed in the cracks and hidden in the banknotes gleamed out of sight.


“Kay Linberg, your face has changed quite a bit.”


Vasily grinned. In the monitor room on the third floor of the villa, Vasily was looking at Kay’s face through the monitor. Each time Kay Linberg turned his head, puzzled, his face flashed past. The faces weren’t exactly the same, but they weren’t very different either. He couldn’t have plastic surgery every time he went into hiding. Right?


“Originally, his name is Keaton. Edward Keaton. He is thirty-six years old this year… He seem to be a bit squeamish about money these days.”




Vasily asked without taking his eyes off Kay in the monitor.


“He got divorced. As soon as he died last year. That is, as soon as he got home from the undercover mission, he got a divorce. So he sold the house because he couldn’t afford alimony.”


But Kay in the monitor was not touching the money. He was so calm that it was hard to think of him as a person in need of money. Vasily looked at several monitors and checked Kay’s movement. Kay disappeared from the monitor and reappeared on the other. Then he reached out and picked up a frame. In the small frame where Eunhan and Chris were pictured together, Kay kissed it.


At that moment, the eyes of the subordinates all turned to Vasily. There was no expression on Vasily’s face. As if he hadn’t seen the scene, he just ordered, “Find out why they divorced, and where they’re staying.” As Vasily was about to leave the room as if the business was over, Sergei asked, “Where are you going, Vasya?” But Vasily left without answering.


“Are you asking because you don’t know?”


Nikolai clicked his tongue. Sergei asked with an annoyed face.


“You know?”


“He’s going to Yoon.”


“Ah. Now that it’s known that the two are related, he’s going to question the Lady. It must be fun.”


Sergei jumped up.


“Where are you going?”


Nikolai was stunned, Sergei said confidently.


“Still, Vasha loves Lady Yoon so much, and I was curious to see how he was going to do it.”


“You idiot.”


Nikolai did not hide his pitiful look. Sergei asks why. As Natasha was bringing food, she pressed Sergei on the shoulder. Sergei couldn’t understand and sat down helplessly.


“If your head is not working, you should try and read the room.”


Natasha held out a steaming beef Stroganoff in front of Sergei.


“What do you mean?”


“Vasya is not going to interrogate Yoon.”


“Why? Isn’t it over now? As Vasha said, Kay Linberg was alive, and he had contact with Yoon. Then you should kick Yoon, right?”


Looking at the confused man, who frowned like a child, Natasha picked up the bowl she had been holding out.


“You’ll have to starve a little. That way you’ll notice.”


“No, no, no, no, no, no, Natasha, you’re right. I wish you a long life, Lady Yoon! Ah, please give it back. I’m begging you, I’m down on my knees!”


Sergei, a fan of Natasha’s food, began to beg desperately. Natasha snorted.


Vasily headed to Eunhan’s room, leaving behind the loud noises, and stopped walking to enter and looked inside. Eunhan was tapping the keyboard of the monitor while wearing the headset he had brought with him.


“Does it make sense? Do you think that makes sense now?”


It was Eunhan’s angry voice that he’d never heard before. Well, he thought there were also times when Yoon Eunhan got angry. Knowing this, Vasily stopped. Yoon Eunhan, who was angry, was natural but too unfamiliar.


“Don’t be ridiculous. What did you do while the Bangkok route was closed?! What? Coup?!”


In fact, Eunhan was angry. Thailand had not been making a lot of money because the political situation was always unstable, but the blow was still a blow. He quickly canceled the money he was going to send to Thailand and was on the phone with the person in charge while redirecting it to another route, but the issue was not easily resolved. How much money did he receive in a year, and the news was only delivered 18 hours after the coup d’etat?


“Of course the king won’t change. Do you know how much money I have there? I have 70,000 dollars, and it’ll be blown away. Keep looking. If you can move the money, move it right away. Ah, I’ll tell you the account.”


Instead of telling the number, Eunhan said, “I’m sorry, I’ll take one phone call.” and pressed the headset.


“Hello, this is Yoon Eunhan. Yes, no problem. The money is not in Bangkok, don’t worry. Yes, thank you. See you then.”


His voice sounded polite as he answered another call. There wasn’t even a bit of anger. Then he put his headphones back on and answered the previous call again.


“Ask that way. Of course. Uh, and I…”


Eunhan raised his head and stopped talking. Vasily was looking at him. He closed the door, but the door was opened again.


“I’ll call you again. Take care, take care of yourself… I know, but still.”


Even after Eunhan hung up the phone, Vasily just looked at him and didn’t come closer. Why was he here again? Eunhan looked into Vasily’s eyes. He wanted to go home. What the hell was he doing without even giving him a place to rest comfortably? He was torturing him now! However, Eunhan did not speak out because he knew Vasily would show him what torture really was when he said that.




Vasily laughed softly.


“Ah. Ha. Ah. Ha.”


In some ways, it sounded like a laugh, in some ways it sounded like a crying voice, and Eunhan had a look on his face like he was about to cry.


“Don’t laugh too hard. I’m not joking, I’m really calling you darling.”


“That…not yet, Re, re, re, relationship, between, between, not…”


Unable to speak properly, Eunhan constantly stammered. Vasily said, “Just think of it as courtship before a relationship.” Eunhan’s face became even more contorted.


Vasily wasn’t in a good mood right now. He’d been feeling good after seeing Yoon Eunhan before, but now he was not in a good mood. He was sure Kay Linberg wasn’t dead. Before that, he was also convinced that his information was leaking somewhere, and he did not hide his suspicions about Kay, who disappeared at a good time while pursuing the source. However, when he gave up after not finding the missing person, he happened to meet Kay’s successor, Yoon Eunhan, and he just did not let go of his bond with Yoon Eunhan. He didn’t think Kay Linberg would contact Eunhan, but the more possibilities, the better. And didn’t they meet like this? It was true that Kay was still alive, and now he had to interrogate Eunhan to reveal everything he knew about Kay Linberg.


But now, what Vasily wanted to ask Eunhan about Kay Linberg had nothing to do with that.


“In my wallet, Darling.”


Vasily said so and threw his wallet on Eunhan’s lap.


“I don’t have any pictures.”


Vasily urged him with his gaze, and Eunhan glanced down at his wallet. Vasily pretended to open his wallet. Wouldn’t it be perfect if he put the card that was in his pocket in his wallet? Vasily would keep carrying it in this house. Eunhan looked down at his wallet and held his breath. ’Put the card in, and Kay will save you somehow. Then you can quit this life. Even if I can’t go home, I can get out of here.’ But Eunhan didn’t have the courage to put the card in the wallet in front of Vasily, so Eunhan just opened it.


There were really no pictures in Vasily’s wallet. The trademark that would have been there in the first place was still there.


“Would you like to take a picture? So that I can kiss it anytime.”


…a portrait of him?


Eunhan was so scared that tears were about to come out. He wondered if Vasily even knew what he was trying to do, the atmosphere was so scary. Since Vasily’s wallet was already black, all sides were black, but if he put a picture there, it would look like a portrait of a lover. Eunhan really wanted to say no. But he did not have the courage to refuse, so he nodded his head. It was very vague whether he was shaking his head or nodding.


“Then, where should we go? It’s just a photo, but should we go on a trip?”


“Woah, a trip?”


“Yeah, travel. The Bahamas is too close, but we’re not quite at a point to go too far…”


Ah, this can’t be done. Eunhan was trying to say no.  It was a trip. Traveling was not really possible in this situation. It was the moment Eunhan opened his mouth. There was a bang, and the building vibrated. It was when Eunhan closed his eyes tightly at the sensation he had once felt.


“Are you okay?”


Vasily ran and hugged Eunhan. Like he was trying to protect him.


Eunhan raised his head and looked up at Vasily. When he saved Eunhan before, Vasily didn’t have this expression on his face. He was smiling confidently. When Vasily saved him before, Eunhan didn’t feel anything like this. He never thought that Vasily’s arms would tremble lightly, or that he would hug him to the point of suffocating him.


Just like a scene from a movie, the moment their eyes met, their lips overlapped.


He couldn’t remember how the kiss was. They recklessly dug into each other. The sound of the laptop falling was heard, but Eunhan couldn’t even think of picking it up. He wrapped his arms around Vasily’s neck. Vasily’s body was hot. No, it seemed that his body was even hotter. The body moved before the head.


No, this was dangerous. Eunhan tried to push Vasily down. But Vasily did not fall, but kissed Eunhan harder. It was a little rougher than before. And somehow he felt nervous.


“Ah, don’t go…”


His lips touched his again. It was Vasily who pushed in at first, but Eunhan also began to suck Vasily’s tongue. The bomb went off. He knows. He had to run away now. He knows, but these lips were too hot. He couldn’t get out of it




A voice was heard.


“Did you see Powell?”


And he came back to his senses.


Eunhan blinked his eyes. Powell? Brad Powell? When their eyes met, Vasily laughed. Vasily let him go as he thought that it was a laugh as sinister as the black moon. Eunhan took a few steps back. His mouth was dry. Powell, that Powell? They stole this guy’s money and threw it in his house! Fear and resentment came to mind. Eunhan bit his lip.


“Is Powell here too?”


“Well… We’re still beating his people up.”


If other people heard it, they would think it was a cockroach.


“I can’t believe you came in when we kissed. Do you guys have no manners?”


Nikolai grinned. Then, when Eunhan and Vasily’s eyes met, he made a face saying, ‘What are we going to do now?’ It didn’t matter whether Eunhan’s face was distorted or not, Vasily stood up.


“This is for sure.”


“Yes, there is a traitor.”


With those words, Eunhan’s body stiffened. He was shaking without any reason and he shouldn’t have because he would be misunderstood.


“What kind of bastard is he? For now, it is possible to guess.”


Nikolai asked.


“Even if we narrow down the people who know the location of the warehouse and this house, there are still more than a hundred.”


When Nikolai cautiously said the number to a hundred, Vasily responded indifferently.


“It’s only a hundred people. If you catch Powell anyway, it’s all going to come out, but it doesn’t matter whether it’s a hundred or a thousand. Don’t let him run away.”


“Well, that’s right.”


“I’ll make him realize what it’s like to be a spy without fear.”


At Vasily’s words, Eunhan lowered his head. It was like he was talking to him, so he couldn’t listen. Vasily’s voice was angrier than usual, as if blood had stuck to it.


“Well, I must have ruined the mood. Shall I vent out a little bit of anger for some time?”


Vasily said so and pressed his lips to Eunhan’s forehead as he bowed his head.


“I’ll be back in a moment. They won’t come this far, but if you’re scared, hide in the closet.”


It was a teasing voice, but Eunhan had already thought about it. As Eunhan nodded, Vasily laughed.


“Don’t be so scared. They’re like little kids. And you’re going to be my lover.”


The nodding of the head suddenly stopped. Vasily stared at the head for a moment, then added grimly.


“Well, it’s not going to end well if you get caught. They might come up to make you tremble!”


And as Vasily left the room, Nikolai held back a laugh and glanced back at Eunhan. Was it really dangerous? Nikolai smiled and shook his head, thinking that Eunhan’s face looked like his soul escaped. Nikolai smiled as if it was okay and left, but gunshots were still ringing outside. It seemed like it was not a villa in Miami, but in the middle of the Vietnam War.


Eunhan, who was going into the closet with the laptop he had dropped, found the wallet lying next to the laptop. Eunhan hesitated for a moment, then picked up his wallet. Then he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the thing in his hand.

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